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Pros and Cons of extreme/adventure sports.


Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. and whether you support them or not.


It is irrefutable to say that, popularity of extreme sports has continued to grow over the last decade. People would like to do some dangerous sports like scuba diving,

bungee jumping, bull fighting,etc in many countries. I am inclined to believe that these sports are in fact dangerous and they should not be promoted (my opinion in intro). This essay will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of adventure sports before giving appropriate conclusion.

Agree (In favor) Disagree(Not in Favor) On one hand, people who are in favor

of adventurous sports claim, the risk-taking sports help in the development of self-confidence and independence of a person. For instance, by

successfully facing up the challenges of adventurous sports like

rock-climbing, young people overcome with their fears. Specifically, going through a dangerous experience gives them the courage to face the hurdles of their daily life (explaining example).

Furthermore, there is a lot of fame and money involved in these sports.

Performers get attention by doing stunts on motorcycles and jumping from tall buildings. In addition, playing such sports may considered as the symbol of manpower and something of gaining prestige in society.

On the other hand, opponents of extreme sports say that, being a extreme

sportsmen is very risky and dangerous. If a rope breaks while bungee jumping, for example, a participant will be seriously injured or even die. Also, equipment needed for these sports are very

expensive, many people cannot purchase them which eventually increases the chance of the tragedy. Above all, youngsters who gravitate towards these types of sports could not concentrate on their studies, due to which, they were not able to complete their studies and hence not able to get lucrative jobs.


To recapitulate, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, we can say that adventure sports have many impressive benefits including problem-solving, self-confidence and teamwork. However, it is recommended that these sports should be tried under proper guidance and supervision. The government should provide adequate knowledge about these sports to athletes so that they can protect themselves from its dangers.


Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. and whether you support them or not.

Originally Posted by maxngo I wrote this as a “Take side” essay:

Extreme sports such as parachuting, bungee-jumping and scuba-diving have

burgeoned ( increase rapidly) to become popular activities today. Some people think that they are good sports for a stronger personality, while others argue they are very dangerous and harmful. I am inclined to believe that these sports are in fact

dangerous and they should not be promoted(taking side in intro). The following

paragraphs will analyze their inevitable (unavoidable) dangers and suggest other better sports for people to participate.

First of all, extreme sports are dangerous and risky (main point 1). These forms of sports generate high levels of risks and there are always chances of unfortunate events that will happen (describing point 1). For example, there have been a number of

youngsters who died from participating in scuba-diving in Texas. (example for point 1). Specifically, a research study conducted by Yale University in 2014 has found nearly 4000 cases of injuries from extreme sports in the USA alone.(support example 1) Second of all, there are a variety of other forms of sports that are just as exhilarating and interesting as extreme sports for people to play (main point 2). They not only are safer but also bring to players a feeling of relaxation and entertainment (describing point 2). As an example, sports such as tennis, football and horse-racing are tremendously fun to play and also safe (example for point 2).

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that extreme sports are indeed dangerous and there are many other safer types of sports that people should participate in instead. It is expected that people take cognizance of this fact and further, the governments must establish guidelines to educate people about the


Pros and Cons of extreme/adventure sports. OR


Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. and whether you support them or not.


It is irrefutable to say that, the popularity of extreme sports have continually increasing from last few decades. These days in many countries people like to play skydiving, bungee jumping, bull fighting, and etc rather than going for traditional sports.

Considering this, some analyst argue that people should not play these sports, while others opine it helps people to increase their confidence. This essay will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of adventure sports before giving an appropriate conclusion.

Agree (In favor) Disagree(Not in Favor) To begin, most people are keen to play

extreme sports for many reasons. Perhaps the fundamental reason is that, people want to overcome fear against certain things. For example, bungee jumping, a sport which people leap off from several hundred metres high with just a rope tied to their feet, requires a great deal of courage. Another important reason is that, these sports tend to be highly stimulating. It is often a good way to relieve anxiety and tension which come from various aspects. Furthermore, a lot of fame and money is involved in these sports. Players easily come in the limelight by doing stunts on motorcycles and jumping from tall buildings which eventually make celebrities. Above all, playing these games person becomes physically and mentally fit due to which he or she can live his or her life in a healthy way.

On the other hand, opponents of extreme sports say that, these sports are very dangerous which may cause

life-threatening threat. For instance, if a rope tears while bungee jumping, a participant will be seriously injured or even die. In addition, equipment needed for these sports are very expensive, sometimes a person cannot purchase them which increases the chance of tragedy. Furthermore, youngsters who gravitate toward these types of sports do not

concentrate on their studies, due to which they are not able to get lucrative jobs.


To sum up, we can say that adventure sports have many impressive benefits including problem solving, self-confidence and team-work. However, it is recommended that these sports should be tried under proper guidance and supervision of a guard. Government must take appropriate steps to educate people so that tragedies can be decreased.


Environment pollution is too alarming to be managed by individuals. Real change can be made at the government level. What extent do you agree or disagree. (Written by someone)

---Climate has been changing since past many years owing to innumerable reasons(intro line). Some people are thinking that the governments should make changes at the upper level to protect atmosphere, while others argue that individuals are responsible to take initiative towards environment change and their impact. I am inclined to believe that both government and individual are equally have to take part in order to stop polluting environment (opinion in intro). The following paragraphs will analyse the impact and reason, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

First of all, people are making huge amount of carbon dioxide emission every days (main point 1). Thus, individual have to understand the ramifications are arising in many forms( explaining point 1). For example, because of tremendous amount carbon dioxide emission, temperature is increasing day by day, melting polar ice and rising sea level, which will draw to drastic consequences in the globe (example for point 1). As a result, individuals should establish strategies, and have to work in direction to control environmental pollution.

Second of all, the governments are in high command, and they can build phenomenon to diminish pollution issue, which is rising since past era. Environment pollution has sparked the controversy over the potential effect of this trend on marketing, advertising and fossil fuel in the recent time just because of governments are lagging behind to sustain environment. As an example, studies shown that Indian population rising, and pollution also ameliorating, though, government has taken only 45 corrective decisions in last three decades.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propound the view that every person is equally responsible as government, and both have to work together to develop pollution free society for the generation. It is expected that people take cognisance of education and further, the government should establish the guidelines to reduce pollution.


Environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems? Who do u think should be responsible to solve it? Is it the government's, organization or each individual?


An essential problem of the 21st century is world pollution which isincreasing at an alarming rate which leads to a moot question “who is responsible for this?”. Some people argue that, it is the prime responsibility of the government and big

organizations, while others opine it is an individual responsibility. I personally believe that, both higher authority and each citizen have to take part equally to protect the environment. The following paragraphs will analyse the impact and reason, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.


Organization Role Individual Role

On one hand, the government could certainly(surely) make more efforts to reduce air pollution(Main Point 1). Higher administration can introduce stringent laws on factories and public, so that gas emissions from factories and vehicles which lead to global warming can be reduced.

Furthermore, the government could also impose ‘green taxes’ on drivers and airline companies (suggestion 2).

Moreover, corporate houses should start inventing technology which does not cause pollution to our environment. For example, in Japan, manufacturing plants are encouraged to use solar, wind or water power.

On the other hand, individuals can also contribute to reducing the carbon contents from the air (Main Point 2) by many ways. Firstly, people can prefer public transportation rather than using their own private vehicle. For instance, people can use trains or buses to commute. This not only helps to save our fossil fuel but also helps to reduce the surface temperature of the earth. In addition, individuals should be

encouraged to stop the use of plastic bags and prefer paper bags. As a result, individuals should establish strategies, and have to work in the direction to control environmental pollution.

Environment and pollution

(Written by Someone)

No one can overlay the fact that the planet we live on is a serious

threat. Humans are responsible for a variety of environmental

problems, but we can also take steps to reduce the damage that


we are causing to the planet. This essay will discuss

environmental problems and the measures that governments and

individuals can take to address these problems.

The environment is afflicted by two main reasons, i.e. air pollution

and waste. Firstly, rapid industrialization has led to massive

deforestation. Secondly urbanization of rural areas to support

industries has augmented the emission of CO2 leading to Global

Warming, which may have devastating effect on planet in

future. As human population increases, we are also producing

ever greater quantities of waste which contaminates the earth

and pollutes rivers and oceans.

Government, corporations and individuals should work in close

proximity to reduce the impact of this issue. Government can

design and implement strict laws against air polluters. Companies

should produce recyclable and eco-friendly products. As an

individual, we should move towards adapting organic lifestyle.

In a nutshell, we are the reason for this mess and we need to take

measures collectively to live in harmony with nature. Hence

governments and individuals must play their part in looking after

the environment.

Climate change and about the roles that Government, Corporate and Individuals can play to improve it. (Written by someone)

The global climate has been changing drastically since past decades owing to numerous reasons and human activities. Some activists believe that environment change is occurring due to global warming, while others says that lack of the

governments and individuals concentration leads to various atmospheric changes. I am inclined to believe that both the government and individuals are equally responsible for causes and their control. The following paragraphs will analyse the potential causes, underlying responsible authorities, and their measures.

Firstly, global warming is a prime reasons for the environment change. Also, the global warming leads to rise in temperature, melting polar ice, and thus, increasing sea levels. This is happening because of the arduous human activities; for example,


people are driving their personal car every day for commuting, which emitting lots of carbon dioxide in the environment, and using fossil fuel.

Second, the governments and individuals have to take care of the climate in which they are living in. The governments should run campaigns, and individual have to follow and promote these adverts awareness into the societies. As an example, the USA government, organising “green seminars” every six month in order to think, research and provide optimal solutions to save environment, and US citizens are actively

becoming members of this seminar clubs.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, global warming is a major concern for the nations for the climate change. Thus, both states and folks both have to participate actively in this movement of environment change. It is expected that cognisance of this education and further, the governments should establish climate change guidelines to educate people.

Packaged Food


Over-packaging of food products has become a trend in today's competitive world. Producers are trying to attract consumers with an attractive packaging of their products. Considering this, there are some analysts who hold an opinion that consumers should avoid over packaged products, while others consider consumers should buy over packaged products. This essay will give assertion(opinion) on both sides of the contention(dispute) before delivering plausible conclusion.

Packaging should be done Should not be done


On one hand, there are reasonable

arguments in favor of over-packaging from manufacturer. They say, it helps them

increase the durability, safety and freshness of products. For instance, the shelf life of products increase significantly when they are packed in several layers aluminium foil and superior plastic. Specifically, this prevent an item from microbes and other dust particles while transiting the

products. Furthermore, attractive

packaging could be a significant factor for selling of the product more in the competitive market. Thus, the manufacturer's reason for over packing products seems liable.

On the other hand, people who are against to over-packaging claims, the cost of the material use to pack an item is actually added to the product. For instance, pills and tablets are found to be packed in much bigger and colorful strips than needed which eventually increases the drug cost. Moreover, the manufacturers often use non-disposable wrappers like plastic which are harmful for our environmental. In addition, small amount of real products are often presented in a large container or packet and the customers are being deceived(cheat) by the packet size. Lastly, the chemical used for packing can be at bad ailment for health.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, extra packaging of products has a detrimental effect on our environment. I personally believe that, consumers, producers, and sellers have a collective role to avoid over-packaged products to solve the negative effects. It is also recommended that a government should spread the awareness among the users about the drawbacks of over packaging.

Do you think that place where person grew has an influence on his

accomplishments? Explain with example. Region affects successful people?


It is conspicuous that, the environment where a person grew has a significant impact on his or her mind. Considering this, some people argue that success of an individual depends upon the environment in which he has grown up, while others opine

surroundings doesn’t affect . However, in my opinion, native place’s environment is only one factor and a person’s attitude, capability and determination also play a pivotal role in achieving a success. The following paragraph will discuss both sides and offer an appropriate conclusion.

Regions affect successful person Regions do not affect successful person


important role in inculcating many traits in a person. An individual learns many qualities such as language

development, leadership, and social skills from his or her surroundings. For

instance, Mahatma Gandhi a famous Indian leader received most of his leadership skills from people with whom he spent his childhood time. In addition, individuals who acquired good guidance from their family and school teachers in their young age, easily accomplish their goals and target more easily in the later part of their life.

a significant role in influence a person. An individual who has a strong

determination and focussed mind can overcome problems in the path of his or her goal. For instance, Amitabh Bachhan, a famous Indian actor who was rejected when he gave his first audition proved himself because of his strong willpower. Furthermore, there are many people in our society who took birth in a very poor family but because of their hard work they able to change their situation and become rich.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, only native environment may not be behind an individual’s success. There are a lot of other factors that take an individual towards success.

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some it acts like a companion. What is your opinion?


It is irrefutable to say that, television is one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. It helps us to see events that take place hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from us. Some people argue that TV becomes an indispensable part of our life, while other analysts think opposite to this. I intent to believe that, television has a pivotal role in our life. Following paragraphs will assert both sides and deliver appropriate conclusion.


To begin, television helps us to make our life more creative. It provides a wide range of channels like tourism, travel, foods, lifestyle, news, and many more, the information broadcasted in these channels is so useful that it helps people to increase their mental horizon. Moreover, news and discovery

programmes can help to make young people more aware of surroundings. For instance, by watching discovery channel students could learn lots of things which may help them in their studies. Also, retired persons who are mostly free can pass their time by watching television. Thus, television helps every age group in different ways.

On the other hand, television has some disadvantages too. Firstly, staring at television’s screen for a long period can be harmful to the eyes and the nerves. Moreover, children who watch action serials or movies are more aggressive and start losing their control from themselves. For instance, in 2010 in America, around 20% of juvenile crime made by those children who watch regularly fighting movies or programmes. Lastly, students waste their time in front of a television for hours and that really affects on their academic results.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, TV is a great medium of getting knowledge and to enhance our mental horizon. But, it should be noted that excess of every thing is bad. I believe, we should use this device properly to reduce its side-effects.

Government must take initiative to educate people about its drawbacks.

Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss


Innovations and new ideas are very important for companies to be able to remain as a part of the competition. Considering this, there are some analysts who hold an opinion that employees suggestions should be considered in companies, while other opines it is the sole responsibility of the management team. I am inclined to believe that

employees suggestions must be considered by organizations. Both sides will be critiqued before the reasoned conclusion is found.

Should TAKE suggestions Should NOT TAKE suggestions. On the one hand, higher authorities


It is a fact that people working in the particular area know the ins and outs of the processes more deeply than others. For example, a person who operates machines in production plant knows better how the efficiency of the company can be increased effectively. Furthermore,

involving employees also saves money and time of the organisation.

Specifically, companies who involve their employees in taking decisions do not depend on experts or outsourcing which eventually save company’s

resources. Moreover, the engagement of employees in decision making creates a very positive impression and inspires them to work better. The employees start feeling as part of the company and their output significantly increases.

decisions claims, employees may give advice in which they have their

personal benefit, which could be harmful to the company. For instance, workers can give advice to the

management to reduce the working hours. In addition, taking suggestions from everyone would only lead to chaos. If selected people are in the board of decision they can easily reach to the solution without any dilemma.


To sum up, I pen down by saying that, an organization can only flourish well where its employees are given the freedom to innovate and rewarded for the same. Top level management should be smart enough to judge its plausibility of implementation, as the final decision has to be taken by them.

Celebrities (Written by someone)

Today, many youngsters follow celebrities like sports stars and film stars as

their role models. This can be seen all over social media. It is disagreed to

follow them and this will be considered by taking into account immoral acts

of sports personalities and derogatory roles played by film stars.

To begin with, recently many cases have been published of athletes using

illegal power boosters like drugs or steroids. This impacts negatively on

the minds of his/her follower. For an instance, Lance Armstrong, winner of

several Tour de France races, was found guilty of using performance

enhancing drugs. Hence, youngsters should be discouraged to follow such

sports star.

Secondly, film stars only show their facade to public and not their real life. It

is also seen glamorous film stars playing derogatory roles in movies. For an

instance, Sanjay Dutt, an Indian actor has played roles of mafia or villain,

taking drugs, robbing banks and living a lavish lifestyle. This sets a bad


example for adolescents. Also, he has been found guilty in the court of law,

for some illegal activity. This exemplifies that such film stars should not be a

role model. Youngsters admiration of these personalities should not be


On the other hand, we also see celebrities doing charity and have

inspirational talent to showcase. This analysis proves that all successful

celebrities may not be role models.

In a nutshell, youngsters should not follow this jazzy personality blindly. It is

recommended to teach youth to follow virtuous characters.

Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)


Today, many youngsters follow celebrities like sports stars and film stars as their role models.


It is irrefutable to say that, professional sports stars and film stars, nowadays, have become famous public figures to millions of people around the world, especially the young people. Considering this, there are some analysts who hold an opinion that these stars should become a role model for young people, while others consider that they should not be. I am inclined to believe that, following a good role model will be beneficial for adolescents. This essay will assert both sides of the statement and deliver reasonable conclusion.

Agree (Follow them) Disagree (do not follow them)


To begin, there are many benefits of making celebrities as a role model. Firstly, there are many sports personalities who are actively

participating in social activities like helping poor children to study and creating awareness on protecting

national heritage. These things definitely stand as motivation to the young generation. Secondly, some famous entertainment stars deliver very

meaningful movies which involve lots of creativity, this helps children to think like them. For instance, Aamir Khan, an Indian actor, acted various roles in movies which can motivate children to become like him.

On the contrary, seeing stars as role models also have a number of downsides. First of all, youngsters start getting inspired from their negative roles and imitating the same act at home or in streets can have a severe impact on the society. Moreover, celebrities are often found in smoking advertisements, charged with drugs and other criminal activities, youth following their path can result in the destruction of ethical values of a society. For instance, Sanjay Dutt, Bollywood Actor is well known for his roles as a villain, his terrorist acts in different movies have given rise to violence and crime in streets of Mumbai. All these were committed by adolescents for thrill and adventure.

On the other hand, seeing sports stars as role models also has a number of

downsides.First of all, regardless of the role of performing in matches and games, athletes have no moral sparks or

admirable lifestyles for children to follow. For instance, some popular sports stars may have money, fame and appear prominently on covers of numerous

magazines but this doesn’t mean that the youth should worship them as a hero outside the stadiums, so if you are

particularly keen on their moral guidance and a perfect way of studying, you are amazingly mistaken. Secondly,

relationship between athletes and kids are just similar as celebrities with fans, their appearance in public and in front of reporters is usually just an outer shell in order to blur away many scandals and bad sides. However, these cannot be

compared to its good sides. Conclusion:

In summary, the entertainment industry caters different types of celebrities that could set out negative or positive effects to young people. I believe, if adolescent follows


well- mannered celebrity it would helpful for him to become more successful in his life.

Formal examinations are the only effective way to assess a student's

performance. Continual assessment such as coursework and projects is not a satisfactory way to do this.

The examination system has long been a serious bone of contention in our society. Many opine that this can be done only by continual assessment of their assignments and project work. On the other hand, people are in favojr of formal examination. The following paragraphs will analyse the inevitable reasons and examples, and thus, will lead to a logical conclusion.

Agree (Formal

Examination) Disagree (Formal Examination)/ Assessment To start, there are two main benefits of

formal examination. Firstly, in this system, all students get an equal opportunity to show their caliber. In this system, all students get the same amount of time to give an exam, which eventually helps teachers to filter bright students from average children. Secondly, the examination that are taken in educational institutes are conducted in the presence of an invigilator. This will help to check the grasping power of the student. For instance, students have to give

answers without any help of books or a person, because of this, the memory of students can be tested on real time basis.

On the other hand, continual assessment helps to judge those students who are slow in studies and do not give their best output in time constrained exam. For example, lower age group children under 8 years get normally confused and not able to perform well when their exam is conducted under restricted time.

(In addition, the outcome depends on various factors such as whether the examination is conducted in a conducive atmosphere, whether the student is healthy during the time of the examination and also the student’s mood.)Furthermore, a single examination may not cover the scope of the subject completely especially in broad subjects such as medicine and law.

On the other hand, this assessment style is vulnerable to cheating, fraud and human error. Students' use variety of methods to cheat and they may move above their peers. Furthermore, often exams get rescheduled because of paper leak. Many students' send their papers to re-check and bribe the examiners if they are not happy with the mark.


To conclude, I pen down saying that, it is evident that both continual assessment and formal examinations are effective in different ways, but they also have some

weaknesses. I believe, depending on student ability, the evaluation procedure should be selected. Faculty of institutes and schools must be well trained so that, they can apply holistic approach for students development.

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. you opinion. good or bad?(Written by someone)


---A consumerism trend is growing drastically, and popularity of shopping malls is increasing because of ample of convenient and comfortable reasons. Some people believe that this boosting fever of shopping mall ruining the sales of small retailers in the open market while others argue that shopping malls are advance great development. The following

paragraphs will analyse the inevitable reasons and examples, and thus, will lead to a logical conclusion.

Firstly, the conspicuous reason is that shopping malls are collection of small retailers at one place with having all facilities such as restaurants, entertainments, variety of item options available. Also, shopping malls are easy to access because it has huge free or minimal fee parking

available, which makes customer or visitor visit far easy. For example, Westfield is a very popular shopping mall in all around Australia, which convey all these facilities at minimal effort and price as compared other shops.

Secondly, Shopping malls are located near to the central district in every suburb, which provides great option visit place. As an example, people are tend to visit shopping malls for fun, get together, entertainments and more. Thus, shopping malls are becoming very popular in terms of meeting place for innumerable reasons. In addition, many shopping malls always having huge discount sales every end of the month, which

attract many customers those are going to local market and paying high price for the same item.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, shopping malls are extremely convenient, easy to access, and providing large set of item ranges to buy for consumers. Thus, it can be said that shopping malls are great development into today’s era.


Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.


It is irrefutable to say that, world has become a global village. A great number of international shopping malls are opening their branches in almost all cities of the world. Considering this, there are some analysts who hold an opine that large shopping malls are replacing small shops, while others argue that malls are vital for economic development. The following paragraphs will describe both sides of the statement before deducing a reasonable conclusion.

In Favour of Malls Against Malls To begin, there are many reasons for

people to believe that large shopping malls are important for society. Firstly, these giant malls offer various kinds of shops at one place. Due to which, people can easily purchase things under one roof. Secondly, these shopping malls are monitored by security guards, hence visitors feel comfortable when they walk around the malls. For example, security cameras are placed at different angles and at different locations for tight surveillance.

On the other hand, these shopping malls have some drawbacks also. These days more and more people choose to go to large shopping malls, due to which the sales of small shops are going down. As a

consequence, many of these shops owners have to close their business or have to reduce the number of employees. In addition, heavy discounts are offered by malls in festival seasons which also gravitate more buyers and divert their attention

towards traditional and small shops. For instance, around 50% discounts are given to customers during christmas time. Thus, people mostly prefer to buy things from malls not from local shops.


To recapitulate, I personally believe that, the existence of shopping malls will boost the economic growth of the city. But, many people still depend on small shops for their livelihood. So it is the government task to make some strict regulations about this issue.

Some people think that technology improves the quality of life whereas others feel that creates new problems that threaten the quality of life. Discuss both these views and suggest your opinion?




Science and technology have great influence on human life since their inception (establishment). A lot of technological advancements have been taking place day by day, and which are conspicuously affecting people's life. Considering this, some analysts argue that technology is improving our life, while, others think it is creating problems. This essay focuses on some pros and cons of technological advancements and asserts the appropriate conclusion.

Pros of technology in this Era Cons To begin, technology has made our life

very comfortable. It is clear that

computers these days are so efficient and easy to use for people that they become a part of their life. People can do

everything on computers which save their time and effort. Furthermore, with the advent of electronic communication world has become a global village. For instance, VOIP technology helps people to do face-to-face conversation with their kin and kith anytime. Moreover,

technology enhances the students’ interest and intimacy towards their studies. They can watch recorded video tutorials to clear their concepts in any field. Also, medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate; thanks to

machines and computers that aid in the research process and allow for more intense educational research into medical matters.

On the other hand, technology also brings some threats to people. Firstly, the inventions of weapons especially nuclear war gadgets are extremely dangerous for the existence of the entire life forms on the Earth. Secondly, an increased use of motor vehicles causes the contamination of the environment which eventually causes certain problems such as rise in a surface temperature and global

warming. Lastly, companies that depend heavily on computer systems to conduct business can come to a virtual

standstill if the system breaks down.


In a conclusion, I pen down saying that, the advantages of technologies outweigh disadvantages. However, as every garden has some weeds, higher authorities must take appropriate steps to reduce its negative effects.

Any new technological development in the recent years is a boon or curse for the society in general.


In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions such as antibiotics, airplanes and computers. What do you think is the most important of them? Why? Greatest invention in the last 100 years, medicine, science or technology?



Science and technology have great influence in human life since their inception (establishment). A lot of technological advancements have been taken place till now, but in this century, computers are considered as the most revolutionary invention for the development of human beings. This essay will talk about some of the

advantages and disadvantages of computers before delivering plausible conclusion. Benefits Drawbacks

To begin, there are many aspects of computers. Firstly, these days computers are very efficient and easy to use that they become a part of everyone’s life. People can do everything on computers which save their time and effort. Secondly, information technology has made our world as a global village. For instance, skype, the computer

application helps people to do face to face conversation with their kin and kith anytime. Thirdly, it enhances the

students’ interest and intimacy towards their studies. They can watch recorded video tutorials to clear their concepts in any field. Lastly, the

computer helps us to manipulate stored information, due to which we do not need to rewrite whole paper because of any mistake.

On the other hand, it is argued that due to more dependency on computers

nowadays, life has become more complicated. Overuse of computer not only causes strain on eyes which lead to poor eyesight but also affects people's health and causes several diseases. For instance, according to the recent research, around 40% of American children are suffering from obesity and the root cause of this is they spend on an average 4 hours per day in front of the computer. In addition, children are too much addicted to computer games that they are

becoming more introvert.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, computer is the most wonderful gift of our life. It made our life more easy and comfortable. Government must take initiatives to educate people about its negative effects so that everyone can get maximum benefit from these inventions.

Information revolution has changed the way of mass communications and had some negative and positive effects on individual lives as well as on society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Discuss pros and cons impacts.



Information technology has brought the world closer together and made it a global village. Now, we can not only share an information quickly and efficiently, but we can also bring down barriers of linguistic and geographic boundaries. This essay will discuss pros and cons of mass communication on individual lives before delivering conclusion.

In favour Not In Favour To begin, technology has drastically

changed the way of mass communication. Now, with the help of smartphones, we can communicate with anyone around the globe by simply sending a text message or sending them an email. In addition, we can do face-to-face communication with our kin and kith with the help of video conferencing. For instance, skype, the computer application helps us to do video conferencing with the help of internet. Also, students can take online coaching

regarding their subjects by sitting at home. This eventually could save their travelling time.

On the other hand, some people believe that an information revolution has

decreased the privacy of individuals. From cell phone’s signals to email hacking, people are worried about their private information, which could be stolen and misused. Furthermore, traditional culture of many countries is now changing.To exemplify, youngsters in Third World countries who watch Hollywood movies try to copy lifestyle of people of developed countries, hence, they stop giving respect to their culture. Lastly, as information on the internet is in English language, many other languages are losing their importance.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, mass communication has tremendous benefits for all of us. But, we should keep in our mind that every garden has some weeds, so government should create some laws to handle negative side of mass communication.

It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is irrefutable to say that, professional life and married life both have a pivotal role in our life. An individual cannot live peacefully if there is no synchronization between these two lives. Considering this, some people argue that getting married prior to settlement of career is good, while others opine people must complete their academic path first. This essay will assert both sides of the argument before delivering a


Agree Disagree To begin, if a person marries in an early

age then he or she has more time to spend with their loved ones before they die. Moreover, in developed countries, mostly parents force their children to live separately. Specifically, if these youngsters get married earlier they get a partner to help them. Furthermore, girls have many

restrictions in their parents house. But when they marry they get more freedom to go out with her husband and enjoy the life more.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages if a person marries before 30 years. Firstly, individuals have to take more responsibilities toward their family, due to which, they do not get enough time to study and most of them leave their study. Secondly, women have to sacrifice their professional life because of caring their children and they have to depend on their husband. Thirdly, marrying at an early age also increases the population. For instance, according to India's 2014 population statistics, it is proved that people who married in early age have greater number of children as compared to those who married in late in their life. Lastly, as maturity level is low in youngsters chances of divorce increases.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, marrying late is a better option than marrying in early age. This makes a person a more responsible and mature before taking this crucial step.

Some people believe law changes human behaviour. Do you agree/disagree? Intro:

Laws have a vital role in our society. They are laid by the government and required to keep the society and country in an order and harmony. Considering this, some people believe that laws can change human behavior, while others think laws only give direction to humans so that chaos in society can be prevented. This essay focuses on both sides of the argument and asserts the appropriate conclusion.


To begin, laws play an essential role in development of the society. It helps in smooth functioning of the nation by governing the behavior of people. For instance, traffic lights helps people to travel easily without creating any chaos.

However, enforcing laws can place limits on the behavior of people, it really never can change the human nature which is

immutable. This seems to be a very plausible(reasonable) point


On the other hand, imposing laws has created a sense of fear among people of getting punished. For instance, damaging the historical monuments, books or another form of art is considered a crime and is punishable under vandalism law. It infuses a fear in the public that if they do some illegal activity, they will be punished. If this fear will not be there, then the instances of terrorism and crimes will increase that will make the life of the members of society unstable and disturbed. Laws make our lives comfortable. In conclusion, we can say that rules and regulations can help in controlling the

behaviour that is dangerous. Laws not only help in checking the reckless nature of people but are necessary for the development of society.

Some people believe that law can change human behavior. Do you agree / disgree?(Written by someone)


---Human behavior is bound with their natural instinct and feelings to others. However, some people think that human behavior can amend by imposing ample of laws and regimes,while others argue that behavior cannot be changed using limited laws and regulations. I am inclined to believe that law only helps to prevent crime and culprit activities in the human hood, but it is agreed to say that it cannot change human thinking and behavior at certain times. The following paragraphs will analyse the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

First of all, laws are assisting/help in preventing criminal activities in every facet of human community. Also, law bonds to/ encourage citizens of a country to act in certain ways by providing a specific list of the rule of codes. For example, a person cannot murder someone because of criminal act 190, in which he has to face death sentence


by the power of law. As a result, individuals stop pursuing activities which lead to major and minor offenses, but it cannot change their thoughts.

Second of all, human nature and behavior are inborn qualities, these cannot be changed at any stage of life span, but indeed, it can be controlled using various regulations. For example, Darwin has proved by research that humans have been evolving since past many centuries just only because of their acting, behavior and feelings. Thus, it is certainly true that none of law can stop acting individuals according to their desire into the society.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, human behavior has strict relation with predefined laws into the society, though; it does not change their way of behavior and thinking according to their beliefs.

Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is your opinion? Support it with personal examples.

It is irrefutable to say that, violence by juveniles has increased in recent years at an alarming rate in our society. Children are involving themselves in crime and making our society jeopardize. Considering this, some people opine that parents should be responsible for their young one’s fault, while others argue parents should not be punished. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a plausible conclusion.


On one hand, parents should not be blamed for their children’s fault as the decision to commit the crime is entirely made by the children. There are many parents who have done their best part in the

upbringing of their children so that their child cannot commit any

offence, yet, their offspring still succeed in committing the same. Moreover, mass media is playing crucial role in making adolescents aggressive. For example, currently, there are many violent games and movies that are being released in the market. This makes a child’s more violent which could be one of the reasons for committing the crime.

On the other hand, parents should be held accountable(responsible) for their children’s crimes because parents are the first people that a child gets to know after he or she is born. It is believed that parents start shaping the child’s moral compass and character from a very young age. In addition, most of the children do offense because they were

violently abused by their parents when they were young. For instance, according to 2013 statistics, in America, most offense were made by juvenile belongs to a criminal family.


To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, parents should not be solely blamed and punished for their children’s actions. Other factors should be taken into account when deciding on whom to blame. The government must take some prudent steps to

educate children in their schools, so that they do not commit crime.

Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and discounts, and in what ways this can impact on their reputation.


It is conspicuous that, shopping culture has been changed from the last one decade. More and more companies these days offering lucrative deals to gravitate more customers toward themselves. Considering this, some people believe that offering discounts by companies decrease company's brand value, while others opine it helps to increase organization’s revenue. The following paragraphs will analyze the

inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion. Disagree Agree To begin, people who claim discounting

degrades brand value claim that, the profit margin in the stores will decline as the goods are sold at reduced prices. Sometimes, these prices may even be

On the other hand, offering discounts increases the customer base of the organizations. People prefer to do more shopping during a sale, discounts encourage people to


below than market value. Furthermore, giving discounts to customers may encourage them to ask for it all the time and if the marketer does not give a best deal, they may get discouraged and look at other places for the same. Above all, discounting can actually hurt organization’s business in the long run. For instance, if a company is giving discounts on time to time basis it shows that it has a lack of confidence on its products and customer may think that the product is not


spend more. Moreover, many

businesses have monthly, quarterly or yearly sales goals. For instance, if a business is in danger of missing these goals, offering discounts can help the business to meet their sales figures. Additionally, discounting items enable you to free up room in stores, clearing last season's stock, or out-dated models. For instance, Reebok, the clothing company, offers discount up to 60% during Christmas days. It helps the company to clear the last year stock so that new items come on store shelves.


To sum up, I would like to say, although discounts decreases the margin of the

company, but it helps customers to buy branded things at reasonable price. Thus, giving discounts do not decrease brand value of the company but increase customer base.

Illiterate of 21st century (Written by someone)

The advancement of the contemporary era has literally changed the definition of literacy. With rapid technological changes, it has become imperative to adapt new skills and dump the obsolete. It is agreed that to stay relevant to the constantly changing environment one must not only know how to read and write, but also need to know how to learn, unlearn and relearn. This essay will discuss compelling reasons to accord the rubric.

Firstly, innovative inventions is changing the way we do things. For an instance, computer's Operating System’s started with DOS and recently an upgraded version -Windows 10 has been released. It was mandatory for an individual to unlearn DOS and learn and relearn the upgraded versions to stay afloat in the Sea of Changes. Moreover, to stay relevant with the technology, it has become essential to keep on learning constantly. The latest innovation in telecom sector - smartphones with advanced cameras and multi-tasking features lured people to buy it and imposed them to learn and relearn the new features of the new phones. This exemplifies that to be known as literate in this century, one must repeatedly update the learning


This analysis proves that to be relevant of this era of regular inventions, embracing the changes is the mantra of life. In a nutshell, those open to learn, unlearn, and relearn will be the new literates and it is expected to persist in upcoming decades.

Illiterate of the future would not be one who does not know to read, but people who do not know how to learn.


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Agree or Disagree?


Learning is an indispensable part of our life. From birth till death, a person grasp new things and use them in his or her daily life. Considering this, some people argue that a person who do not know the art of learn, unlearn, and relearn is an illiterate in 21st century, while others opine this is not mandatory to survive. The following paragraphs will analyze some inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.


First of all, learning is very important for us to survive in this contemporary era. Technology is evolving rapidly in many industries and reducing labour drudgery work. For instance, in manufacturing and agriculture business, labour work is almost obsoleted and replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. So, a person who has an urge to grasp new things and not resistant to metamorphosis can survive easily. In addition, learning also improves person’s creativity and imagination. As a result, this helps a person to invent new things which can help our society to live properly.

Second of all, many academic researcher Conclusion:

In conclusion, I would like to say that,

Nowadays, people spend too much time at work, to the extent that, they hardly have time for their personal life. Discuss.


It is irrefutable to say that, these days jobs are becoming slavemasters. People are spending a mammoth part of their day in their offices to meet the cut-throat


competition and neglecting their personal and family life. Considering this, some analyst opine that this trend is good for our society, while others argue opposite to it. I am inclined to believe that, work-life balance should be present in an individual’s life. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

Agree Disagree To begin, there are many reasons why

people do overtime work. Firstly, due to globalization, employees are facing competition all around the world,

which instigate(encourage) them to give their best. Secondly, companies are creating project deadlines too small which eventually pressurize employees to deliver their work in a short time. For example, multinational companies for their own profit put more pressure on their employee for their own profit.

On the other hand, long working hours could affect person’s health and personal relations. To exemplify,

American Health Associates (AHA), finds that grey matter of software engineers who sit in front of computers for longer than 11 hours daily decreases and causes memory related problems. Furthermore, another problem with this set up is the effect it has on a person’s family and social life. When people spend long hours in the office, they get a little time to spend with their dear ones, because of it, children are deprived of the attention they deserve from their parents.


To recapitulate, proper work-life balance is essential to lead a contented life. It is hoped that, companies arrange their working hours in such a way that employees also get some time for themselves.

Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or disagree?

In the globalized world, studying a foreign language is very helpful to communicate with other nation’s people. It is irrefutable to say that, to succeed in the highly

competitive world, a person must be bilingual or multilingual. Some analysts claim that primary school is the best place for learning another language, while others claim


children should not be forced to learn. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

Benefits (Should

learn) Drawbacks (Should not learn)

To begin, studying a foreign language in an early age has many advantages. Firstly, learning a foreign language is helpful for the growth of a child’s brain. A study by United Nations, for instance, has proved that learning any language other than the native’s mother tongue, activates various parts of the brain, which eventually make a child intelligent. Secondly, by studying foreign language, a child can easily communicate with Alien Land people and can understand their culture and lifestyle. Thirdly, knowing a foreign language will help a child to express things more clearly as they have a wider range of vocabulary than those who start late.

On the other hand, putting excess pressure on kindergarten pupils to learn a foreign language have downsides also. It, indirectly, increases the burden of a primary school students, due to which, they will not able to understand important subjects such as Science and Mathematics, fundamentally. Moreover, children may get confused because of learning many languages at the same time and this could have a negative impact on their personality development. For example, it is claimed that bilingual children develop the ability to talk more slowly than monolingual kids.


In conclusion, the benefits of learning a foreign language in early age are apparently outweigh the drawbacks. I believe, a person equipped with more languages definitely help the society to make it more prosperous and flourished.

In underdeveloped countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said the opposite as well.


It is conspicuous that tourist industry has grown enormously over the last five decades and people are travelling from one country to another for many reasons. Considering this, some people opine that tourism has tremendous benefits to the developing countries that host it, while others argue it has lots of drawbacks. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.


To begin, there are significant benefits that tourism brings to a country. Firstly, a thriving(flourishing) tourist industry implies an increasing need for a variety of services such as hotels, transport, restaurants, and entertainment. This eventually results in increase in a

number of jobs being created for people who lack a college education. Secondly, tourism also helps to understand the foreign culture more deeply. For instance, many tourists go to India and live there for many years and get first-hand experience of its culture. Moreover, tourism is a "Green Industry” and generates a low level of pollution.

On the other hand, there are some

harmful aspects of tourism. A country may suffer from the loss of their traditional culture. For instance, youngsters in Third World nations try to copy a lifestyle, customs, and language of tourists. This may vanish their traditional culture radically. Furthermore, to gravitate more tourists and profits, the government are doing deforestation and building attractive places, because of it, carbon contents are increasing and causing much health related problems. In addition, countries spent major budget to attract tourist which could be used in other problems like in research, poverty etcetera.

To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, a nation should seek to develop its tourism industry because it boosts its economy and improves relationship with other countries. However, proper rules and regulations must be created by higher authorities to protect nation’s environment.

The only thing that interfere with my leaning is my education- Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

Education plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life by building personality, improving knowledge and skills. In the traditional education system, the content of syllabus was very confined and related to only religion, philosophy, metaphysics and scriptural subjects. This is the reason why Einstein considered education to be the biggest barrier to his learning. This essay will assert both sides of this statement before delivering plausible conclusion.


According to Einstein, students who learn through a formally designed education system are restricted to their thought process and they not able to think out of box. In addition, there are some rigid rules like age of admission, content and duration of course which are designed by government or designated agency such as school.

On the other hand, schooling is very important for children as it helps to enhance their mentality and

creativity. In addition, in contemporary world education is aided with a variety of technology which helps students to understand things fundamentally. For instance, the internet provides a vast information which helps learners to improve their knowledge. Moreover, these days cut-throat competition is at its peak, having an adequate

education helps a person to get a lucrative job.

To recapitulate, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, having appropriate education has number of benefits. The government and administration must take some prudent steps to enlighten adolescents about importance of education.

Value added by travel in Education. Is travel a necessary component of education or not? Will scholar sitting at home have more knowledge?

Education plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life by building personality, improving knowledge and skills. …..

The following paragraphs will discuss some inevitable reasons before delivering plausible conclusion.

On the one hand, travelling helps students in many way. Visiting new places not only help in broadening scholars mentality but also helps them to understand things more practically. In addition, reading books or theoretical lectures deliver half knowledge to students, but travelling clears their doubt and help them to

understand things radically and fundamentally. To exemplify, students are taught in their classrooms about hills, valleys, lakes, and animals, but travelling provide them vivid picture of these subjects. Hence, travelling is very important for learners. On the other hand, with the advent of information and technology, scholars can visit any place in fraction of second virtually. This not only save their precious time but also their efforts. For instance, Google maps, an online website has three


adolescent can access it efficiently. Furthermore, videos of different places are also available on the internet and scholars can get a feeling that they are actually present there. Thus, with the help of technology, travelling is not the only option to get a first hand knowledge.

To recapitulate, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, ….

Travel to study is over rated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel really required for higher studies? (foreign study)

It is irrefutable to say that, these days more and more students try to get an admission in foreign universities. Considering this, …., while others opine …. I am inclined to believe that, travelling to study has both advantages and disadvantages. The following paragraphs discuss some inevitable reasons before delivering plausible conclusion. Agree Disagree To begin, studying abroad has many

benefits. Firstly, the quality of education in foreign countries is excellent. These institutions offer a wide range of subjects that are not available in Third World nations. In addition, studying in these reputed institutions almost guarantees a job for the students when they complete their studies. Moreover, studying in foreign countries also gives a chance to study and understand different cultures which help students to increase their mental horizon.

On the other hand, studying abroad also has some downsides. Foreign education costs to people a lot of money, because of this, many families have to take out all of their savings or loans to support their children to go abroad. Furthermore, some students cannot resist the new

environment, due to this, they either have to quit their studies or come back to their respective countries. Also, some students may lose their focus from their studies and start gravitating towards earning more money, which eventually distract them complete their studies.

To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, in the globalized world, studying abroad will help a students to climb the leader of their career more efficiently, but as we know that every garden has some weeds, a student must be mature to handle changes which are connected to this.


The space travel is fantastic these day and they are very fascinate towards its but there are many environmental problems in our planet we should resolve the problems or travel space and spend a lot of money.


Discuss both sides of Space travel vs. Current crucial problems faced by human?


It is irrefutable to say that, these days many countries are spending a huge amount of budget in space exploration. Nations are sending robots and satellites to alien planets to discover their geographical features. Considering this, there are some people who advocate that the governments should spend as much money as possible in space exploration, while others opine this money should be used for some basic needs of Earth. This essay will put light on both sides of the argument and deliver appropriate conclusion.

Favour(Do space

research) Against (Invest on Earth)

To begin, there are few reasons for continuing to search the outer space. Firstly, Asteroid mining helps us to fulfill the needs of various minerals which are very scarce on our planet. Secondly, there are some possibilities that we come in contact with extraterrestrial species which may be far advance than us in technology and medicine. For instance, it may possible that they know the treatment of AIDS which we do not know presently. Lastly, as a population of our planet is increasing at alarming rate, space for living is becoming lesser, finding an extra space outside Earth will help us to cater to this requirement.

On the other hand, the governments should spend their budget to support people of Third World nations. People of these nations are dying because they do not have to eat proper diet. For example, in Africa in a year 2010, around 45% of children death only occurred due to malnutrition.

Furthermore, as carbon contents are increasing in our environment on a daily basis, administration must use their resources to find some alternative fuels which are eco-friendly and help to save our environment and fossil fuels.

To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, many societal problems could be resolved if the budget amount is use towards the critical problems of Earth.



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