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1988 witnessed the dynamic birth of celcom, a leading mobile phone telecommunications provider in Malaysia. Since its inception, celcom has steadily made its presence felt in the Malaysian market. It has, always continued to spread its wings and is undeterred by the dynamic nature of the mobile communication industry.

Our brand vision is about pleasing our customers and exceeding their expectation. It is our company's goal to empower the customers with choices and innovative solutions that will give them greater control and freedom to live it to the fullest. (Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim, C.E.O, celcom)

Setting up a team of quality directors and staffs, has transited celcom from first-generations to second-generation market leaders. For celcom, communication is a serious business. This is why we have mainly products and service geared toward maintaining business voices. This products and services includes business prepaid plan, business supplementary plan, business post-paid plan and business satellite. A major challenge facing celcom is how to increase profit and maintain their competitive advantage in the Malaysian market. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

An evaluation of the company's internal strength and weakness and external threats and opportunities served as the foundation for this strategic marketing plan. The plan focuses on the company's growth, strategic analysis suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer relationship and launching of the new product and/ or services targeted to specific customer niche. Our new marketing focus, made explicit in this plan, renews our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments, the small business and high-end home office users, in our local market.

This is a sample planned market sale for the first three months of introduction to the market. 2.0 BUSINESS MISSION AND VISION

• To delight our customers.

• To build a profitable enterprise that maximizes investors return.

• To empower, develop and reward our people, to become Malaysia's preferred employer.

• To build win-win relationship with all our business partners, based on mutual trust, respect and support

• To work to bridge the digital divide, to build our nation and to enhance its standing abroad.

• To maintain the highest levels of transparency, integrity and professionalism.

Together with all our stakeholders, we will make Celcom Malaysia a premium brand: a brand that symbolizes the spirit of freedom, aspiration, confidence, dynamism, timelessness,

universality and globalism. (Celcom Official Website, 2009) 2.0.1 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS

In business for twenty years, celcom was founded as a telecommunications service provider and has evolved into high quality telecommunications provider across the Malaysian market.


Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim was appointed as director/chairman of celcom (Malaysia) berhad on 25 April 2008. He is currently the president and group chief executive officer of Axiata group berhad (formerly known as Tm International Berhad). (Celcom Official Website, 2009) 2.1 MARKET SUMMARY


The competition in the specialty advertising industry is very strong both on local, regional and national level, making the Celcom the market leader in Malaysia. Following the sales strategy developed by their local rivals, celcom Malaysia has improved their competitive level, through developing many telecommunications feature, providing quality services at considerable price. The competition in the telecommunication industry is very high with the latest introduction of a new telecommunications service provider (U-mobile). Celcom has reduced the cost of sms from 50 cent to 25 cent and reduced the cost of call from 35 cent to 20 cent per minute. Many other competitive measures are expected to enter the market soon as well. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


Basically in Malaysia, telecommunication service is not an oligopolistic business. There is full freedom of entry once the company have meet up with the requirements and is ready to fulfil the government obligations. There are many telecommunications service providers in Malaysia, ranging from local service providers to international service providers. This makes the industry a purely competitive market. Nevertheless, celcom has understood the need to make customers satisfied and providing not just what they need today, but what they will need in the future. Through advancing technology, they have made it difficult for small companies to enter the market, thereby, creating barrier to entry for other small companies. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


In today's society, consumers have less time for work and leisure. The hallmark

characteristics for today's product are convenience and ease-of-use. In fact, if the product does not save time and is not easy to use, customers will simply ignore it. Such is the same for Malaysian market. The customer's ideology of "quality service – less price" is still the ruling key to purchase. Understanding this is basics in every industry. Have been provided with many choices, the consumers in Malaysia normally go for the best service that offers the least price. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


Technology plays the most important role in this sector of the Malaysian market.

Manufacturers understand the consequences of delayed supply, or insufficient supply when the demand and market price is high. This is why they make use of the best technology available to provide quality service to their customers. Many suppliers in Malaysia are more capital oriented than service oriented. This means that they can only provide you with the best for the highest cost that is a "more-for-more" marketing strategy.


This makes the purchasing power to be vested more on the hand of the market leaders, and this is another competitive advantage celcom has over its competitors in the Malaysian market. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


There are no expected political influences or events that could affect the operation of celcom in Malaysia. This is because; celcom is a registered company and functions under company provisions act of the Malaysian law. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


Celcom currently offers the best broadband network in Malaysia. Technology is the fastest growing market trend nowadays. To maintain their position as market leader, celcom has enhanced their products technologically to keep the Malaysian telecommunications updated with ever technological advancement. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p.600)


Celcom sends personal sales representatives to market their products on potential customers and create service concepts for their business or choice of order. Specifications are then sent to suppliers. This enhances more customer loyalty and relationship with the company. Although some of the customers do go on credit, of the annual sales are obtained from this form of marketing sales and this is designed to reach their objectives of being the market leader and providing quality services for the customer and profit to the company in return. This is a potential advantage they have over their competitors as well.

Celcom's current marketing strategy to maintain customer-company relationship with potential customer.


v Celcom maintains a product differentiation strategy resulting from a strong market orientation, commitment to high quality, and customization of products and services. v There is little turnover among well-compensated employees who are liked by customers. The relatively big size of the staff fosters communication and quick response to client's needs.

v A long-term relationship with the primary suppliers results in shared knowledge of the product's requirements, adherence to quality standards, and a common vision throughout the development and production process.

v The high percentage of sales, suggest a satisfied customer base as well as positive word of mouth, which generates new business per year.

v Being the oldest telecommunications service provider in Malaysia, has given celcom a competitive edge and increased customer's trust and loyalty to the brand.



v Celcom's current facilities are crowded; there is little room for new employers or equipments to fit into the company.

v Celcom is reactive rather than assertive in its marketing efforts because of its heavy reliance on customer's reaction for product satisfaction.

v While the staff size improves growth and communication, it also impedes commitment on the side of the staff and lack of specialization.

v Both the product line and the client base lack diversification. Dependence on current recorder rates could bleed complacency, invite competition, or create false sense of customer satisfaction. Development of a product that would provide better quality service by the competitors would probably put celcom out of business.

v The non-seasonality of the products and services creates bottleneck in productivity and cash flows, places excessive stress on the personnel and strains on the facility.

v The poor niche market could be a competitive advantage for their competitors to gain an advantage over them, and this could lead to a dramatic decrease in customer's loyalty. v High cost of products and service could alter the buying power of the consumers, especially in this time of global recession.


v Advertisement in Malaysia alone exceeds 200 million Malaysian ringgit annually. More than 20 million ringgit is spent on specialty advertisement which is the potential for celcom's growth.

v Celcom is currently the Malaysian partner of Vodafone.

v Celcom is currently doing nationwide promotion using power icons like including international footballers Steven Garrard, Michael Owen, Ryan Gigs and Robert Pires and Chinese entertainers JJ Lin and Wang Lee Hom as well as local actress Maya Karim.

v Celcom currently has the widest 3G and HSDPA coverage in Malaysia since its launch on 17th may, 2005.

v Celcom provides many products and services that suites different customer needs, ranging from economic, business, and family and leisure satisfaction.

v The director and manager of the company, Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim is currently working with the company for the seventh year, this is different when compared with other telecommunication service providing companies and with his full experience, he has helped guide celcom to a resting edge with quality management.


v As more and more Malaysians look for ways to keep in touch with each other, celcom's popularity and quality services has helped draw more customers to the company through customer relationship and brand loyalty.


v Reengineering, right-sizing and outsourcing trends in management may alter traditional channel relationship with brokers, dealers, and distributors or even lead to elimination of the channel.

v Specialty advertisement through promotional items relies on gadgetry and ideas that are new and different. As a result, product life cycle may be quite short.

v Completion from other telecommunications service providers is strong.

v High cost of products and service would be a competitive advantage to their rivals over customers, through implementing low cost quality products and services.

v There are no barriers of entry and this could be a great threat because it could make new fast productive companies to come into the market and try to gain a stand of their own.

v Fast technological advancements would result in faster product life cycle, increase the need for improvement and might result in low sale of less quality products, or products with less technological features.


v The acceptance of technological advances and the desire to control time creates a potential need for technologically rich products with varieties of features.

v Celcom must modify its management hierarchy, empowering its employees through a more decentralized marketing organization.

v Celcom should consider diversifying its product line to satisfy new market niche, as well as developing products that are seasonal to boost sale.

v Celcom should consider surveying its current customers and its customers' client to better understand their needs and changing dreams.

v Have gone into partnership with Vodafone, celcom should consider establishments in its neighbouring countries, especially the lower technologically advanced ones like Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar etc.


Competitors: the major competitors are Digi and Maxis respectively according to their level of threat.


The main objectives of Digi are to become the main market leader in Malaysian market. This they have done by implementing many marketing strategies to persuade customers. This strategy includes the Digi family and friends, 18 cent per any local call, reward on reload according to the amount reloaded within a month and mass advertisement.

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The main strength of Digi is the market size they occupy through their extensive marketing strategy and promotions. This has made them one of the market leaders and their service are largely demanded across the Malaysian market.


Their main weakness is limited coverage across Malaysia and the world. For example, sometimes when you send message to African continent with Digi, the message will not be delivered to the recipient.


Digi currently holds the second largest trend in the Malaysian market shares. 2.3.5 OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY OF MAXIS

Maxis are one of the new entries into the telecommunication service providers market, and their main objective is to get as much customers as they could. This they have down through mass advertisement, sponsoring sports programmes, rewards to their customers and



Their sponsorships for sporting programming is drawing many customers attention since Malaysia is a country vast in sporting activities


Their services are inconsistent, due to poor and limited coverage as well as products features. 2.3.8 CELCOM'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Being the oldest and most experienced amongst the three, celcom has many competitive advantages against its major rivals Digi and Maxis. They currently posses the highest trend in the market share, giving the highest coverage, many products features and having the highest customer size in the Malaysian market. They are applying many future strategies to maintain their position as the market leader in the Malaysian market like niche marketing, business package development, intercontinental and international service expansion.


In other to maintain their current market position celcom has developed competitive measures to fight off their rivals both at the present and in the future, this ranges from delighting their customers with their numerous service features, developing greater customer relationship strategy, implementing more societal marketing schemes and supporting the government. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


Celcom provides varieties of products and service to their customer, which is why they are presently the best in Malaysia. But we intent to launch a new product (U-verse), that lets customers, pay their bills through phone, book online flight tickets and hotel reservations. U-verse: this is a popular product offered by AT&T in the United States. The products allow customers to pay their bill. Following our counter parts, in developing a cutting edge

technology, we enhanced the U-verse service into paying bills, booking flight tickets and making hotel reservation. A service designed for both travellers and the market in general. This would be the first of its kind in South East Asia, and it would go long to way to convince celcom customers about the company's commitments towards providing the best service to keep them delighted and in developing the country into a globally connected nation with the best telecommunications service.


With over five thousand trade channels in Malaysia, the distribution of the service won't be difficult. The service (U-verse) is designed in a way that it can be automatically activated once a customer purchases a SIM CARD, by clicking *128#, then U-verse and following the instructions, or by going to any celcom dealer near him for activation. The distribution channel is designed in a way that it is so efficient for customers and increases potential sales


for the company. Celcom dealers can be found in over 90 per cent of Shopping Malls, Colleges, Universities, Recreation Centres and Mega Stores across Malaysia, making it easy for the customers to reach.


Celcom I in the business of keep people connected to together and helping companies to market their goods and services as well as keeping them close to their customers. Besides formulating a market-orientated and customer-focused mission statement, celcom has established and objective to achieve cumulative growth in the next five years with a 50 per cent net profit for the newly launched U-verse.

To accomplish these objectives, celcom has developed a benchmark for progress in three different categories. Firstly, through using a market penetration pricing, the service will be brought to the customers at affordable and reasonable prices. Secondly, By gaining a better understanding of the need and satisfaction of the current customers, they will improve the service to encourage re-orders. Finally, the service is to be able to utilize it's current

technology and knowledge base, and research as well would be conduct on similar products with an eye towards developing the services to a speciality advertising product. (Williams & Ferrell 1997, p. 364)


• large travel agencies or holiday planners

For example, travel agencies like wahtung sdn brh, can use the service to provide 24/7 travel planning's to their numerous customers, thereby increasing the companies ticket sales and profit.

3.2.2 Target Market 2

• Niche market of business travellers

For example, business men and women who normally use online system for their reservation will find it easy to make reservations and flight booking by just a simple press on the button, and that would be more convenient to travellers.


• Direct consumer market of hand phone user.

For example, this service can be utilized in our day to day life, like paying bills and checking account balance, making it easier for our families by just pressing a button instead of having to go to the company or bank to pay our bills.


Celcom has since its establishment, positioned itself as the number one Malaysian network in the Malaysia market. This they have done by providing efficient network connectivity and linking of individuals together. Today celcom stands in the heart of every Malaysia as the telecommunication service provider that offers a "more for more" customer satisfaction, by providing the customers with products to keep them satisfied above their competitors and charging them more money for the quality they yield in the products. It has made our work so easy, that by launching this service as the first in south East Asia, it will go a long way

towards convincing the present customers that celcom is truly the number one Malaysian network, persuading the non-customers both in Malaysia, and the neighbouring countries where celcom is currently expanding to join the leading network. Physiologically, celcom has influenced the status of their customers, because they are considered to be financial capable by using celcom services.


By understanding the customer's needs, celcom has used its strength to fill the needs of the customers more than any other telecommunications service provider in Malaysia presently. This has given them a competitive advantage, boosted enthusiastic sale and increased more customer loyalties.

Through careful and in-dept research in the characteristics if the Malaysian market, celcom has created distinctive target markets for its products through creating a strategic marketing mix that just not makes the product available, but also affordable, convenient and unique at a consistent and flexible level. This is geared towards improving new and existing products as well as profit to the company.


Celcom has developed an intangible attributes to the new products, to consistently meet or exceed customer's expectation, enhance speedy response to customers demand and attribute anticipate new customer needs. This will be achieved through investing in consumer research and product development. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

3.5.2 PRICE

With high availability of internets across the Malaysian globes, a price penetration strategy is advisable to enhance customers usage, and introducing the service. On the other hand, they would use that opportunity to increase price on improved products. Celcom should also be sensitive to the price elasticity of its product and overall consumer demand. (Celcom, 2009) 3.5.3 DISTRIBUTION

Through gaining retailers cooperation and distribution channels across Malaysia, it would be easy for the service to reach the targe market. The SIM PACK is light weight and would be easy to transport huge number of the product with the service in it across Malaysian market. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


Through educating consumers on product improvement and creating awareness to non-consumers, advertisement and sales promotion would be used to introduce the new service to the Malaysian market. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


Extensive market research is to be implemented to regulate customer's satisfaction, anticipate and understand customer's new need, and improve the products to either make the customers delighted or satisfied. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


4.1 CONTROL AND PERFORMANCES STANDARDS The following performance standards and financials are suggested.

• The total budget for launching the new product, research, and customers survey will be equal to 80 percent of the annual promotional budget for the product introduction year.

• Each team is responsible for reporting all financial expenditures, including personnel salaries and direct expenses, for their segment of the project. A standardized reporting form will be developed and provided by the marketing director.

• The marketing director is responsible for adherence to the project budget and will report overages to the company president on a weekly basis. The marketing director also is responsible for any redirection of budget dollars, as required for each project of the business analysis team.

• The new product offering would be evaluated on quarterly bases to determine its profitability. Product development expenses will be distributed over a two year period, and will be compared with gross income generated during the same time period.



Activities, responsibilities and time for completion: all implementation are designed to create customer awareness and boost sales and are to begin along with the New Year on January 1 2010

v On January 1, create sales manager position along with marketing and advertising director. The marketing director will serve as a project leader for a new business analysis team, while the advertising director will take full charge of advertisement

v By January 18, the business analysis team will review all recommendations from the project managers.

v By January 20, develop a marketing information system to monitor client reorder patterns and consumer satisfaction. The managers are responsible.


v By February 2, develop a plan for one year product offering along with potential customer. The business analysis team is responsible.

v By February 5, finalize customer satisfaction for current customers.

v By February 10, implement a new product offering advertisement and sample to potential customers. The business analysis team is responsible.

v By February 15, analyse and report the result of all customer satisfaction survey and evaluate new product offering. The market director is responsible.

v Re-establish the objectives of the business analysis team for the New Year. The directors are responsible.


Because the new product requires extensive commercialisation to match customers need, it is necessary to organize the marketing function by customer groups. This will give celcom the opportunity to focus its effort on the need and specifications of each target market. Celcom marketing efforts will be organized around the following marketing groups: 1] manufacturing group, 2] business-to-business group, 3] customer satisfaction group, and 4] customer

relationship group. It group will be headed by a saes manger who will report to the marketing director. Each group will have full decision making authority and responsible for marketing the new product to the target customers within the segment.

These changes in marketing organization, enables celcom to be more creative and flexible in meeting customers' need, reduce highly centralized management hierarchy and finally, give better opportunities to monitor the activities of competitors.


Celcom's Official Website 2009, accessed on 10 July 2009,

Joe, T, John, B & Keith, P, 2005, managing innovation: integrating technological, market and organizational change, 3rd Ed, john Wiley, England.

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