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Online Services User Guide


Academic year: 2021

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Welcome to online banking!

Whether you’re online or using a mobile device, access your accounts whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Log In: BankMidwest.com

Online Banking ID: ___________________________

Password: Last 4 digits of the primary account owner’s SSN or business TIN Customer Support: 888.902.5662 • customersupport@bankmidwest.com

Online Banking ID

Enter your 12-digit ID in the online banking login box and click the submit button. Tip: You can always login with this ID number; however, you can also set up an ID that’s easier to remember under the Settings tab.

Choosing Passwords

Your initial password is the last four digits of the Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number used to open the account. Change your password using the following tips:

• Choose a password that is between 8 – 25 characters.

• Passwords must contain at least one letter and one number.

• Avoid using birthdays, children’s names, or other obvious words that fraudsters could guess.

• You will be asked to change your password periodically in order to protect your accounts.

Select an Image

Choose a Personal Identification Image from the library available. Each time you enter your Online Banking ID, verify the image displayed to ensure you’ve accessed our legitimate banking site. If you don’t recognize an image, make sure you’ve entered the correct User ID. If you have, call Customer Support at 888.902.5662 to let them know.

Password Reset

Set up the ability to reset your own password whenever you need to. Under the Settings tab, enter a Personal Question and Personal Answer that only you would know.

In the future, if you forget your password, click the Forgot password? link. Answer the Personal Question correctly and update your password through a web link that will be emailed to the address you provided.

First Time Log In


Online Services User Guide



View all of your accounts at a glance along with current balances and account status. The account listing is your default start page (unless you change it to customizable pages My View or the Payment Center).

For every account listed, a Select Option drop-down menu displays a list of items you can view or activities you can do online depending upon the account type: Transactions, Download, Temporary

Statements, Stop Payments, Transfers and Account Information.


Click the account name link or select Transactions from the drop-down menu next to an account to see the detailed listing. Transaction history is available for 120 days.

Transaction List Options:

• Choose number of transactions displayed

• View check images

• Sort columns to customize view

• Switch between accounts Transaction Search

Select Search from the Transaction sub-menu to search transactions by date, dollar amount, credit, debit, description or check number.

Download Transactions

Download transaction details for managing your money.

• Select Download from the Options menu next to an account.

• Choose a Date Range and File Format: Microsoft Money, Quicken, QuickBooks, Personal Finance, spreadsheet or text.

• Click Download.

Stop Payments

• Select Stop Payments from the drop-down menu next to an account.

• Fill in the required fields and click Submit.

Important Information

– Contact the bank to edit or remove a stop payment.

– Print out the stop payment confirmation page, sign, and mail, fax, or bring in to your local branch.

– Stop payment fees will be deducted from your account in accordance with the terms of your account.

Temporary Statements

• Select Temporary Statements from the drop-down menu next to an account.

• Statements are available in PDF, HTML, and text formats. Statement history is available for 120 days.

Note: Temporary statements do not qualify as a delivered statement. Please use the

Online Banking


Transferring Funds

• Choose Transfers from the drop-down menu next to an account.

• Select which accounts you’re transferring funds from and to.

• Enter the Transfer Amount, Frequency, and Transfer Date.

• Click Submit and Confirm to complete the transfer.

Pending and Completed Transfers

• Select Pending Transfers to view, edit, or delete a scheduled transfer. To see a list of completed transfers, select Transfer History. Transfer history is available for 90 days.

• Transfers submitted online before 8 p.m. (CT) on a business day will be posted to your account the same day.

Transfers submitted after that time, or on Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday will be posted to your account the next business day.

My View

Customize a dashboard-style view of a variety of account information – balances, transactions, payments, etc. – based on what’s important to you.

• Display or remove parts of the page (called “widgets”).

• Select the order that each widget appears (top to bottom) within the column.

• Choose to make this customized view as your default starting page when you first login.

Making Payments Has Never Been Easier

Add payees and make payments in just a few clicks. The first time using Bill Pay, you will need to select the account(s) you wish to use for paying your bills. Click Submit. Review and agree to the terms to set up the bill pay service.

• Add Payees. Enter information for each person or company to which you want to submit online bill payments.

• Add New Payments. Schedule one-time or recurring payments. Use the bill pay calendar and reminder alerts to help you manage your payments. Read on for more details.

Payments Dashboard

From the bill pay dashboard, you’ll be able to:

• Pay in just one click. Find the person or company, enter the payment amount and date, and click “Pay.”

• Add a new payee. Click the “Add a payee”

button to add a person or company.

• Make recurring payments and save time each month. Select “Make it recurring” next to your payee.

• See payment amounts and due dates of upcoming bills. Click on the “eBill” icon under your electronic payee’s name, if available.

Tom Test

Bill Pay


Add Payee

When you click the “Add a Payee” button, you’ll see options to pay a company, person or another bank. Some payees accept payments electronically. Others only accept printed checks which will be mailed from our centralized processing center.

Add Payee: Company

Enter the company’s contact information and account information from your billing statement. After you submit this information, the payee will appear in your payments dashboard.

Add Payee: Individual

When paying a person, you have three options based on the information you have about them:

• Email: Provide the person’s email address and a secure password.

They’ll receive an email prompting them to log in to a secure site where they need to enter their account information. and the password you set up for them. A payment is deposited electronically from your account into the recipient’s account.

• Account Information: Provide the individual’s bank routing number and deposit account information. A payment is sent electronically.

• Mailing Address: Provide the individual’s mailing address and a paper check will be mailed.

Add Payee: Bank or credit union

To make loan or credit payment at another financial institution, simply enter the routing number and account information.

Important Note: Allow 2-3 business days to process an electronic payment and 5-7 business days for a check payment. The “Deliver by”

date shown on the dashboard is an estimate only.


Make a one-time payment

1. Find your payee on the payments dashboard.

2. Enter the payment amount and date.

3. Click the Submit all payments button.

Set up a recurring payment

1. Find your payee on the payments dashboard.

2. Select Make it Recurring.

3. Choose the pay from account, payment date, frequency and first payment date.

4. Click Submit.


View 18 months’ history by clicking the View History text link at the bottom of the payments dashboard. View payments prior to our upgrade by clicking the text link “Prior to 03/16/2015” in the top navigation on the history screen.

Set Up eBills (Electronic Bill Delivery)

When you set up eBill, for companies that offer it, you’ll receive bill summaries (amount and due date) right on your payments dashboard.

1. Go to the payments dashboard and select “Set up eBill” under the payee’s name.

2. Enter your login credentials for the payee’s website and accept the terms and conditions. Submit.


Use the Settings tab to enroll or update the following options:


• Update your email address.

• Create an Online Banking ID that’s easier to remember instead of your assigned 12-digit ID.

• Change your password.

• Set up your Password Reset Question and Answer.


• Give your accounts pseudo names or nicknames that are easier to

remember. For your protection don’t use your full account number. Shorten it up to the last three digits. For example, use Checking 348.

• Edit the order in which accounts are displayed by dragging and dropping the accounts listed to your preferred order.


• Edit the number of accounts displayed per page.

• Edit the number of transactions displayed for your accounts or bill pay.


Set up email, text or alerts when you log in to your online banking account to notify you of important acccount activity:

• Events – Incoming direct deposits, funds transfer information, statement notifications.

• Balance – Notification of account balances above or below a target.

• Item – Notification of cleared checks.

• Personal – Set up personalized reminders.

ATM/Debit Card

• Activate a new card.

• Report a card as lost or stolen.

• Reorder a debit card if yours is damaged.

Mobile Settings (See the Mobile Banking section in this guide for additional information.)

• Enroll in mobile banking and update your settings.

• Set up text banking and make updates as needed.


Online Statements

Online statements are secure and won’t get lost or stolen in the mail. To receive statements and/or notices online, log in to Online Banking:

• Select the Documents tab and the Details link to select which accounts to enroll. The + sign expands all docs available for online delivery.

• Confirm your email for online delivery and enter a security phrase that will appear in the subject line to help you verify the email’s authenticity.

• Select Click Here to get an Enrollment Passcode. Enter the code.

• Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Enroll Now.

• Watch for a confirmation email for successful enrollment!

Statements and Notices

View all online statements and notices by account for up to the past 18 months.



Access your accounts on the go using your mobile device. It’s free!* Mobile Banking is set up for smart devices with internet access and allows you to make transactions (like transfer funds or pay bills) and view account balances and transaction details. Text Banking requires texting service on your phone and provides limited information only – account balances and recent transactions.

If you own a smart device, the mobile app is a quick way to log in to your accounts, once you’ve downloaded the app to your device. Or, simply open your web browser and navigate to bankmidwestmobile.com.

Mobile Banking App

Download the Bank Midwest Mobile app to your device.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices 1. Click the App Store



2. On the Search screen, type in Bank Midwest to find the app. Tap to open.

3. Tap the Install button to download. Enter your Apple ID, if prompted.

For Android



1. Click the Google PlayTM store icon.

2. In the Search box, enter Bank Midwest to find the app. Tap for app details.

3. Tap the Install button to download.

If you’ve logged in to online banking before and have an active online banking ID, tap the Bank Midwest app icon to open and enroll in mobile banking. If not, you must first activate your online banking ID from a computer to get started.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks with your smartphone or iPad. Simply snap photos to deposit to your account. Mobile deposit (Remote Deposit Anywhere) provides convenience and saves you a trip to the bank. Best of all, you already have it available if you’ve downloaded our mobile banking app.

1. Tap the Deposits tile in the home dashboard.

2. Touch the camera icon next to Check Front.

3. Center the check in the blue lines and take the picture.

4. Endorse the check ‘For Deposit Only’ and sign your name. Take the picture of the back of the check in the same way you did the front.

Additional Recipients

Send a copy of your online statement or notices to a second email address. Set up the recipient by entering contact details and password.

Reconciliation Wizard

Balance your latest statement online using this easy-to-use wizard.

Mobile and Text Banking

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.


Watch for a confirmation email to indicate that your deposit was successful. You can review your deposit or deposit another check.

Note: Please hold the endorsed check for 30 days before disposing of it to ensure the photos capture the check data accurately. Securely shred or incinerate this check when disposing of it.

Mobile check deposits will show in your account transaction listing three times per day: mid-morning, early afternoon and early evening on business days.

Mobile Web: bankmidwestmobile.com

If you’ve logged in to online banking before and have an active online banking ID, you can power up your mobile browser bank on the go. First, you’ll need to enroll in mobile banking.

Enroll in Mobile Banking – two options 1. Enroll with Your Mobile Device

• Open the Bank Midwest Mobile App or use your mobile web browser to visit bankmidwestmobile.com. Log in using your Online Banking ID and Password.

• Accept terms and conditions by clicking checkbox next to I Agree. Tap Next to continue.

• Choose whether you want to receive transfer and payment confirmations via text messages*.

• Enter your mobile number and select your wireless provider.

• Click Enroll Now.

Note: This will enroll ALL of your online accounts in mobile banking. To remove accounts from mobile access or change your text preferences, log in to the online banking from your computer and update this information under the Settings tab.

2. Enroll with Your Computer

If you’re already banking online from your computer, set up mobile access to your accounts:

• Visit bankmidwest.com and log in.

• Go to the Settings > Mobile Settings > Web Mobile Settings page and select the Enable Web Access check box.

• Choose whether you wish to receive transfer and payment confirmations via text message alerts.

Note: If you select No, you will not see a confirmation text alert of your enrollment, fund transfers or bill payments. You’ll need to review transaction screen details to confirm your account request was received and completed.

• Enter mobile phone number and select your provider.

• Choose the accounts that you wish to access via mobile web banking. Click Submit.

• Review enrollment information and Terms and Conditions.

• Click Confirm to finish enrolling.

Open the Bank Midwest Mobile App or point your mobile web browser to

http://bankmidwestmobile.com to log in and access your accounts from your mobile device.

* There is no fee from Bank Midwest. Connectivity and usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless provider for

more details.


One of the first times you access your accounts online, we’ll ask you to choose and answer three (3) Personal Verification Questions. During future online sessions, we’ll ask you some of these questions if we feel there is a possibility that someone other than you is attempting to access your information.

Please choose answers that you will remember. Incorrectly answering questions can lead to your account access being disabled.

Security Reminders

• We will NEVER email you for your personal information. Any email claiming to be the bank requesting personal information such as Social Security numbers, IDs, or passwords should not be trusted or opened.

• Do not write down your password.

• Use a unique password to access online banking. Keep it different from passwords used for other sites and applications.

• Always end your online banking session by clicking Logout before leaving your computer.


Text Banking

Need your balance? Did your check clear? It’s only a text away. Sign up today. It’s free!*

Enroll in Text Banking Online

• Visit bankmidwest.com and log in to Online Banking.

• Select Settings > Mobile Settings >

Text Mobile banking.

• Enter your mobile phone number.

• Select the accounts to access via text.

Create a Mobile Short Name** for each selected account. Click Submit.

• Review enrollment information. Check “I accept” these full terms and conditions and click Confirm.

• You’ll receive a text indicating your enrollment request. Reply YES to activate the text banking service.

Note: Joint account owners need to set up separate Online Banking IDs in order to access text banking from multiple phones. Enroll online or contact your local branch for assistance.

Valid Text (SMS) Messages Bank Midwest Short Code: 89549

Bal Returns balance for all enrolled accounts

Hist Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts

Help Returns command references

Stop Disables enrollment for text mobile banking

5-digit validation code Received only when enrolling or changing enrollment information Text Banking Tips:

• Text messages are case sensitive.

• Add Bank Midwest’s short code, 89549, to your Contacts list for quick access.

• Never text your account number. Use the Account Short Name.

*There is no fee from Bank Midwest. Connectivity and usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless provider for more details.


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