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PRICING GUIDE Consolidator. Moving Forward TM. Still bringing you real banking value


Academic year: 2021

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Still bringing you real banking value


Consolidator Current account fee options

You can choose from three different fee options. 1. Pay as you transact – you pay for each transaction. 2. Fixed monthly fee (Plus) – you pay a single monthly fee

for a fixed number of transactions.

3. Rebate – if you keep a specified daily minimum balance in your account for a full calendar month we will refund a portion of the service fees incurred under the ‘Pay as you transact’ and “fixed monthly fee” options.

Pricing option – Fixed monthly fee (Plus)


Monthly fee3 R45

The fee includes:

AutoBank cash deposits/AccessPoint (cash-in)1 3

AutoBank cash withdrawals4/AccessPoint

(cash-out)1 6

Branch cash withdrawals (using a card or cheque)5 2

Cheques (issued and deposited)5 4

Electronic transactions7 Unlimited

Electronic balance enquiries, mini-statements and

electronic prepaid top-ups Unlimited

Monthly Internet Banking subscription Free

MyUpdates8 Free

Debit/cheque card purchases Free

Annual cheque card fee Included

TravelWallet9 Included

Direct delivery service (Foreign currency) Included

1Transactions performed at AccessPoint are included in the bundle. 2Transactions in excess of the specified maximum and those not shown in this

table, will attract ’Pay as you transact‘ fees.

3Consolidator Plus customers who choose the rebate option and maintain a daily

minimum positive balance of at least R10 000 for the full calendar month will have their monthly fee refunded.

4Excludes other bank cash withdrawals.

5Includes cheque encashment. The cheque portion of the cheque encashment

transaction is covered up to the maximum number of cheques and the same applies to branch cash withdrawals. Please consult your branch for more details.

6Instant transfer of money between Standard Bank customers using Cellphone

banking. The receiver’s cellphone number must be linked to their account.

7This includes any combination of debit and stop orders, electronic inter-account

transfers, electronic account payments and debit/cheque card transactions.

8SMS notifications.


Pricing option – Pay as you transact


Cheque deposits1

– At Standard Bank ATM – At branch

R19,00 per cheque R23,75 per cheque Cash deposits

– At Standard Bank ATM – At branch

R3,50 + 1.20% of value R9,00 + 1.25% of value

Cash withdrawals

– At Standard Bank ATM2,3 R3,25 + 1.15% of value

Branch cash withdrawal – Using a cheque card, credit card or debit card

– Cheque encashment

R28,00 + 1.25% of value Branch cash withdrawal fee + cheque service fee

International ATM R33,00 + 1.40% of value


Prepaid recharges using Standard Bank:

– Cellphone Banking and Mobile App – Internet Banking – ATM3 Free Free R1,10 Electronic inter-account

transfers (excluding savings

and investment accounts) R3,70

Stop order4 R5,20

Electronic account payments R5,00

Cheque card purchase Free

Debit card purchase Free

Debit order4 R12,50

Branch inter-account transfers or account payments (to

Standard Bank third parties) R33,00

Cheque service fee R4,00 + 1.50% of value

(max total fee R50,00)

Bank cheque R85,00

Annual cheque card fee for


Other monthly fees

Monthly service fee on arranged overdraft limits

above R500 R30,00

Monthly service fee on

unauthorised overdrafts R57,00

Internet Banking subscription fee


1Deposit fee is levied per cheque deposited.

2Where there is no Standard Bank ATM available in a town or if it is offline, the

Standard Bank ATM cash withdrawal fee is applicable.

3Cash withdrawal at another bank’s ATMs will attract R6,70 plus the AutoBank

cash withdrawal fee. Prepaid recharges at another banks ATM will attract a fee of R6,70.

4Debit and stop orders to another Standard Bank account in favour of personal

loans/RCP/WTP/student loans are only charged a fee of R4,00.

Pricing option – Rebate

The rebate is applicable to fees incurred on Standard Bank ATM cash withdrawals, electronic inter-account transfers, electronic account payments, debit orders, cheques and cheque card purchases, as well as the plus option fixed monthly fee.

Minimum daily positive balance

for the full calendar month


monthly rebate

R10 000 to R19 999 R85,00 R20 000 to R29 999 R125,00 R30 000 to R49 999 R225,00 R50 000 to R99 999 R280,00 R100 000+ R420,00

Personal/Owner Loan Protection Plan

Plan D

Plan E

Plan F

Age Bands Death, permanent disability, dread disease and retrenchment Death, permanent disability, and retrenchment Death 18 – 59 R2,39 R2,01 R1,24

To calculate: Divide your outstanding balance by R1 000, then multiply by the rate = monthly premium. (The premium decreases monthly as your outstanding balance decreases).


The following fees apply unless specifically excluded


Balance enquiries and mini-statements At Standard Bank ATM (display) At Standard Bank ATM (print) At branch

At another bank’s ATM

Free R1,10 R5,00 R5,00 Provisional statements

At AutoPlus – seven days: one free a month, thereafter

At AutoPlus – 30 days: one free a month, thereafter

At Branch – one free a month, thereafter

R5,00 R5,00 R30,00 Transaction history At AutoPlus – 60 days At AutoPlus – 90 days At AutoPlus – 180 days R8,00 R11,00 R13,50 Transaction history At Branch – 60 days At Branch – 90 days At Branch – 180 days R33,00 R50,00 R50,00 Internet and Cellphone Banking statements

Formal emailed statements

Free Free

Posted statements R11,00

Internet Banking payment confirmation fee By email By SMS By Fax R1,00 R1,00 R3,50 MyUpdates

Email/SMS notifications Free



Other services – applicable to all options

Declined cash withdrawal – At Standard Bank ATM – At another bank’s ATM

R2,50 R4,70

Depositing a post-dated cheque R100,00

Garage card transaction fee R5,20

Replacement card – Debit card (magstripe) – Debit card (Chip/EMV card) Cheque card

R50,00 R125,00 R125,00

Special clearance on cheques deposited R100,00

Stop payments on cheques and debit orders R45,00

Stop order (amend/cancel) fee R16,00

Internet future dated payment unpaid R30,00

Dishonour fee1 R115,00

Honouring fee2 R120,00

PIN re-set ATM Free

PIN re-set Branch R3,50

Point of sale decline due to insufficient funds R7,00

Disputed debit orders (if after 40 days and

customer proved wrong) R200,00

Will drafting fee (complex will) Free

Will drafting fee (pre-printed will) Free

Will review Free

Will safe custody annual fee R135,00

1A charge for a payment that we dishonour due to insufficient funds

in your account.

2A charge for a payment that we honour when you do not have sufficient funds


Tips on how to manage your account

The following tips will assist you in banking faster and cheaper – at your own convenience:

• Use the Standard Bank Mobile App on your smartphone to transfer funds, pay beneficiaries, buy airtime, check balances and much more.

• Use Internet, Telephone or Cellphone Banking as a more cost effective way to perform most of the transactions you do in the branch.

• Recharge prepaid airtime free of charge using the Internet, Telephone, Cellphone Banking or the Standard Bank Mobile App.

• In order to avoid paying the cheque deposit fee, rather try to have deposits paid electronically into your account. • Avoid issuing cheques, it is cheaper to do electronic


• Draw cash at a Standard Bank ATM if you are not already doing so – and remember to always use our ATMs to avoid paying additional fees for using other banks’ ATMs. • Use your cheque, debit or credit card to make in-store

payments or purchase online with either your cheque or credit card. Use Internet Banking, AutoPlus machines or Cellphone Banking to pay monthly bills.

• Avoid administration fees by ensuring that there is always sufficient money to cover all expenses off your account. You can carefully monitor the funds in your account by obtaining your account balance as often as you need on Cellphone, Internet Banking or on the Standard Bank Mobile App. Remember that balance enquiries on Cellphone, Internet Banking and the Standard Bank Mobile App are free. • To ensure that you have the best account and pricing

option, visit your closest branch and discuss your needs with a consultant. We have also developed an Internet pricing calculator which enables you to decide on the best pricing option, given your transacting requirements.

• Open a savings or investment account, if you do not have one already, to help you grow your wealth. Link the savings account to your current account, making it easier for you to transfer money into your savings account on Internet, Cellphone Banking, our ATMs or the Standard Bank Mobile App. Electronic inter-account transfers from current account to savings and investment accounts are free.


UCount Rewards

Join our rewards programme for just R20 a month and collect rewards points every time you shop with your Standard Bank personal Debit/Cheque or Credit Card. Get up to 10%* back on groceries and up to 1.25%* back on all your other purchases! Visit www.standardbank.co.za/UCount for more info. *Terms and conditions apply.

Move forward with our innovative

payment and banking products!


SnapScan is an innovative app that lets you pay for things with your smartphone. It’s a simple, safe and convenient way to pay. Download* the SnapScan app from your app store or go to www.getsnapscan.com, link your bank card and enjoy unbelievably simple payments. SnapScan can be used with any MasterCard® and Visa credit or cheque cards, as well as selected debit cards, issued by any bank in South Africa.

Tap & go™

Buying small items on the run has just become faster with your MasterCard® contactless card from Standard Bank. Waste no time when you pay for purchases up to R200. All you need to do is tap your card and go. Apply online at www.standardbank.co.za for yours and use it wherever you see the contactless symbol .


Shopping on your computer, tablet or smartphone is easier and more secure with MasterPass™. Download* the app and shop, click and checkout faster online! MasterPass can be used with any MasterCard® and Visa credit or cheque card, as well as selected debit cards, issued by any bank in South Africa. Visit www.standardbank.co.za/masterpass for more info.


Send money via your cellphone to anyone in South Africa – quickly and safely! Creating an InstantMoney voucher is as easy as buying airtime – and funds can be sent by anyone, to anyone – even if they don’t have a bank account. Find out more at www.standardbank.co.za/instantmoney


Contact details

General customer enquiries – South Africa

– International

0860 123 000 +27 11 299 4701

Email information@standardbank.co.za

Lost or stolen cards 0800 020 600

Internet www.standardbank.co.za

Cellphone Banking *120*2345#

Fraud 0800 222 050/+27 11 641 6114

This brochure is not a comprehensive list of our prices and products. For further information, please contact your branch. Prices include VAT and are subject to change.

App for Smartphones or Tablets

You decide where and when you need to do your banking. Simply open the secure banking app on your smartphone or tablet, make payments, do transfers, buy prepaid airtime and much more. Download* our revolutionary banking app from your app store or at www.standardbank.co.za/app *Network providers’ standard data charges will apply.


Still bringing you real banking value

Standard Bank supports the Ombudsman for Banking Services

Sharecall number 0860 800 900


Our products and services, and the terms under which they are offered, may change. We will inform you within a reasonable time of these changes. It is in your interest to read your contract carefully. If you have any questions or need more information please contact your branch. Standard Bank subscribes to the Code of Banking Practice. Please ask your branch for details.

Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP15) The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06). Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. SBSA 193108 – 11/14


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