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What can it do for you?


Academic year: 2021

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f r o m

C l o u d A p p l i c a t i o n s

f o r t h e T h i rd S e c t o r


What is


What can it do for you?

Servizio is a modern enterprise cloud application framework, enabling the

rapid building of bespoke systems cost-effectively, to budget and timescale.

Already proven across a wide range of organisations from Manufacturing,

Government, to the Third Sector; Servizio has delivered significant benefits at

sometimes massively less cost than the old unwieldy package solutions.

Servizio applications are designed to work sympathetically with your bespoke

business processes with very lite easy-to-use interfaces, so you start getting

ROI immediately on your system and buy-in from your staff.

Servizio gives you full data clarity in all your operations, from finance and

programme management right through to workforce scheduling and

eProcurement—putting you in control.

We want to enable future growth in businesses, so we focus on helping our

clients over the log term achieve a return on their investment with our

excellent on-going support and development.


Servizio is a software framework made up of

ready-made components so we can

construct cloud applications quickly and


Servizio is a modular framework,

which means that we can develop

systems incrementally. You can get

up and running quickly, and get

ben-efits early.

Because we have developed Servizio

to be modular and agile, we can rapidly

bolt-on further packages or functions


Should you need to bespoke a module, or create something completely new

to support your unique processes, Servizio can be developed to be the

missing jigaw pieces in your software solutions strategy.

Every Servizio product comes with information dashboard, analytics and

secure remote access as standard. We aim for Servizio to integrate

seamlessly with your other systems and work with your processes.

‘Intouch and Servizio have… delivered us a quantum leap… to offices in 20+ countries.’

Greg Collins - Operation & Information Systems Director at SIGHTSAVERS

Customisation -


Servizio Balanced Scorecard Reporting enables organisations to easily define and collect data worldwide and then provide a clear visualisation strategic of performance . Regular strategic performance reporting creates challenges such as with timely collection, submissions in different formats, poor information display & large publishing effort.

Using Balanced Scorecard a clear dashboard instantly gives a picture of performance against key themed objectives & lead & lag indicators. Dials & graphs provide easy click through to drill down to the underpinning performance indicators. Comprehensive reports are available including historical analysis features.

Contributors are automatically reminded to enter data with progress being monitored & data entry validated & computed to avoid human error.

The system helps you gauge and im-prove upon cross-organisational perfor-mance. Accountability against agreed targets acts as a focal point for discus-sions on improving delivery to your beneficiaries.

The overhead of data collection man-agement is minimised along with the chances for human error.

The clear display of KPIs boosts trans-parency to your donors and can provide key leverage in acquiring funds from large governmental projects.

What can it do ?

How can it benefit you?

Balanced Scorecard

 Departmental Directors

 Trustees

 Funders & donors


Key features

Balanced Scorecard

Reduces the chance for human error, in spreadsheet-based reporting systems.

Automated calculations and field validations

Comprehensive periodic reporting enables detailed analysis & the ability to re-view past performance, helps track areas for improvement.

Reducing the overheads of data collection

Access securely from any internet connection with cross-platform displays for viewing on PC, tablet and mobile .

Cross-platform friendly display and secure global access

Comprehensive periodic reporting enables detailed analysis & the ability to re-view past performance, helps track areas for improvement.

Historic reporting and system snapshots

A comprehensive reporting facility provides all your standard reports as well as “what-if” data enquiries. Business Intelligence (BI) allows for production of

ad-hoc reports by users that can saved in Servizio & permissioned appropriately.

Comprehensive reports & BI

Dashboards provide a clear display of your performance against key themed objectives with lead & lag indicators & the ability to drill-down to underpinning performance data


Contracts Management

Servizio contract management is an easy-to-use Microsoft SharePoint application to manage the information, renewals, budgeting & costs of all your supplier contracts.

The smooth running of your organisation is reliant on numerous supplier partners & associated contracts, But if managing your contracts relies on separate spreadsheets & disparate desktop databases, it is not possible to easily get a view of all contracts & issues. Contracts Management solves your contracts headaches by providing all the notifications & warnings of contract renewal to the contract owners / managers in plenty of time to look for alternatives if needed. Also, being able to predict your needs for the next budgeting period helps to avoid nasty surprises when renewals are due. Find all the supplier / contract documents & details in one place so you can sleep better at night!

You will now never miss the opportunity to be in plenty of time to review the renewal of a supplier contract. Now contract renewal negotiations or competitions can be started in plenty of time to get the best value.

End contract renewal surprises & be able to accurately forecast the contracts & budget for the next financial period.

Contract documents can be easily stored & referenced in the document management store .

Help pass your ISO quality & security audits for supplier & contract management.

What can it do ?

 Procurement team

 Operations & Finance director

 Budgeting team

 Suppliers

How can it benefit you?

Who does it help?


Key features

Contracts Management

The intuitive interface displays contract and supplier information clearly and effectively, along with detailed reporting and advanced search capabilities..

Clear & Navigable Information

You can upload any documents and certificates relevant to each supplier/ contract of multiple file types, including .pdf, .msg, .jpg, .xlsx, .docx and more.

Comprehensive document uploads

Seeing the costs for a contract for a previous year, for this year and for the com-ing years lets users plan costs for budgetcom-ing


Supplier cost forecasting

Populate your system and save time by scanning your paper documents/ contracts directly to SharePoint

Scanning Contracts

System registration and a defined approval process mean nobody can access the system that you don't want snooping around. Role permissions can also be defined by an admin user.

Secure & tiered system access

The system is fully integrated with SharePoint, making the system

simple to use.


Servizio’s Fund Management application takes the pain out of the annual planning cycle and helps you keep track of donor funds allocated to your programmes and projects.

Servizio provides a complete solution to eliminate numerous complex financial spreadsheets, manual processes and large data re-entry challenges. At the same time, it delivers a complete audit trail for change accountability.

You can plan all your restricted and unrestricted income and expenditure over a five year period with ease. The in-built workflow is great for managing all fund proposals & allocations. Not only that, Servizio supports multi-currency with year-end rollovers.

You can draw actuals from your account-ing system with reportaccount-ing, snapshots & outputs for BI reporting.

A more efficient and accurate programme planning cycle helps you keep on top of your programme plan. Servizio helps you meet the level of accountability & transparency expected by donors & authorities.

Historical data analysis functions will continually improve your confidence in planning forecasts.

The Servizio dashboards, grids & reports provide clear data display and ease interrogation of data, which gives you certainty in your information so you can make key business decisions in a flash.

What can it do ?

How can it benefit you?

 Departmental Managers

 Finance Officers

 Programme Officers

 Fund Raisers

Who does it help?


Key features

Fund Management

Allocating and tracking donor funds to projects is made simple and clear using intuitive tools. An audit log tracks all system changes with snapshot recording

Clear & traceable allocation of funds to projects

When users request funds for projects, these proposals go through a rigorous approval process. Actual expenditures can be drawn from accounting systems for reconciliation.

Fund proposals & actual expenditures

System deals with project balances, brought forward & carry forward and locks financial records for secure storage and review.

Year-end roll over

Historic snapshots and drill-down dashboards provide a clear & holistic view of your organisation, while the audit log tracks system changes for accountability and transparency.

Detailed historic reporting and interactive dashboards

Income is broken down by donor & restricted / unrestricted funds. Project expenditure plans are supported by budget line breakdowns & management costs, giving visibility of your incoming/outgoing funds using multi-currencies.

Five year multi-currency income / expenditure planning

Detailed admin tools put you in control of the system. Manage financial rates, cost centre hierarchy, roles, dropdown menus and system rules with total ease.


Servizio Project Claims takes the stress & risk out of organising the budgets & expenditure of projects, by putting you in control of project finances for potentially numerous delivery teams & partners.

Managing the budgets & spends of projects can be a challenge with project changes, overspends & cash flows. Using spread-sheets, phone calls, fax & emails; tracking & identifying issues early can be problematic & stressful.

With Project Claims you can be assured of being in control of project budgets & making approved timely payments. Partners are given access to enter their cost breakdowns or budgets for approval. Dashboards enable the you to see at a glance what to action and ease the smooth authorisation of budgets and payment claims.

Workflow ensures the budget spends and funding cash flows are transparently managed.

Improve your project delivery capability & capacity with control of financial risks & issues with a transparent audit trail.

Enable the delivery of large project budget spends & cash flows, with numerous Partners in the field; such as outsourced Government funded projects.

Minimise the risks of creeping Partner overspends and cash flow shortfalls.

Gain feedback from Partners to get lessons learnt & improve your delivery to your beneficiaries.

Easily manage all partner agreements, budgets, claims & payments

What can it do ?

 Operations & Finance Directors

 Programme Managers

 Partner Organisations

 Institutional Funders

How can it benefit you?

Who does it help?


Project Claims

Key features

System registration puts you in charge of who can access your system, and what viewing or editing permissions each user has by role.

Manage users and organisations through system registration

Make budgets against overarching fund agreements to be periodically claimed against by users in the field who input their data. Claims are collated & submit-ted to the Funder for release of funds, ensuring correct cash flow maintenance.

Easily create a workflow-governed hierarchy of budgets/claims

The lite displays means that users with very little internet can still access the system and input data.

‘Lite’ option grants access to users in low-bandwidth areas

All budgets, claims and agreements feed into a centralised system, avoiding disconnects and ensuring clear data display in dashboards.

Feeds into a centralised system with clear dashboard display

System administration tools put you in control with simple management of authorisers, exchange rates, project settings and system rules.

Self-service system maintenance and admin features

Easily define the project specific factors to budget/claim against and set them up for your different projects.


Servizio’s project management tools lets you build, track & maintain multiple projects from a single place. It gives you oversight of your project office operations so you can identify issues early & assign resources to maximum effect.

Managing projects can be difficult. A project office needs more clarity than traditional pro-ject tools can provide.

Servizio Project & Programme Management uses interactive dashboards to give an instant oversight of project office operations, so you can identify issues early and assign resources to maximum effect.

Users can access the system anywhere to track progress, make changes and log time in timesheets for real-time progress monitoring. You are in control of access, so you can even open up selectively to clients.

Servizio can be integrated with existing corporate systems and optimised to work along with your existing business processes.

Create your Project Management Office and identify issues for costs, timescales or progress quickly from a clean Dashboard interface. Manage risks, issues and actions for staff across projects and supporting activities. A streamlined project planning pro-cess is the catalyst for programme sucpro-cess. It automates tedious manual procedures and spread sheets, so you can focus your resources

Project staff can access timesheets from any device to track progress. You are in control of access - all changes and key fields are audited. You can tailor Servizio’s project management tools to work with your processes, so there is minimal disruption when rolling the system out.

What can it do ?

How can it benefit you?

 Operations & PMO Directors

 Programme & Project Managers

 Project staff

Who does it help?


Key features

Project Management

Staff can input project time from any internet enabled device—great if they’re out in the field! Timesheet data can also generate invoices.

Keep track of staff time with integrated timesheets

Interactive Gantt charts, clear metric displays, custom reports and automated calculations give you a firm grasp on your projects.

Dynamic project tools make mammoth tasks manageable

Mass email coupled with contact management lets you send targeted email campaigns to relevant leads and clients.

CRM capabilities allow you to keep tabs on your prospects

Staff can update their personal details on their own profile page. Managers can also maintain absence and contractual information.

Personalised views for system users with “My Servizio” function.

Opening select access to clients such as project dashboard and discussion improves client relations and boosts their confidence.

Collaborative working enhances satisfaction and productivity

Project templates help you put together a project quickly. Create tasks, assign resources and define staff rates quickly and easily.


Servizio Procurement Portal is an easy-to-use online catalogue, order management, planning and fulfilment system.

You might be one of the many organisations who struggle with the end-to-end procurement process. Orders handled through multiple, spreadsheets, all communicated through phone, fax and countless email strings. Also, if you have a printed catalogue, it will be out of date before it arrives in the field. Even if you have a costly enterprise eProcurement system at HQ, there may be too few licences and its complexity stops you giving system ac-cess to field users.

Using the Procurement Portal, staff can access an approved standard list of products from anywhere - even in low bandwidth areas. Its familiar e-shop interface, helps users allocate products to budgets easily, to then make and track their orders to fulfilment. Approvals workflow ensures traceability and control at HQ.

The planning features allow you to quickly create procurement plans that can feed into the Fund Management planning cycle.

What can it do ?

The Procurement Portal streamlines your procurement process, letting field staff handle the ordering of goods while HQ stay in control of orders. If integrated into a back office eProcurement system, you can achieve significant end-to-end efficiencies. A central source of data for orders and goods means your staff and your partners can get the best deals from your preferred suppliers. It removes the scope for errors, rogue purchases and tedious trails of emails, faxes & phone calls.

Clear dashboards, reporting and procurement planning all contribute to improvements in your management and decision making processes.

How can it benefit you?

 Operations & Finance Directors

 Procurement Team

 Field Workers

 Suppliers

Who does it help?


Key features

Defines rules/triggers that can apply to different donors, and partners, allows for product consideration or routing exceptional requests to the procurement team for specialised handling.

Apply specific funding rules for goods and suppliers

A multi-currency system, keep your information up-to-date with product size & origin, shipping dimensions, attach technical sheets & other information, manageable easily from a dedicated administrative interface


Multi- currency, product & supplier information

Gain total control of your procurement and review saved baskets, pending requests and historic/closed/cancelled requests too.

Full management of goods procurement requests

Planning mode lets you put together budgets for requisition in the next planning period to improve forecasts. This also gives time for the procurement team to review them & even put bulk-buying plans in place to drive down costs.

Create planning baskets & bulk purchase

Order tracking is available with interface available to commercial logistics companies. Recipient can upload receipt of goods and associated shipping documents to the system.

Order tracking and shipping fulfilment

The interface to the catalogue includes simple dropdown menus, navigable product sections, search and filter functions as well as the usual basket features. Links to other Procurement Portals such as IAPB also available.

Intuitive web shop interface


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