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O a s i s ™ O p t i m u m D C I E

Modular Data Center Cooling


Compact, Economic, Greener, Ultra High Efficiency

Munters Oasis™ Optimum DCIE data center cooling solution focuses on energy efficiency. The modular design allows owners and operators clear budget optimization at the outset of a new data center build and follows LEED design concepts.

High energy efficiency and sustainability mean lower capital expenditure in addition to significantly lower annual operating cost.

Backed by our experienced in-house data center teams, Munters has designed and built hundreds of cooling systems for collocation, government, education and commercial clientelle.

Oasis ™ Optimum Modular Cooling

Flexible Data Center Cooling Solutions - the right choice

The heart of the Oasis™ Optimum DCIE cooling system is the Munters patented Evaporative Polymer Exchanger (EPX), which provides ultra-high efficiency cooling while using up to 75% less energy than traditional high efficiency systems.

In many cases the Oasis™ Optimum DCIE can meet all the cooling needs of a data center.

The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE can help data centers reach pPUE values below 1.1. The system is scalable in increments of 200kW* and the modules can simply be added on as your data center grows. This flexible aspect makes for the best choice in providing supplemental cooling or replacement of less efficient

equipment on existing data centers.

The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE is future-proof, and can easily accommodate advances in server technology and operating conditions.

*IT heat rejection capacity depends on the operating temperatures of the data center.


Proven technology - outstanding quality

Hot Aisle Return Air

The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE cooling system incorporates Munters innovative UL listed Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology for energy efficient cooling.

This patented system uses an air-to-air heat exchanger to transfer data center heat to a separate outdoor airstream. Fresh outdoor air is drawn across polymer heat exchanger tubes which are wetted with a water spray.

While filtered ambient air - scavenger air - flows over the saturated exterior tube surface, the evaporative heat transfer process efficiently cools hot aisle air flowing through the inside of the tubes.

The award-winning design of the Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooler ensures 100% of the data center air is recirculated and uncontaminated in order to provide a clean, stable IT environment.

The systems have three modes of operation A: Sensible/Dry Mode

B: Evaporating/Wet Mode

C: Evaporating and supplementary Mechanical Cooling.

Visit: res or watch the movie now:

Principle of Operation

Exhaust / Scavenger Air Optional Condenser

Coil Optional Compressor Vestibule

Scavenger Outside Air

Hot Aisle Return Air Optional Cooling Coil (DX or CHW) Cold Aisle Supply Air

Hot data center air enters EPX Polymer tube for sensible dry cooling by the evaporating water film on tube exterior

Scavenger air flows up and around outside of tubes having extracted heat from air flowing inside tubes

Cooled air is ducted back to data center for heat extraction

Munters are winners of the

2012 Future Thinking and

Design Concepts Award.


Oasis™ Innovative Evaporative Cooling Systems

These highly energy efficient and scalable units are factory-built incorporating “plug & play” technology, and requiring minimal work on site

Consistently low pPUE’s accross variable loads

Matches airflow to actual IT demand. pPUE’s remain consistently low whether the data center is partially or fully operating at 100% capacity.


Built to meet zone A1 and A2 ASHRAE standard through to Tier 4 levels of resilience with N+1 components if required.


Significantly lower operational expenditure compared to traditional data center cooling solutions


Unit designed to be leaded easily using ISO 40ft containers, the truly flexible design will be fully configured and scaleable to suit your installation and capacity requirements .

New Innovative Approach that delivers added capacity

Munters Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems enable the IT equipment to be cooled to air temperatures of below 27°C/80.6°F (ASHRAE thermal guidelines for data processing environments 2009a) for more than 99% of the time without the need for mechnical cooling across a range of IT loads depending on the location.

The supplementary mechnical cooling system is only used for additional cooling during extreme weather conditions. The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE has three modes of operation for low energy data

center cooling which primarily utilizes free cooling. In the optimized mode natural forces are harnessed by adding water for indirect evaporative cooling to boost cooling. The filtered, ambient air is principaly cooled with indirect evaporative cooling. This saves siginificant amounts of money and carbon emissions. The third mode deploys mechanical cooling. The system is designed to achieve maximum efficiency.

“Enables up to 75%

reduction in energy

consumption vs. traditional data

cooling pPUE.”

National, European and International patents cover this innovative technology.


Mechanical cooling based on 75°F / 23.9°C supply temperature and 100°F / 37.8°C return temperature

*includes fan heat

Standard Oasis™ Optimum DCIE - Standard Design

Design System Cooling Capacity ITE Heat Rejection Delta T (return to supply) Heat rejection capacity depends on design

supply & return temperatures

155 kW 20°F / 11.1°C 195 kW 25°F / 13.9°C 235 kW 30°F / 16.7°C

Supply Air Volume per Unit 25,000 SCFM 40,000 m3/hr

Base unit with end connections LxWxH & Weight 294”x88”x152” 7453mm x 2235mm x 3854mm 13,000 lbs 5,910 kg Base unit with bottom connections inc. Roof mount option

LxWxH & Weight 342”x 88”x152” 8687mm x 2235mm x 3854mm 16,000 lbs 7,257 kg

Base unit with end connections and return plenum,

inc. side mount-stacked-option LxWxH & Weight 294”x88”x 212” 7453mm x 2235mm x 5382mm 16,000 lbs 7,257 kg

Specification subject for change without prior notice

Design ambient wet bulb temperature

Delta T 75 °F /23.9°C 80°F / 26.7°C 85°F / 29.4°C 90°F / 32.2°C

20 °F /11°C 13 tons /46 kW 20 tons /72 kW 28 tons /100 kW 36 tons /128 kW 25 °F /13.9°C 16 tons /56 kW 23 tons /82 kW 31 tons /110 kW 39 tons /138 kW 30 °F /16.7°C 19 tons /67 kW 26 tons /92 kW 34 tons /120 kW 42 tons /148 kW

Location Shanghai, China

Design Ambient dry bulb / extreme max wet bulb 100°F / 86.2°F 37.8°C / 30.1°C

External Static Pressure 1.0in WC 250 Pa

Case 1 Base design

ITE Load 780 kW

Cold Aisle supply/Hot Aisle return 75°F / 100°F 23.9°C / 37.8°C

Case 2 ASHRAE Recommended

ITE Load 940 kW

Cold Aisle supply/Hot Aisle return 80°F / 110°F 26.7°C / 43.3°C

IT Load

kW Oasis™ EPX Cooling tons/kW

% Total

Cooling* CoolingDX tons/kW

% Total

Cooling* OperatingEstimated Power kW Estimated Annual Water Consumption Estimated Annual Energy Use Annual pPUE Case 1 N=4, N+1 Redundancy, all units operating 780 21/74 45% 26/92 55% 47.8 220,000 ft3 /6300 m3 650,000 kWh 1.09 Case 2 N=4, N+1 Redundancy, all units operating 940 35/123 63% 22/76 37% 43.2 280,000 ft3 /7900 m3 600,000 kWh 1.07

Performance per Oasis unit at extreme max wb design Total Oasis Annual Performance

(consult Munters for exact performance based on your location)

DX 20 tons / 70 kW DX 30 tons / 105 kW DX 40 tons / 140 kW Mechanical Cooling Options


Oasis™ Optimum DCIE cooling system construction takes place in a dust free, spacious environment to allow comprehensive pre-site testing. Quality control is improved as all electrical systems are comprehensivley tested in the factory before the Oasis™ Optimum DCIE is delivered to site for final connection and further testing to ensure operation. This partial factory commissioning services/control system testing provides added supply security.

Munters Corporation has been recognised for Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for VOC and energy efficient air handling equipment.

Base Oasis

- End Connections

- Flexible installation location

Examples of possible installations

High quality and precision factory production

Base Oasis

- Bottom connection

- Suits roof installation

Base Oasis

- End connection with return plenum

- Suits perimeter install beside data hall


Oasis™ Optimum DCIE

These modular indirect evaporative cooling systems are robust and durable and can be delivered in a shorter time. The specially designed standardized modules have higher optimized engineering and maintenance access.

Designed to reduce data center cooling costs, deployment times and maintenance Oasis™ Optimum DCIE is an excellent option for either supplementing or replacing traditional data center cooling systems.

• Self-contained and shipped in a standard 40ft shipping container (to be returned)

• Multiple configurations to address varying IT and site requirements

• Latest data center indirect evaporative cooling innovation

• Proven experience in over 170MW of data center cooling

• Delivers industry-leading energy efficient cooling

• Industry leading pPUE rating


1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000

Gwangju Sapporo Lanzhou Boston Los Angeles Istanbul Tokyo Beijing Stockholm Madrid Shanghai Berlin Paris London

Annual hours where Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooler

provides 27°C /81°F cold aisle supply based on hot aisle

return air temperature of 39°C/102°F

Hours run with Oasis EPX only

Hours run with Oasis EPX and supplementary cooling Moscow


An international name, where the customer comes first.

Munters, part of Nordic Capital, has offices in 30 countries and over 3,000 employees in many branches around the world. We are global leaders in energy efficient air treatment for comfort, process and environmental protection.

Munters shares ideas within its international network, giving the Group an outstanding reputation as a reliable, fast-acting and customer-orientated expert in air conditioning. Munters philosophy of customer satisfaction is central to our decision-making. When developing and manufacturing our systems, we see happy customers as

our number one target. And this is what our employees strive to ensure every day. For more information on Munters, please visit

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