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CRM & Subscriptions- and Financial management software


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YES! CRM software offers since 1999 a complete administration system which is accessible from any web browser; online or via the intranet. This guarantees enormous flexibility for your business: platform independent, accessible anywhere, no software installations and linkage with your own website. With over a decade of development, feedback and market knowledge YES!CRM guarantees stability and a solid base for all your business processes. Additionally, YES!CRM internationally oriented so that international companies can use their own language settings, regional characteristics and conventions. The user interface is professionally setup and feels like a traditional desktop application that has the quality and performance of a typical stand-alone program.

YES!CRM offers and array of functionalities: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), subscription management, billing, inventory control, ordering, reporting tools, a real estate module, import and export possibilities and correspondence management.


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Customer Management

An effective customer-service procedure is crucial for maintaining and expanding your business. YES!CRM offers powerful tools to manage and organise your clients, contacts and correspondence. Users can register support-tickets and action lists to streamline and monitor outstanding tasks and arrangements. Overviews, export-reports and pivot-tables can be generated for statistical purposes to track bottlenecks and to implement measurements for improvements and offer management intelligence.

Sales efforts can also be organised with a fully fledged built-in CRM system. You can

organise campaigns, client-groups and mailings with your own customised letter- and email templates. Monitor interactions, follow-ups and appointments with sales-leads and prospects and boost your sales-pipeline to the max, expand your market share and increase your bottom line revenue.


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Subscription Management

Subscriptions and contracts involve recurring payments by customers in exchange for services. Many industries manage a form of such services like magazine subscriptions, support contracts, license management, contributions, rentals and hosting services. Offering unparalleled flexible solutions will boost new business opportunities and help you

accommodate without effort to ever changing business environments.

YES!CRM offers extensive tools that lets you fine-tune and automate your operations effectively and will address all business requirements in order to offer a full contract management environment. You can create subscription-templates on the fly, manage campaign and promotion codes, set billing options & price policy and let YES!CRM take care of all processes like confirmation-letters, renewals, delivery lists and invoices. As YES!CRM is tailored for international deployment you can apply settings to currencies, payment methods, VAT, invoice reminders, letter templates, contract- and subscription types and the applicable language.


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Invoice management

Billing is the most crucial point of interaction with your clients so it is essential to offer professional and polished letters, emails and PDF documents. The ability to customise your invoices gives you unprecedented flexibility in the way you present yourself to your clients and partners. You can create and send invoices to your relations in their local language, add business-logos or customize templates with a vast array of system variables which you can place on letters.

Empower your recurring billing for subscriptions and contracts and track payments like never before. Send out reminders in bulk, create credit-notes, perform roll-backs, and retrieve reports and overviews on the fly; making it a solution that scales to your growing business and ensuring the continuity of your cash flow.

Identify sales progression, compare monthly performance and get firm grip on your outstanding debts. Let your clients access their invoices and statements online, or email them to save on paper-cost and delivery so you can free up time to focus on other areas of your business.


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Ordering en article management

Organise all your products and articles in multiple locations and keep track of stock,

availability and mutation flows in a breeze and manage the life cycle of your assets for both small and large enterprises. Gain control over inventory and revolutionise customer-service and collaboration by having a streamlined fulfilment operation with instant access to key data and information.

Unlock the ease of order-handling from sales-quotes to distribution so you can reduce costs, avoid burdensome tasks and grow new sales. You can create sales-orders manually, through your website or let YES!CRM create delivery-orders in bulk for your subscriptions and


Automate billing, allocation of discounts and recurring orders. Assign tracking-numbers to orders so your customers can trace parcels online.


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Letter templates

Letters and e-mail texts can now easily be composed. YES!CRM offers the following

templates: invoices, reminders, subscription renewal letters, subscription confirmation letters and promissory notes. There are many variables that can be used in letters including:

outstanding invoices per customer, invoice history, subscription overviews etc.

In addition to letters, you can also prepare standard templates for email texts in order to streamline and simplify communication with your clients.


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Many kinds of reports and printouts can be retrieved. For example, a variety of financial reports such as invoice ledger, inventory mutations and sales data for intermediaries. In addition, source data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Various graphic charts offer comprehensive overviews of customer groups, subscriptions growth, distribution by region, order processing etc.


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Various functions

YES! CRM offers a variety of services and support functions to integrate your business processes with the system. These include links to external Web sites, data import and export, email (client) integration, action calendar, user management and permissions, and much more.

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