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Network Video Management System

Network Video Management System


In the digital era, the demand for remote monitoring has continued to increase. Users hope to achieve

security and more effective management capabilities through network communications. Most large-scale

network-based surveillance systems have many channels, different surveillance areas and complex network

connectivity architectures. At the same time, users also require centralized and multi-level user management

modes. The traditional network-based surveillance software can no longer meet the multi-functional needs

on contemporary systems, which is why we have developed Ingrasys NVMS (Network Video Management

System), an advanced intelligent cloud solution.

Ingrasys NVMS (Network Video Management System) is a web-based video surveillance management

platform. It supports comprehensive management interface of Ingrasys HVR3232/NVR3232 which provides

video/audio stream from front-end devices. Ingrasys NVMS has several features include real-time

monitoring, playback, HTTP interface (API) for 3rd party to integrate multi-monitor display, device

management, advanced E-map management, etc. Users can manage through a web browser, with

modularized management capabilities that include management of front-end devices, accounts, roles,

administrative privileges and event with personnel operating log generation, event warning, event recording,

etc. Ingrasys NVMS also provides real-time video monitoring, event video playback, historical video playback,

and E-map integration. These features make it be suitable for large-scale applications. With its user-friendly

GUI, users can begin to use the system without needs for any additional learning. Ingrasys NVMS can provide

comprehensive and reliable CMS functionality to enterprise customers.


Network Video Management System



User-defined: Configurable accounts, events, channel groupings, etc to let this

application be adaptive to different requirements

Unlimited devices adoption: Unlimited number of HVR3232/NVR3232 servers

and IP Camera management

Sequential display: Let users fully monitor all necessary video channels

LAMP: iSecuCloud NVMS constructs on reliability and secure LAMP



source platform

Access anywhere: Web client can let user login NVMS at anywhere

Open SDK integration: Ingrasys NVMS provides SDK to let 3rd parties integrate






Multi windows and multi real-time/playback remote video channels view

Centralized camera management with distributed video data storage

Web-based architecture allows for rapid deployment, establishment and integration to reduce the cost of

installation and management

Integrated E-map: Supports E-map for integrating network cameras managed by different servers and

presenting alarms from the various iSecuCloud HVR3232/NVR3232

Configurable real-time alarms: Popup windows, real-time event snapshot display, etc.

Corporate-level scale of management: Supports unlimited number of iSecuCloud HVR3232/NVR3232 and


network cameras


TV wall supported: A network-based TV wall monitoring system, with supporting for synchronous

control up to six screens and remote control through NVMS web client, capable of outputting segmented

multi-display videos

Customized icon: Users can upload customized icons on E-map, and change the location of icons by drag and

drop; in addition, event alarms can be emphasized on related icons on the E-map

Multi report mechanism: Supports multiple alarming mechanisms, such as sending E-mail, uploading data to

FTP, sending SMS messages, alarm pop-out windows and triggering digital output devices

Customized access privileges: Different groups/users can be configured to have different levels of privileges



mobile view on iPad or iPhone by iFoxGuard APP

Linux-based system increases security and decreases the probability of virus attacks

Supports PTZ and E-PTZ control

Intuitive and user-friendly interface design can minimize users’ learning period

Real-time remote video monitoring E-PTZ & two-way audio E-map integration Intuitive video/audio playback


Environments with large-scale and distributed surveillance requests

Environments that require centralized management models

Environments that require supports for a large number of users, or multiple levels of user privilege

Environments where the control center requires a TV wall for the centralized management of alarms

Environments in which the front-end surveillance points are unmanned and need to be managed

remotely through a network-based system


more NVR



more HVR



Analog cameras + network cameras

1ch~16ch CCTV

1ch~16ch IP

Hybrid video recording system


Surveillance Station

1ch~32ch IP Cam

Network cameras

Network video recording system


Surveillance Station

Security control center

Network Video Management System


System architecture

A single system can control a 6-screen TV wall

providing synchronous real-time monitoring

Central management by a multi-screen client Supervising

by mobile devices

Monitoring by a single-screen client


Software specification

Product model Real-time video monitoring Video playback E-map Event processing Equipment management Optional equipments support Software iSC-VMS3200

Layout configurations 1,4,6,8,9,10,13,16,17,21,25,36,49,64 (depend on the CPU Performance) Maximum 1920x1080 pixels


1. Pan, Tilt, Zoom speed control and management

2. Automatically return to default position; multiple sets of configurations; automatic channel switching; Patrol monitor

3. 8-directional angle control and zooming capabilities 4. Pelco-P, Pelco-D protocol support

1. User can also open multiple web browsers for convenient monitoring with E-Map, live view, playback, etc. 2. Simultaneous full-screen viewing of multiple displays, with automatic detection of the number of monitors 3. Various display monitors show segmented images according to user group settings

When an event is triggered, combination of the alert and image is displayed on the E-map and can be used to perform snapshot; list of event thumbnail

User can manage Ingrasys HVR3232/NVR3232 simply by entering necessary data. Create, delete and edit authorized functionalities for Ingrasys HVR3232/NVR3232 can also be performed by NVMS

User can manage IP cameras simply by entering necessary data. NVMS also provides create, delete and edit authorized functionalities for IP cameras

Management of uploading, editing and deletion of E-map images; management of equipments, servers and channel relationships; drag and drop to locate servers and cameras or other relative settings

1. Map layers configuration and management 2. Map upload and edit

3. Device setting: Drag & drop icons of recording servers, IP cameras and DIO devices 4. Maximum number of map layers: 100

Digital control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Snapshots can be taken on NVMS web client and saved at user-defined destination Channel or group display can be adjusted by drag and drop

1. Forward or backward playback, pause, and stop 2. 1/4,1/2, 1,2,4x Speed control

3. Taking a snapshot with one click 4. Up to 4 channel playback simultaneously Live view and playback snapshots According to date, time, or the time axis

According to date, time, event name, or screen capture image

JPEG and BMP files can be uploaded PTZ E-PTZ Snapshots Multi-monitor Playback modes Snapshot Time-based search Event-based search

Categorization according to event definitions of Ingrasys HVR3232/NVR3232 Event categorization

When an event is triggered, the event video window will play the corresponding video instantly Video window

When an event is triggered, the event message will be displayed in the event list immediately Event message

Performed based on date, time, thumbnails or event name

Linux CentOS 6 Apache 2.2 MariaDB 5.2 Historical log search

The user can choose which sound (wav/mp3) to be played for certain event categories Alarm sounds

E-map management Image-based monitoring Image file support

Server management Device management E-map management Operating System Network Server

Up to six screens TV wall iPhone version iPad version TV Wall iFoxguard mobile viewer Database Channel display


Legal notice

Ingrasys Technology Inc. reserves the right to modify product specifications without notification. The contents of this document may be modified without notification.

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Limited warranty

Please be sure to periodically back up the data on hard drives to avoid any data loss in the case of accidents, human operational errors, or hard disk malfunctions. Ingrasys Technology Inc. is not responsible for any loss of data or for its restoration.

Ingrasys Technology Inc. warrants for following performance of the service that its Maintenance Support Services shall be in substantial compliance with the written contract provided to customer.

Ordering information


Network Video Management System

More product information, please visit our webpage or

CPU: Intel Core i5 or above RAM: 8G

Storage: 300G USB port: USB 1.1 x 1 Network Port: RJ45 x 1

System requirement

Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7 Web browser: IE 8.0

CPU: Intel Core i3 or above RAM: 4G

Number of monitors: Up to 4

Suggested graphic chips: NVIDIA GF210 or above



Client PC

Live view TV wall Playback

Book-mark ePTZ PTZ

E-Map System management Login

Cost-Effective &

High Performance

Surveillance Solution

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