Switchvox. It s more than a phone system. It s a better way to communicate.






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It’s more than a phone system. It’s a better way to communicate.




The combination of the Switchvox system and Digium phones provides a complete communications solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s more than a phone system—it’s a better way to communicate. This Unified Communications system integrates all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat and web mashups. Customize your communications experience right down to the phone. Access call queues, your presence, and the applications you need, right on your desk phone.

Do more than just talk—count on Switchvox to help you easily transition from simple telephony to a feature-rich UC solution. Now you can truly communicate the way

you want to communicate. You can improve productivity by accessing all of your office communications tools no matter where you are—on a mobile phone or at the office. Talk about flexibility!

Who is Digium?

Digium’s VoIP solutions provide a competitive edge for small, mid-sized and large businesses. Digium’s product lines include Asterisk® custom communications,

Switchvox® Unified Communications (UC), and a family of HD IP phones that deliver

enterprise-class features at a price businesses can afford.

Digium® is the creator, primary developer and sponsor of Asterisk, the world’s most

widely used open source communications software. Asterisk turns an ordinary computer into a feature-rich voice communications server.

Switchvox is the award-winning, UC solution built on the power of Asterisk with thousands of installations worldwide.


the Company that’s

Reinventing the Phone System

Saves You Money

Out of the box, Switchvox has more features and is more affordable than proprietary systems that have fewer features! Customers can save up 70% on their monthly expenses in telephony costs and service charges. And because we don’t lock you in to specific service providers or equipment vendors for your network, you can choose a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Easy to Manage

An intuitive point-and-click interface allows you to manage every aspect of Switchvox from anywhere you have Internet access. Empower your employees to manage their own Find-me Follow-me and voicemail boxes. You can easily know the “who, what, when, and where” of your business calls using Switchvox’s extensive features. These features can be accessed directly from your desk phone or Switchboard.

Switchvox is


Smarter Choice

for Your Next Phone System

Switchvox is the Best

Communications System

for Your Business

Many Products in One

Switchvox is more than just a business phone system. When combined with Digium phones, it is a complete Unified Communications solution. The system combines the power of many products into one such as a conference bridge, chat/ instant messaging server and fax server. Consolidate some of your office activities and save more money in the process.

Grows With You

You want a system that will easily accommodate future growth, without unexpected expenses. Scalability and advanced features are just what Switchvox provides. The flexibility of Switchvox allows you to easily add new users, whether in the office or mobile or even remote locations as your business expands, without disrupting your current communications system.

With Switchvox, customers can save up 70% on their monthly expenses in telephony costs and service charges.



Let the Switchvox phone systems work for you by easily integrating other business applications with your phone calls. Access real data, trigger events and enable business processes with incoming calls. Automatically access your caller’s record with built-in support for Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM. Administrators and Users are able to access real-time call queue information, access detailed reports and logs easily in Switchvox. Monitor calls whether you’re remote or in the office. Know everything you need to know about your caller even before you pick up the phone.


Today’s conversations involve more than just your voice. With Switchvox, you can click on an extension to initiate high-definition calls with the Digium phones. Switchvox systems also support high-quality video-calling so you feel more connected with remote callers and won’t have to miss a facial expression. Think of how much you can save if you don’t have to get on an airplane every time you want to get business done.


You define where and when you communicate. Imagine being able to receive your office phone calls on any phone. Whether you are at your desk, on your cell phone or using the hotel phone, others in your office will see you are on the phone – your “presence” stays with you. With Fixed Mobile Convergence, easily transfer calls from any phone back to your Digium desk phone or another caller without interrupting the call, allowing you to take your office on the road!

Switchvox Provides the

Power to Communicate

Where and How You Want,

whether you’re at your desk or on the road.

Digium Phones allow you to

• Enjoy crystal clear HDVoice • Easily customize and control your

caller’s experience with built-in phone apps

• Enhance your communications with a fully-integrated end-to-end solution


Drag-and-drop calls, chat, update your CRM system,

and more, all with the unique capabilities of the

Switchboard web-interface. Note, Switchvox panels

are not limited to the Switchboard. Access key data

right from your Digium phone—such as presence,

queue details, and more.

Switchvox provides all of these features and

more in every system, without any additional

licensing or cost!

*Google Maps is supported in North Americ


The Switchvox Switchboard Puts your Entire Communications System Just One-Click Away



See who is in the office, and know who is on a call or away from their desk. Call rules update automatically based on an employee’s presence.


(Instant Messaging)

Improve employee communication with integrated chat. Communicate however your workflow demands, without using unsecured public chat servers for corporate communications.

Traditional and VoIP Calls

By mixing VoIP with traditional calls, your business can optimize communications and save money without sacrificing features.

Recording and Monitoring

Great for training and auditing calls, managers can easily monitor, whisper, barge and record calls from the Switchboard. You can also record calls directly from your Digium phone.

Real-Time Interaction

Switchvox’s Switchboard has click-to-call, and drag-and-drop transfers, and other features that make it easier than ever to communicate intuitively.

Switchvox Apps


Easily mashup Switchvox with any web application to give your employees everything they might need for a call, before they answer it!

Call Queues

(Automated Call Distribution)

Not just for the call center, Switchvox and Digium phones bring powerful call queuing functionality to even the smallest business that needs to efficiently handle inbound calls.

CRM Integration

Switchvox is integrated with Salesforce.com and SugarCRM. Your sales and service organization will have customer information right at their fingertips when they get a phone call. What a productivity boost!




Switchvox Notifier fully integrates with Outlook® Calendars, Emails, Tasks and Contacts

as well as Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel®.

Unified Messaging

With voicemail delivered to your inbox or mobile device, you can stay in communication, wherever you are.

Reporting and Call Logging

See details about all calls in your system. Custom, statistical reports can be scheduled and emailed to you automatically.


A built-in conference bridge allows all of your employees to manage their own conference rooms on-demand.

Video Calling

Collaborating over long distances has never been easier or less expensive since video phones are compatible with Switchvox.


With Switchvox, fax is integrated. Meaning, one number can be used for your faxes and your calls. Faxes are delivered directly to your inbox!

Developer Friendly

Switchvox’s XML-based Extend API makes it easy for a web application developer to integrate Switchvox with any web tool, without any Switchvox-specific training.

Interactive Voice Response

The extensive built-in IVR allows you to automatically provide information as well as collect information to the caller, and get the caller where they need to when they first call your office.


(Fixed Mobile Convergence)

Receive, transfer and record calls from any phone and any location through Switchvox. With the mobile apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android, you can easily access your favorite features of Switchvox from your smart phone.

Switchvox Offers Enterprise-Class Features at a Price

You Can Afford

Visit the full feature list:


The Switchboard Web-Interface Provides

Real-Time Call Control

and More

Test drive the Switchboard and Mobile Integration:


Protect Your Investment

Stay Up-to-Date with All New Software Releases

Switchvox 65

Switchvox 305

Switchvox 355

Ideal For Offices that don’t have a computer rack and need the space-savings of a small platform

Medium-sized businesses with a computer rack or shelf space that want the power

of a server-class UC system

Medium to large businesses that want a high-performance, highly redundant,

full-featured rackmount UC system

Users & Calls Up to 12 concurrent callsSupports 1 to 30 users Up to 45 concurrent callsSupports 1 to 150 users Up to 75 concurrent callsSupports 1 to 400 users

Expansion Slots Two Three Three

Recording and Conferencing

Up to 5 concurrent recorded calls Up to 5 simultaneous conference users

Up to 10 concurrent recorded calls Up to 15 simultaneous conference users

Up to 20 concurrent recorded calls Up to 30 simultaneous conference users


and Failover Cold Spare Available Cold Spare Available

RAID Controller with mirrored drives Redundant Power Supplies

Cold Spare Available

Warranty A One Year Warranty is standard for each system. Optional Three and Five Year Warranties are also available.

Subscriptions 10 Silver Subscriptions are included with each system. Subscriptions are required for each user.

Choose the Switchvox System that’s

Right for You



Digium’s business phone system, Switchvox

“demonstrates excellence in implementing strategies

that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on investment

that customers make in its products and services.”

— Frost and Sullivan




Upgrades and Updates

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Phone Support

during Business Hours

Phone Support outside

Business Hours (5 Incidents)

“Switchvox’s built-in call center

functionality with call recording

closed the deal when we were

shopping for a phone system. The

total cost for a Switchvox solution

with all features included was less

than just the end-of-life upgrade

cost for our existing system.”

Travel Services Customer

Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription plans are available for each of these systems, so you can choose the coverage that is right for your business.


Make Your Business More Efficient

Interactive Voicemail

Play, fast forward, rewind and forward voicemail

Agent/Manager Queue

Access detailed information from the phone

Interactive, Real-time Status

See and set status, automatically changing your call rules

Parked Calls

Park and retrieve parked calls from this app


Easily search, see status information, call, and send calls to voicemail for business and personal contacts

Record, Conference, and Monitor

Access advanced call features at your fingertips

Auto Provisioning

Simply plug these phones in, automatically discover your Switchvox server, select the user, and start talking. It is that simple.

Digium Phones

Designed Exclusively for Switchvox

The Digium phones are the first phones

designed exclusively for Switchvox.

Offering the tightest integration

possible, these phones incorporate

plug-and-play installation saving you

time. Extend your Switchvox system to

your desk phone, so you can customize

your complete communications

experience whether you’re in the office

or on the road.

D40 / Entry-level

D50 / Mid-level

D70 / Executive-level

Digium’s entry-level phone designed for any employee

at your company

Digium’s mid-level phone that allows for Busy Lamp Indicators and Rapid Dial Keys

for your most important contacts.

Digium’s most feature-rich phone, the D70, is the executive-level phone designed for

administrators and executives who want to manage up to 100 contacts.


Line Keys 2 4 6

Feature Keys 4 6 10

Rapid Dial/

Busy Lamp Field Keys 0 10 keys 10 keys - 100 contacts LAN connection 100 Mbps with switch 100 Mbps with switch 1000 Mbps with switch

Main Display 3.5 inch 3.5 inch 4.5 inch

Rapid Dial Panel Paper LCD

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Full Duplex Speaker Phone



Copyright © 2012 Digium, Inc. All rights reserved. Digium, Asterisk, and Switchvox are trademarks of Digium, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Version 5.0.2 / 20 January 2012 - BPSBR1B

We’re changing the way the world communications.


Digium®, Inc. provides Asterisk® software, telephony hardware, and Switchvox® business phone systems that deliver

enterprise-class Unified Communications at an affordable price. Digium is the creator, primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk project; the world’s most widely used open source communications software. Asterisk turns an ordinary computer into a feature-rich communications server. With a community of more than 80,000 developers and users worldwide, Asterisk has been used to create VoIP communication solutions in more than 170 countries. Since 1999, Digium has empowered developers to create innovative communications solutions based on open standards and open source software, providing an alternative to proprietary phone system vendors. Digium’s business communications products are sold through a worldwide network of reseller partners.

For more information on Switchvox: www.digium.com/switchvox • +1 256-428-6271 • sales@digium.com

Digium Headquarters: +1 256-428-6000 • www.digium.com

Recognized as the best in the industry.

Want to find out more about Switchvox? Access product information, videos white papers and interactive demos at www.digium.com/switchvox

“SMBs are expected to continue to retain a cautious approach to spending,

and their UC decisions will be shaped not only by business process and

communications improvements, but also by hard cost factors (like cost savings).

This means some SMBs will take a more evolutionary approach to UC as they

leverage existing investments in phones or communications infrastructure instead

of migrating to UC suites in a single leap.”

Gartner, Marketscope Report, Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony Written by: Jay Lassman, Steve Blood, Geoff Johnson — 9/15/2011 Digium, ShoreTel and Microsoft are positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of Gartner, Inc.’s 2011 Magic Quadrant for

Corporate Telephony report.

With all features included,