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DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT NETWORK. Training and Consultancy. Mail and delivery service Data entry and digitisation service. Digital software and processes


Academic year: 2021

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Document storage


Training and


Data entry and digitisation service

Mail and delivery service

Digital software and processes


Company Profile

The OMNIADOC network was born from the experience of Archidoc (Sigma Service), BM&PLANETA and Mg Logisti-ca, leaders in the provision of services in the field of document management, with the goal of combining skills, sharing experiences and providing the customer with a wide range of products and high quality services certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27000:2007 standards.

OMNIADOC is currently present on the entire national territory as a group that offers outsourcing services to companies to support them in the management of activities ancillary to their business: from physical document storage, to digitisation, storage and archiving.

Our Customers

OMNIADOC provides services to public authorities and public sector companies, SMES and professionals as a reliable partner with customised and innovative solutions for document management.

OMNIADOC and the territory

The OMNIADOC network is active in various regions thus ensuring an optimum coverage of the whole national territory. Its registered office is in Milan, which was chosen for its central location. This is flanked by the operative offices in Lecce, Udine, Padua and Parma and the branches of Guidonia (RM), Latina (LT), Milan (MI), Naples (NA), San Donà di Piave (VE), Turin (TO) and Villesse (GO).

The Omniadoc mission

Omniadoc provides computer systems and services with a high technological content. Omniadoc guarantees the best solution to the customer with respect to the technological requirements analysed, exploiting and coordinating all internal synergies and the best market opportunities.

The OMNIADOC mission

Thanks to the experience and professionalism acquired from the companies and the professional members of the network, OMNIADOC is now able to offer traditional type services (addressed mail delivery), but also with a high technological content (digital archiving and storage and archiving), in addition to training and consultancy services that supplement the OMNIADOC support services to companies.

The strength of the services offered

The competitive advantage of the services offered by OMNIADOC is effective cost containment for customers who, by outsourcing document management, can reallocate resources to other tasks. Custom consulting and continuous assistance services, even in reference to the legislation, allow OMNIADOC to assist the customer with the critical phase of document management outsourcing.

The strength of OMNIADOC numbers

Operative staff: 70 people

Coverage area: throughout Italy Digitisation: 29,000,000 pages/year

Archiving and Storage under the rules: 30,000,000 pages/year Print & Delivery: 8,000,000 pages/year

Specialised training 3,840 days

Specialist advice and assistance: 6,500 days

LEGEND Registered office MILANO



Our services


The document Archive management service is the first step of the outsourcing process of paper document management, not in the sense of an asset to be stored, but rather as the customer's historical memory to be stored systematically in a properly structured and safe environment.


Outsourcing provides for:

reducing the internal costs of managing the current archive and deposit in terms of space, human resources, computer resources, equipment, sensitive data storage and security according to the legislation in force;

rationalising the document repository through careful tracing of individual document cataloguing; • searching for stored documents easily and fast.

• having a relational database that ensures the mergeability of data to multiple users.

Physical security measures

OMNIADOC stores and manages customers' paper archives with full respect for the rules on security and privacy, ensuring the availability of a network of warehouses all over the national territories built according the best architectural standards for storing paper. The structures selected and identified by OMNIADOC are equipped with:

• fire prevention certificate;

• certificate of conformity of electrical systems;

• documentation and evaluation of the risks pursuant to article 14 626/94; • quality system certification;

• warehouse accessibility; • habitability of the offices, if any.

Specific and sectoral solution

OMNIADOC provides archive consultancy and has developed specific know-how in the context of documentary archive cataloguing ensuring physical support to the customer for the management of all types of archives:

• Current Archive - consisting of all the files opened and closed in the current calendar year.

• Storage Archive - consisting of documents that the customer no longer uses currently, but still having legal and operational relevance.

• Historical Archive - consisting of the historical documentation that no longer has legal or administrative significance and is preserved as historical memory of the document.

OMNIADOC guarantees and offers specific solutions for the following sectors: • banking and finance;

• insurance; • healthcare; • industrial; • public administration.





Guaranteed on the spot inspection and estimation

Storage and packaging of documents in boxes

Shelving and storage for 10 years

Document management and consultation service with home

and on-line delivery

Service phases

Document storage




OMNIADOC provides specific advice to support customers in the delicate transition phase from paper-based management to digital document management and document flows.

Through digital archiving, all data and images are transformed into electronic format, thus reducing the retrieval, consultation and sharing time of documents and information. The consultation of the archive thus computerised is consequently intuitive, personalised according to the instructions of the customer and safe.

Service phases

1. Document scanning. Scanned images are sent to the centralised Repository for subsequent processing;

2. Populating of research data. Prepared images are associated with their key fields and related search keys;

3. On-line publication by Full Web systems, a platform that enables the integrated management of hard copy and digital archives, an unlimited number of users and client licenses and software that provides for consultation of the data entered, display of PDF files attached and the modification of the data related to the consultation sheet;

4. Storage and Backup. Backup policies appropriate for needs and requirements are agreed with the customer.


The consultation of a computerised archive is intuitive and fast and the document search keys are determined by the customer based on their requirements. For the company, this means:

Improving document management and storage;

Reduce the time required for document consultation;

• General cost reduction.

IT security measures

The process is guaranteed by an ongoing monitoring system that provides customers with automated, safe and efficient management of different document types. Electronic control, using leading-edge software, alongside human control, performed by our properly trained and qualified operators. Customer data are also guaranteed by backup policies defined according to our clients' requirements, with guaranteed retroactivity, restore and disaster recovery features.

Public administrations

Customers Storage of original documents

Fast location of original documents or copies thereof

Italian Health Authorities, Hospitals and Clinics

Banking Institutions Professional companies and practices


Audio Video Images Books and printed material



Laboratory analyses Optical Digitisation of original






X-rays Forms-notes


Storage of original documents


Optical storage

Data entry and

digitisation service


ORDINARY PRINTING: Formatting and creating PDFs - Black and White or Colour Printing - Bulk and Priority Mailing - 24-hour bulk mailing to Customers

REGISTERED MAIL: Print and send - Archiving and Storage of images of documents sent - Return postcard scanning and archiving - Registered mail outcome management

SENDING E-MAILS: Customising e-mail subject and text - PDF in attach transmission - Archiving sent documents

ISENDING E-MAIL FROM CERTIFIED PEC E-MAIL: Customising e-mail subject and text - PDF in attach transmission - Archiving sent documents - Outcome tracing and management

WEB-SHARING: Web document transmission - Sending notifications of document availability by sms or e-mail - Guaranteed accessibility of documents transmitted over time - Read/unread management of documents transmitted

SENDING SMS: Manage alerts or campaigns via SMS

COMMUNICATION CHANNELS: Pre-selected communication (printing, e-mail, SMS, fax, web) - Registration for new services - Activation of promotions and marketing campaigns

CUSTOMER ADDRESS BOOK MANAGEMENT: Managing customer list with the selection of the desired transmission methodology between sending snail mail, snail mail to alternative address, e-mail, fax, PEC, Web

ACTIVITY CONTROL MONITORING: Tracing forwarding processes with evidence of the SLA - List of warehouses and their storage states by fiscal year


OMNIADOC supports companies in the management of shipping and addressed mail delivery activities, providing customers with a wide range of both traditional and advanced services. Technical-organisational solutions proposed make OMNIADOC excellent for the treatment of paper documents. The offer is fully modular. It covers the entire production process (from printing to mailing) using operating methods tailored to the type of customer and of processing.

Omniadoc's digital printing centres operate mainly in the following areas:

• printing, mailing and subsequent postage/delivery of communications generated by customers that cover a wide range of small- or medium-sized companies or by the large utility suppliers;

• integrated management of communications containing secret and personal codes and health screening; • storage on magnetic media, for integration or as a replacement for paper, of communications sent; • advance communications by e-mail or fax;

• user support service through complete monitoring of the phases of communication production and delivery; • Web display of the state of progress of processing batches.


Service quality, the ability to manage flows of complex documentary production and the constant technological upgrading are elements that make OMNIADOC the perfect partner to ensure the expected level of service and satisfaction:

• no customer impact neither in the launch phase nor in the operative phase; • single management point of the formatting&delivery process;

• management and postage cost reduction;

• fast and easy switching between different channels (physical delivery, web, email…); • availability of timely and detailed tracking&tracing;

• option to customise communication (document, format, channel).

Security systems

Process security and respect for the privacy of the data treated are guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 Certification:

• the first protects the customer by providing the assurance that the company operates in full compliance with all quality standards in the design and service delivery phases;

• the second protects and supports the company in the monitoring of the entire document management process and is designed to reduce the potential risks that could impact on data security.

The services provided

Mail and

delivery service


Storage, archiving and securitisation of the digital memory of documents

The following digital documents are commonly stored in paper replacement mode:

active and passive invoices, also in the form of account, note, parcel and the like;

Log book and inventory book;

Warehouse log book;

• Depreciable asset register;

registers for VAT purposes: purchases, royalties, invoices issued;

tax returns (UNICO, 730, 770 etc.);

Payment forms (F23 and F24);

Corporate log books;

Financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, supplementary note); • Tax invoices and receipts;

Transport documents (DDT);

Payroll ledger (employee register and company register);


The storage and archiving manager

OMNIADOC also provides customers with a storage and archiving manager thus disengaging them from the burden and responsibility to assign an internal one.

The figure of the person in charge of digital document storage fulfils the obligations and duties listed in

the CNIPA resolution n. 11, February 19, 2004. The manager is entrusted with the task of creating a storage archive, with the constraint that the procedures are documented and that traceability, content integrity in time, access and the issuance of individual documents are guaranteed.


Legal storage and archiving and the dematerialisation of paper documents provide for guaranteeing the legal validity in time of every type of electronic document.

OMNIADOC provides in-house and outsourcing solutions to meet specific customer requirements.


There are many advantages of storage and archiving outsourcing for both public and private customers: • high quality standard guarantee of the services provided;

highly qualified and constantly updated operating staff with regards to new technologies and regulations;

• constantly updated software and work tools;

• study of custom solutions specially designed for customers and their requirements;

reduced internal costs of the client for document management;

• better and easier document location and consultation.

Data security systems

Process security and respect for treated data privacy are guaranteed by the ISO 27001:2005 Certification. The standard protects and supports the company in the monitoring of the entire document management process and is designed to reduce the potential risks that could impact on data security.

Operating staff and the software used to provide storage and archiving services are constantly updated also thanks

to the advice and support offered by ANORC and its experts in order to ensure the best possible service.

Digital software

and processes



Technical projects were followed by OMNIADOC at all stages: from architectural analysis, functional and technical development and deployment of the product.


OMNIADOC is experienced in advising national level credit institutions, especially in the following areas: Recording of stock exchange orders and Banking Outsourcing.


To meet every in-depth topic requirement, both for the benefit of public and private companies and professionals, ensuring a high level of content and the specialisation of our trainers, to allow our customers to reach a complete solid preparation in a short time.

The Team of trainers

Our group of experienced seniors boasts over 10,000 classroom hours per year and an approved operational experience in the field of the following training courses:

transparency and privacy;

• Electronic signatures and digital signature;

• PA staff training and updating on the new rules governing the relations with the citizens on the use

of digital technologies and telematic exchanges;

• file management: IT protocol and electronic document management.


The benefits of external support for consultancy and training services are related especially to quality standards:

• provision of qualified, highly specialised consultancy and teaching staff constantly updated on issues and legislation;

flexibility and speed in organising consultancy and training interventions;

• option to organize ad hoc interventions designed specifically for customers and their internal requirements;

remission of customers and their internal resources from organisational charges and from having to deal with duties other than the company's core business;

reduction of customers' internal costs and optimisation of resources.

Service security measures

The advisory and training activities are carried out by OMNIADOC:

• in full compliance with Privacy Legislation;

• with reference to the process Quality Systems regulated by the ISO 9001:2008 standard, in order to provide the customer with high quality standards of service: the first contact phase until operation and service delivery phases.


OMNIADOC, thanks to its team of technicians and trainers, supports both public and private companies in the development of important projects and in the delicate area of training.


OMNIADOC assists customers by offering specific advice and developing complex projects.


OMNIADOC organises conventions, seminars, workshops and round tables on topics related to digital innovation on the entire national territory. OMNIADOC is a real "school" that fits both those who already have experience and those who rather still need to get to know the "digital world". Training is organised in two ways: there is a section related to "e-learn-ing" and another to live training.

Training and




The OMNIADOC network capitalises on and appropriates the experience of companies and professionals who are part of it, thus providing services with a high technological content, and a highly qualified team of professionals to the final customer.

The Customer Portfolio


ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia, ARPA Puglia, Camera di Commercio di Rovigo, Camera di Commercio di Venezia, Consorzio acquedottistico Friuli Centrale SpA, Consorzio Depurazione Laguna, Tribunale Ordinario di Padova.


BIM GSP - Gestione Servizi Pubblici Spa, SAF Autoservizi SpA, Seab - Servizi Energia Ambiente Bolzano Spa. LOCAL AUTHORITIES

Comune di Padova, Comune di Peschiera del Garda, Provincia di Pordenone, Provincia di Trieste, Regione Veneto. HEALTHCARE

Associazione La Nostra Famiglia, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova, Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedale Niguarda Ca’ Granda, Azienda Ospedaliera di Pordenone, Azienda Ospedaliera di Udine, Azienda per i servizi sanitari n.2 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Azienda per i servizi sanitari n.3 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Azienda per i servizi sanitari n.4 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Azienda per i servizi sanitari n.5 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Azienda per i servizi sanitari n.6 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Centro riferimento oncologico Aviano, IRCS Burlo Garofolo Ospedali riuniti di Trieste, Istituto Oncologico Veneto, Policlinico di Abano Terme, ULSS n. 10 Venezia, ULSS 16 Padova.


Gruppo Banca IFIS, Banche credito cooperativo del Veneto e FVG, Cariparma, Credem, Equitalia Sud Spa, Sorit - Societa di riscossioni Italia Spa.


Associazione Artigiani CGIA, Confederezione CGIL, Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele, Porsche Italia, Serenissima Ristorazione.


Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants and Bankruptcy Trustees.

Where to find us and how to contact us


Phone: 800 170903


Operational Headquarters of Udine

Phone: 0432 522344 - Fax: 0432 620414


Operational Headquarters in Padua

Phone: 049 8705988 - Fax: 049 7628212


Operational Headquarters of Parma Phone: 0521 993259 - Fax: 0521 994599


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