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KIRCHNER Engineering

we design

your infrastructure

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KIRCHNER Engineering Consultants

we plan your infrastructure

Facts and figures:

- 11 offices with over 140 employees, DIN ISO 9001 certified

- memberships of Chambers of Engineers and professional associations

- nearly 50 years in business as an owner-managed company

Our clients:

- public sector clients such as counties, cities, municipalities, public works departments, construction and property departments in the Federal states of Germany, banks and savings banks

- industrial, commercial and transport companies

- supply and waste management companies

- project developers for the development of residential and commercial space

- private individuals

Our diverse service spectrum - your advantage:

- infrastructure planning, technical building services, surveying, own GIS software, alternative energies, real estate management and development planning

- The wide range of our services makes it possible for us to deliver all planning steps required for the implementation of more complex tasks from a single source. This avoids external interfaces, and interdisciplinary processes can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

Cross-sectoral services:

- individual advice

- project management tasks

- use of latest AVA, CAD and GIS software

- engineering survey

- on-site construction supervision


Traffic infrastructure

from concept to implementation

High-level road links

Municipal roads


Pedestrian zones

Bicycle paths and footpaths


Municipal or commercial developments

Industrial areas

From first concept to traffic analysis and simulation, as far as the acceptance of the construction work – we successfully implement your ideas. In this context, the requirements of port construction with a rail connection or special areas of industrial premises are part of our professional expertise, as much as the planning of noise protection and reinforced concrete facilities.

traffic counting traffic simulation using state of the art software creation of traffic and bicycle path concepts visualisation of designs planning with software like AutoDesk, AKG Vestra or Card/1 establishment of road databases environmental compatibility studies drainage planning acoustic studies

security audit structural planning


sewer refurbishment concepts flood / property protection concepts general drainage planning extraneous water investigation environmental compatibility testing land use and development planning calculation of charges and recording of assets hydrodynamic sewer network calculation flooding verification 1D and 2D models drinking water network calculation engineering survey and network documentation flow measurements in sewers and seepage tests taking over municipal administration tasks building and facilities review

Register of sewers and pipes

Sewer refurbishment

Watercourse development and renaturation

Designation of flood plains

Water supply

Coastal and flood protection

Rain water management

General drainage planning

We protect your property and help to put you in a good position to meet the future challenges of climate change; we plan the expansion and maintenance of your supply and disposal networks taking demographic trends into account and assist you in your everyday tasks with tailor-made

solu-tions at times when your organisation is understaffed. Sewer refurbishment

Water management

so that water does not cause any problems


Special technology

Sound and heat insulation

Fire protection and fire-fighting technology

Building automation

Electrical engineering

Lightning protection

Alternative energies

MSR technology

Our services in the technical building services sector include the entire range of building engineering facilities. Whether new construction, renovation or change of use, we develop an overall concept that ensures the optimal coordination of all trades.

In our planning we deal intensively with the expectations of our customers, for example, with user-specific expectations on the technical systems or existing object-specific features. The expectations of our clients form the basis for compre-hensive advice on technical, economic or organisational issues of building technology.

building technology energy technology energy concepts building automation electrical engineering special technology EnEV (German Energy Saving Regulation) certificates

energy inspections expert opinions publicly appointed and accredited expert

for the heating and ventilation trade

Technical building services

we bring the technology into your building


S ew er ne tw or k g ra p hic W at er ne tw or k g ra p hic G as ne tw or k g ra p hic

For over 25 years, we have been developing and selling stand-alone software for various areas of application. We offer you fl exible and future-proof solutions, based on modern development methods and the know-how of our in-house engineers. Desktop, server or mobile – 2D or 3D – we respond to your requirements and also quickly provide competent service on-site.

Technical database for tasks in the utility sector

- water, gas, electricity, district heating, lights, glass fi bre/fi bre optic Technical database for tasks in the waste disposal sector

- sewer, ditch and drainage systems, indirect dischargers, small sewage treatment plants

Technical database for tasks in the municipal sector

- real estate, municipal real estate, variable technical databases, streets, commercial real estate, trees, forest

Technical databases for specifi c technical areas

- golf course information system, register of high ropes course, retro-spective costing of projects, issue and processing of fuel vouchers, geothermal information related to a parcel of land and much more

Sewer information system

Database of roads and green spaces

Network information system

Real estate

Individual solutions tailor-made for you

own GIS system interfaces with all common GIS applications installation of web-based systems surveying of sewers and pipes network documentation for all software systems

network information

Digitisation Hotline and training courses

Software solutions


W at er ne tw or k g ra p hic

Landscape conservation and nature conservation are not only essential components of development planning, but are usually also linked to the planning of infrastructure projects. Urban regeneration and open space planning have the same context. Here, it is of particular benefi t when all disciplines are together under one umbrella.

Development planning

Engineering biology

Open space planning

Urban regeneration

Village development

Environmental impact studies

Flora, fauna, habitat

development planning urban regeneration village development open space planning engineering biology landscape conservation support and

implementation planning environmental impact studies and environmental reports fauna, fl ora, habitat impact assessments (FFH-IA) ecological construction supervision renaturation of rivers and lakes according to the WFD water management

Development, landscape and town planning


Pipeline technology

Fibre optic networks

Gas supply networks and systems engineering

Route investigation and network documentation

Heating networks

Whether oil, gas, heat or information – we design and build the systems required and the connecting networks between producers and consumers. We provide assis-tance in the planning of routes and stations as well as in negotiations with owners. If network information of industrial or other facilities has to be documented, we can visualise these for you in 3D systems. Other areas are the checking and evaluation of networks as well as renovation and rehabilitation measures.

facility planning line routing and right-of-way negotiation quantity surveying / AVA / cost control procurement negotiations engineering and construction surveys gas network calculation environmental impact studies landscape conservation planning inventory plans

Supply networks and systems

so you can get connected

Gas pipeline Laying of cable conduits Rheindüker (culcert)


Base survey

Control and monitoring surveys

Construction survey

Network documentation

Inclinometer survey

Industrial survey

The correct transfer of the planning to the location forms the basis of every construction project. For over 40 years, we have successfully dealt with this task to the great satisfaction of our clients. Whether millimetre accuracy is required in steel construction for hydraulic engineering or decimetre accuracy in line construction, we are certain to find the most econom-ical solution.

creation of base networks inventory documentation measurements for quantity surveying to account

for construction costs network construction staking out with highest possible precision deformation analyses industrial survey inclinometer surveys

Inclinometer surveys

Engineering survey

basis and conclusion of any planning

Ems barrage: Base survey and control


ENERGIEAUSWEISfür Wohngebäude freiwillige Aushangseite bedarfsbasierter Energieausweis



Gültig bis:

Datum Unterschrift des Ausstellers

Gebäude Neubau Vermietung/Verkauf Modernisierung (Änderung/Erweiterung) Sonstiges (freiwillig) Gebäudefoto (freiwillig) Gebäudetyp Adresse Gebäudeteil Baujahr Gebäude Baujahr Anlagentechnik1) Anzahl Wohnungen Gebäudenutzfläche (AN) Erneuerbare Energien Lüftung Anlass der Ausstellung des Energieausweises 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 ≥ 400 Vergleichswerte Endenergiebedarf 0 50 100150 200250 300350≥ 400 PassivhausMFH Neubau EFH Neubau EFH ener getisc h gut moder nisie rt Durchsc hnitt Wohng ebäude MFH ener getisc h nicht wesentlic h moder nisier t EFH ener getisc h nicht wesentlic h moder nisie rt 2) 1) Mehrfachangaben möglich 2) EFH: Einfamilienhäuser, MFH: Mehrfamilienhäuser

24.01.2023 Muster Wohngebäude Gesamtes Gebäude Musterstraße 100, 00000 Musterdorf 1970; Sanierung 2012 2012 8 644 m²

Zu- und Abluftanlage mit Wärmerückgewinnung

Kirchner Gebäudetechnik Ingenieurbüro füt Gebäudetechnik und Energieanlagen Große Heide 37 32425 Minden 24.01.2013 Primärenergiebedarf "Gesamtenergieeffizienz" 84 kWh/(m²·a) Endenergiebedarf 54 kWh/(m²·a) CO2-Emissionen20 [kg/(m²·a)]


Real estate management

Energy evaluation

Damage assessment

Portfolio analyses

Real estate should provide a carefree home, serve as an investment and create wealth. Real estate valuation is there-fore a very sensitive matter, because real estate generally represents a considerable asset to the owner. Extensive asset management decisions are often made on the basis of a valuation, so that high demands must be placed on a real estate valuation in line with market requirements. Contact us

with confidence. valuations

portfolio analyses damage assessment energy evaluation real estate management determination of market value, value for mortgage purposes and insurance value building assessments with building condition reports for

the preservation of evidence cost estimate of damage remediation preparation of building energy performance certificates for

dwellings according to EnEV and non-residential buildings according to DIN 18599 energy consulting according to BAFA (German Federal Office

of Economics and Export Control) creation of property related energy concepts

Real estate valuation


Deep geothermal energy


Heat demand analysis

Feasibility studies

Near-surface geothermal energy

Energy concepts

Final energy consumption is dominated by heat demand in our latitudes and not by the demand for electricity. As a result, the success of the energy transition significantly depends on clean heat generation and efficient heat use. Geothermal energy is ideally suited for environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical heat generation!

project management preliminary and feasibility studies for geothermal energy use

heat demand analysis residential area concepts for energy efficient

refurbishment measures regulatory permit applications funding sources technical planning

We help you to investigate whether geothermal energy is worth considering as an alternative or a supplement to the conventional heating supply for your existing or planned property. In addition, we offer the coordination and preparation of city district concepts for energy efficient refurbishment measures. We are available to act as project managers and technical planners if a project is implemented.

Geothermal energy



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Our diverse service spectrum - your advantage!


Engineering Consultants

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