University of Miskolc, Technical University of Košice and the Local Authority of Salgótarján GEOPARKS, GEOHERITAGE AND GEOCONSERVATION






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University of Miskolc, Technical University of Košice and the

Local Authority of Salgótarján




IRSE: History of Central European mining

Third Circular





04. – 06. October, 2012

Salgótarján, Hungary



University of Miskolc

Technical University of Kosice Local Authority of Salgótarján


IAGt - International Association for Geotourism, Krakow AGH – University of Science and Technology, Krakow ISPRO Košice


Prof. József Böhm, Miskolc University Prof. Pavol Rybár, Košice University


Dr.h.c prof. Ing. Anton Čižmár, PhD. – Rector of TU Košice

Prof. Dr. h.c.mult. Dr. Patkó Gyula, PhD. – Rector of Miskolc University Székyné Dr. Sztrémi Melinda – Mayor of Salgótarján

Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Slomka, PhD. – Rector of AGH Kraków


Gejza M. Timčák, MSc., PhD. Ing. Ladislav Mixtaj PhD

Bea Szilasi, MSc, PhD secretary

Ľubomír Štrba, MSc., PhD. co– secretary Jana Jablonská, MSc., PhD.

Roland Weiss, MSc., PhD – contact person

Zoltán Kolláth MSc

Vágvölgyiné Bene Orsolya PhD

Bartolomej Baláž, MSc., CSc.


The subjects of the GEOTOUR and IRSE 2012 Conference, Salgótarján, (Hungary) are the geoparks, geoheritage and geoconservation (GEOTOUR) and the history of Central European mining (IRSE). These topics represent different segments of geotourism. When we speak about mining heritage, we have to consider also the cultural impact of mining of the Central European region.

These days, geoparks provide a well established way and strategy to show natural beauties of a given geomorphological or geological unit. Examining its carrying capacity, determining limits of acceptable change, assuring sustainability, providing experiences to visitors, its management, etc., are real challenges for the geopark managing team or consortium. The aim of the conference is to help geoparks and related organizations in solving and managing similar problems.

The conference on CE mining history deals with people involved in mining, their origin and culture and the strategies of the effective presentation of their mining heritage. It includes geology, artefacts of various types, cultural processes and the setting of their time and place. Its management usually includes a synergic cooperation of a number of people and institutions. Legal aspects are important when e.g. earlier political decisions result in a need for certain cultural artefacts to be adapted to a new cultural environment without being disowned from the old cultural environment. As mining occurred in various rural, urban or larger districts and within CE also across borders, necessary service level, comfort and safety that have to be warranted may need more effort to achieve. All these and related issues provide a wide platform for contributions and discussions coming from around the globe.



Thursday 04. 10. 2012

(IRSE and GEOTOUR at the Welcome Centre of the Bükki Nemzeti Park) Registration 09:00 - 12:30 Opening ceremony 11:00 - 11:15 Plenary session 11:15 - 12:00 Session chairperson: Professor J. Böhm

1. Horváth G.: Geological features in the area of Salgótarján that can be incorporated into geotourist products

2. Prakfalvi P.: Geoparks

3. Rybár P., Hvizdák C., Štrba Ľ.: The Upper Hungarian mining trail

Lunch 12:00 - 14:00

Joint GEOTOUR and IRSE Presentations 14:00 - 16:30 Session chairperson: Dr. G.M. Timčák

4. Péter Zs.: The Role of Geoturism in the Case of World Heritage Convention

5. Timčák G.M., Jablonská J.: The significance of the past teachers and professionals in mining for tourism

6. Kobylańska M.: Conditions for implementation of the programme of post-mining relics’ management for geotourism on example of the project “Reclamation of territories degraded by mining activities in the area of the Mirsk commune and establishing the tourist route – Following the traces of the former ore mining”

7. Nagy Z., Sebestyénné Szép T.: Data on health tourism studies of the North Hungary

Visit to Mining Museum 16.45-17.30 Get together session in Galcsik Fogadó 18:00

Friday 05. 10. 2012 – GEOTOUR 2012

Presentations 09:00 - 11:00 (GEOTOUR and IRSE at the Mining museum)

Session chairperson: Dr. L. Mixtaj

8. Hartai É., Németh N.: The Telkibánya Field Training Educational Park in working order

9. Jablonská J., Timčák G.M.: How to make the Hornad valley geopark a reality

10. Mixtaj L., Weiss R.: A proposal for the extension of mining and forestry trail from Rudná to Rožňavské Bystré. 11. Olexa L., Nováček T.: The local museum in Myšľa and its significance from tourism point of view

Coffee break 11:00 - 12:00

Chairperson: Dr. J. Jablonska

12. Nagy Z., Péter Zs.: Economical aspects of geotourism 13. Lénárt L.: Hydrogeology and geotourism

14. Siskáné Szilasi, B., Piskóti-Kovács, Zs. – Szalontai, L. – Dr. Vágó,J: The analysis of the geotouristic potential by the help of a complex index in one sample area.

15. Gašinec J., Gašincová S. and Kuzevičová Z.: Using non-contact measurement methods for monitoring ground ice in the cave area of one of the leading geotourist attractions - the Dobšinská Ice Cave Friday 05. 10. 2012 – IRSE 2012

Presentations 09:00 - 11:00 Chairperson: Dr. L. Štrba

16. Weiss E., Jablonská J.: The significance of the Slovakian mining trail for tourism 17. Hronček P., Herčko I.: The B. Stiavnica Geopark

18. Hronček P., Herčko I.: The Stiavnica Museum of Mining 19. Dakhova M.: Geosites in Ukrajina

Coffee break 11:00 - 12:00

Chairperson: Dr. Siskáné Szilasi B.

20. Havasi I.: Professor Otto Cséti - founder of the now 140 year-old Department of Geodesy and Mine Surveying

21. Madziarz M.: Historical metal mining sites in lower Silesia (Poland) as geo-tourism and industrial tourism attraction

22. Kudełko J., Juzyk A., Szczerbiak A.: Mining and geological heritage protection as a challenge for local communities

Lunch 12:00 - 14:00

Field trip “Ipolytarnóci Ősmaradványok Természetvédelmi Terület” (Guide: Dr. I. Szarvas) 14:30 - 17:30


Saturday 06. 10. 2012

Optional visit to Nógrád-Novohrad Geopark 08:00 - 15:00


 Ing. Roland Weiss PhD Institute of Geotourism

Faculty BERG, Technical University Bozeny Nemcovej 32 042 00 Kosice Slovakia  00421/55/602 2599  Fax: 00421/55/602 2599  E-mail:


Conference language: English

Conference fees:

Participant 70 Eur Authors in absentia 20 Eur

 The Registration Form as well as the Registration Fee plus Abstract (1 to 3 pages, including tables and figures) should be sent to on 20 September 2012 at the latest. Abstracts will be published in a special Abstract volume that should be available at the time of on-site registration.

 Full text of the papers should be mailed in electronic form to lubomir.strba@tuke.skbefore the end of September 2012. Papers should not have more than 7 pages plus supplements. Detailed instructions for authors are at and Selected papers will be published in the Acta Geoturistica Journal (see

 For papers in absentia, please contact

 The Registration fee includes refreshments, lunches, dinners, accommodation (1 night), conference materials

o The entrance fee to the Ipolytarnóci Ősmaradványok Természetvédelmi Terület (see; 1250HUF) or Nógrád - Novohrad Geopark ( ) is not included.

o Transport to the Field trip on Friday is not included in the Conference fee. Registration for this field trip should be done at the registration.


GEOTOUR 2012 & IRSE 2012 Registration Form

04. to 06. October 2012

Salgótarján, Hungary

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CONFERENCE FEE (70 €/person):

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Lodging in hotel Galcsik Fogadó, (2 to 4 bed rooms) ~20 €/night/person (depending on the HUF exchange rate). The price of breakfast is included in the accommodation fee.

Accommodation order:

Galcsik Fogadó 03./04. Oct. 2012

04./05. Oct. 2012 05./06. Oct. 2012

Cancellation fees: Up to 25 September – no fees. After 25. September – 50% of the accommodation price will be charged to you. Cancellation requests should be sent to cc to

04. Oct. 2012 05. Oct. 2012 06. Oct. 2012





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