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English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati (all fluently Written and Spoken)


Academic year: 2021

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Provide consulting and strategic directions to medium and large businesses by synergizing my multi-skill set of business acumen, technological expertise, leadership qualities and research-based thinking.


Bhuvan Unhelkar (BE, MDBA, MSc, PhD; FACS) has 26 years of strategic as well as hands-on professional experience in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their application to business and management. He is the Founding Principal of MethodScience.com and has notable international


ADDRESS 3, Ascot Avenue, Wahroonga, (Sydney), NSW, 2076. Australia CONTACT Mobile: +61-413-821-454 (Australia); +91-98985-18968 (India);

Email: bhuvan.unhelkar@gmail.com; bhuvan@methodscience.com

NATIONALITY AUSTRALIAN (Residing since 1986) ACADEMIC Doctor of Philosophy (UTS, Sydney, 1997);

Master of Science (UTS, Sydney, 1992);

Master Diploma in Business Administration (India, 1986); Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics, India, 1982)

MEMBERSHIPS Fellow of Australian Computer Society (FACS, 1990-); Life Member of Computer Society of India (2004-); Rotarian, St.Ives (Software Engineering, 2002-); Discovery Volunteer, NSW Parks Wildlife, (2006-) Past:

Branch Executive Committee, NSW branch of ACS; Mentor Director, The Indus Entrepreneur

(www.TiE.com); Editor, TiE Sydney Bulletin;

Chair of Object Oriented Special Interest Group of the Australian Computer Society;

Member Software Quality Association;

President, Marathi Association of Sydney, Inc. AWARDS Consensus IT Professional Award (2006);

Computerworld Object Developers Award “Best use of OO approach across Organization” (1995).

LANGUAGES English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati (all fluently Written and Spoken)


consulting and training expertise in software engineering (modelling, processes and quality), information architecture, enterprise globalisation, web services and mobile business. He earned his Doctorate (while working as Product Development Manager at Dow Jones) in the area of “object orientation” from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has practiced and trained business executives and ICT professionals around the world, taught in universities subjects like Global Information Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Business Process Reengineering and IT Project Management, and lead the Mobile Internet Research and Applications Group (MIRAG). He has authored/edited twelve books and has extensively presented and published research papers and case studies. He is a sought-after orator, a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, Life member of Computer Society of India, Rotarian, Discovery volunteer at NSW parks and wildlife, and a previous TiE Mentor.


• Capability Enhancement (with Process Development and Deployment

• Information Strategy Development • Programme and Project Management • Business Analysis (with UML, BPMN) • Enterprise Architecture (with Mobility)

• Quality Assurance & Testing • Risk & Issue Management • Research & Development

• Authoring, Technical Writing, Reviews • Developing and Delivering Training

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Financial (Banking, Insurance)

• Dow Jones

• Westpac; Rabobank; • FreddieMac; Hibernia (US) • ANZ Grindlays (Bangalore) • Aon Risk Management • Marsh McLellan Government

• Public Works Department, NSW • Dept. of Education and Training, NSW • Justice Dept. of South Australia


• Object Consulting (OOPL)

• Myriad Solutions • Telelogic

• Dialog Consulting • Consensus Advantage Others

• Harvey Norman (Retail) • Boeing, Raytheon (Defense)

• American Sports Medicine Institute (Birmingham)

• Medibank Private (Canberra) Universities




Sep’2002 to present (5 years) – Principal Consultant, MethodScience Responsibilities:

Providing consulting and training to clients directly, and through business partners (Dialog, Telelogic, Consensus Advantage, Commonvision, iOpsis) in the areas of capability improvement, business analysis, project management and solution architecture.

Creating capability improvement strategies for clients using software lifecycles and methodologies (e.g. iterative and incremental combined with Agile approaches)

Providing inputs in to the strategic planning process from both technical and business viewpoints.

Developing industrial training courses ranging from half-day seminars for senior executives through to 1, 2, 3 and 5 day training courses.

Training subject areas: Business analysis, UML 2.0, BPMN, Enterprise Architecture, Mobile Business, Quality assurance and testing, Outsourcing to Smartsourcing, Environmentally Responsible Business Strategies


Consulting to Harvey-Norman for business analysis, solutions design and architecture for their new Salary Packaging system. Using UML and BPMN in Visio to create the requirement and design models.

Delivery of 3-day ‘Business Analysis with UML 2.0’ course at Marsh McLellan in Sydney and Singapore, followed by Consulting / Workshops to show the application of the training by demonstrating it in practice. (this course was highly popular in Marsh, and delivered twice in 2006, once in 2008 in Sydney, and then in Singapore)

Delivery of a 3-day ‘Solution Design with UML 2.0’ course at Marsh McLellan in Sydney following by Consulting / Workshops to show the application of the training by demonstrating it in practice

Delivery of 3-day ‘Business Analysis with UML 2.0’ course at Westpac in Sydney followed by Consulting / Workshops to show the application of the training by demonstrating it in practice. (twice, in 2007).

Development and delivery of capability improvement seminars in Westpac, 2007.

Seminars and Consulting at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute (RPI) in Hartford, CT, USA, 2006-7 (particularly to the insurance industry there)

Consulting to Department of Education and Training (NSW) to research into lack of processes, analyse the output, create a strategic plan for capability improvement, and implement the initial training part. 2005


Bhuvan Unhelkar, PhD, FACS Page: 4 of 8 Deliveries of training and providing consulting to Boeing (Brisbane) in the area

of software and business process improvement

Authoring books: Process Quality Assurance for UML-based Projects (Addison-Wesley, 2003) and Verification and Validation of UML 2.0 Models (John Wiley & Sons, 2005)

Participating in user group seminars by Dialog in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra

Delivery of Mobile Enterprise Transitions seminar series across Australia (8 cities) through ‘Education across the Nation’ program of the Australian Computer Society, 2006

Publication of Cutter Executive Report (16,000 words) for CxOs titled Mobile Enterprise Architecture: Models and Applications, April, 2008

Adjunct Associate Professor at Univ. of Western Sydney, and visiting Lecturer at University of Technology, Sydney

Jan’2000 to Sep’2002 (2 years) – Principal Consultant, Myriad Solutions Responsibilities:

Consulting to various clients of Myriad Solution Recruitment and management of team of Consultants

Creation and delivery of training courses related to capabilities improvement and quality assurance

Evaluation of CASE tools (particularly from Computer Associate) such as ER-Win and ParadigmPlus from the partnership and resell viewpoint.


Handling a major assignment at ‘Aon Risk Insurance brokers’ company in Sydney in terms of business analysis, solutions design, procurement of CASE tools for modelling, training and customer management.

Training and consulting to FreddieMac in the DC area in USA. Training and consulting to Hibernia bank in New Oreleans, USA

Partnering with Object Training (part of Object Oriented P/L) to deliver their training courses to clients

Univ. of Technology, Sydney: Created and delivered ‘Global Information System’ course with focus on innovative and strategic use of IT and communications technologies by business (highly popular subject, delivered for 6 years)

Sep’1998 to Oct’1999 (1 year)- Principal Consultant, iOpsis (San Francisco, Sydney) Responsibilities:


Bhuvan Unhelkar, PhD, FACS Page: 5 of 8 Handling of consulting and training assignments

Dealing with venture capital funding arrangements – making the presentations (pitch) to the venture capitalists.


Training and consulting to Hewlett-Packard, Bay area, USA, in the area of capability improvements, including software processes and corresponding CASE tools.

Training and consulting to American Sports Medicine Institute, Birmingham, USA

Apr’1998 to Sep’98 (6 months) - Senior Consultant, Object Oriented Pty Ltd Responsibilities:

Improving and updating Process Mentor

Improving and updating training courses related to Process Mentor Providing consulting and training skills to the clients of OOPL

Business development activities for Process Mentor in Indian region. Milestones:

Providing consulting and training to Westpac in their CBP (Customer Business First) project for loan applications.

Participation in seminars by Object, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra

Oct’1992 to Apr’1998 (5.5 years) – Product Development Manager, Dow Jones Responsibilities:

Application of the principles and practices of management in providing hand-on management and leadership skills to a team of developers Producing business value through ICT software and systems

Providing leadership in the area of leading software development approaches (such as object-oriented approach).

Participation in providing the strategic direction of the company. Milestones:

Development of four separate software products in a span of 5 years, using object-oriented design principles and quality assurance. Products: Portfolio & Risk Management system (VC++); Currency Options COPS (VC++, SQL); DealMaker trader training (VB) and ongoing maintenance and upgrade of TELAN – Telerate Analytics.


Bhuvan Unhelkar, PhD, FACS Page: 6 of 8 relevance to quality (including in Dow Jones head office in New York;

and the data warehouse facility in Toronto, Canada).

Conducted “action research” on the theory of granularity of object-oriented designs, and its application to financial risk management as a part of organization supported PhD research.

Won Computerworld award for “Best use of an OO process across the organization”.

Aug’1990 to Oct’1992 (2 years) - Public Works Department of NSW (Consultant), Responsibilities:

Tender Verification & Quality Assurance Testing


Validation of Prophecy Accounting System for the PWD against its tender, by creation of a detailed test plan, test design and test cases; managing a team of testers and users in order to test the system. Collation of results and regression testing.

(also Master of Science, Final Project thesis in the area of OO Analysis & Design and its application to Financial Risk Management. University of Technology, Sydney

Aug’1989 to Jul’1990 (1 year) – ANZ, Sydney and Melbourne (Contract via RHO systems) Responsibilities:

Quality assurance and Testing Milestones:

Testing of large number of COBOL programs, which were converted from Honeywell to IBM.

Providing consulting and further assurance of the “conversion and testing” by working in the ANZ offices in Melbourne.

Jan’1989 to Jul’1989 (6 months) – Westpac Responsibilities:

Analyst, Quality assurance and Testing Milestones:


Bhuvan Unhelkar, PhD, FACS Page: 7 of 8 Core Systems 90 (CS90) project.

Use of a testing methodology, creation and execution of test cases Jul’1986 to Dec’1988 (2.5 years) – Advance Bank, Sydney


Analyst/Programmer in COBOL on Burroughs EDP Auditor


Work on various substantial changes to Global Financial Systems package for banking.

Creation of EDP audit plans, and execution of audits on the financial and other systems of the bank.

Jul’1982 to Jul’1986 (4 years) – Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO – now Tata Motors), Pune, India.


Programmer – Analyst,

Early use of systems analysis and design methods. COBOL, Burroughs 1900/6800 and VAX11.

Milestones: Payroll


Bhuvan Unhelkar, PhD, FACS Page: 8 of 8

REFEREES: Warren Adkins

Business Manager, Dialog Email: Phone: Norbert Raymond Capability improvement, Westpac Email: Phone: Dave Curtis

Enterprise Architect, Marsh. Email:


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