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Focus and Higher Order Unification


Academic year: 2020

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Ass'n v.. Recently the courts have reversed direction from their earlier decisions in which video games were not seen as protected speech; 5 and they have made this

Key Words:HR Issues, Challenges, Human Capital Competitiveness, Employer of Choice, HR

This concept has opened a new avenue toward the study of fuzzy Goldie dimension, for example using the notion of fuzzy small submodules one can define hollow submodules and

Overall, the online survey was sent to 5300 medical students of the Study Center 1 and 566 medical students of the Study Center 2 resulting in a total num- ber of 5866

If the cause for re-revision was PJI (49 patients) the majority (40 patients, 81.6%) had already had one or more revision surgeries due to previous

mean to question is that “in The Pilgrim’s Progress there is an inverse relationship between visibility and reliability” (p. This depends upon the further assumption that

Associations Between Recent Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter and Blood Pressure in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)..

The results showed some variation between the three cell cultures, but overall no significant difference between shockwave treated and controls was observed (Fig. 1b), nor did the

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Using an uncumbersome, wearable computer to read small, inexpensive, and unpowered RFID tags inconspicuously placed around Ann Arbor, a blind person using this

The medio-lateral knee motion assessed by visual inspection during the single-limb mini squat was valid in 2-D, showing a medially placed tibia and thigh, and knee valgus in

moderate to advanced OA, a lower proportion of knees showed progression of cartilage damage on a knee level as well as less progression of MRI-based inflammatory markers for

Proximal femoral varus osteotomy (PFVO) could be a treatment option to correct caput valgum deformity caused by lateral growth disturbance.. However, because PFVO is usually

national past .4 Moreover, whf le such celeb ratio,^ of Btnationaln traditions 6bviously lerd themselves to conservative political exploitation, the Left has also been

In conclusion, this large study demonstrates that the SPADI has a bidimensional factor structure representing pain and disability, with adequate internal consistency and

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) constructs of Impairment, Activity Limitation and Participation Restriction in people with osteoarthritis

He says, “Well I just came from the German office and people like you they all going to—and, and pretty soon they going to be all uh, come and get you and take you away.” He

This, this you can’t forget because since I started first uh, grade school, we were always… The minute we come… came out from school, they chased us with stones and, you know,

To realize this aim, first of all, a three-dimensional (3D) femoral model for pre- operative planning is achieved by Reverse Engineering Software that mimicked operative

It could be shown that addition of IL-10 decreased the TNF-α-induced expression of matrix degrading enzymes, release of GAGs and formation on NITEGE fragments, which suggests that

outcomes of pyogenic spondylodiscitis patients treated with both early surgery and antibiotics who received surgi- cal treatment immediate after confirming the diagnosis

reported that the thickness of the DIOM varied widely among the specimens and identified the distal oblique bundle (DOB), which is a thick fiber running within the DIOM that

Our results showed that the women with high physical activity at baseline had a lower risk of future hip fractures (especially the risk of cervical fractures) than women with