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TEAM LEADER – Melbourne City

1.0 Position Identification

1.1 Designation: City Team Leader and City Branch Co-ordinator 1.2 Status: 4 days per week (with a requirement to work one

evening shift per week) 1.3 Principal Location: Melbourne City Branch

2.0 Position Objectives

• To be available to all team counselling, sessional educators and administrative staff i.e. the City branch staff members.

• To support the provision of high quality client focused, relationship counselling, dispute resolution, education and family violence prevention services.

• To provide support and back-up to the Manager of Counselling Services in the direct provision of Employee Assistance Programs, including account management of employer clients.

• To provide high quality, internal clinical supervision and professional support to all practice staff.

• To contribute to the combined Manager and Team Leader meetings and the strategic business planning of the organisation, including input into the preparation of the organisation’s budgets.

3.0 Position Relationships

3.1 Employed by LifeWorks

3.2 Responsible to the Manager-Counselling Services, with other line management responsibility to the Manager of Education Services for those activities.

3.3 Member of the combined Manager’s and Team Leader’s meetings; the

Continuous Improvement Group; the Education Team and other committees as required

3.4 Positions under direct responsibility – all branch staff and other branch staff as required from time to time


4.0 Terms and Conditions of Employment

4.1 Salary will be negotiated according to qualifications and experience and in accordance with the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010.

4.2 The position is subject always to ongoing funding and satisfactory annual performance reviews.

4.3 A three month probationary period applies and will be formally reviewed.

4.4 Maintenance of confidentiality and reporting of serious matters in accordance with agency policy and procedures.

4.5 Travel to the other branches of the organisation, which may include direct service provision from these sites fro time-to-time

4.6 As a team leader you are expected to be available to respond to exceptional circumstances outside of the specified time-fraction.

5.0 Key Responsibilities

5.1 To be available to all team counselling staff for practice support and case management advice.

5.2 Oversee the provision of services to clients in the context of LifeWorks' programs funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and

Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) and in accordance with the Family Law Act 1975. 5.3 Support and participate as required in the delivery of LifeWorks’education

programs, and our family violence prevention strategies including the delivery of the Men’s Behavior Change Program.

5.5 In collaboration with the managers, co-ordinators and other team leaders of LifeWorks, assist with planning, development, delivery and evaluation of all services delivered by LifeWorks, in accordance with organisational policies, targets, funding and program guidelines, including quality frameworks.

5.6 To ensure that LifeWorks' policies and procedures support the highest standard of practice.

5.7 To provide team leadership in overall service delivery by:

5.7.1 assisting with the ongoing development and implementation of the overall policy and direction of the organisation’s services

5.7.2 building linkages with other relevant community organisations and referral sources to assist in promotion of the organisation’s services

5.7.3 maintaining an awareness of community needs which may provide opportunities for the organisation.


5.8 In collaboration with the Manager of Counselling Services, participate in the planning and implementation of a professional development program for all of LifeWorks' staff.

5.9 Undertake and manage a negotiated case load of clinical clients per week, including EAP clients.

6 Specific Tasks

6.1 Ensure that FaHCSIA’s guidelines in relation to LifeWorks’ services and the professional supervision of all team members are adhered to.

6.2 Ensure that all team members comply with the provisions of the Family Law Act 1975.

6.3 Ensure that all team members comply with requirements regarding the recording of work activities, client data and case records and other administrative

documentation required by LifeWorks.

6.4 Professional and ethical leadership of all team members.

6.5 Provision of individual and group/peer supervision, case consultancy and other professional development activities as required.

6.6 Ensure the professional supervision of all team members.

6.7 Assist in the development of professional standards for the organisation by ensuring the participation of all team staff in training and development activities conducted either internally or externally.

6.8 Ensure that all team members comply with requirements of confidentiality and the reporting of serious matters in accordance with LifeWorks' policy and procedures. 6.9 Support all team members in developing and maintaining liaison with local

organisations and referring agencies.

6.10 Provide leadership in service development and evaluation

6.11 Assist with the recruitment, induction, development and performance management of all staff employed within the branch.

6.12 Co-ordinate quality assurance activities and assist in the regular performance appraisals of team members.

6.13 Contribute to the strategic and operational thinking of LifeWorks’ various working groups and committees.

6.14 Contribute to the strategic direction, financial planning, program development, promotion and marketing of LifeWorks' services.

6.15 Assist in the preparation of reports, tender documents, submissions and correspondence as required.


6.17 Act as a role model to team members and within the broader organisation.

7 Key Selection Criteria (Please note: Applicants need not respond in writing to all selection criteria)

7.1 Tertiary qualifications in an appropriate behavioural/social science and/or postgraduate studies in relationship counselling or family therapy.

7.2 Sound knowledge of counselling theory and practice, including contemporary methods of couple and family therapy and professional supervision.

7.3 Direct casework experience in relationship counselling and professional supervision.

7.4 Working knowledge of the Family Law Act 1975 will be highly regarded.

7.5 Experience in education or preventative programs, family violence intervention, group work, crisis intervention and staff development and training programs. 7.6 Ability to maintain professional independence and to work in a self directed


7.7 A commitment to professional development, teamwork, efficient and effective service delivery and client interests.

7.8 High level capacity to work flexibly in a team environment.

7.9 A commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. 7.10 Computer literacy will be highly regarded.

7.11 Aability to meet deadlines, change priorities, and achieve high level accuracy.

Personal Qualities:

7.12 Affinity with LifeWorks’ values 7.13 Generosity of spirit

7.14 Capacity to “join in” 7.15 Team player.


Context: LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services, a not-for-profit company

limited by guarantee, is funded jointly by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department and the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. LifeWorks is an approved Counselling Organisation and an approved Mediation Organisation under provisions of the Family Law Act 1975 (“the Act”).

Counsellors employed by LifeWorks are employed as “Family Counsellors” as prescribed by the Act and mediators are employed by LifeWorks as “Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners” within the meaning of the Act.

As defined in Section 10C and 10G respectively of the Act, a Family Counsellor and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner means, amongst other things:

(a) a person who is accredited as [a Family Counsellor/a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner] under the Accreditation Rules; or

(b) a person who is authorised to act on behalf of an organisation designated by the Minister for the purposes of this paragraph”.

As prescribed in Section 10B of the Act, “Family Counselling is a process in which a family counsellor helps:

(a) one or more persons to deal with personal and interpersonal issues in relation to marriage; or

(b) one or more persons (including children) who are affected, or likely to be affected, by separation or divorce to deal with either or both of the following:

(i) personal and interpersonal issues; (ii) issues relating to the care of children.

Similarly, Section 10F of the Act prescribes Family Dispute Resolution as “a process (other than a judicial process):

(a) in which a family dispute resolution practitioner helps people affected, or likely to be affected, by separation or divorce to resolve some or all of their disputes with each other; and

(b) in which the practitioner is independent of all of the parties involved in the process.” All family counselling and family dispute resolution provided by LifeWorks is conducted within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975 and all family counsellors and family dispute resolution practitioners must sign an Oath of Confidentiality as prescribed by the Act.

At LifeWorks, counselling practice extends to and includes relationship counselling and broader ‘relational’ concerns which emanate from family of origin, childhood and general life experience which are impacting on the individual’s, couple’s or family’s capacity to engage in and maintain relationships.

Clients enter the service system from a range of referral sources including, predominately, self referral, either through word-of-mouth recommendations or marketing, through other community based organisations, lawyers, government departments such as the state Department of Human Services, doctors, police, clergy, the Courts and employers.


Counselling and dispute resolution at LifeWorks require screening for family and domestic violence and the development of appropriate risk management responses, clinical interventions and referrals.


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