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Your drainage specialist

Since 1965 BLÜCHER has grown into one of Europe’s leading stainless steel drainage product and system specialists.

We manufacture and supply drains, pipes, channels and acces-sories providing high quality drainage solutions for customers within the housing, commercial, industrial and marine areas.

BLÜCHER is represented in 12 European countries, and in addition our products are sold by distributors in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Production, product development and central administration facilities are located in Vildbjerg near Herning in the Western part of Denmark.

We are more than 300 employees and have an annual turn-over in excess of 50 mio. Euro.


Keeping up the flow

Through quality stainless steel drainage

solutions leading waste water away,

BLÜCHER is committed to the promise of

Keeping up the flow.

Customers all over the world rely on our

continuous know-how, dedicated service

and common sense.


Knowing how

Being in the stainless steel drainage industry since 1965, know-how really means knowing how at BLÜCHER.

It means putting years of our knowledge about stainless steel to practical use, and it means knowing how to stay ahead through investments in the newest product development, testing and production facilities.

At BLÜCHER we play an active part in setting international standards, and all products are tested and approved to the highest industry standards. Our testing and approvals com-prise:

- Scandinavian and European product approvals, e.g. of flow capacity, self-cleansing, fire resistance performance

- Testing performed by recognized independent institutes, e.g. noise testing or shock and vibration testing

- ISO 9001 certified production

- Process control through 100% leakage testing of all products

Right from the start BLÜCHER has been developing new pro ducts and systems and is considered one of the most innovative companies within indoor drainage. As we today see how the design drains become popular in bathrooms all over the world, and as we have more inventive products and solutions in the pipeline, staying ahead through knowing how is still our ambition.


Dedicated to service

Meeting the demands of our customers is part of our culture. Therefore our employees is our most valuable asset as they create the atmosphere in which we and our customers thrive. At BLÜCHER we provide our customers with a flexible and efficient service and we make doing business with us easy.

Common sense around the world

At BLÜCHER we have developed our business using our com-mon sense. Paying close attention to our markets enables us to utilize our know-how and adapt our products and solutions to local building customs around the world. Our continued ability to meet our customers’ needs lies herein.


BLÜCHER provides drainage solutions removing water from bathrooms, utility rooms, basements and flat roofs in single- as well as multi-storey housing, preventing bad smell and standing water from becoming a concern. The stainless steel also ensures a classic and aesthetic look.

Hospitals, schools, restaurants and fitness centres are some of the places where you will find a vast number of drainage solutions from BLÜCHER - for indoor drainage and for roofs. The smooth stainless steel surface and high capacity prevent settlements and standing water in public areas. The modular systems provide an easy and quick installation.

BLÜCHER specializes in drainage solutions for large industrial facilities. Among the industries in which we play a major part, are the food industry that benefits from our hygienic solutions, and the pharmaceutical industry, which in particular values the sustainability of the BLÜCHER products.

The marine industry has a special place in BLÜCHER‘s commit-ment to drainage. Cruise vessels, ferries, yachts, merchant and navy vessels as well as off-shore installations all depend on the performance of our solutions at sea where good hygiene and light-weight systems are essential.





Specialized in stainless steel

BLÜCHER is synonymous with stainless steel for a number of good reasons. Stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant with outstanding longevity. When it comes to constantly draining water, stainless steel has no equal. In addition there are a number of other important characteristics that make stainless steel a reliable material to be depended upon over time.

Low weight high strength

Stainless steel is a strong, durable, pressure and chemical-resistant material. It can withstand a high degree of vibra-tions and it funcvibra-tions within a wide scale of temperatures. The high strength of the material enables the design of thin-walled low-weight products. Durability, ease of handling and installation are also part of the cocktail that makes stainless steel so popular.

Flow, hygiene and maintenance

Properly treated stainless steel has a unique smooth surface that guarantees maximum flow capacity, which in turn makes it possible to keep dimensions to a minimum. Shaped without rough corners and edges, cleaning and maintaining stainless steel takes minimum effort and time.

Quality, durability and whole life costing

An increasing number of people have come to realise that stainless steel solutions are highly competitive, also when it comes to price. Figuring installation time, maintenance and durability into the equation, say over a realistic 50 year period, stainless steel solutions from BLÜCHER have no equal.

Environmentally safe

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. If a system needs replacements or replacing, the disposal of the old material is of no harm to the environment.

Fire safety

Being able to withstand temperatures over 800° Celsius, stainless steel is a highly fire resistant material.


If design is a parameter, which is becoming the case in more and more aspects of life, stainless steel is a durable timeless classic material that also stands the visual test of time.


BLÜCHER® Drain is a comprehensive product range covering

light- to heavy-duty drains for all types of floors. DOMESTIC is the classic product line for showers and bathrooms, INDUS-TRIAL is for industrial facilities, and MARINE targets the entire maritime industry. The DESIGN line represents BLÜCHER’s com-mitment to blending invention, design and function. Due to a range of features including height adjustment, rotation, tilt and a removable water trap, our products are easy to install. The most recent addition, ROOF, offers solutions for siphonic and gravity roof drainage

BLÜCHER® Channel represents a large number of standard,

modular and custom-made channels delivered from stock or customized according to any given specification. The products are widely used in industrial and commercial environments, where the smooth surfaces with no sharp edges make clean-ing and keepclean-ing a high hygienic standard easy. In this range you will also find commercial kitchen channels in a variety of dimensions and gratings for all loads.

BLÜCHER has the most extensive range of pipes and fittings in stainless steel. BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is produced in a variety of

dimensions from OD 40 to 250 mm, and we offer a complete program of bends, branches and brackets. Products like access pipes, the rat stop and double ring-seal sockets are also part of this range. The pipes can be used above as well as below ground where the low weight and the push-fit system make




BLÜCHER was founded by the Danish plumber Johannes Blücher Skibild. A man with visions and both his feet solidly on the ground, looking for a sophisticated grating for drainage installations. Outside business hours he and his wife started operating out of their barn producing stainless steel gratings. Since then the BLÜCHER group has continuously expanded its products and services.


While BLÜCHER challenges yesterday with new designs and solutions, we stay true to the basics of good craftsmanship, quality and a down-to-earth-spirit. Therefore it is always easy to do business with us regardless of how complicated a project might be.

Most standard products are kept in stock and our terms of delivery are flexible. We provide organized documentation like catalogues, mini guides and an extensive on-line product database.

Customized projects are supported with extensive documenta-tion and CAD drawings. All products are of course delivered with a detailed step-by-step guide to installation, and to the extent that our products need maintenance, guides can be found on our website.


We intend to keep up the flow and continuously improve and increase our range of products, documentation and communi-cation.

We also intend to expand our worldwide services and repre-sentations, always adapting to local requirements and your specific needs.



At BLÜCHER reputation and longstanding relationships mean everything. We hope that we have given you good reason to establish business relations and consider us your drainage partner.

Among some of the customers that have done so are: Arla Foods - Aker Finnyards - Bahrain National Museum Coca Cola - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Heathrow Airport Heineken - Hong Kong Disneyland - Ikea - Kodak

McDonalds - Mercedes - Benz - Nestlé - Novo Nordisk The Oslo Opera - Pfizer - Queen Elizabeth Hospital - St. Paul’s Cathedral - Sydney Opera House.


At BLÜCHER we are more than 300 employees that create a yearly turnover of more than 50 million euro.

Through know how, dedicated service and common sense we develop, produce and market high quality stainless steel drainage solutions for customers within the housing, commercial, industrial and marine sectors all over the world.

Find your local BLÜCHER specialist at www.blucher.com

CS Gr afisk . 2000.12.11 21006 Copyri gh t by BLÜCHER

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