Makes decisions as delegated by Construction Manager

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Business Unit: Construction

Location: Auckland

Report to: Construction Manager

Direct & Indirect Reports: Nil

Delegated Authorities: Makes decisions as delegated by Construction Manager


As directed by Construction Manager or a Project Manager, Site Manager, or Foreman, perform pre-construction and/or construction surveying. Operate surveying instruments, in particular Total Station, necessary to obtain elevations and levels to establish vertical control and to determine angles and distances to establish horizontal control. May place stakes marking the survey centreline for construction of a project or assist on right-of-way staking projects.

When not involved in the above role it is expected that you will carry out construction office tasks.

Position Objectives

• Primarily to operate surveying instruments, in particular Total Station, necessary to obtain elevations and levels to establish vertical control and to determine angles and distances to establish horizontal control

• Assist with cut and fill calculations, excavation/siteworks design and pricing etc • To understand and adhere to Calder Stewart health and Safety requirements

Key Tasks Key Results

Health & Safety requirements are addressed in all operations and project planning

All work is carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with company H & S policies Throughout the workday H & S practice is observed and action taken if practices are unsafe

Health and Safety responsibilities for this role are met as per Appendix 1 of this document.

Undertaking the survey control of construction operations including:

Maintaining a register of all measurements and plots for project control

Register is maintained accurately and neatly and is available for review

Preparing all data, charts, plots, maps, records and documents related to survey

All data and charts are maintained accurately and neatly and are available for review Establishing project boundaries, levels, contours

Siting and recording Precast panel locations Precast Panels are sited, and the information is recorded accurately

Siting facilities, services, roads, power etc All facilities and services etc. are sited accurately


Key Tasks Key Results

Measuring total volume of material moved Accurate records of volume of material moved are maintained and available for review

Operate Total Station to independently obtain elevations and levels in establishing vertical control on assigned project

Places the Total Station ensuring it is properly positioned, plumb, stable and fully extended at all times to support accurate measurements

Minimal errors are made due to ineffectual operation of Total Station equipment

Select a stable point to set the Total Station for accurately transferring the elevation as the level instrument is moved to another location

Inaccuracies do not occur due to misplacement of Total Station

Accurately determine elevations on benchmarks and on the curvature of the land being surveyed using a high precision level

Records Total Station readings neatly in field notebook

The readings are legible should others need to review

Operate precision Total Station survey instrument and data collector to determine angles and distances in establishing horizontal control

Ensure equipment is placed on the correct point and relays the correct point identification number Measure horizontal distances accurately with total station. May obtain accurate horizontal measurements with steel chain and cloth tape.

All horizontal distances are measured, recorded and with minimal error rates

Obtains all required measurements exercising good judgement regarding sufficiency and appropriateness of data

Operate Data Collector to store all necessary field data to ensure sufficient, accurate survey information is available

All data is stored appropriately and accurately

Measure horizontal angles accurately with Total Station by use of bearings, distances, and data collector

Horizontal angles are measured and documented accurately

Obtain various preliminary survey data for assigned construction projects including property survey data and utility information

Perform the necessary research to obtain all information needed to perform the assigned survey including maps, plots, etc


Exercises good knowledge regarding sufficiency and appropriateness of data

Is able to tell by reviewing data if something does not look right

Performs research in timely and efficient manner When requested locate property corners and property lines

Information is provided to person requesting in a timely fashion

Tie property accurately to existing right-of-way Accurately use all survey equipment needed to obtain required survey data

Places stakes marking the surveyed centreline, or right of way

Places stakes/survey ribbons on the designated control point as directed by supervisor

Writes the necessary information on stake to appropriately identify each point

Information is legible and interpretable by other stakeholders

Ensures that the stations off-set the distance and the point description is accurate before placing stakes at their points

Stakes are placed accurately

Describes benchmarks and traverse deltas for future use

Use templates and other drawing equipment to make an accurate depiction of the local area Drawings to contain all pertinent information Accurately uses appropriate measuring equipment (both Metric and English) to

determine distances to reference objects in the description sketch to within +/- 3cm

All measurements are taken accurately within the specified parameters

Performs Routine maintenance on assigned vehicles, equipment and field office facilities

Record inventory of assigned equipment.

Maintains a legible, accurate maintenance log of all work performed.

Maintenance log is completed and up to date

Clean vehicle and equipment as necessary Vehicle and equipment maintained in a clean, tidy, and operational fashion

Report all defects and needed repairs to supervisor immediately

Unnecessary delays due to faulty equipment are avoided or minimised

Complete timesheets, job cards etc as and when necessary


Key Tasks Key Results

It may be necessary to work outside of normal hours from time to time as workload demands

Undertake any other duties as may be reasonably requested by Calder Stewart management from time to time

Functional Relationships

Internal: External:

Otago Construction Manager Site Managers

Foremen Carpenters

All other Pertinent CS staff

Person Specifications

Essential: Desirable:


Training and experience leading to

demonstrated competencies in operating survey instruments, and related equipment (i.e. Total Station instrument, high precision level) to perform pre-construction and/or construction surveying. This includes possession of a working knowledge of surveying procedures Possess familiarity with basic trigonomic functions

Competency in reading plans, maps, technical manuals and instructions related to the job. In completing job related forms and recording equipment readings

In performing basic mathematical computations; in receiving and responding to verbal

communications in an appropriate manner Possession of the physical strength and agility and stamina necessary to perform the core responsibilities of the job

Demonstrated ability to reason and select appropriate processes/guidelines of a routine


To communicate effectively with internal and external personnel representing the department in a professional manner

Strong organisational skills

Self-motivated and reliable and punctual A good sense of humour

Calder Stewart’s Vision:

New Zealand’s property and build partner of choice.

Calder Stewart’s Purpose:

Build a strong future – for our people, our customers and the communities that we live and work in.

Calder Stewart’s Values – underpinning the purpose:

Find a Way Play Fair Be Loyal Own It

We are open minded and continually work together to solve day-to-day challenges,

identifying new

opportunities for the future

We are committed to

respecting and

supporting each

other, being upfront and honest in the way we work and communicate

We are building on the legacy, keeping our word, creating trust and support for our teams and our customers

We take ownership of our work and the work of our team

Our values outline the key behaviours we expect from our people as they go about their work and in their interactions with colleagues and customers





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