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Welcome To Choice University

Choice Hotels International User Group Administrator Guide


2 Choice University Overview

Choice University is an online learning system (also known as a Learning Management System or LMS) that allows CHI hotel managers and staff access to system training, job related training courses, classroom schedules, while also storing individual training records.

Course content is automatically assigned to employees based on:

Job Type – Industry Specific (Owner, General Manager, Operations Manager , Sales Manager, Front Office Manager, Housekeeping Manager ,Guest Service Agent, Night Auditor,

Housekeeper and Engineering) - And -

Affiliation (Brand)

General Managers have access to two user accounts:

User Group Admin Account: the User Group Admin account is exclusively for administrative purposes such as, adding a new user, updating user information, and inactivating a user. Student Account: the Student account is used for taking online courses, to register for off-site classes, workshops, seminars and to access your personal training modules and records.

Signing In as a User Group Admin (GM)

At the initial Login screen, the GM must enter their User Group Admin Username and Password.


Revised: March 11, 2014 Page 3 When a GM enters the system as a User Group Admin, the first screen in Choice University shows the Control Center.

Control Center Statistics Box

The property statistics box gives you a quick overview of the current activity of the users/user groups that you manage.

Active users not idle = ( ) number of students and administrators that have logged onto the system within the last 180 days

Active but idle users = ( ) number of students and administrators that have not logged onto the system within the last 181 days

Inactive = ( ) number of students and administrators that have not logged onto the system for a year or they no longer work at the property and the user group administrator has gone in to deactivate them from the system (can no longer access their Choice Univ. account)


4 Also located on the home page of your administration account are several graphs. ChoiceU Training Completions provides you an immediate and constantly updated comparison between your property and your brand average for training completions. The Student Activity Status graph compares your active and idle students to the brand average. Both graphs default to a setting of one year. Use the Date Range drop down to input a different period if you like. These graphs can be very useful for providing immediate benchmarking and activity levels of you hotel amongst your peers.

The User Group Admin/ GM will perform two main functions in Choice University:

 Manage Student Accounts (Adding or Deactivating)

 Run Reports

Adding Students

The GM is responsible for setting up their employees’ accounts, and their own account in Choice University as Students.

To add a Student: Click on Users


Revised: March 11, 2014 Page 5 The System will automatically fill in the following information from the administrator

preference screen: Affliation, Property Management System, Telephone number, Fax Number, Country and Choice Property.

Enter the following information:

 Unique Username – The system will not accept a username that is already in the system.

 Enter First Name

 Last Name

 Password

 Confirm Password

 Job Type

 Email – Every account in ChoiceU must have a unique email address. If the employee does not have an email address, they may sign up for a free email account at yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc. Email addresses are mandatory. The system will send confirmations for classroom registrations and links for updating passwords to this email address.

Leave User Type as default of Student

** User names and passwords are case sensitive. Click on Choose beside User group


6 Click one time on your property code to select User Group

Click on Select User group

Click Add User


Revised: March 11, 2014 Page 7 De-activating Former Employees

When an employee no longer works for the property, the GM should deactivate the Student’s account in Choice University.

To deactivate a Student account: Go to the Users screen.

Click on the green circle to the left of the Student’s name.

The green circle will change to red, indicating the account is now inactive. Deactivated accounts can be reactivated by clicking the red circle once, which will turn the account green or active again.


8 Reports

The most widely used reports are the Student Activity Report, the Student Transcript and the User Group Records report.

The Activity report will show any training modules or other resource material a student has launched.

The Transcript will only show training records of modules/programs that have a quiz or test associated with them.

Activity and transcript reports will display information for a single student.

The User Group Records reports will show all of the training modules that have been automatically assigned to each of your users.

NOTE: This report can be extremely large depending on the number of users you have that are actively using Choice University. Please view this report before printing.


10 To print a User Activity report:

Click on Reports, then click on the Student Activity Report tab.

You can change the report format from Online to spreadsheet (CSV) or Document (PDF). Choose if you want to see what the student launched, has not launched or both.


Revised: March 11, 2014 Page 11 1. Select the user by clicking on his/her name once (the student’s name should be highlighted) 2. Click Create Report for the report to run.



ChoiceU.com F.A.Q

I cannot remember my password, how can I reset it?

o Located on the login screen at www.choiceu.com you will find a button next to Log In that says “Reset Password.”

Where do I go to sign up for classses?

o Go to ChoiceU.com and login to your student account with your username and password. Click on “Search” then “Classroom Training Search.” A list of

available classes will be displayed. Double click on the desired class and location. If prerequisites have been met click on “Register,” then confirm your registration.

I signed up for a class, but now I cannot attend. Where can I go to cancel?

o Both classes and webinars can be found (once registered) under “My Learning” in your student account. Click on either My Seminars and Workshops or My

Webinars to review details or drop out.

I completed a module with a passing score, but it is still showing incomplete, why? o Check to make sure you have viewed all sections of the module – launch the

module and check the menu to see if there is a dark gold dot in front of each section which indicates that it is completed. If there is not a dark gold dot, it needs to be completed.

I completed a module, but it is not showing up in my transcript!

o Activity and Transcript reports are updated at midnight of each day. Modules will not reflect completion on these reports until then.

I’m no longer at the same property, do I have to retake everything or can my records be changed to the new hotel.

o YES, all your records go with you and do not need to be taken again. Contact Choice University at 888-550-6345 or choiceu@choicehotels.com and we can update your property information.

o If another account is created at the old property, Choice University is NOT able to merge the records.

My account was deleted, can it be restored?

o Unfortunately, accounts that have been deleted can NOT be restored.

Some of my modules are missing!

o Check to see if they were archived. Is there an archive tab showing in the

account? If so, click on this icon (a thumbtack); if not contact Choice University for additional support.

How do I print my certificate?

o If the module has a certificate and you have met the criteria for completing the module, the certificate link will display after the module information. Click this link to generate the certificate.

o Certificates are also accessible under “My Account” and “Certificates.”

I have suggstions for ChoiceU.com content!

o Then we want to hear from you! Contact us at choiceu@choicehotels.com, and tell us about it.


Revised: March 11, 2014 Page 13 What Choice University Online Training Should My Hotels Take, and What Training Are They

Required to Take?

Required ChoiceU.com Training by Job Type General Manager

Revenue Managemnet Room Condition (as applicable) Breakfast Attendant Training (as applicable)

ChoiceADVANTAGE Training Choice Privileges Front Desk & Night Audit Staff

ChoiceADVANTAGE Training Choice Privileges

Commitment to Your Satisfaction Housekeeper

Room Condition Breakfast Attendant


14 Recommended ChoiceU.com Training

 New Employee Orientation

 Hotel Maintenance & Repair

 Quality Guest Service

 Workplace Safety

 Hotel Security

 Commitment to Your Guest

 Sales Certificate

 Commitment to Your Satisfaction

 Medallia / Guest Insight Systems

 Industry Special Topics

 Front Desk Selling Sequence

 Convention 2012

Other Choice University Offerings:

Choice University hosts monthly webinars and regional workshops available to all ChoiceU.com users. Please use the Search feature on ChoiceU.com for updated listings of these events. Up to date information is available on ChoiceCentral.com and on Choice University’s new Campus Network.

Contact Us:

Training Hotline Phone: 888-550-6345 Email: choiceu@choicehotels.com




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