Claymation Picture Frame

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 empty CD cases in good condition with no cracks (one per child)

 a variety of colours of plasticene ( precut into small pieces to make it more manageable for children to manipulate)

Claymation Picture Frame


Take the inside of the CD cover out (the part that holds the CD in place). Precut plasticene into small, manageable pieces for children to manipulate. Take apart the CD cover and give children the bottom part of the CD case to put their claymation picture. Ensure that the picture is flat enough so the case will be able to close. Make sure the "hinges" are at the top so that when the case is put back together, it will be able to hang on the wall

Use one colour as the background for the picture. Have children warm up the plasticene in their hands to make it easier to spread around. Encourage children to use their thumbs to spread plasticene around the CD cover. Try to make sure it is spread as evenly as possible so that every part of the case is covered. Next use small pieces on top of background to make a picture. It can be a scene or some-thing as simple as a flower. When the picture is finished, carefully put the cover on top and you have a beautifully framed claymation picture!



 paper  paint

Spring Butterfly Fun - Handprint Blotter Butterflies


Fold paper in half and trace child's hand or foot. Cut out leaving part of the paper attached along the fold. Open up paper and put drops of paint on one side of the fold, then refold and press down on the paper pressing the paint around. Open up and enjoy!


Preschool Focus Day Crafts February 2010


Option1  food coloring  coffee filters  droppers  pipe cleaners Option 2  markers  coffee filters  spray bottle  water  pipe cleaners

Spring Butterfly Fun - Tie Die Butterflies



Let children have fun putting drops of food colouring onto coffee filter and watch the colours spread and mix together. When dry, wrap pipe cleaner around the middle to make a beautiful butterfly.

Option 2

Let children colour coffee filter with markers. When finished, let children spray water on the coffee filter and watch the colours spread and mix together. When dry, wrap pipe cleaner around the middle and enjoy the colourful butterfly!



 variety of brightly coloured tissue paper  fold lock sandwich baggies

 pipe cleaners

Spring Butterfly Fun - Tissue Paper Butterflies


Great fine motor activity!! Have children tear tissue paper into small pieces and stuff into sandwich baggie. When bag is full, fold lock the bag and then wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle and you have a 3D butterfly!


Preschool Focus Day Crafts February 2010


 Flowers pattern

 Spring has sprung! pattern  Lime craft paper

 Green craft paper  Yellow craft paper

 Pink, yellow, white and lavender tissue paper squares  Popsicle stick  Glue stick  Clear tape  Scissors

Spring Surprise


What you do:

Print flowers pattern onto yellow craft paper. Print Spring has sprung! onto lime craft paper. Cut hori-zontal slit across lime paper 1 inch above printed words. Cut around flowers so they will fit through the slit in the lime paper. Cut tissue paper into squares. Cut long strip of green craft paper.

What children do:

Cut strip of green craft paper into small rectangles. Arrange and glue or tape over slit in lime paper. This is the grass. Crumple tissue squares and glue to flowers. Add popsicle stick to the back of flowers pattern. Flowers come up from the back of the lime craft paper through the slit and spring out of the ground!



 Black and red construction paper  Black paint

 Thin tip markers (for face)  glue



Pre-cut the antennae, face, body, and wing cases. Cut the wing cases in half.

Children put fingerprint “dots” on ladybug wing cases. Assemble pieces accordingly.

Other embellishments:

Cut out duplicate wing cases from wax paper.

Position these under the wing cases (as they are the ‘actual’ wings.)



 White and pink construction paper  Glue

 Tape  Cotton balls

Rabbit Ear Headbands



Cut a 1½” wide strip of white, heavy paper. Cut the strip long enough to fit a child’s head. Fit the strips to each child’s head and then fasten with tape or staple.


Photocopy the “larger” section of the ears on white or grey construction paper. Cut out the ears. Children colour the insides of the ears pink. Attach the ears to the headbands with tape. Have a “bunny parade.”


For a sturdier ear, photocopy the ears onto pink construction paper. Cut the “inside” of the ear and glue onto the white or grey “outside” ear.



 White paper (for photocopy)  Construction paper (for backing)  Variety of felt

Feely Flower (Tulip)


Pre-cut the felt “centers” for the tulip.

Using the template provided, photocopy the tulip onto white paper. (If using markers to colour the tulip, photocopy paper is probably fine. If using paint to colour, use construction paper.)

Colour or paint the tulip.

Glue onto construction paper (as backing). Cut out the tulip.

Glue the felt “center” onto the middle tulip petal.

Bulletin Board Suggestion:

Add stems and grass.

Children can choose where to place their tulip on the bulletin board.

NOTE: A quick way to make grass is to put green photocopy paper into a shredding machine (provided it cuts in long strips). Children can make the grass shorter by tearing or cutting each strip in half.



 Construction paper for background (darker colours accentuate the ‘glass’ better)  Squares of colourful and bright tissue paper  Glue

Stain Glass Easter Cross


Cut a slender cross-shaped hole out of 9 x 12 construction paper.

(This is can be done by folding the construction paper in half length-wise, and cutting out a “half” cross so that when you unfold the construction paper, a complete cross is visible. This technique eliminates the need to use an exacto knife.)

Pre-cut squares of tissue paper (about 2” x 2”).


Preschool Focus Day Crafts February 2010


 Popcorn  Ziploc bags  Pink paint

 Green construction paper  Brown paint

 Glue

Cherry Tree


Pop popcorn and place in a Ziploc bag with pink paint. Shake up and leave out on a tray to dry.



 Background construction paper

 Coloured construction paper for petals  Green construction paper for leaf & stem  Circle sticker or circle punch for center

Pinwheel Flower


Using the template provided, photocopy petals on coloured paper and the leaf and stem on green pa-per.

Children cut out the pieces.

To glue, it is easiest if the child sets the stem in place first, as close to the bottom as possible. The two petals closest to the stem can be positioned next such that they act as an “extension” of the line cre-ated by the stem. Place other petals equi-distant apart. Add the center of the flower. Glue on the leaves.



 Crayons or markers

Baby Chick and Egg


Photocopy blackline master for each child. Have child colour and cut out baby chick and egg. Attach at X’s to show chick hatching from egg.


To add texture, apply a layer of ‘wet’ glue onto the paper egg shell. Add crushed egg shells to the glue. Let dry.



 Blue paper  Grey paper  brad

“Jesus is Alive” picture


Photocopy the blackline master provided onto blue paper. Attach a grey circle with a brad over the angel so that the circle can open and close over the cave opening.



 Variety of spring-themed felt images to aid in story-telling.

Spring Garden Felt Story


Read poem to children. Apply felt images when appropriate. Once children are familiar with the poem’s pattern, involve children in reading or reciting the questions.

Spring Garden Felt Story

Spring flower, spring flower what do you see?

I see green stem growing under me. Green stem, green stem, what do you see?

I see one leaf waving at me.

Waving leaf, waving leaf what do you see?

I see a lady bug landing on me.

Lady bug, lady bug what do you see?

I see a bumble bee buzzing past me.

Bumble bee, bumble bee what do you see?

I see a caterpillar munching leaves on the tree.

Caterpillar, caterpillar what do you see?

I see a dragonfly whizzing past me.

Dragonfly, dragon fly what do you see?

I see a little bird singing tweet, tweet.

Little bird, little bird what do you see?


Preschool Focus Day Crafts February 2010


Springtime Maze


Photocopy the blackline master provided.


Preschool Focus Day Crafts February 2010


 Corn syrup  Food colouring  Paint brushes  Easter Egg template

Corn Syrup Easter Egg


Mix clear corn syrup and a few drops of food colouring. Children paint egg shape with mixture. The syrup dries up hard and glossy. Beautiful effect!!




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