Recap: What you should know by now

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Recap: What you should know by now

Recap Questions: Can you complete the basic facts about the six major world religions without looking back in your books?

Friday, 16 July 2021



ALL: Explain with examples what it means to forgive

MOST: Consider the teachings of the six major world religions on forgiveness SOME: Critically evaluate the question ‘should we always forgive?’

Response to emotions

Should we always forgive?

Response to Human Rights

Unit: What is Our Response?

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GCSE: Religion Crime and Punishment Beliefs in Christianity

Key Words:

Forgive, restitution, reconciliation,



Reflection Task

1. What is forgiveness?

2. Why is it important?

3.Why do some people find it difficult to

forgive? Give at least three reasons


Shop Lifting Blackmail Murder

Trespassing Assault Burglary

Robbery Arson Child Abuse

Smuggling Mugging Adultery

Cheating on a

boyfriend Rape Drink driving

Hitting a child Neglect Speeding

What could I forgive? What could I not forgive?

Create two columns in your book and answer the following task


Kylie’s story

She has clearly suffered a terrible shock and hates the man who killed her daughter. This is perfectly

understandable, most people would feel the same.

What she plans to do later is more questionable.

Think about

The hatred that will build up inside her The stress it will cause her

How her health will suffer

What will happen to her friends

What will happen to her if she kills the driver?

Challenge Task: If you had the chance to speak to her what would you ask/tell her?

Task 1. List three reasons why you think Kylie’s mum wants to kill the driver

2. What impact might the emotions she feels affect her?


Who is forgiveness for?

Create two columns and come up with at least two reasons each in support of the victim/the offender


Eg: Might need to forgive themselves


Eg: Need a second chance


The Story of Phan Ti Kim Phuc

You have probably seen many of these pictures on

the internet but we are going read a story about of

the children in these



The Gift of One Picture: Nick, Kim and the Napalm Girl –

YouTube (15m)

The Story

Watch the documentary – link below and write a summary of the Napalm bombing in your book.

You will be answering some question on this


John Plummer is a Methodist pastor living in a quiet town in Virginia. He visits the elderly, prays for the sick and preaches every Sunday.

John Plummer is also the pilot that, during the Vietnam War, organized the Napalm raid on the village of Trang Bang in 1972. And what he did was forever immortalized by the award-winning photograph of one of its victims, a nine-year-old girl, Phan Thi Kim Phuc.

John was haunted by the photo of the naked burning child, terrified and running, her arms stretched out, her flesh afire. He had done that to her. For twenty- four years he looked for her, trying everything he could just so that he could tell her that he had not meant this dreadful thing. It was more than wanting. It was a need that ate away at him until he lost his wife and his health and his hope.

His friends reached out to help him. They reminded him that he had tried to make sure that as many innocent people as possible had been removed from the area. He had done it for a greater good. None of these things meant anything. Her face condemned him. There was no peace for a man like him.

And then it happened. One of those amazing moments that non-believers speak of as coincidence and those who know the Father know as His merciful grace. It was Veterans Day, 1996. John, along with a group of fellow pilots, had travelled to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Officially they were there to honour those who had given their lives. But each man knew that every year they went hoping for a measure of freedom from the guilt that haunted them.

The crowd gathered at the memorial hushed as a small woman took the stage and spoke into the microphone and said “I am Phan Thi Kim Phuc, the girl made famous by a photograph after suffering a Napalm attack by American forces”

John froze. He could not take it in. For twenty- four years he had longed for her and she was now so near. Her voice continued ” I am not bitter, even though the burns I suffered even to this day cause me pain. I long ago forgave the one who bombed our village”. John was beside himself, yelling, pushing his way through the crowd. Security surrounded him but he persisted. “I am the one!” he shouted “I am the man who did this to you!” She came down from the stage, the only one who could free him and he fell into her arms. For every time he sobbed out ” I am so sorry” her voice rose to cover his. “It is OK. I have forgiven you”.

Phan invited John to meet her at her hotel later that evening. Sitting side by side she once again assured him of her forgiveness. In her grace she had set him free. In one encounter she had ended twenty four years of anguish for a man who had longed for release.

A story about Forgiveness


What are your thoughts about

1. Phan Ti Kim Phuc?

2. John Plummer

3. Do you think Phan did the right thing by forgiving

4. What can you learn about forgiveness from this story?

Make sure our answers are detailed and

explained with valid reasons/evidence


Jesus’ teachings about forgiveness

Jesus taught that forgiveness is central to the relationship between God and humans, and between humans. Because we are forgiven, we should forgive others.

There are several examples in the bible where Jesus taught or acted to demonstrate the importance of forgiveness to his disciples.

❑ Forgive us this day our sins, as we forgive the sins of others" Lord's prayer -Matthew 6:12

❑ Jesus stopped the stoning of a women caught in adultery and said to those who were stoning her:

❑We have all sinned, and if we want to be forgiven by God, we must forgive others:

❑ If you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matthew 6:15

❑ "If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.” Luke 17:3

❑ 'If we confess our sins, he (God) is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.' 1 John 1:9 (The Woman caught in adultery) (the prodigal Son) (Peter asks about forgiveness)


Let look at the stories of two Christians and consider whether they are able to put Jesus’ teachings about forgiveness into practice.

A mother who cannot forgive her daughter's killers - GCSE Religious Studies - BBC Bitesize

Julie Nicholson tesize/clips/z9nd2p3

Watch the clip on the stories of the two families and use the information to answer the questions

Task 1

1) Why does Julie Nicholson find it hard to forgive her daughter's killer?

2) Do you understand why she feels as she does?

3) Why has she had to give up her job?

4) What might Jesus say to Julie Nicholson?


Let look at the stories of two Christians and consider whether they are able to put Jesus’ teachings about forgiveness into practice.

A mother who cannot forgive her daughter's killers - GCSE Religious Studies - BBC Bitesize

Gee Walker s/z2r6sg8

Watch the clips on the story of the Anthony Walker and use the information to answer the questions

Task 2

1) What happened to Anthony Walker?

2) Why does Anthony's sister say must forgive?

3) Why did Anthony's Mom said she would forgive?

4) What did she compare not forgiving to?


What do other religious teachings about forgiveness?

Read the information on forgiveness and complete the worksheet on the next



Religion View on forgiveness Quote Quote meaning Your view BUDDHISM





Some people will agree because … for example….

A teaching to support this idea is …

On the other hand some people will disagree because … for example….

A teaching to support this idea is … My personal view is ….


In conclusion I think that …

a) ‘Christians Should Always forgive’ Do you agree?

b) ‘Forgiveness is a choice’ Do you agree?

Give reasons to show in your answer that you have thought of more than just you own views.

Choses ONE question and use all you have learned this lesson to answer the question






A courageous Thing to do

A sign of weakness Relief Turning over

A new leaf Holding a

grudge The Christian Saying sorry Way


A brave thing To do


A cowards way


Review Statements: Choose the statements that sums up what you believe about

forgiveness after this lesson and explain why


Hinduism Judaism Buddhism Christianity Islam Sikhism


Hindu Jew Buddhist Christian Muslim



Name Aum/Om Star of David Buddhist Wheel Cross Star and Crescent

moon Khanda

Place of

Worship Mandir Synagogue Vihara Church Mosque Gurdwara

Founder /

Messenger Not known Abraham Siddattha Gotama Jesus Muhammad Guru Nanak Sacred

Writing Vedas Torah Dhammapada Bible Qur’an Guru Granth



Date Began Pre 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE 600 CE 1500 CE

Answers to the

starter task