The data is summarized in the following tables

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The Executive Tenants Club is a pilots’ group formed in 2016 as a conduit between the CEA tenant pilots and the FBOs and the CEA administration to Coordinate, Communicate and Cooperate to further the interests of all.

While the monthly maillist is open to anyone, membership per se is limited exclusively to tenants of Chicago Executive Airport (CEA/PWK), as they are the ones with a vested interest in the operations of our airport.

Membership exceeds 80 tenants, which is about 80% of the tenants, using 100 piston aircraft as the working number of occupied T-Hangars, tie downs and community hangar tenants.

Between November 1


and November 30


2017, the members were solicited to participate in an on-line survey. 47 members responded, though not all respondents answered all questions (“N/A”). These are the results of that survey.

Please feel free to disseminate these results so long as ETC is credited.

The data is summarized in the following tables

• Tenant Demographics (Private, Business, Hrs.-per-year flying, etc.)

• Overall Satisfaction (Airport management, FBOs, ETC.)

• Fuel purchases

o When you do buy elsewhere, why?

o Other than price, what affects your purchasing decision o How often do you buy fuel elsewhere?

▪ This question is subtly complex as it is a function of distance, as no one can

come home from Florida with fuel that they purchased here before they

left. Detroit, maybe… Hence the ‘2 dimensional nature’ of this question.


About Our Tenants

So about 42% fly over 100 hrs. per year. Most (40%) fly between 50-100 hrs/yr.


The choices are not

mutually exclusive, so a

Pie Chart is not insightful



Choices were: Very Satisfied; Satisfied; OK ; Dissatisfied ; Very Dissatisfied.

87% are SATISFIED or VERY SATISFIED with CEA Management

Choices were: Very Satisfied; Satisfied; OK ; Dissatisfied ; Very Dissatisfied.


96% are SATISFIED or VERY SATISFIED with ETC as their




Airport Management

Nice job, more hangers Need more hangers, lower $

They do a very good job but should advocate for self serve Would like a self service option

I currently pay $500/year for CAA membership in order to get lower fuel prices Pwk is a great airport! I am lucky I live and work nearby.

Great job managing and communicating improvements. A+. My only complaint is we need trash cans in the NE t hanger area besides the bathroom ones.

Best that we have had in decades.

Rent is too high, esp. with auto % increase. Always problems with pilot lounge not fixed after months.

This is very selfish, but I would like to see more choices for hangars with larger door openings. I was in the new NE Ts which were great. Unfortunately hangar 53 is the only hangar building on the airfield with doors wide enough for my wingspan. If PWK ever builds more Ts, they should have wider doors.

Put in self serve fuel for tenants.

Doing a fine job as far as I am concerned

I would support an effort to improve Airport rule enforcement. I’ve noticed that few wait for the gates to close after entering. Failure to purchase vehicle stickers. Speed enforcement.

Since ETC worked so diligently to get PWK fuel so competitive I finally support the Airport.


Still miss hanger 1. Cost and service for GA pistons.

I would say Very Satisfied if fuel prices were lower

they all are very accomidating but to the jet drivers first. It is obvious.

The average is "satisfied"; Hawthorne is "very satisfied"

Signature is way overpriced and poor attitudes toward the little guys.

Don't use them much

Hard to answer because I don’t use them. I am very satisfied with Hawthorne’s fuel service.

I would like a piston engine maintenance shop prefer Hawthorne or Signature

Hangars are very expensive. My satisfaction has gone way up since fuel has gotten cheaper.

Signature's support of Young Eagles is outstanding!

Sometimes I have waited an hour for a fuel truck from Hawthorne

Hawthorne has been great. Signature is simply expensive coupled with slow service. No experience with Atlantic.

pricing can always be better


Amazing job - you are making a big difference at PWK.

Henry does a great job of supporting the individual pilots. He gives generously of his time and asks for nothing in return. He is 100% non political/self serving

You are the first to get something done on fuel price that has had an effect on my purchasing. Also you are


Stuff is getting done, it’s relevant news and info about flying and not about pancake breakfasts (no disrespect)

Thanks for what you do.


I came to Chicago Exec because it's the closest airport to my home and expected to move quickly because it's a big expensive airport for a little plane like mine. ETC , the discounts you've negotiated, is the primary reason I plan to be sticking around

You’re doing a great job.


Activities to bring pilots together like destination flying, Sunday breakfast club, game night, music jam night, bring your junk and dish to share, monthly birthday gathering,

Re airport, self serve gas, tower visit.

Would love more fly ins/organized meet ups as a pilot new to the area, haven't had a chance to meet many others at KPWK yet.

The occasional negative comments about the other Airport organization is not necessary and a distraction from the positive changes that ETC is making.

I would like a few high altitude STARs. 4000 by FIYER or the EXARR BRAVE routings aren't great and you never know what to expect.

ETC. Representation

Communication and FBO Liaison have definitely improved with ETC


Choosing an FBO

This is probably more of interest to the marketing folks at the FBOs, but still very interesting!

If you had a choice when travelling between 2 FBOs; one bare bones and the other a fancy, full -serve facility, how much would you pay per gallon to go to the Fancy FBO?

In choosing an FBO for anything other than price, which of the following are important to you?


Choosing an FBO

Bare vs Fancy

Full vs. Self serve is worth 35 cents/gal. I don't care at all about fancy/elegant I am not interested in fancy FBOs

If they have a courtesy car I will buy fuel regardless of price to support them.

I go bare bones if it’s just a quick fuel stop. I pay the premium fbo if I need a longer break, or they have a restaurant in house, etc. then it’s worth the extra cost

Other services

car rental at FBO

I will buy from PWK when IFR rules require that I depart with more on board. Otherwise I leave with minimal fuel.

When needing large quantity of fuel say 100gal, it adds up.

Fuel is one thing repair is another and if repair than you have to go for the full service Or a Rental Car. I fly a lot for business and need a car at the destination.

On long cross countries the availability of transient hangar space determines my stop.


Service at my hanger is a huge plus. It keep the plane topped off for the next pilot. Three of us share the airplane.

This of course assumes the ETC discount. Prior to that I would shoot to land my longer legs at PWK with enough gas to make it north for a fill up.

Biggest thing is hours and access to rental car. After that it’s quality of line staff and usually I equate that to the larger FBO but not always. I look at reviews in ForeFlight

This survey is very difficult to understand. The instructions are confusing.

Buying fuel at comparatively reduced rates has helped me not make stops on the way home to PWK. I will plan fuel for short regional flights where i wont have to fill for a round trip. This changes if I need fuel to avoid a high ramp fee. Then I may tanker fuel if the price is lower than PWK.

Coming back from the North, it may make sense to fill up at kbuu since on the way.

Bare bones is usually better; meet genuine people, not glad-handers.

Overall, I have been buying 25% of my total fuel consumption at PWK. This is up from zero prior to ETC. When I don’t buy fuel at PWK, it’s because I’m away in a trip. The majority of my local flying starts with a top off from Hawthorne. If I’m out on local flights, however, I will often top off again at BUU on my way back if BUU is in the vicinity. I like to put the Plane away full so I’m ready to go for the next flight

I LOVE self-serve gas. I don’t want to wait for a truck or pay for a fancy FBO. A PORT-a-potty and a mogas pump are all I need.

Since I operate a Rotax engine, auto fuel availability is a motivating factor to buy elsewhere.

I always prefer buying at PWK, but I fly a Tri Pacer and like having good fuel reserves - also try to support the FBOs that I'm stopping at with at least 10 Gal of gas to avoid fees and to patronize them

Would pay more, but primary factor would be if they had a nice courtesy car or better coffee Good coffee goes a long way

I am very likely to return somewhere if people are friendly and helpful, especially with my children. Snacks go a long way. Fancy is not important to me.

I appreciate a radio to get clearance.

With Hawthorne so convenient...right to your hanger, courtesy, use a pad to make sure no paint damage and on and on and on. This is the best thing ever to hit PWK, thanks to Yourself and Howard. Great work good strong thinking

CG and Weight Management



Since I rarely have a passenger, fuel weight is less of a concern for me. I like to fly with full fuel. so I usually top off the tanks at my destination and then when I return to PWK

Typically I am not trying to impress anyone and simply want affordable fuel.

If they charge a ramp fee, I go elsewhere.

Time and safety. I like to takeoff with full tanks (or nearly full) so I top off at PWK before a long cross country trip. Most of my flights are 3 hrs plus. If I have lots of time (not often) I will pick a low cost fuel stop

enroute. Maybe a half an hour out.

I like having somewhere to fly to.


FUEL Purchase

Note that even if CEA fuel were FREE, pilots would often still buy fuel elsewhere. This question illustrates why they are buying fuel elsewhere.

Note: More than 1 answer was allowed, so totals exceed 100%

And only a quarter choose “Cheaper Costs” in the above.

HOW MUCH DO OUR TENANT PILOTS CONTINEU TO BUY ELSEWHERE? =======================================

So: 64% of the tenant responses said that when they buy fuel anywhere within 25 miles of ‘ CEA, they buy ALL of it here and none elsewhere.

(and with 13% as “N/A”, that’s almost 75% of the respondents!)


So even when coming home from as far away as 50nm, over 51% of tenants (34%+ 17%, which is 60% of respondents when you back out the 15% N/A) buy

‘little or no’ fuel elsewhere; They buy 75% - 100% of their fuel here at CEA.

As a pleasant surprise, even when coming home from as far away a 100nm, only 34% (45% when you back out the N/A) are buying fuel elsewhere.

Personal Note: Even with my ‘hangar owner resident discount’ at KSUE in Door Cty, it is only about 19cents/gal cheaper there than the ‘to my hangar’ valet service I get at CEA, so I seldom buy fuel at KSUE, even with my KSUE discount.

As expected, 75% (including N/A) are telling us that

“That far away from home, I am not ‘stocking up’ to make the round

trip before I left CEA”


Fuel Purchases

As a member of Waukegan Stick & Rudder club, fuel is at least $1 per gal less expensive ($3.80 recent).

If I use services at Hawthorne or NAJ, I buy fuel. Or if making a trip and need a top off - I don't "avoid"

pwk fbos anymore since the prices are reasonable.

As a member of Stick & Rudder, fuel is about $1 per gal less than pwk FBOs ($3.80 recent). However, I top off more at PWK and do not avoid them like before due to previous pricing. Always top off if I need service from them. NAJ did a great job recently.

Much more convenient to buy at KPWK and I like to support the field. Even if it was .50/gal more, I would pay that. However, typically it's > $1.5 more to buy at KPWK.

Hawthorne offers good prices and will come to the NE tees to deliver it.

The Hawthorne hangar service and price are hard to beat.

I don't understand the questions about % so not sure how to answer.

I buy 70% of my fuel at BUU or 3CK, and about 30% at airports more than 300 nm distant.

Flying a light twin I want the best single engine performace so avoid tankering fuel. Thus if I am landing somewhere I am very likely to buy fuel. With cheaper fuel at PWK I no longer make flights just for fuel or land somewhere as part of a local flight.

Why I buy fuel elsewhere

t gives me a reason to fly somewhere. I fly past KBUU and then fuel on the way back. Do pattern work at BUU and them fly home. Don't have to wait for a truck to show up. Don't have to make a phone call.




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