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Critical Incident Staff Support


Academic year: 2021

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Critical Incident Staff Support



(CISS) Toolkit

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Why is the CISS Toolkit Necessary?

Health PEI recognizes that staff affected by critical incidents

require support and guidance.

Managers are often our

systems’ “first responders” in

systems first responders in

meeting these needs.

An interdisciplinary Working

An interdisciplinary Working

Group, established in 2011

by the Health PEI Executive Leadership Team, developed a

CISS model and the associated toolkit for managers.


What is the CISS Toolkit?

What is the CISS Toolkit?

A resource centre for managers

A resource centre for managers

containing information on supporting

staff through critical events. These can



an unanticipated adverse /

sentinel event

such as a medical error,


How does it work?

The CISS toolkit contains a series of links to

documents, articles, resources and contacts.

The information is organized as relevant to each

level of support for management of critical






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incidents: These levels include:


General planning and preparation for response to a critical incident


Preparing for immediate management response following a critical

Preparing for immediate management response following a critical 



Accessing peer supports and clinical expertise available to assist staff 

during a critical incident

during a critical incident


Coordinating ongoing supports for individual staff who are having 


Model for 

Critical Incident Staff Support (CISS)

Establish Referral Network with EAP, Spiritual, Social 

Work, Clinical Psychologist ,Psychiatry, Physician 

Support Program

Tier 3

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l N t


Critical Incident Staff Support (CISS)  

Coordinating ongoing supports 

for individual staff who are 



diffi lt


Trained Local Peer support  and Clinical Expertise 

such as patient safety officers or stress debriefing

Ensure availability and access to prompt professional 

support and/or guidance

Individual Referral Network

Tier 2

Accessing peer supports and clinical 

having difficulty coping

Service/program support with manager, supervisor,

such as patient safety officers or stress debriefing 

representatives who can provide one‐on‐one crisis 

intervention, support, mentoring, team debriefs.

Tier 2

Trained local peer supporters and/or 

clinicians who support as part of their role



Preparing for immediate

expertise available to assist staff 

during a critical incident

Service/program support with manager, supervisor, 

fellow team member who can provide one‐on‐one 

reassurances and/or professional critique of situation

Tier 1

“Local” (Service/Program) Support

Pre Incident

Preparation/education through review of information

Preparing for immediate 

management response following 

a critical incident 



Preparation/education through review of information 

materials such as processes procedures, checklists, 

articles, etc.

Scott, Susan D, et al. The Natural History of Recovery for the Health Care 

Provider “Second Victim” after Adverse Patient Events. American Journal of 

General planning and preparation 

for response to a critical incident



Medical Quality 2010


Next Steps for Managers

Familiarize yourself with


Critical Incident Staff Support (CISS) 


Managers’ Toolkit 


Health PEI recognizes that our Managers are often our systems’ “first responders” to staff affected by  critical incidents.  The following Managers’ toolkit provides links to useful policies, articles and checklists, as  well as key contacts and resources to assist you in guiding and supporting your staff and colleagues at the  i

the site

Discuss topic with staff at

various response stages. (hold Ctrl key and click on underlined text to follow links below) 


Tools, References, and 




Planning and Preparation for

Presentations Presentation on Critical Incident Staff Support  Toolkit  Health PEI Policies Compliments and Complaints Policy Incident Reporting Policy Disclosure of Adverse Events Policy Quality Improvement Activity Policy Articles and videos IHI White Paper: Respectful Management of  Serious Clinical Adverse Events



Plan how you will respond

Planning and Preparation for  response  Serious Clinical Adverse Events When Things Go Wrong Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace ‐ Manager's Guide    Josie King Foundation www.josieking.org

Tier 1 

Local Service/Program 


Peer support Stages of dealing with a critical event How caregivers describe their feelings How to support a colleague Listening Skillshandout Do’s and Don’ts of Good Listening

Support for physicians “Iron Doc” by Mamta Gautum, MD, FRCPC,  CPDC (for purchase only)  Medical Society physician support program

Plan how you will respond

in these situations

Immediately following the  critical incident   y p y pp p g Medical Society of PEI  Supervisor/Manager tools Respectful Management of a Serious Clinical  Adverse Event Checklist   Respectful Management of a Serious Clinical  Adverse Event Workplan  

Tier 2 

Trained local peer 

support and/or 

clinicians who support 

as part of their role 

Accessing  Health PEI Staff Trained  in   Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)  Richmond Centre Crisis Support Critical Incident Stress Management services  for regional staff involved in traumatic  incidents at work  Richmond Centre Crisis Support   HR Representatives  & Quality/Risk Team List of contacts for HR and Quality and   Access Management  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and  LifeWorks EAP and Lifeworks information Keep checking back for more updates. For more information on this toolkit, please contact your HR or Quality/Risk   Resources that are available 

following a critical incident.  Community Support Information Community Support Groups and PEI Helping Tree ‐ Map of Key  Contact Information 

Tier 3 

Individual Referral 



Supporting staff post‐incident  who are having difficulty  coping.  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and  LifeWorks  EAP and Lifeworks information  

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Richmond Centre Crisis Support

  Physician Support Program for Physicians  and their families 

Medical Society of PEI


Location of CISS Toolkit

Location of CISS Toolkit

Managers’ Resource Centre

Managers Resource Centre

htt //




/MRC i






For more information or to schedule a

For more information or to schedule a

presentation on the toolkit, contact your

HR or Quality/Risk representative


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