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30-31 August , 1 September, 2010


The School of Management of the University of Bergamo offers a 3 day course for CAIA Level 2 exam.

The course will cover all the Learning Objectives included in the CAIA Program with detailed explanations of all the key concepts and adequate study material. Classes are held by University Professors and qualified teachers and ensure an accurate review of the Learning Objectives in order to provide candidates with a useful tool to better prepare for the CAIA Exam.

Courses are structured in three full day classes (30th and 31st of August and 1st of September 2010). Their purpose is to provide candidates a useful tool to optimize their time while preparing the CAIA exam. The course will be held at Bergamo University, via Dei Caniana 2, Bergamo.

A copy of all study notes and materials used during classes will be provided to students. Each topic will be covered by a dedicated teacher with a specific background.

Day 1

• Private Equity • Real Estate Day 2

• Structured Products, New Products and Strategies, and Regulation • Commodities

• Managed Futures Day 3

• Asset Allocation • Hedge Funds

• Portfolio and Risk Management • Professional Standards and Ethics


Luca Anzola

works since 2005 for Aletti Gestielle Alternative, one of the largest Alternative Asset Management firms in Italy with more than 1 bln USD in Assets Under Management. Luca is


in charge of a team dedicated to the Research and Due Diligence function and is member of the investment committee of the firm, with a key role both on the manager selection process and on the operational Due Diligence. He previously worked as financial analyst for RE Spa and E-Capital Partners, managing different projects with a focus on the real estate market (Italian Real Estate Closed-end funds and Real Estate financial plans). He collaborated with the University of Bergamo, as guest lecturer within the Risk Management course, in 2007 and 2008. He's member of CAIA since April 2008.

Rossella Giacometti

is Associate Professor at the University of Bergamo, where she teaches Credit risk and Operational risk Modeling and Statistics for Monetary and Financial Markets. She worked for Cambridge Econometric as European Analyst and collaborated with many banks on teaching and consultancy activities. She has a PhD in ‘Mathematics applied to the analysis of Financial Markets’, an MSc in Statistics and Operational Research, and a first degree in Computer Science. Her research interests are pricing of financial products, portfolio management, energy portfolio and operational risks. Selected publications. Giacometti , Vespucci, Bertocchi, Barone Adesi (2010) "A stochastic model for hedging electricity portfolio for an hydro-energy producer." Submitted to International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives (IJFMD). R. Giacometti. D. Mignacca (2009) “Using Black and Litterman framework for stress testing analysis in asset management” to appear in Journal of asset management, R. Giacometti,S. Rachev, A. Chernobai , M. Bertocchi (2008), “Aggregation Issues in Operational Risk , Journal of Operational Risk, 3 (3), 2008 3-23, Giacometti R., Rachev S. T. (2008), “Funds of Hedge Funds: a Comparison among Different Portfolio Optimization Models implementing the Zero-Investment Strategy,” Zero-Investment, Management and Financial Innovation; 5(3) 2008 19-29. Lucia Gibilaro

Lucia Gibilaro is Assistant Professor of Economics and Management of Financial Intermediaries at the University of Bergamo. She is also faculty member of the Ph.D program “International Cooperation Sciences” at the University of Bergamo, member of the “Laboratory of Real Estate Finance” at Tor Vergata University, Rome. Her main research topics are risk management, real estate lending and asset based lending. She obtained Master in Asset Management and a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance at the University of RomeTor Vergata. Main publications: The selection of the discount rate in estimating Loss Given Default (2007), with. G. Mattarocci, Global journal of business research, vol.1, n.2; Property market liquidity and real estate recovery procedures: Evidences from the Italian economic cycle (2009), with C. Giannotti, Journal of European Real Estate Research, vol.2, n.3; Characteristics of the Recovery Process for Small Financial Intermediaries: the case of Italian Cooperative Banks (2009), with G. Mattarocci, Academy of Banking Studies Journal, vol.8, n.2; Predictors of net trade credit: evidence from the Italian market, with G. Mattarocci, International Journal of Business and Finance Research, forthcoming.

Michele Meoli

is Assistant Professor at the University of Bergamo, Department of Economics and Technology Management. His research activity is mainly focused on Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. Main Pubblication: IPO Valuation of European Pyramidal Groups (2009), with S. Paleari and S. Vismara, Banking and Finance Review, vol. 1, No. 1; The Entrepreneurial Process Along the Corporate Life Cycle (2009), with L. Cassia, Small Business Review, No. 2; Rights Issues, Private Benefits and Negative-NPV Investments (2008) with S. Paleari and G. Urga, Corporate Ownership & Control, vol. 6, No. 2, Changes of Ownership


and Minority Protection. Governance Lessons from the case of Telecom Italia (2008) with S. Paleari and G. Urga, International Journal of Managerial Finance, vol. 4, No. 4.

Silvio Vismara

is Assistant Professor at Department of Economics and Technology Management of the University of Bergamo. His research activity in Corporate Finance is mainly focused on equity markets. Main publications Bonardo Damiano, Paleari Stefano, Silvio Vismara, 2010, “Valuing university-based firms: the effects of academic affiliation on IPO performance”, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, forthcoming, Meoli Michele, Paleari Stefano, Vismara Silvio, 2010, “The Valuation of IPOs in the European legal framework”, Corporate Ownership and Control, forthcoming in volume 7, Bonardo Damiano, Paleari Stefano, Silvio Vismara, 2010, “When academia comes to market: Does university affiliation reduce the uncertainty of IPOs?”, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, forthcoming, Meoli Michele, Paleari Stefano, Vismara Silvio, 2009, “IPO Valuation of European Pyramidal Groups”, Banking and Finance Review, 1 (1), pag. 17-34, Cassia Lucio, Vismara Silvio, 2009, “Suppliers as fund suppliers: Firms’ trade credit and the local level of development of the banking system in Europe”, Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 6 (4), pag. 46-58, Paleari Stefano, Pellizzoni Enrico, Vismara Silvio, 2008, “The going public decision: Evidence from the IPOs in Italy and in the UK”, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, 1 (2), pag. 131-152.

Giovanna Zanotti

is associate Professor of Finance at Bergamo University. She has taught in several universities in Italy and abroad (Bocconi, Simon Fraser Canada, Calgary University Canada, Imperial College London). Main publications “Equity Markets don’t fit all companies: an analysis of public to private deals in continental Europe”, forthcoming European Financial Management “On the role of Behavioural finance in the pricing of financial derivatives: the case of the S&P500” with A. Pena, B. Alemanni working paper carefin, 2010 , Hedging with futures: Efficacy of GARCH correlations models to European electricity markets, G. Zanotti, G.Gabbi, M.Geranio, Journal International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2010 , “Climate variables and weather derivatives. Gas demand, temperature and seasonality effects in the Italian case”, with Giampaolo Gabbi, in Weather, Energy and Environmental hedging. An introduction, ICFA press, 2007 , “Short term Interest rates volatility and Liquidity Risk” in Stock Market Liquidity: Implications for Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing, John Wiley and Sons Inc. 2007, “ Can Mutual Funds Characteristics Explain Fees?, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 2005.

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The registration fee is Euro 1.600 (VAT exempt).

The fee must be paid upon enrolment; the following methods of payment are acceptable:

Money transfer to Università degli Studi di Bergamo, c/o UBI - Banca Popolare di Bergamo, piazza Vittorio Veneto - 24100 Bergamo (I)


IBAN: IT43L0542811101000000021048

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You may cancel your participation in the course by written notice of cancellation

by August 18. In such case, you will be refunded the entire amount of your registration fee. Unless timely notice is received the entire sum shall be retained. Substitutions are accepted at any time.


SdM reserves the right to modify the structure of the program at its convenience. If this occurs, all participants will be promptly informed. SdM has the right to cancel or to postpone the course giving advice at the fax or email address indicated in the personal information section of the enrollment form no later than August 20. Should this case happen the only obbligation of SdM is to pay back the amount already received as enrolment fee.


The law court having exclusive jurisdiction in the interpretation and execution of the present contract is that of Bergamo.

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In accordance with D.lgs. no. 196/2003 the information supplied shall be processed for the purposes of course administration. The information may be used for the creation of an archive for the purposes of distributing (via E-mail, fax or post) future SdM School of Management course proposals and study initiatives.

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Hotel information

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How to reach Bergamo University By car:

(Autostrada A4 Torino- Venezia) exit Bergamo

By bus from Milan:

take the Autostradale Bus for Bergamo (every 30 minutes) from Garibaldi.

By bus from Bergamo:

Bus n. 5; Facoltà di Economia is connected to the town (Train Station, Porta Nuova) every 15 minutes by bus n.5.

By Train:

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By Air:

Milano Malpensa; Milano Linate; Bergamo Orio al Serio (nearest Airport) .

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