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Social Media and Shared Services


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The case for social media in shared services

 They are global

 They are multifunctional

 They are offering more complex (i.e., non-transactional) services

 They are supported by multiple providers in hybrid sourcing environments

 Vendors and outsources

 Business units

 Customers

 IT and other support functions

Social media has the opportunity to become the vehicle to

manage shared services complexity

Shared services

organizations are growing in complexity

Complexities are also driven by the variety of service


Enterprise social software will become a $6.4 billion


Forrester estimates enterprise social software to become a $6.4 Billion

Market in 2016

• This is compared with $600 million spent last year

• Organizations will increase their spending on enterprise social collaboration

software at a compound annual growth rate of 61 percent through 2016

This is based on their assumption that a new generation of social

enterprise apps will finally deliver productivity benefits

• New capabilities include the grouping and rating of people, information, and

processes required to make sense of environment complexity

McKinnsey research has already statistically correlated social business

with bottom line results

• Better operating margins and market share gains have been closely correlated with

companies that are have adopted social business capabilities


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The top enterprise social network goals are relevant to



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Most of the benefits from using social business are

relevant to SSOs


The top social business innovation results are relevant

to SSOs


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Social media can improve internal shared services


Foster the sharing of ideas to improve


Cross functional collaboration

Include external stakeholders

Share leading practices

Create groups

Create many-to-many dialogs

Access subject matter expertise

Identify expertise

Connect across enterprise

Capture requests and responses

Search previous requests

Faster resolution

Empower staff

Allow staff to participate in

conversations and problem solving –

build a reputation


Social media can improve support interactions

Online communities allow your business community to solve problems…

• Employees can solve each other’s problems • These answers are accessible by all – and


Service quality improves…

• Enhanced self service and service access improves quality perceptions

• Customer service reps can use social enhanced knowledgebases to provide better answers

Service costs are reduced…

• Call and email volume can be reduced by driving inquiries to social tools

• Agents can improve productivity by interfacing with more customers through social channels • Social media can provide improved answers

which can improve first call resolution

Support improves as content improves – SSOs should focus on

facilitating content creation in addition to creating themselves


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Social media provides a center of excellence opportunity

 IT often has ownership for corporate collaboration, but the social interaction aspect of social media is not an IT


 Potential responsibilities include:

— Manage the user experience – employees will

participate only if they find the tools useful and easy to use

 Work with IT on tool selection and managing the proliferation of tools

 Provide end-user training and suggestions for how social capabilities can be used to solve business problems

 Address a key implementation issue – reluctance to participate – through adoption strategies

— Set direction on new capabilities

— Provide governance over appropriate usage and behavior

Corporate wide

collaboration capabilities often do not have a

natural home

A SSO center of excellence can provide enterprise social media expertise and


The real opportunity will be provided by operationalized

social media

 Process coordination and collaboration are critical for success as shared services environments become more complex

 The problem with traditional social media tools is that they are separate and distinct from the business process

 Social capabilities need to be embedded within the process, not layered on top of it

— Sharing for the sake of sharing does not provide the business impact of collaborating to solve a business problem

 To be successful, focus must be placed on how to integrate social functionality into everyday work, how to ensure adoption, how to integrate into enterprise processes, and how it changes roles for employees, managers, and vendors

 For example, think of social capabilities embedded into your enterprise systems:


 for vendor selection

 Workflow discussions (“I’m dealing with an exception and I don’t know the right answer – what do you think?”)


 Social performance reviews


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