Bedford County Technical Center, Lampire Biological Laboratories, Allegany College of Maryland & Bedford County Development Association Partners in







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Bedford County Technical Center,

Lampire Biological Laboratories,

Allegany College of Maryland &

Bedford County Development Association

Partners in Educational Advancement,


Allen Sell, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Bedford Area School District

The Vision:

Create a Agriculture/Biotech Program

to grow the rural community from

farm to Pharm

by developing the future

technical workforce for companies in

Bedford County.

The vision and the program was pushed by

locals who wanted to bring an agricultural

program back to the center of the county.

Wayne Koontz

Tom Wakefield


Bette Slayton President, BCDA

Bette Slayton, BCDA, introduced Allen Sell to Gregory

Krug, Malcolm Koontz and Gary Klinger of Lampire

Biological Laboratories.

Together they became a cohesive unit with a common

goal. Soon after they started the advisory committee

and wrote grant applications for the implementation of

the Ag/Biotech Program, creating the biotech center

and a workforce for synergy with the company.

Working with Lampire helped Allen to realize the

importance of partnership with the community.

As stated by Allen, “my job is to reflect and shape

society. By working with Gregory, I have the opportunity

to do both.”

From left to right:

Allen Sell, Superintendent of Bedford Area School District, Mickey Flynn, former President of PA BIO,

Rosalind Servinsky, formerly with Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center Gregory Krug, President, Lampire Biological Laboratories


• Decision is made to go forward with curriculum though no NOCTI test

exists to certify the graduates. Lampire and many others push for the desired certification to give the program credibility. PDE grants

permission for the program and Scott Myers is hired.

Where it all began…

• The program has already come a long way. Originally program was

located in a double wide trailer on the BCTC property while the grant funding was obtained for expansion of facilities.

Scott Myers BCTC Instructor, Agriscience/Biotechnology • So what needs to comes first? The workforce or the employers? With

Lampire in the mix the program has both.

• Lampire has always been committed to the development of educational


After a few years of the program working in trailers, the $6 million dollar PlanCon Project

for the BCTC Extension was approved. Construction of the new wing began in 2009.

The BCTC New Labs opened for the 2010/11 school year!


The BCTC location is a short 10 minute drive from

Lampire facilities, making it the perfect partner to

have a scientist or technician for an in house visit at

BCTC, or having the students come for a personalized

tour of world class biotech labs and facilities.

Giving local students with interest in the life sciences

the knowledge that these facilities are right here, in

their backyard, reinforces that these types of jobs are

already in Bedford County.

Easy to work with. The instructor asks questions when

needed or for lab support if desired.

Esther Grana expanded the COOP program to now

include Biotechnology and Agriculture

Dena Mobus, Ph.D.

Senior Challenge Coordinator

Dr. Dena Mobus expanded the Senior Challenge

Program to include Biotechnology and Agriculture

Esther Grana COOP Coordinator SENIO R CHALLE N GE


Allegany College of Maryland

The program got creative by utilizing an already existing

partnership with Allegany College of Maryland. ACM already

had an articulation agreement with the BCTC and agreed to

utilize some space within the expansion to increase their


BCTC has established a partnership with ACM to facilitate

all adult education programs at BCTC through the Center

for Continuing Education

With an office located on-site at BCTC, ACM offers 53

adult education programs

Approximately 250 adult education students participate

each semester

ACM and the BCTC also created postsecondary education

opportunities for residents.

The Technical Center doubles as a branch campus

of ACM focusing on RN Nursing, science,

chemistry and biology.

Using BCTC’s new state of the art facility, both

secondary students and community members can

take courses and earn credits toward a bachelor’s

or associate’s degree.

BCTC and ACM have developed articulation

agreements and BCTC students may take advantage

of dual enrollment opportunities through ACM.


The work between Lampire and the BCTC is based upon the current needs of

the industry

2015 has seen the implementation of the much sought after NOCTI testing.

This now provides the BCTC Biotech testing which gives the program credibility.

Areas of current focus are:




Molar Calculations




AAALAC | NIH/OLAW Animal Welfare Assurance | FDA Registered Blood & Device Establishment | USDA Licensed Dealer USDA Registered Research Facility | EC No. 1069/2009 & EU No. 142/2011 Compliant


• State-of-the-art laboratories and vivariums

with class 10,000 clean rooms

• House small laboratory, large domestic and

transgenic animals for custom antisera, donor sera, and red cell production programs

• Processing of human and animal blood


Custom Antibodies

Immunochemistry Services

Blood & Biological Products

Immunochemicals & Related Reagents

Specialized products and services





r B









Project Management &

Technical Support


The foundation of our growth and our client’s success is our expert personnel. Comprised of over 100 professionals with a wide array of backgrounds. Our focused teams are what sets Lampire apart from all others.

As experts in their respective fields they

effectively allow Lampire to exceed all needs and expectations of our clients.

Project Management &

Technical Support


Veterinarian and

Animal Care Team

Staff Veterinarians

Emergency Back-up Veterinary Care AALAS Certified Animal Care Technicians

Veterinarian and Animal Care Team

Manufacturing and



Extensive experience from throughout the Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and

Biotech industries

Manufacturing and Production Team

Quality Assurance


Over 60 years of experience In the medical device and

Diagnostic industry

Quality Assurance Team

Veterinarian and


Lampire has a long history with the promotion of educational advancement. We have close ties and work on a continuous basis with many educational entities from advisory boards and school board memberships, to awards, and hands on tours for students:


Kensington Health Sciences Academy

The Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist

Temple University School of Pharmacy’s Board of Visitors EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Bedford County Technical Center

Bucks County Community College Delaware Valley University

Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center Montgomery County Community College



• 2015 Education Workforce Leadership Award,

Pennsylvania Department of Education Development of an Education Industry Partnership in the Field of

Biotechnology in conjunction with Bedford County Technical Center

• 2008 Education Workforce Leadership Award,

Pennsylvania Department of Education Development of an Education Industry Partnership in the Field of

Biotechnology in conjunction with Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center

• 2007 Ecybermission Competition Northeast Regional

Criteria Winner in conjunction with Pennridge High School EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION COLLABORATIONS

• Bedford County Technical Center • Bucks County Community College • Deep Run Nursery School

• Delaware Valley University • Everett High School

• Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center • Hatboro-Horsham High School

• Montgomery County Community College

• Mt. Aloysius College • Penn State University • Pennridge High School • Spring Cove High School • St. Francis University


Kensington Health Science Academy

New program being initiated…

….. And students are flourishing!

Raymond John President & Co-Founder of the

Organization 12 Plus

James Williams


A World Leading Biotechnology Company partnered with

local educational leaders & institutions, working

together to promote the exceptional opportunities for all

students in the area where they live!...


Lampire Biological


(215) 795-2838

Bedford County

Technical Center

(814) 623-2760





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