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Change Management Implementation


Academic year: 2021

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George Neiport October 13, 2011

Change Management



History, Performance & Lessons



Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

K&L Gates LLP review

Change Management at K&L Gates

– History

– Performance

– Lessons Learned


3 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

About K&L Gates

1946 Kirkpatrick, Pomeroy, Lockhart & Johnson

1/1/2007 Kirkpatrick Lockhart, Nicholson, Graham combined with

Preston Gates & to form L&L Gates LLP

Nearly 2,000 lawyers; 38 offices; 3 continents

Private Equity Analyst regularly ranks K&L Gates as one of the

“most active law firms” world wide for both private equity/venture capital transactions and fund formation


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

About K&L Gates (continued)

CIO magazine awarded K&L Gates its annual CIO Award in 2011,

2007, 2004, 2003 and 2002 in recognition of our technological innovations

K&L Gates ranked No. 2 in IP Today’s 2011 list of the busiest

trademark practices in the United States

The BTI Consulting Group recognized K&L Gates as a leader in

client service on both the 2010 BTI Client Service 30 and 2011 BTI Client Service A-Team surveys

Most First-Tier rankings of any law firm – 2010 U.S. News & World

Report – Best Lawyers survey


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

About K&L Gates (continued)

Ranked No. 1 in the AmLaw Recession Performance Index –

October 2010

K&L Gates was ranked as among the nation’s five most influential

law firms in lobbying and government policy work in both 2009 and 2010 by the National Journal and Legal Times 2009 and 2010



Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Local Lawyers - Global Connections

We provide seamless client service throughout our platform,

collaborating across offices and regions

We offer clients local market knowledge and access to national and

international capabilities


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Who We Serve

We represent a broad array of leading global

corporations in every major industry, capital

market participants, and ambitious middle-market and emerging growth companies

We also serve public sector entities, educational

institutions, philanthropic organizations, and individuals


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Representative Clients

Alcoa Inc.

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated Archer Daniels Midland Company Bank of America Corporation Baxter International Inc.

Brightstar Corp. CBS Corporation Crane Co.

Duke Energy Corporation

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Eaton Vance Corp.

Education Management Corporation Flow International Corporation

FUJIFILM America, Inc.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Halliburton Company

Henderson Global Investors

Honeywell International Inc.

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Laing O'Rourke Plc

Man Investments, Inc. Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Microsoft Corporation

Philips Electronics North America Corporation

PPG Industries, Inc. PPL Corporation

Sprint Nextel Corporation Starbucks Corporation T-Mobile USA, Inc.

UBS Financial Services Inc.

United Technologies Corporation Viacom Inc.

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company



Behind every great law firm is


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Technology Census

5,400 Computers 4,100 desktops 1,300 laptops 5,019 Email Accounts 112 PMO-managed Projects 43 in-progress 7 in-analysis 11 on hold 32 approved 18 candidates 312 Network Devices 61 routers 235 switches 16 firewalls

4,800 Internal Email Groups

37 Phone Systems 2 Asterix 8 Avaya 7 Cisco 2 NEC 6 Nortel 2 shared systems 10 Siemens 88 Videoconference Units

10,000 Help Desk Calls / Month 2,662 Mobile Devices Blackberry iPhone / iPad Windows Mobile 6 Data Centers 2 Asia 2 Europe 2 United States 960 Server Computers 714 physical 246 virtual 1,000 Videoconferences / Year 400 Software Applications 1,087 Terabytes Storage (1.1 petabyte)


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Information Systems Mandate

Provide effective & efficient services to K&L Gates’clients,

lawyers, and staff

Support the practice & business of law

Leverage the firm’s investments in information technology Raise the profile of K&L Gates’ technology capabilities

internally and externally


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

14 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Year # Office Locations 1946 1 Pittsburgh

1998 6 Boston, Harrisburg, Miami, New York, Washington, DC 2001 10 Dallas, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco

2005 12 London, Palo Alto

2007 21 Anchorage, Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Orange County, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Taipei

2008 28 Austin, Charlotte, Fort Worth, Paris, Raleigh, Research Triangle Park, Shanghai

2009 33 Chicago, Dubai, Frankfurt, San Diego, Singapore 2010 36 Tokyo, Moscow, Warsaw


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Data Center Consolidation Project

Decentralized transition to Centralized

Support responsibility changes



Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Management Objectives

Design and implement formal change management processes and

procedures using ITIL

Maintain an integrated change process that deals effectively

with minor updates to extensive system upgrades and new system implementations

Ensure that established change management discipline and


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

18 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Management Objectives (continued)

Enforce a consistent approach to change across all groups

Design, implement and conduct communication processes related to change management

Work closely with all IS areas to ensure that change management standards are incorporated into all facets of systems processes and procedures


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Purpose of Change Management

Change Management ensures that changes are recorded,

evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner

The goal of change management is the process of controlling


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

20 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Management Overview

•Review Objectives •Why are we doing this • What we do today

• Considerations (who, what, when, where, how) • Continual Process Improvement

• ITSM & ITIL • Next steps


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Next Steps

Where do I begin?

Where do we want to be?

How do we get there?

How do we know when we’re arrived?

We need a roadmap (Visible Ops Handbook)

Culture change


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

22 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Next Steps (continued)

• Data gathering

• Identify gaps and impacts

• Assistance required from qualified consultants & practitioners • Define metrics for quality, performance and compliance

• Create policy, procedures, work instructions and workflows • Get buy in


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Management Requirements

– Satisfy objectives (ITIL) – Pink Certified

– OOTB solution

– Reasonably priced

– Include other Service Management Processes – Enterprise Class Scalability

– Easy to maintain – Integrate with HEAT

23 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Front Range (HEAT) w/ITSM change module Excalibur

Gartner Forsythe

Local Contacts

ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) Pink toolset certification

Visible Ops Handbook

Metrics – CSFs – KPIs-Process Improvements

24 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Vorys – HEAT, Axios/Assyst

ReedSmith – in house


Highmark – HP

Consol – HEAT for problem & change—used for SOX audits

ACS, Duquesne Light – Peregrine Service Center

25 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Are there any?

ITSM Consultants

ITIL Foundation training

Internal Training

Visible Ops Handbook

26 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Due Diligence

Requirements verified

Project Implementation SOW

Reference Checks


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

ITIL Processes in Cherwell

Incident Problem Change


Release & Deployment SLA/SLM Service Catalog Service Portfolio Request Fulfillment Event Management Knowledge Self Service Asset Discovery


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


How will the recommendation enhance change management and

how will the software assist?

Compare K&L Gates’ requirements with the OOTB implementation

Describe the plan for implementation. What is the actual timeframe


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Planning/Discovery Phase 3 – 5 days

– Overview, guidelines

– Gap Analysis & change id

Configuration Phase 3 – 4 days

– Tailor to fit needs – Knowledge transfer

Installation/Setup 1 – 2 days Training 1 day


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Purpose Policy

Weekly Change Cycle

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Change Management Team (CMT) Workflows

Weekly Meetings Monthly Metrics


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Clearly defines that all changes must be requested and recorded

All required information must be documented

Change Requester’s Manager is responsible for ensuring

compliance and sponsoring a change

All changes must be planned, reviewed, accepted, approved

Emergency changes—necessary within the next 24 hours to correct


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

What is a change?

The addition, modification or removal of any infrastructure

configuration item, business application or any aspect of services


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Communication/Notification of a change event

What will it impact?

Keeps everyone informed of what changes are planned and when

they are implemented


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Out of Scope ---- Routine operational tasks

Considered to be administrative activity

User account additions/deletions

Password resets

Adding, deleting or revising security groups


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Scheduling Cycle

Friday 12:01AM through Thursday 12:00AM

Deadline for Requests For Change (RFC) is every Tuesday by ‘your

COB’ or 11:59PM

Monthly Maintenance – 3rd Sat/Sun 10PM – 4AM

Do not disrupt production

Can be implemented during normal business hours if approved by


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Approval, Scheduling, PIR

Submit the RFC as soon as you are aware

Forward Scheduling Calendar-Upcoming Changes

All changes must be approved to be scheduled

Thursday CMT meeting reviews

Final schedule is published every Thursday


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Cherwell Basic Navigation Training, Learner’s Guide

ITIL – Lite

Change Management Team

Workflow Training


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

42 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Lessons Learned

If you don’t plan and communicate you’ll face backlash, resistance

and outright challenge…

You need people’s support and you need to support them

throughout the change process


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Pro-active executive sponsorship

Buy-in by middle managers

Team encouragement & help



44 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

July, 2009 – Change Management Announced

September, 2009 - Review SOWs

October, 2009 – Review Proposals, Short List

November, 2009 – Recommendation

December, 2009 – Prep for Installation in January 2010

Training in May, 2010

Implemented June 1, 2010

45 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

46 Pittsburgh Local Interest Group


Pittsburgh Local Interest Group

Change Management

Survey Results



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