1. The Best Business Climate. 2. The Best Labor stability and productive capacity. 3. The Best Young and Law Respectful HR. 4. The Best Location,







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The Best Business Climate.


The Best Labor stability and productive



The Best Young and Law Respectful HR.


The Best Location, Infrastructure and



The Best quality of life and family


1. The Best


1st place in business climate Doing Business 2005-2008 “Highly Commended” 2005 – 2006 The best place to

outsource operations in Latin America 2006 More competitive cost in Mexico, 2008 Aguascalientes: The Mexican Tiger Roars 1st place in Competitiveness 2007 The Mexican Tiger – Best in competitiveness 2005 1st place in Business Environment 2006

“Aguascalientes is one of the best

places in the world to invest”


Business Climate

Global Recognition

Global Recognition

Harvard University, has used Aguascalientes as study case (development model) at the J. F. Kennedy Government School

OECD* has recognized Aguascalientes as having the best business climate standards in the world.

*Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

National Geographic:

Performed research on why Aguascalientes leads in:


•Business Climate &

•FDI Attraction

First Place in De-regulation National Leader Program ONE.

*Comisión Federal de Mejora Regulatoria


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it is


to start a business than

in Italy, Spain, Chile, Japan, China o Brazil

(% income per capita)


The World Bank

“Aguascalientes has the most business friendly

environment in Mexico” Doing Business Report


More easy


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The State's GDP grown 9% in 2006, similar growth to

Asian countries.

Average Growth Rate 2003-2007


Its Manufacturing Industry has maintained

an annual 4.5% steady growth. 2005-2009.

Source: INEGI, National Accounts System, Manufacturing Industry Statistics 2006-2009.

This industry represents a 30.3% of

the State's Gross Domestic Product


Long term tradition in foreign

direct investment

Aguascalientes has landed more than 2,300 million USD in the last 4 years. During 2006 Aguascalientes received more than 1,500 million USD in FDI out of the 19,000 that came in to the country.

+200 multinationals

were located here during the last 30 years

Among others, capitals have arrived from USA, Japan, Spain,

France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil.


9 National Leader in automobile production.

9 450,000 vehicles assembled in 2008 and 355,000 in 2009.

9 14% of state´s GDP, the biggest sector in the state.

9 37 international companies (Japan, France, US, Germany and Spain).

9 Foreign Direct Investment, (Estimated figures at a present value with some of investments made 20 years ago): $20,000,000,000 US dollars.

Aguascalientes’ Automotive



25 companies of IT & Software industry are in the cluster.

Information Technologies and

Software Development


2 Largest Software


in the country are located in



2. The Best Labor

stability and


National recognition for it’s efficient legal


4% in employee turnover, the lowest rate in

central Mexico.

Great Stability in the Labor Structure:

Syndicate – Company – Government


ZERO Strikes

in the Industrial sector


the last


years in



INEGI: One of the most recognized institutions by the UN on Statistics, Geography and Information Technology, is located here.

•It is the only Federal Government successful experience in decentralization. (99% of Federal Offices are still in Mexico city Federal District).

•More than 7,000 employees (Since its arrival to the state all the internal labor conflicts have decrease).

80% of its employees are from Aguascalientes.

SOFTTEK: The largest software development company in Mexico.

•During 2005 and 2007 SOFTTEK has grown from 200 to 1,000 employees.

•With clients such as General Electric, IMSS, Public and private Banks.

NISSAN Aguascalientes:

The second most important NISSAN plant in the world.

Has achieve different domestic and international recognitions on:,


•Environmental Excellence,

•Industrial Cleanliness, and

•Quality Certification.

Success Cases

These enterprises have been in Aguascalientes factors of competitiveness and productivity, developing an INDUSTRIAL CULTURE, through instruments of quality management.


3. The Best Young

and Law Respectful


68% (724,000) of the population it is under 34 years of age.

50% is economically active – more than half a million.

23 years

it is the average age


Young HR availability

32,000 college students.

27 universities & colleges


for only 1 million


1st place

Per Capita

in México


8 out of the 100 best colleges in Mexico are in Aguascalientes


ITESM Campus Aguascalientes, the best private college in the region (Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Colima and Michoacán). Reader’s Digest.

UNIVERSIDAD PANAMERICANA (BONATERRA), Has won multiple prizes in MIT Robotics Competitions (5 years in a row, in the first 3 places); the most nominated

in Manitoba International Marketing Competition.

UTNA, Quality National Price to the TU.


Industrial Policy based on Clusters


the first successful

Cluster experience

in Mexico”

Dr. Clemente Ruiz Durán, UNAM



Textile & Garment

Automotive Information Technologies Commerce & Services Exports Food & its technologies Robotics Transport & Logistics


State of the Science and


NATIONAL Scientific and Technological Research and Development Centers which support the Clusters.

CTV, Textile Development Center

CETIMA, Furniture Technology CenterCETELE, Electronics Technology Center

CIATEQ, Advanced Technologies Center

CTT, Textile Technology CentersCIO, Optics Research Center

CIMAT, Math Research Center

CEDIAM, Automotive Industry Development Center


4. The Best Location,

Infrastructure and



80% of the gross domestic product is generated

In the middle of the most productive and important cities in Mexico, which make triangle






Located In the Center of the

Golden Triangle

70% of the foreign trade

is generated

Where 70% of the Economically Active Population it is located .


Distances Km.

León 116 San Luis Potosí 168 Guadalajara 239 Querétaro 289 Mexico D.F. 504 Manzanillo 521 Monterrey 587 Puerto Vallarta 578 Tampico 561 Nuevo Laredo 829 Ciudad Juárez 950 Distances to main cities and sea ports of

the country.

Natural Logistics and Distribution


hrs. 1.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 4.5 5.0 6.0 6.0 7.0 8.5 14 ƒ It has 2,300 km in highways.


It plays a very important role in the merchandise movement to Europe and Asia

Is the only Junction in the country where

Ferromex and Kansas City



Logistics Corridors:


Manzanillo – Ags – Altamira


•Logistic multimodal y Recinto

Fiscalizado Grupo TRACOMEX.

•Railroad port VALI (135 wagons).

•Railroad port BACHOCO (135 wagons).

•Railroad port


Important development of

logistics and distribution

2 of the most important railroad ports in the country operate in the



Dry Port


it is importing

and exporting as an extension of Veracruz Port.

Alliance between



Customs office integrated to the dry port.


Km. Of influential zone

Logistic corridor : CHICALOTE – PUERTO de VERACRUZ


Modern and Functional Customs


Processes more than

$ 6’000,000,000 USD

in Exports

and more than

$ 5’000,000,000 USD

in Importing.

The most transparent in the Region:

zero corruption

It Checks on San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas

EUA 76% Canadá 7,8% Unión Europea 3,2% Brasil 2,9% Rusia 2,2% Chile 1,4% Colombia 0,8% Países Bajos 0,8% Japón 0,7% Otros 4,2%

Source: Aduana Interior de Aguascalientes Secretaría de Economía - Banco de México


Non-stop frequent international flights to:




425,000 users a year (double than neighboring San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas).

Cargo Center Project

Well Connected International



Modern Shopping malls, with the best auto service and department stores in the state capitol and in all the municipalities.

Mega Shopping Mall Altaria.

Its Market influence has a 300 km radio.

23 million high purchasing potential clients.

More than


economy units.

Textile Industry regional development Pole.

Main agro industrial distribution center.


Pioneers in Urban Development regulation (since 1936).

City planned around 3 beltway loops (unique in Mexico). The 3th beltway loop will be fully operated until 2022

Wide and modern streets – safety and constant flow for vehicles.

For every 3 inhabitants in the state, 1 owns a car




national place Basic Services

Coverage (State)

Percentage equivalent to


Power supply:


Piped water:





Unique Electrical Power Ring in


• It assures the service at all times with no interruption.

• Black Out Free.

Three different

sources of energy






Fiber optic infrastructure

Aguascalientes has the same fiber-optic and voice/data communication infrastructure as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey

•7 redundant fiber optic rings, surround the state's capital. The State is covered 100%

•From 64 kbps to 2,048 kbps or more broadband links

•Digital services to suit all need: DS0, T1, E1, ADSL, ISDN, STM1, E3

•More than 80 TELMEX digital centrals in the city.

•The most important telephone and cellular companies are here.


World Class Industrial Infrastructure

11 Industrial Parks with First

Class Services

47 km long industrial corridor

746 hectares in industrial


5. The Best life

quality and family



Specialized Medical Care

20 years performing open heart surgeries, heart and

kidney success transplants

(USA performed 28 years ago).

19 private hospitals with first-rate facilities.

100% of the population has Medical Service Coverage

Life expectancy similar to Denmark, Ireland or Portugal (76 years)


140 Specialized medical facilities in the public sector.

More than 180 certified nursing homes.

9 general and 3 specialized hospitals.

186 MDs per 100 K inhabitants: national average is 133

State's Public Health


Wide Education Coverage

The states scholar system is rated one of the five best in the country in elementary and high school levels.

Almost 1,800 public and private institutions (basic, middle and college).

First State to have total coverage in English and Computing labs.

100% mandatory to teach English as a second language.


Leader in Quality Education

Only state in the country obtaining the level “very high” in the Index of Educational Performance (IDEI)

both in elementary and secondary school

Included in the results of the ENLACE test:

1.- Efficiency of the educational system 2.- Students stay in school

3.- Professional well educated Teachers 4.- School Supervision

5.- Parent Participation

Aguascalientes is the state most dedicated to the

education of its students

http://www.mexicanosprimero.org/images/stories/mp_pagina_princip al/mp_no_te_lo_pierdas/Contra_la_pared_reporte_completo.pdf


Housing quality and availability


of the population

own their


Above national average and similar to countries like Japan, US & Germany - % Similar to Sweden and Norway.

More than 120 new neighborhood residential, medium and popular level in the last 20 years.

Awarded the National Housing Prize for

5 consecutive years 2005-2009.

Excellent availability of housing variety and quality.


Aguascalientes is the state that invests

most in Culture: INBA (

National Fine Arts Institute


8 Museums: history, arts, science & technology:

Aguascalientes Museum, Regional History, Nacional de la Muerte, José Guadalupe Posada, Contemporary Art, Science & Technology, Escuela de Cristo & Rail.

4 Theaters:

Symphonic orchestra, opera, ballet, theatrical performances.

Cultural Centers: dance, music, plastic arts, literature & acting.

55 movie theaters and an Imax screen.

The Aguascalientes Theater is ranked one of the largest and most


6 Grand Luxury hotels and 13 business class.

150 International and specialty cousin

13 Shopping Malls

San Marcos International Festivity

Industrial, Commerce, Services, and agro industrial Exposition

30 days during April-May

7 million visitors

International Cultural Festival (FICA)

Casino, Rooster fights and Bullfights


Modern sports facilities

+50 First Class Facilities for +60 sport disciplines: cycling, gyms, pools, track & fields.

6 private sports clubs.

3 private and 1 public golf clubs.

National and International Golf & Tennis Tournaments.

1st league Basketball & soccer club:


Aguascalientes regularly hosts International sport events.


Aguascalientes, the best option to

invest and do business in Mexico

Contact information:

Armando Jiménez San Vicente PhD Secretary of Economic Development

+52 (449) 9102611



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