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Mark Hamilton














Mark Hamilton


Wealth, Health, Peace

Part One (pg 1) “Liberate Us from the Ruling Class!”

Split-Run: America vs. Hamilton-America

Setting Free the Geniuses of Society: Era of Rapid Advancement and Flourishing Prosperity

Part Two (pg 63) “Lift Us from the Suppressed Class!”

Prime Law: Rescuing America

Setting Free the Great Technological Revolution: Era of Super Technologies and Soaring Buying Power

Part Three (pg 183) “Send Us to the Wealthy Elite Class!”



: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Setting Free the Ordinary Worker: Era of the Unstoppable Self-Leader and Great Personal Wealth



First published in the United States of America by

The Neothink® Society

Written by Mark Hamilton Copyright ©Mark Hamilton, 2009


Hamilton, Mark Wealth, Health, Peace

Printed in the United States of America

This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

A Mark Hamilton Publication

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What Is A Split-Run?

The largest marketing industry — direct-mail — sends advertisement to you through the mail. The reason direct mail dwarfs all other forms of advertising, including television, is because of its effectiveness. And the reason direct mail is so effective is because of something called the split-run.

Here is how it works: in a mailing (called “a run”), every two names get “split” — the first name and address (split-A) gets mailed the established advertisement (“the control”); the second name and address (split-B) gets mailed the test advertisement. That is known as an a,b split-run. The response (i.e., the orders) quickly and undeniably tells us which approach was more effective. There is no guesswork: the numbers tell us what works and what does not work. We need no “brilliant” professors or “expert” analysts telling us what we should do. The numbers tell us everything we need to know.

Having spent my life in the direct-mail industry, I shake my head whenever I hear some “brilliant expert” saying “I think this…” or “I think that…” For, living my life by the unlying and unthinking numbers, I know my answers are correct.

During the fourth-quarter 2008 worldwide financial implosion, I heard over and over “expert” commentators on television and on the radio saying “I think…” “I think…” “I think…” I noticed that they were wrong as much as they were right. In other words, their many opinions meant nothing above the odds.

One day, when I had heard one-too-many “I think…” I blurted, “God, I just want to split-run this country!”

Bingo. The light turned on in my head. Over the next few


Chapter One

Imagine…No Taxes!

In Split-Run, we hypothetically a,b split America. Split-A is the control — the half of the country with the same political and economic policies that exist now. Split-B is the test — the half of the country with different political and economic policies described within…starting with no taxes. I will explain later how the government will generate its money, but one step at a time. No taxes. What happens? Well, I know I personally move to Split-B! To make Split-B sound a little less awkward, let’s call Split-B Hamilton-America. (I apologize for its egotistical appearance, but I have to call Split-B something, and this is my hypothetical country.)

In fact, with no taxes, most people owning a business move to Split-B — move to Hamilton-America. Of course, businesses are where the jobs are — so more and more people who are badly wounded by the collapsing job world in Split-A — in America — move to Hamilton-America to find good jobs.

Hamilton-America booms. Factories and office buildings fill up and more get built to accommodate the new businesses rushing in. Homes get bought and more get built to house the job-searching people rushing in.

In short, the smartest job creators, both burgeoning entrepreneurs and established business owners, and the hardest-working people ambitious for work flock to Hamilton-America. The economy and standards of living soar in Hamilton-America. Meanwhile, the lazy moochers stay home, in America. The economy and standards of living sink in America.

Moreover, with no taxes, the smartest job creators and hardest working people rush into Hamilton-America not only from America, but from around the world. They leave behind their sinking economies and tax-crazed countries. Indeed, the smartest creators and hardest working people in the whole wide world end up in Hamilton-America! Hamilton-America becomes the booming melting pot America once was. Hamilton-America is the beneficiary of a world-wide brain-drain!



clothing, farming, energy…all industries produce and boom. Very quickly, Hamilton-America becomes the envy of the world. Hamilton-America experiences unprecedented prosperity as America experiences unprecedented poverty. Sister America sadly suffers another Great Depression.


Chapter Two

Immigration — Let the Creators Come!

Hamilton-America not only has no taxes; it also has no welfare, no hand-outs. So, as in the early days of America, only the best of the foreigners – the smartest job creators and hardest workers — come to Hamilton-America. We get the best in the world — the best value creators, best job creators, and the hardest working people from around the world. The lazy moochers never come, for there is no welfare for them. They have to work for their existence in Hamilton-America, so the inherently lazy foreigners stay in their existing countries and continue receiving from the large “social good” programs.

Early America was known as the land of opportunity. People from all around the world came to America to build or contribute. None of those early immigrants came here with the idea of taking from our government. They came here with a dream and a passion to fulfill that dream.

Those early immigrants contributed enormously to America’s rising prosperity. Some of those immigrants built the original industrial empires in America. Hamilton-America is the revival of that time of passion and production.

Meanwhile, America continues her stiff resistance to simple, hard-working immigrants. At the same time, America grows her welfare programs that ultimately motivate immigrants toward entitlements and laziness. America gets pulled under the weight of her growing welfare state as she begins to drown in debt.


Chapter Three

Small Government / Rich Main Street

Hamilton-America booms…growing, building, producing as the smartest creators and hardest workers rush here from America and from around the world. In this booming economy, standards of living keep rising.

Why? It all started with no taxes. Now, the smartest creators come to Hamilton-America to build their businesses here. The hardest workers follow to work for those businesses.

Well, no taxes and booming economy give us the data — the unlying numbers — we need to determine the role of government in Hamilton-America. Essentially in Hamilton-America, the government will get out of the way. That was the case in early America when our country was the envy of the world. Now, American industry is mired in regulations, legislation, taxes. America, Split-A, is stuck and sinking in ineffectiveness. America is falling.

Hamilton-America, on the other hand, is free of government drag. The role of government returns to protection only, which includes national defense, justice, courts, police, prisons.

In 1787, the U.S. Constitution supplanted suppressive rule of man with nearly flawless rule of law. A single, missing integration allowed power-seeking man to steadily “misinterpret” the Constitution and gradually weaken its power to limit government. Like a resurging disease thought to have been eradicated, the rule of man has adapted and gained strength against rule of law, against the U.S. Constitution. The missing integration that would have permanently protected the U.S. Constitution from the resurgence of rule of man is the Prime

Law. In Hamilton-America, the ratification of the Prime Law

as an amendment to the nearly flawless original U.S. Constitution makes the difference between America’s less and less effective Constitution and Hamilton-America’s incorruptible Constitution. The Prime Law, as defined later, guarantees a get-out-of-the-way government. The Prime Law is the difference between sinking into poverty (split-A America) versus soaring onto prosperity (split-B Hamilton-America).


Chapter Four

Universal Wealth

The Great Technological Revolution

The huge bonanza that Hamilton-America enjoys that early America did not enjoy is high-technology. Unregulated, rapidly advancing high-technology drives costs to fractions and multiplies buying power, making consumers wealthier and wealthier.

Let us look at one industry that rose so quickly that the government did not know how to entangle it in regulations and legislation: the personal computer industry of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century.

Specifically, within that industry, consumers’ buying power multiplied a thousandfold. In other words, computer consumers became computer rich. Indeed, computer consumers could purchase computer power that only multi-millionaires could buy just a few years earlier.

Now, in this modern era of high-technology, imagine that wealth-phenomenon spreading throughout all industries…a natural “millionaire phenomenon” today once government gets out of the


America’s mainstream media, however, continues to play the blame-game and promote the out-of-context lie that lack of government regulation caused the 2008 financial collapse. Hamilton-America, on the other hand, just winks and smiles as the brightest creators and most ambitious workers emigrate from America to Hamilton-America. As the wealth in America evaporates, the wealth in Hamilton-America explodes. All the people become rich in the ensuing Great Technological Revolution that drives prices down to fractions as seen in the computer revolution, the forerunner. The people’s buying power quickly multiplies a hundredfold or more.


Chapter Five

Universal Health

The Great Technological Revolution

The health care in America continues to deteriorate. Making the problem worse, bureaucratic regulations have caused more and more doctors to slave longer and longer hours for less and less money.

The good doctors shake their heads, pack their bags, and leave for Hamilton-America.

The medical industry in America, perhaps more than any other industry, is submerged in bureaucratic regulation. Therefore, the medical and health-care industries, deprived of freedom (the oxygen to creative progress), have been severely retarded by big government.

Hamilton-America frees the medical and health-care industries. Doctors, surgeons, research doctors, scientists can make good money again. They can create values without being punished. Insurance premiums collapse as frivolous lawsuits cannot stand up to the Prime Law (revealed soon). Government gets out of the way in Hamilton-America. Medical research investments soar as cost-prohibitive FDA-like regulations vanish. The most competent doctors, surgeons, research doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical companies flee America for Hamilton-America just as fast as they can!

Furthermore, without the regulatory web catching and eating alive all aggressive research and progress, Hamilton-America becomes the health beacon of the world.

Free as the computer industry, the Great Technological Revolution moves into the health and medical industries. Prices begin dropping. Health care costs plunge. Like the computers, health care, cures, and medicine become cheaper and cheaper yet better and better. Very quickly, the most affordable and best health-care in the world welcomes all those coming to Hamilton-America.

As America calls for more and more FDA regulations to control the pharmaceutical companies, regulate medical research, and approve medicines in order “to protect the people”,



America just sighs. Indeed, there is no longer a need to point out and argue the many faults of a ruling class, for people can just get up and leave now — leave for Hamilton-America.

Hamilton-America not only becomes the fastest growing and most prosperous nation in history, it also becomes the most healthy! Hamilton-America enjoys the brightest research doctors and scientists in the world backed by the largest pools of investment-money for costly research projects finally free of cost-prohibitive self-serving political regulations. With the most brilliant doctors and scientists backed by unprecedented research funds, Hamilton-America routinely produces medical breakthrough after breakthrough; and with a get-out-of-the-way government, the investment companies can bring those life-saving medical breakthroughs to the people at increasingly affordable prices. …In sister America, just the most simple insurance policy becomes unaffordable.


Chapter Six

Remarkable Safety & Peace

Never in the history of the world has a government existed with strictly one purpose: protection. Early America came close, which is why early America’s get-out-of-the-way, protection-only government created the conditions for her rapid rise to the envy of the world.

Without the Prime Law in place, however, the U. S. Constitution was vulnerable to the resurgence of the rule of man. Government steadily grew beyond its one proper purpose of protection. Instead of a protection service, government eventually became a ruling class. It has become so bad that today the President of the United States is expected to “fix” the economy. The President should focus on his proper role of Commander-in-Chief of the military and homeland security.

In Hamilton-America, the government is a protection service only, not a ruling class. It focuses on protection only and everything that protection involves such as justice, courts, police, prisons, national defense. With every dollar and every action going toward protection, the effectiveness of that protection surpasses the protection of all other governments, which are focused far beyond their one valid purpose of protection only.

Crime prevention becomes unsurpassable in Hamilton-America. Moreover, the creative and hardworking people who emigrate to welfare-free Hamilton-America could never possess the lazy criminal-mind. Furthermore, society is so prosperous with a get-out-of-the-way government, crime largely loses its appeal. Indeed, with prices falling to fractions (as seen in the computer industry) causing buying power to soar, essentially making all citizens rich, the motivation for monetary-based crime vanishes.

In Hamilton-America, crime vanishes. In America, wealth vanishes and crime rises…and rises. …So far, the test Split-B

Hamilton-America delivers a far better response than the control Split-A America, especially involving the three most important conditions of civilization: wealth, health, and peace.


Chapter Seven

Voluntary Pay

Hamilton-America is the only place on Earth that is booming with an abundance of jobs, peace, falling prices…a place where people are wealthier and healthier than they have ever been…while America and the rest of the world sink into job losses, home losses, fear, panic, collapsing standards of living.

Hamilton-America is also nearly free of crime and is the safest place on Earth. For, here government’s sole function, its every thought and action is protection. Moreover, the people coming to Hamilton-America are the smartest value-and-job creators and most ambitious workers in the world. With no welfare, no government handouts, the lazy moochers and criminal minds do not bother to come to Hamilton-America. They stay home where their socialistic governments hand out elaborate entitlements. The criminals also stay home because crime does

not pay in a country with a protection-only government.

As America and the rest of the world sink, the people in Hamilton-America enjoy wealth, soaring health, peace, happiness, and love. The juxtaposition of America and Hamilton-America shines a bright light on misery versus luxury, poverty versus prosperity. The contrast is stark. Political rhetoric and demagoguery no longer tell the out-of-context story. Instead, the split-run and the unlying numbers tell the whole story.

America and the whole world succumb to depression. The citizens of Hamilton-America feel how precious their conditions really are. And they want to pay for the protection service — the government — that guarantees their conditions. This new government idea that gets out of the way adopts the original U.S. Constitution with the following addition — the most basic Prime Law of Protection the founding fathers of America missed:

The Prime Law (next page)



The Prime Law

(The Fundamental of Protection)


*The function of government is to provide the conditions that

*The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from

Article 3

Living in the only prospering country in the world, a country setting new records for standards of living and safety while the rest of the world collapses into a catastrophic era of poverty and terror, citizens of Hamilton-America gladly, patriotically pay for their Protection-Only Government. That Protection-Only Government backed by the Prime Law guarantees the conditions for Hamilton-America to become the wealthiest, healthiest, and safest country in the history of the world. Beyond that, Hamilton-American government gets out of the way!

The question of: “Will people pay for their government if they don’t have to?” is answered as follows: In Hamilton-America — YES. In America — NO. That is why America has resorted to a force-backed IRS. By the way, the Prime Law would never allow a force-backed IRS and would have prevented the resurgence of the rule of man and his insidious force-backed ruling class in America.

*The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

let individuals fulfill that purpose.

those who violate Article 1.


Chapter Eight

The Government Trap

In the incredibly complex and confusing world today, what do we do? Imagine a person in America loses his job and, in the shrinking job market, he cannot get another job. He then loses his home. He has a family, wife and children to shelter and feed. Well, he is in the government trap. He needs government assistance to survive. He needs food stamps to feed his precious family. He looks to the government, for what else can he do? Where else can he turn?

However, with the arrival of Hamilton-America, he does not turn to food stamps. He immediately moves his family to Hamilton-America and gets a great job! This is just common sense.

In Hamilton-America, freedom begets the Great Technological Revolution, which begets falling prices and rising buying power just as we saw in the mostly unregulated computer revolution, the forerunner. Therefore, as citizens grow wealthy in Hamilton-America, the government trap never happens here.

In America, as more and more desperate business executives and desperate citizens fall into the government trap and turn to government for “rescue money,” Hamilton-America just sighs and shakes his head at sister America. While they put out their hands, the truly creative business executives and hard-working citizens leave America for Hamilton-America and drive the economy in Split-B to unprecedented heights.


Chapter Nine

Common Sense and Split-Run

In 1775, America’s problems were complicated and confusing. Most Americans did not want to go to war with England. The situation was too complex for Americans to get clear answers and conviction.

In January 1776, as a response to the King’s abuse of power, Thomas Paine published Common Sense. His pamphlet begins metaphorically in a simple place with a handful of persons. Then a few more persons arrive, and civilization begins. Seeing civilization in its most simple state, at its origin, cuts through the complexities…and common sense shines through! That little pamphlet brought America together to stand united against the King of England.

Similarly today, America’s problems are complicated and confusing. The financial collapse starting in 2008 has Americans scared and confused. The situation is too complex for Americans to get clear answers to the problems including their feelings on socialistic government intervention.

In January 2009, as a response to the complex financial crisis and the government’s confusing abuse of power, I completed

Split-Run. My pamphlet begins with the hypothetical split-run,

the a,b split between the existing control, Split-A America, versus the test, Split-B Hamilton-America. Hamilton-America starts fresh and free of the political entanglements of America. Seeing Hamilton-America in its most simple state, at its origin, cuts through the complexities…and common sense shines through! This little pamphlet can bring society together to stand united against bogus government and virulent rule of man. (Remember

proper government is protection only, backed by rule of flawless


Chapter Ten


Companies, jobs, construction, housing boom in tax-free Hamilton-America. So stocks and real-estate values go up. Moreover, capital gains taxes do not exist in Hamilton-America, so investors from around the world invest in Hamilton-America. In fact, Hamilton-America becomes the investment capital of the world.

Furthermore, with a relatively low-cost, voluntary-pay, get-out-of-the-way protection-only government, Hamilton-American industries do not get politicized and shackled with regulations as in America and around the rest of the world. Cost-prohibitive bureaucratic regulations do not exist in Hamilton-America, which dramatically lowers the costs of research and the risks of failure. Businesses and investors, therefore, pour money as never seen before into research and development. Those investments in research and development bring Hamilton-Americans rapidly advancing new technologies. Greater and greater life-enhancing products rise throughout all industries, from the health industry to the transportation industry, for lower and lower prices. Those rapidly evolving new technologies and products drive up standards of living and drive down costs of living.

Those investments in research and development are the best investments that do not create a bubble. Those investments in Hamilton-American industries stimulate the Great Technological Revolution unlike anything seen before. Those investments dramatically increase manufacturing and create more and more jobs. Business booms; investors invest; prices fall; prosperity soars.

Back in America, industries fall apart and collapse. Money evaporates; jobs vanish. Businesses go bankrupt. People go jobless and homeless. Government goes on the offense. With much media-driven fanfare, the president’s top priority is “to fix the economy.” Hamilton-America does not argue the point. Hamilton-America just raises his eyebrows as sister America’s best benefactors emigrate to Split-B and make Hamilton-America stronger.


Chapter Eleven


Hamilton-America becomes the best place in the world to house manufacturing companies and manufacturing jobs for several reasons: First, no taxes. Second, no cost-prohibitive

regulations. Third, no government-enforced unions.

Those are three immediate, standout reasons that manufacturing companies and their jobs flee to Hamilton-America. Another reason quickly arises: the truly free Hamilton-America experiences the Great Technological Revolution. No other country does; even American industries are too politicized to enter into the remarkable Great Technological Revolution. Indeed, only truly free, nonpoliticized industries can enter into the Great Technological Revolution.

The Great Technological Revolution becomes perhaps the greatest benefit of all to manufacturing companies. The steady cost-saving and production-improving technological breakthroughs are a boon for both profits and production.

America’s manufacturing businesses, on the other hand, continue dying. Manufacturing jobs go overseas for cheaper labor and less-regulatory conditions. And now, with the creation of Hamilton-America, whatever manufacturing is left in America makes a quick exit for Hamilton-America. America becomes less and less competitive, overrun with regulations, unions, taxes, lawsuits, unfriendly media and class-envy. Hamilton-America stands back and nostalgically watches the fall of the once-great nation.

America sinks into catastrophic conditions as politicians, bureaucrats, and mainstream media continue to cry out for “social justice” and more regulatory controls on business. Hamilton-America just sighs as the job creators and hard workers pack their suitcases and head for the land of the free.


Chapter Twelve

Estate Planning

Hamilton-America has no estate tax. Hamilton-America has no need for an estate tax, for there is no big and growing bureaucracy to pay for as in America. Therefore, with no estate tax, wealthy dynasties in America and around the world emigrate to Hamilton-America. In fact, the majority of business owners and investors emigrate to Hamilton-America, for human nature does not agree with turning over half of one’s property to strangers for redistribution — half of what took one’s entire life to build for one’s children…just to owe half of its appraised value to a socialistic government that will spread one’s wealth around!

In many if not most cases, the deceased parents’ business must be sold so the children can pay the estate tax. Now, as clear as it is to see how wrong that socialistic force-backed government policy is, and how that was NEVER intended in the original U.S. Constitution…rule-of-man politicians and their media cheerleaders justify the family-business-destroying estate tax. And because over half of Americans depend on entitlements, that take-from-those-who-earn-and-give-it-to-strangers-who-do-not-earn mentality flourishes in America.

In fact, the irrationality grows increasingly grotesque to the point that the greatest contributors to society — the job creators and wealth creators — are somehow perceived as the villains of society. Moreover, their profit — their private property — is expected to be taken by government and redistributed to strangers — by and large to those lazy moochers on entitlements. And finally, at the end of those admirable job-and-wealth creators’ lives, after they spent their entire lives creating jobs and benefiting society and earning and building their reward, their private property — their businesses or their investments — the government claims half of the appraised value for redistribution. The children have to sell the business to pay for that redistribution of wealth.

As obviously wrong as American government and its growing ruling class has become, as blatant as the violation is to the U.S.



Constitution, the socialistic politicians, bureacrats, judges, and media justify their wrongful acts. And the majority of Americans now benefit from those wrongful acts. So, the destructive government gains public approval for those wrongful acts. …America regresses from the rule of rational law into the nightmarish rule of irrational man…cleverly crafted into a sort of mob rule.

But, Hamilton-America does not care anymore. Why try to tell sister America her wrongful ways any longer? Instead, the split-run will do the talking. As business owners and investors flee to Hamilton-America, citizens in sister America are left in a country of lazy leaders and lazy losers, all of them looking for redistribution of wealth. But the wealth dries up as the wealth-creators leave. All the “good genes” go to Hamilton-America.


Chapter Thirteen

Wealth/Money Supply

First, the obvious: Money flows into Hamilton-America from immigrating business owners, investors, and wealthy dynasties. Second, those value/job creators and investors create new wealth. That unprecedented rise in money and wealth — that tsunami of prosperity — flows into the country of no taxes.

Sister-country America suffers a great loss of money and wealth. And whatever money and wealth are left flow into Hamilton-America. Indeed, American business owners and investors want nothing to do with rising taxes, especially when Hamilton-America is an option.

And as if the tsunami of wealth and prosperity are not enough, another remarkable phenomenon of good fortune happens in Hamilton-America. Never before has any country entered into the Great Technological Revolution. The forerunners — the clouds before the great technological storm — were the computer and information revolutions during which costs collapsed to fractions and buying-power multiplied a thousandfold, making all consumers in those industries essentially rich. Yet unlike deflation in which prices are driven down because of less and less buyers due to increasing poverty, the Great Technological Revolution enjoys more and more buyers due to increasing wealth. Indeed, rapidly falling prices in the Great Technological Revolution make all Hamilton-American citizens wealthy and add never-before-seen new wealth to the new and booming nation.


Chapter Fourteen


The new era of the Great Technological Revolution in Hamilton-America multiplies buying power manyfold, making its citizens wealthy. Soaring buying power makes retired seniors, for the first time, wealthier than when they were working and earning! No country has ever experienced such a phenomenon in which the retired seniors live with a higher standard of living

than their working years! Indeed, the Hamilton-American

standard of living increases at a rapid rate as super rapidly advancing new technologies drive up values while driving down prices.

America, on the other hand, falls into a Catastrophic Era. As retirement funds and pension plans fall apart, Social Security and Medicare do too. Poverty strikes the elderly first as the financial crisis worsens.


Chapter Fifteen


The job market booms in Hamilton-America. Not only are there lots of available jobs in Hamilton-America, but the quality of jobs keeps going up. Why? The Great Technological Revolution. The quality of jobs climb from physical labor to mental/creative jobs. How? Consider that unemployment is almost nonexistent in the booming business/investment/research/ manufacturing center of the world. In fact, there are not enough people to fill all the jobs in such a rapidly booming Hamilton-America. Indeed, this is when the power and beauty of the Great Technological Revolution shines through: As Hamilton-America booms and not enough people can fill the rapidly growing job market, the Great Technological Revolution advances technologies including computers and robotics to take over jobs of labor and push the people upward into the superior jobs of the mind!

In order to get enough people to fill the explosion of new jobs creates a strong demand for new technologies to fill the lower-tier jobs of labor. Those natural economic pressures, like a rising tide, lift ordinary people to better, more enriching jobs of the mind.

Back in America, by contrast, more and more citizens not only hang on to their lowly jobs of labor for dear life as the economy crashes, but those who do lose their jobs seek the lowest labor jobs just to survive.


Chapter Sixteen


A fully free country has never existed before Hamilton-America. America came close with the nearly flawless U. S. Constitution. But the most fundamental law of protection, protection from man — the Prime Law — was missed, which caused an opening in our original Constitution for a return of the rule of man. Eventually the rule of man resurged and restrengthened into a ruling class, a big government that today is racing into “government interventionism” or, in another word,

socialism. With no Prime Law, man broke through the opening

in our Constitution, and freedom leaked from our country to the point in America today in which force-backed socialism and, therefore, poverty are taking over.

In the beginning, the nearly flawless U. S. Constitution gave us the best rule of law in the world and, therefore, unrivaled prosperity took over. Without the Prime Law of protection from rule of man, from a ruling class, our Constitution and our country became vulnerable. As freedom leaked out, so did our prosperity. And now, increasingly under the rule of man, our loss of freedom is hemorrhaging and so is our loss of prosperity. Freedom is replaced with socialism; prosperity is replaced with poverty.

Hamilton-America, by contrast, is the first and only fully free country in the history of the world. Hamilton-America adds the Prime-Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which immediately closes the opening and encircles the country with pure protection from man including rule of man and a ruling class. Hamilton-America quickly fills with pure freedom and unprecedented prosperity. Hamilton-America has no ruling class, no rule of man, only the rule of flawless law — the Prime Law, the fundamental law of protection through which all law must pass. All “agenda law” that forces the rule of man on citizens will not pass.

While sister America relinquishes her freedom to rule of man and his big-government ruling class, she sinks into a catastrophic era of job losses, home losses, recession, and depression. Hamilton-America, by contrast, soars into the Great Technological



Revolution as the geniuses of society are no longer held back or afraid to invest in their ideas. Hamilton-America quickly rises into the greatest prosperity ever seen as prices come down to fractions, witnessed once before in the isolated personal computer industry. All the people in Hamilton-America grow rich as their standards of living — wealth, health, safety, entertainment, and happiness — soar. They happily pay for their government of protection-only — their service-based government as opposed to America’s force-based government. Indeed, citizens of Hamilton-America, as they watch America and the world around them fall into fear and desperation, gladly pay for a government that guarantees the conditions that allow them to live in such health, wealth, and peace.


Chapter Seventeen

Foreign Relations

Foreign relations with America: Consider how the post-9/11 Republican Administration agitated world populations and generated hatred toward America. Although America’s military stood strong, the growing worldwide resentment along with America’s own democrats and media turning against the Administration ultimately weakened and undermined our military strength. On the other hand, the post-9/11 Democratic Administration relieves a lot of that envy-based hatred toward America around the world, yet the democrats’ approach that heavily favors diplomacy over force ultimately weakens and undermines our military strength in the war on terror.

Hamilton-America functions politically and militarily through the Prime Law. That means Hamilton-America is a nation of self-defense. That military stance of striking only when struck

or threatened takes a lot of the growing hatred toward America

and turns it into respect. A military NOT functioning through rule of man — NOT inconsistently functioning according to whatever Administration is in power — instead consistently functioning through the rule of law, the Prime Law of Protection, brings forth a clear, unprejudiced yet unyielding message of strength. We are an unprejudiced rule-of-law (no longer a prejudiced rule-of-man) nation that will not tolerate violations to the flawless Prime Law of Protection that guarantees our conditions for wealth, health, and safety. Our military will act strongly and swiftly, but only if the rule of law, the flawless Prime Law, is violated.

Sister America struggles under any Administration with either worldwide hatred toward an aggressive Republican-Administration America or worldwide semi-acceptance toward a relatively passive Democratic-Administration America. Under both rule-of-man American Administrations, the eventual outcome is a weakened military.

Respect dominates worldwide perception of the Hamilton-American military, which quickly grows the best military in the world. Major weapons manufacturers come to Hamilton-America.



Moreover, Hamilton-America zooms forward into weapons-technology breakthroughs much faster than other countries through the Great Technological Revolution. Business, science, research are not held back or prevented by cost-prohibitive regulations or political policies. Hamilton-America and its businesses, science and research are purely free, which has never happened before. Therefore, only Hamilton-America experiences the Great Technological Revolution. Technologies race forward at speeds seen only in the relatively unregulated personal-computer revolution, a harbinger to the Great Technological Revolution. The technological breakthroughs in all industries from health to weapons leave other countries in the dust, including heavily politicized America.

Very quickly, Hamilton-America surpasses the entire world in weapons technology. Hamilton-America makes it clear that its superior weapons would be used if and only if the Prime Law is violated. Hamilton-America is consistent about using those weapons in self-defense to put down any country’s use of force or threat of force. Its weapons technology could eventually destroy any terrorist organization or any country’s military; anti-American countries back down and respect Hamilton-America. Worldwide respect brings about the most effective foreign relations.


Chapter Eighteen

National Defense

In America, the budget for national defense competes with the budget for entitlements. Hamilton-America sighs disapproval over sister-America’s haunting internal conflict of spending her federal tax revenues on welfare versus national defense. Over time, that conflict causes a rising threat to national security. Indeed, over time, that battle of the budget — funding welfare versus national defense — puts growing pressures on lowering the priority of national defense. Hamilton-America abhors the thought. America struggles with this undermining threat to national security. Over time, in a country increasingly run by rule-of-vote-gathering man, national security loses the battle. Hamilton-America cannot fathom the thought.

In Hamilton-America, all government money, energy, and focus goes into the single proper purpose of the federal government — national defense and the other functions of Prime-Law Protection. No budgetary conflict of interest begins to undermine national security as in America. In Hamilton-America,

every thought accompanied by life-and-death seriousness goes

toward national security and justice. Protection is not only the top priority — it is the ONLY priority. Nothing works against national security; nothing competes with national security; no such internal conflict exists.

Focussed only on protection, Hamilton-America quickly builds the most cost-efficient and most effective military in the world. Hamilton-America’s military rises quickly, for the demand for peace and protection in the booming economic powerhouse very quickly draws forth the supply — the military defense. Again, in Hamilton-America, the citizens — the luckiest and wealthiest people alive — demand and voluntarily pay for peace. To meet their demands, the best weapons innovators and manufacturers rise and thrive in Hamilton-America. Those weapons innovators and manufacturers race ahead within Hamilton-America’s unprecedented Great Technological Revolution. With the catalyst of pure freedom, with no political burden or interference, the ingenious creators advance weapons technology the way they



advanced computer technology. Relatively soon, to attack Hamilton-America would be committing military suicide.

Moreover, to remove threat of force, a Prime-Law requirement, Hamilton-America righteously and consistently uses its superior weapons technology to exterminate any high-threat terrorist group securing nuclear or biological weapons of mass destruction. That extermination sends a chilling message to all other terrorist groups racing toward more potent weapons: once

you violate the Prime Law by becoming a threat to Hamilton-America, you will be exterminated.

Meanwhile, poor sister America held in political bondage eventually gets hit again and again with devastating, deadly chemical and biological and nuclear terrorist attacks. Millions of Americans die.


Chapter Nineteen

War and Terror

Fighting the war on terror in America has been weakened from within by domestic politics and media. This problem stems back to the rising rule of man in America, steadily subordinating the rule of law. The U.S. Constitution continually loses its authority to judges, politicians, and bureaucrats. The resurgence of the rule of man starts with politically-motivated federal judges misinterpreting the Constitution, often with great fanfare from politically-motivated media. The authority of law increasingly disintegrates as the authority of man reclaims power. Throughout history, countries suffered in poverty and slavery under the rule of man. By contrast, countries enjoyed prosperity and freedom under the rule of rational law, culminating in the unrivaled prosperity and freedom of America. For, in America, the rule of rational law (the U.S. Constitution) replaced the rule of irrational man (a monarch).

Over the generations, however, flaw-filled man, a law-resistant power-seeking creature, adapted like bacteria and steadily took back his power to rule. For two centuries, rule of flaw-filled man steadily weakened rule of flawless law in America. Therefore, starting in 2008, prosperity plunged into poverty. Perhaps even worse, the proper elements of government that protected the people from terrorism weakened…at the hands of adapting, strengthening, virulent politicians, bureaucrats, judges and journalists interested in building their ruling-class power. Like a deadly bacterium or virus, they weakened America and her safety.

Hamilton-America goes in the opposite direction by crowning the nearly perfect original U.S. Constitution with the flawless Prime Law via the Prime-Law Amendment. The Prime Law forever guarantees rule of flawless law without possibility of a regression into rule of man. Our pure freedom causes the greatest prosperity-boom in the history of the world. Yet, perhaps even more important, the single legitimate purpose of government —

protection — is not undermined and weakened by the rising rule



journalists pushing for popular entitlements, image, political appeal and power. Instead, government focus, drive, and purpose is pointed like a laser — pointed at ending force or threat of force against its citizens. Hamilton-America quickly rises not only as the most prosperous place in the world, but the safest place as well. The people in Hamilton-America, enjoying the Great Technological Revolution and their wealth, health, and peace…gladly and voluntarily pay for their government’s protection from terrorists.

Only within a country in which its industries are truly free and not burdened by political rule-of-man can the Great Technological Revolution rise. The rapidly advancing new technologies in Hamilton-America race ahead for our better living, better health, and better safety. Indeed, new weapons technologies advance so fast in Hamilton-America they render terrorist operations helpless. Hamilton-America quickly becomes the most peaceful country on Earth.


Chapter Twenty


Justice in America was once based on the rule of rational law…on the nearly flawless U.S. Constitution. American justice guaranteed the conditions for freedom, prosperity and peace.

Although the U.S. Constitution nearly eradicated rule of man, power-seeking man steadily adapted like a virulent virus or resistant bacterium. The rule of man — an elite ruling class — began overtaking rule of law. This ominous resurgence of the rule of man in America coincided with the fall of prosperity in America. Agenda-motivated politicians increasingly replaced objective-law with agenda-law. Politically-motivated judges increasingly replaced objective blindfolded-justice with subjective ego-justice. And politically-ambitious bureaucrats increasingly replaced protection-only regulations with political-policy regulations. That steady attack on the rule of law, that steady rise of the rule of man in America, drove freedom, capitalism and prosperity to the point of collapse.

Furthermore, the Great Technological Revolution cannot take hold in a country going deeper into the rule of man. Therefore, the Great Technological Revolution cannot rescue America from her severe fall into recession and depression.

But, the Great Technological Revolution can rescue Americans who emigrate to Hamilton-America, for Hamilton-America has no rule of man. And, because of the Prime Law, Hamilton-America could never regress into rule of man. Therefore, the Great Technological Revolution comes to Hamilton-America and ONLY to Hamilton-America. The people quickly grow wealthy as their buying power multiplies a hundredfold and more. The Prime Law of Protection is the missing integration that would have protected and preserved the U.S. Constitution from rapidly-adapting rule of man and would have prevented the decline of America.

With the Prime Law (as an amendment to the original U.S. Constitution), Hamilton-America delivers pure justice and freedom. The nation booms; the people prosper; the individual soars. Never before Hamilton-America has a land existed with



pure justice and freedom. America came close and enjoyed unrivaled prosperity before falling at the hands of socialistic rule of man. In Hamilton-America, politicians, judges, bureaucrats do not govern. The Prime Law governs. Therefore, political agenda-law, subjective ego-justice, and political-policy regulation cannot exist. The people live in natural protection-only law, protection-only justice, and protection-only regulation. That rule-of-flawless-law Justice System creates the conditions for the freest, safest, most prosperous land in the history of the world. Those conditions of pure justice and freedom give rise to the Great Technological Revolution that makes all people rich, including the poor.


Chapter Twenty-One

The Constitution

The world watches the sad disintegration of the U.S. Constitution. America, once the strong and proud mother of prosperity now sinks to one knee…a tired and frightened country of poverty, unemployment, terror, and failing health.

The conditions that breed freedom and prosperity versus socialism and poverty arise from a constitutional republic’s constitution (although that clear cause-and-effect connection is remarkably missed by many political pundits). Indeed, the U.S. Constitution is the heart of America pumping freedom throughout her land. The increasing rule of man, however, is a growing heart disease clogging her system with socialism. In late 2008, America had a heart attack.

The original U.S. Constitution was nearly flawless, but by missing the Prime-Law integration that specifically protects a country from power-seeking man, the virulent rule of man steadily regained strength. Today, in America, the rule of man has resurged and is taking over. Poverty is taking over. The antidote to the collapsing economy — the Great Technological Revolution — cannot rise in a county sinking under the rule of man and socialism. Therefore, America will fall to her knees.

The Hamilton-American Constitution, by contrast, adopts the nearly flawless original U.S. Constitution, but adds the Prime-Law Amendment, which removes initiatory force and forever ends the rule of man and deadly socialism. The inextricable link between a constitutional republic’s constitution and its prosperity is immediately recognized as the Great Technological Revolution rises for the first time on Earth. Similar to its forerunner (i.e., the computer revolution), the people’s buying power and prosperity rise rapidly, almost geometrically. The geniuses immigrating to Hamilton-America, for the first time since the computer revolution, are not held back with political-policy regulations, political-agenda laws, or politically-motivated social “justice”. Better and better products reach the consumers for lower and lower prices. Better and better medicines and curing health technologies reach patients at lower and lower prices. The



wealth and health in Hamilton-America surpass anything the world has seen. The direct link between a constitutional republic’s constitution (in this case…the rule of flawless law) and its prosperity is recognized worldwide. The geniuses from around the world move to the pure freedom of Hamilton-America and are welcomed with open arms as the greatest benefactors of society.

Back in America, those geniuses are sanctimoniously scorned on Capitol Hill and in the media as the greedy rich who have no right creating such wealth. Hamilton-America no longer tries to straighten out sister America or her erroneous, envious philosophies. It is hopeless and too much work. Instead, Hamilton-America shrugs and welcomes home the greatest wealth creators in the world.

“Come in, great geniuses, and do what you do best — create! Create jobs! Create wealth! Create inexpensive yet priceless products and medicines that all can afford! We are indebted to your unique talents, and we love you!” cries the philosophy of Hamilton-America. The Prime Law protects those creative geniuses from the political power-seekers. The Prime Law, therefore, protects the wealth, health, and safety of everyone. The citizens smile as they send in their voluntary payments to live in such freedom and prosperity.


Chapter Twenty-Two

Police Protection

(Federal & State)

America really has no police protection. America has police follow-up. For the most part, a crime must occur first before the police will act…or follow up. In other words, no crime

prevention exists in America. Many reasons cause this real lack

of protection, from obstacles created by political correctness (i.e., by rule of politically-motivated, vote-gathering man) to lack of budget.

Hamilton-America, by contrast, boasts history’s best police protection. Hamilton-Americans enjoy crime prevention. The Prime Law, which applies at the local, state, and federal levels, establishes the one purpose of government is to guarantee protection against initiatory force or threat of force. With 100% focus and budget on protection from initiatory force or threat of force, the police work to prevent crime, not merely follow up. No political-correctness obstacles exist in Hamilton-America. No entitlements compete for the budget. The entire budget and mindset is to eradicate crime. Such a police force has never existed before Hamilton-America. In this new country of wealth, health, and safety…women and children can walk home on a city street and be completely safe. Here, the only businesses in jeopardy of going out of business are locksmiths.


Chapter Twenty-Three


Political correctness and politically-motivated science rises with the rule of man. As the rule of rational law gets steadily replaced in America with the rule of irrational man, personal self-interests dominate the political process…namely the personal desire for political power, thus for winning votes and popular support. That dark, power-seeking agenda that rises with rule of vote-gathering man leads to manipulations and distortions of reality in order to hoodwink larger portions of the population…for public support, more votes, more political power. Pseudo science rises to round up a large public following toward “a noble cause”…or to scare up a large public following against an “impending disaster.” Similarly, more and more issues of political correctness rise in attempts to woo votes from more segments of the population.

Unfortunately, as seen in sister America, those contortions of reality in order to win votes and political power, disrupt and destroy the natural order of society to evolve and improve. For example, implementing and enforcing pseudo-science legislation, regulation, and litigation upon a society drags down the geniuses and greatest benefactors working hard to improve and evolve society. The creation of new businesses, jobs, products and wealth — the natural order of evolving and improving society — get shackled and pulled down by cost-prohibitive, political-policy legislation, regulations, and litigation such as global-warming regulations, for example.

Moreover, politically-motivated special interest groups rally around politicians looking for votes from segments of the population. Again, the distortions and contortions of reality used to drum up followers and more votes and political power always hurt the natural order of society to evolve and improve.

Hamilton-America, backed by the Prime Law, has just one purpose for government — protection. Therefore, no pseudo science or political correctness rises here or retards the natural order of society to evolve and improve. Hamilton-America mines and drills its energy sources, embracing the natural order of



society to evolve, improve, and protect itself. As the radical environmental groups and ethicists “raise hell” in sister America, Hamilton-America just shrugs as sister America and her citizens sink into a living-hell of poverty and terror. Hamilton-America enjoys the natural order of society to evolve, improve, and protect itself. Hamilton-America grows enormously healthy, wealthy, and safe. Sadly, sister America slowly dies in poverty and terror.


Chapter Twenty-Four


Remember what kicked off the great boom of Hamilton-America: no taxes. Hamilton-America will not introduce taxes in any form. Therefore, Hamilton-America imposes no tariffs. Obviously, that creates an uneven playing field for Hamilton-American products that face tariffs when exporting to other countries. However, the Great Technological Revolution occurring only in Hamilton-America not only levels the playing field, but outcompetes foreign products in uniqueness, higher quality, and lower prices. Even with high tariffs, the costs of Hamilton-American goods fall to fractions in most industries due to the Great Technological Revolution, similar to what the world witnessed during the personal-computer revolution.

Hamilton-America welcomes foreign products into the country without tariffs. Hamilton-America is consumer-dedicated and guarantees the conditions that bring the lowest prices and highest quality to its citizens. The secret behind Hamilton-America’s prosperity is: the government gets out of the way and lets businesses compete for consumers. Indeed, in Hamilton-America, consumers are royalty and soon live like kings!

As sister America and her politicians and bureaucrats struggle to level playing fields and gain tax revenues, American businesses continue to sink under the weight of the rising rule of man and his politically-motivated laws and regulations.

Here in Hamilton-America, there are no politically-motivated laws and regulations. Just the opposite. In fact, Hamilton-America welcomes all products from all over the world to openly compete with domestic products in order to bring the highest quality and lowest prices to the people. Hamilton-America enforces, through the Prime Law, a government that gets out of

the way of the natural order of society to evolve and improve.

The voluntary-pay, protection-only government needs no tax revenue, wants no tax revenue, and has no legal authority to collect tax revenue. Therefore, the natural order of society can evolve and improve at a rapid rate as we saw within the computer society…a microcosm of the Hamilton-American society.



Hamilton-America takes long, sad glances at dying sister America as her organs — her businesses — begin to fail and shut down, one after another.


Chapter Twenty-Five


In America, the rule of man — rule of vote-gathering man — reaches wherever it can summon substantial votes. Parents want good education for their children, and therefore education is a political target for rule of vote-gathering man. When education, medicine, or any profession or industry becomes politicized, the steady descent of efficiency and effectiveness begins. Put another way, the chokehold of inefficiency and ineffectiveness begins as exemplified by America’s ineffectual educational system.

The role of government in Hamilton-America is simply to guarantee the conditions for happiness and prosperity by protecting the people from initiatory force. The Prime-Law prevents government from going beyond its sole purpose of protection. Therefore, no rise of the rule of man — vote-gathering man — can occur in Hamilton-America’s government. Its government cannot politicize education, medicine, or any profession or industry. The educational system in Hamilton-America does not follow the pathetic path of sister Hamilton-America.

The wealth and prosperity among citizens of Hamilton-America leads to a far superior private educational system in which parents vote with their feet. Instead of a dumbing-down effect as in sister America, here there is a smartening-up effect. Here, the geniuses of society are born. The universal wealth from the Great Technological Revolution in Hamilton-America enables every parent to easily afford private education. It becomes part of the cost of living, which is extraordinarily low in the only country to ever experience the Great Technological Revolution. That low cost of living delivers the world’s highest standard of living and produces the world’s best educational system. Sister America struggles to graduate students who can read. Hamilton-America graduates students who can create. They go on to create great values for the world and great wealth and prestige for themselves.


Chapter Twenty-Six


As American citizens lose their jobs and savings, the government continues to increase its debt and, therefore, the long-term tax burden on the people and their children. The culprit is the rising rule of man — of vote-gathering man. Seeking to win substantial segments of the voting public, politicians race further and further into the entitlement-game. Bringing more entitlements to more segments of the population attracts more votes. Today, the weight of the budget is collapsing upon America. And as it does, the politicians continue to call for yet larger and larger budgets, demonstrating there is no more hope for sister America.

Hamilton-America is limited by the Prime-Law to a protection-only budget. The sole purpose of government is protection from force or threat of force, which includes all that is needed for protection at the federal level and at the state level such as military, intelligence, police, courts, prisons, veterans pensions.

A protection-only budget does not and could never include entitlements beyond veterans’ pensions and veterans’ war-caused disabilities. The rule of (vote-gathering) man cannot hijack the budget in Hamilton-America. Moreover, the most remarkable phenomenon occurs: in the pure freedom of Hamilton-America, the Great Technological Revolution — something the world has never before seen — makes all the people rich. Buying power soars so dramatically that every Hamilton-American citizen lives like a millionaire.

The Prime-Law and its Protection-Only Budget guarantee the conditions for such a wealthy millionaire-like standard of living for everyone. Therefore, the people gladly and voluntarily pay their fair share of the substantially smaller budget. The government itself can never violate the Prime Law — can never use initiatory force on its citizens, can never force anyone to pay taxes. Citizens realize that such pure freedom is a precious gift from their great country of wealth, health, and peace. They proudly, patriotically, voluntarily pay their government to




Chapter Twenty-Seven


America’s ruling class (i.e., the rule of vote-gathering man) uses distortions and contortions of reality often through pseudo science to snare votes. The resulting burden on business and technology increasingly sinks companies, research-and-development projects, jobs and wealth. Because everyone cares about our land, water, and air, the environment becomes a prime target for using pseudo science to snare votes. Indeed, the rule of man and his distortions of reality for votes reaches more and more aggressively into American’s gullible, close-to-the-heart love for nature. Politicians and bureaucrats put more and more cost-prohibitive “environmental” regulations upon American businesses, technologies, research-and-development projects, and investors. Well, those businesses, technologies, research projects, and investors have begun to fail at an alarming rate! Jobs, wealth, raw materials, products, and future products rapidly vanish from the American economy! Yet, America never learns her lesson, for parasites (i.e., the adapting bacteria-like rule of man) cannot stop themselves before killing their host.

Hamilton-America stands by, free of America’s raging internal infection. The good Americans who can no longer go down with their country leave for Hamilton-America. In the end, it is Hamilton-America that rescues Americans.

In Hamilton-America, the environment, as does everything else, answers to the Prime Law. That means an individual can do anything on his or her property as long as it does not directly harm any other individual or his or her property. No broad-sweeping, consensus-building pseudo science can rise in Hamilton-America and burden business, research, science, and their investors. No, government cannot hurt job-and-value-creating business and science in Hamilton-America. The Prime Law does not allow it. Therefore, Hamilton-America is the most friendly nation to business, research, and science. As sister America experiences a systemic failure of her businesses, Hamilton-America experiences an explosion of new businesses. Moreover, the land, water and air get dramatically cleaner in



nature-loving Hamilton-America than in any other place on Earth. Why? For every demand confronted by the Great Technological Revolution, soon comes the new technologies to supply the demand. People love clean air, water, and land. Therefore, the Great Technological Revolution in Hamilton-America quickly evolves new technologies that effectively remove pollutants and other environmental concerns. Instead of wilting under pseudo science, Hamilton-America blossoms with pure science.


Chapter Twenty-Eight

Sadness & Fear

When a person dies, often great sadness and fear set in along with hopelessness and helplessness. Those feelings describe the feelings that increasingly fill America today. Indeed, as those feelings tell us, America is dying.

Hamilton-America, by contrast, is filled with happiness and confidence along with enormous hope. Hamilton-America and its people say their good-byes to the once-great America as she falls. But Hamilton-America stands strong, filled with youthful vigor and energy.

The younger generations in America face a frightening future in a dying and hated country. The younger generations in Hamilton-America face an exhilarating future in a thriving and respected country.


Chapter Twenty-Nine

Wealth & Security Forever

The rapid rise of wealth on Main Street, Hamilton-America is not a bubble that will eventually burst, for it is a function of costs falling to fractions.

In America, prices became falsely inflated such as home prices during the real-estate bubble that burst in 2008. The prices of homes were wildly inflated, and when those prices came crashing down, people’s wealth vanished overnight.

Markets in Hamilton-America, enjoying the Great Technological Revolution, do not falsely inflate prices. In fact, the Great Technological Revolution brings prices down, down, down…making the people permanently richer, richer, richer. People’s new-found wealth is here to stay…never seen before, because a purely free country was never known before.

In America, bubbles continue bursting. The people cannot stay afloat, even with all the “life-savers” the ruling class keeps throwing into the turbulent economy. Prosperous Hamilton-America tries one last time to show Hamilton-America that the ruling-class — the vote-gathering rule-of-man — cannot help the economy. In fact, the ruling class can only hurt the economy. But sister America does not listen. Her people keep asking for interventionism and socialism…and so they drown in poverty.

Indeed, poverty (split-A, America) loses the split-run to prosperity (split-B, Hamilton-America). …Hamilton-America is, unfortunately, only a hypothetical country. We do not have that wonderful place to move to. And to untangle generations of adapting and resurging rule of man and his choke hold on America — strangling her with agenda-law, ego-justice and political-policy regulations — seems too massive and simply impossible. Where would we start? How long would it take? But there are two very simple and relatively rapid ways to remove rule of man’s stranglehold on America: the Prime Law

of Protection and the Protection-Only Budget. With a

Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution or with a Protection-Only Budget — both explained next in Part Two — the rule of man would end; the rule of flawless law would begin, and



America would quickly become Hamilton-America…all its citizens would become wealthy, including the poor! Indeed, Part Two next, Prime Law, shows us the practical, effective way out of America’s Catastrophic Era and into the Great Technological Revolution, the era of great wealth, health, and peace.