To give you further peace of mind we have made improvements to the security of our system.

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The secure handling of our members’ credit card details is very important to us.

We already have a number of effective measures in place to ensure the security

of these details once we receive them.

To give you further peace of mind we have made improvements to the security of

our email system.

Our secure email portal will allow you to send credit card details to us without

unnecessary risk of interception.

By using this portal card details will be securely encrypted until we safely receive

them, at which point they will be decrypted.

The system is easy to use and this guide will answer any questions you may



Step One:

You will have received an email allowing you to register on our

secure portal.

Step Two:

Simply click on the link within the email. This will take you to our

secure Symantec Webpage.

Step Three:

Choose a secure passphrase* and input this in the two boxes

displayed. You will need to use this passphrase every time you log in and send

us credit card details. Please note this passphrase will need to be a

combination of alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters (numbers and

punctuation marks). Then click




Our secure portal looks and works just like a normal email account.

Step One:

Once you have set up your access to our secure portal, to send us

credit card details, simply click



Step Two:

Add our secure email address:

in the



Step Three:

Attach the completed credit card form using the



option and ensure that you quote the policy reference number.

Then click



You have successfully sent the credit card details to us.

Please note that any messages you send us will remain in your ‘Sent’ mailbox

for 10 days. After this time it will be automatically deleted from your sent

messages box.


How do I log back in to the secure portal?

Simply go back to the secure portal webpage. Then enter your

email address and passphrase.

What happens if I change my email address?

Please just let us know, and we will send you a new email to

register again using your new email address.

What happens if my email account is compromised?

This will not prevent your ability to use our secure portal. However,

if you had sent us credit card details through normal email, rather

than through our secure portal, it is possible that this information

might also be compromised.

Why do I need to use a passphrase?

The longer and more complex a password is, the more secure it

will be. A passphrase should be easy to remember, but difficult for

someone else to guess.

Why can’t I just send credit card details through my normal


Although this method has a very low risk of interception, our

secure portal will give you additional security, particularly in the

event of your email being hacked. It will also ensure that your card


Are other companies using similar technology?

All insurance companies are bound by PCIDSS (Payment Card

Industry Data Security Standard) and are required to ensure that

sufficient measures are in place to safeguard the receiving, storing

and use of credit card details. We take this obligation very

seriously, and we are among the first insurance companies to

introduce this type of technology.

Will you send any unsolicited emails to me through the secure


No. We will not use this portal to send you any emails,

notifications or marketing mailings. This means you only need to

log into the secure portal when you need to send us credit card


Can I use this secure portal to send emails to any email address?

No. The secure portal is configured to just one email address, at

AXA PPP International. This email address is intended to receive

credit card details only. Please note, it is not possible to copy in

(Cc) another person, as they will not receive the message.

Can I use this secure portal for other general queries or claims?

No. This secure portal can only be used to send in documents that

contain credit card details. For general queries or claims, please

contact us through

Amplify International






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