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programme day 1 a.m. - tuesday 19th november 2013


Academic year: 2021

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programme day 1 a.m. - tuesday 19th november 2013

08.15 – 09.00 Registration & breakfast

09.00 – 09.10 Welcome & introduction

Marc Saluzzi, Chairman, Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI), Luxembourg

09.10 – 09.15 Chairperson’s introduction

William Jones, Managing Director, ManagementPlus (Luxembourg) S.A., Luxembourg

09.15 – 10.10 100 Days after the Directive

Moderator: Charles Muller, Partner, KPMG, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Michael Collins, Public Affairs Director, EVCA, Brussels

- Ji í Król, Deputy CEO, Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs, AIMA, London - Jeff Rupp, Director of Public Affairs, INREV, Brussels

10.10 – 10.40 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

10.40 – 11.10 The Alternative Investment landscape: Private Equity, Real Estate and

Hedge Fund markets

Stuart Taylor, Head of Preqin Investor Network, London

11.10 – 12.00 CEO debate – trends in the Alternative Business

Moderator: James Williams, Managing Editor, Global Fund Media Ltd., London Panelists: - Christopher Garbe, CEO, Garbe Group, Hambourg

- David Reid, Senior Vice President, Managing Director International, SS&C GlobeOp,London

- Jérôme Wittamer, Managing Director, Genii Capital S.A., Luxembourg

12.00 – 12.05 Chairperson’s closing remarks



programme day 1 p.m. -


14.00 – 14.05 Chairperson’s introduction

Keith Burman, Senior Managing Director, EMEA Head of Private Equity and Real Estate Client Service & Product Management, State Street Alternative Investment Solutions, Luxembourg

14.05 – 14.20 Presentation of the 2013 edition of the ALFI Real Estate Funds Survey

Johan Terblanche, Partner, Loyens & Loeff, Luxembourg

14.20 – 14.40 Impact of regulations on the non-listed Real Estate industry

Jeff Rupp, Director of Public Affairs, INREV, Brussels

14.40 – 15.20 Opportunities to reshape the Real Estate Fund Offering

Moderator: Catherine Martougin, Partner, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg Panelists: - Gunnar Herm, Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy - Europe,

UBS Global Asset Management, Frankfurt am Main

- Thierry Leleu, Head of Funds Management, Valad Europe, London - Hans Stuckart, Executive Director, Corpus Sireo, Cologne 15.20 – 15.50 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

15.50 – 16.35 Mapping of the strategies to be a Real Estate AIFM Compliant Manager

Moderator: Joëlle Hauser, Partner Investment Funds, Clifford Chance, Luxembourg Panelists: - Josephine Andonissamy, Senior Director, Tishman Speyer Management

(TSEC) S.à r.l., Luxembourg

- José-Maria Ortiz, Managing Director, ECE Real Estate Partners, S.à r.l., Luxembourg - Arnaud Bon, Head of Fund Administration Services, SGG S.A., Luxembourg

16.35 – 17.15 Debt Fund and Distressed Asset strategies: fresh air for the Real Estate market?

Moderator: Pierre Kreemer, Tax Partner, Head of Real Estate and Infrastructures, KPMG, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Hauke Brede, Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Risk Officer, Allianz Real Estate GmbH, Munich

- Ferruccio Ferrara, Founding Partner, CIO & CEO, Negentropy Capital Partners LLP, London

- Jarle Norman-Hansen, Managing Partner, Ambolt Management S.à r.l., Luxembourg

17.15 – 17.20 Closing remarks



programme day 1 p.m. -


14.00 – 14.05 Chairperson’s introduction

Hans-Jürgen Schmitz, Managing Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners, Luxembourg

14.05 – 14.40 Market trends – from telescope view to microscope view

Dr. Roberto Paganoni, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner, LGT Capital Partners, Pfäffikon Interviewer: Alain Kinsch, Country Managing Partner, EY, Luxembourg, EMEIA Private Equity Fund Leader

14.40 – 15.20 Luxembourg toolbox – is the LP regime working?

Moderator: Hermann Beythan, Partner, Linklaters LLP, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Dr. Martin Brockhausen, Counsel, King & Wood Mallesons, Luxembourg - Jean-Luc Fisch, Partner, Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen, Luxembourg

15.20 – 15.50 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

15.50 – 16.35 New challenges, new operating models

Moderator: Olivier Laurent, Director, Alternative Investments RBC Investor & Treasury Services Panelists: - Prakash Advani, Country Executive Belgium & Luxembourg, The Royal Bank

of Scotland, Brussels

- Laurent Fessmann, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Luxembourg - Justin Partington, Commercial Director, Ipes, London

- Laurent Vanderweyen, CEO, Global Head Fund Services, Alter Domus Luxembourg S.à r.l., Luxembourg

16.35 – 17.20 Challenging tax environment

Raymond Krawczykowski, Partner, Deloitte, Luxembourg Vincent Lebrun, Partner, PwC, Luxembourg

Patrick Mischo, Partner, Allen & Overy, Luxembourg

17.20 – 17.25 Closing remarks

17.25 – 19.00 Wine tasting sponsored by Brown Brothers Harriman

© 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers, Société coopérative. All rights reserved. In this document, “PwC Luxembourg” refers to

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Société coopérative (Luxembourg) which is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (“PwC IL”), each member firm of which is a separate and independent legal entity.


Your contacts:

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Amaury Evrard, Real Estate Leader +352 49 48 48 5751


Vincent Lebrun, Private Equity Leader +352 49 48 48 2225


José-Benjamin Longrée, Global Fund Distribution Leader +352 49 48 48 2571


Régis Malcourant, Hedge Funds Leader +352 49 48 48 2540


Marie-Elisa Roussel, AIFMD Leader +352 49 48 48 2552


Luxembourg is the first

investment fund centre in Europe and the world’s leading hub for global fund distribution. As a leading Asset Management practice, we have the unparalleled knowledge and expertise to help you manage critical issues like UCITS Directives, M&A, AIFMD, tax reporting, Distribution support and strategies, and many more.

Our team of highly qualified professionals covers all aspects of the Investment Management industry. You can benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge our multidisciplinary investment management groups have to offer, together with the support of our international network.

Luxembourg, your open

window on European


© L ux embour g N at ional T our ism Of fice



programme day 1 p.m. -


14.00 – 14.05 Chairperson’s introduction

Michael Ferguson, Partner, Asset Management Leader, EY, Luxembourg

14.05 – 14.35 Market trends – is the Hedge Fund world changing?

Ji í Król, Deputy CEO, Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs, AIMA, London Interviewer: Luc de Vet, Managing Director, Citco Fund Services, Luxembourg

14.35 – 15.20 How are Hedge Fund Managers dealing with the transitory regime?

Moderator: Christian Hertz, Managing Associate, Linklaters LLP, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Olivia Tournier, Head of Legal & Compliance, Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) S.A., Luxembourg

- Brian McMahon, Managing Director Business Development, BNY Mellon, Luxembourg

15.20 – 15.50 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

15.50 – 16.35 4 months on: the real impact on doing business with Hedge Funds

Moderator: Johan Terblanche, Partner, Loyens & Loeff, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Florence Alexandre, Vice President, Fund Accounting Unit Head, State Street Bank Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg

- Ian Barnes, Executive Director, JP Morgan Bank Luxembourg - Steve Bernat, Director, Lemanik Asset Management S.A., Luxembourg

16.35 – 17.20 Credit Funds: key AIFMD considerations

Moderator: Christian Behring, Member, Behring, Khan & Co. LLP, London Panelists: - Craig Abouchar, CEO, Castle Hill Asset Management, London

- William Jones, Managing Director, ManagementPlus (Luxembourg) S.A., Luxembourg

- Raimund Seeholzer, Partner, LGT Capital Partners, Pfäffikon

- Serge Weyland, Head of Regional Coverage North America & UK, CACEIS, Luxembourg

17.20 – 17.25 Closing remarks

17.25 – 19.00 Wine tasting sponsored by Brown Brothers Harriman

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is a specialist provider of asset servicing, custody, payments and treasury services for financial and other institutional investors worldwide. RBC Investor Services™ operates through two primary operating companies, RBC Investor Services Trust and RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., and their branches and affiliates. In the UK, RBC Investor Services Trust operates through a branch authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

These materials are provided by RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS) for general information purposes only. RBC I&TS makes no representation or warranties and accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind for their accuracy, reliability or completeness or for any action taken, or results obtained, from the use of the materials. Readers should be aware that the content of these materials should not be regarded as legal, accounting, investment, financial, or other professional advice, nor is it intended for such use.

® / ™ Trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence.

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RBC Investor & Treasury Services provides real estate, infrastructure and private equity fund managers

with integrated solutions that support their cross-border and product expansion strategies. Discover how

our specialist team and client-focused approach to asset servicing can maximise operational efficiency

across your alternative asset portfolio.

T R U S T e D

C R o S S - B o R D e R e x P e R T I S e

A S S U R e D

o P e R AT I o n A l e F F I C I e n C y



programme day 2 a.m. - wednesday 20th november 2013

08.00 – 08.45 Registration & breakfast

08.45 – 08.50 Chairperson’s introduction

Henry Kelly, Independent Director and Chairman of the ALFI Fund Governance Forum, KellyConsult S.à r.l., Luxembourg

08.50 – 09.25 Alternative Investments: why Luxembourg?

Claude Niedner, Partner, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg Keith O’Donnell, Partner, Atoz, Luxembourg

09.25 – 10.05 AIFMD perspective from different jurisdictions

Moderator: Benjamin Collette, Partner, EMEA AIFMD Leader, Deloitte, Luxembourg Panelists: - David Bailey, Group Head of Marketing, Communications and Product

Development, Augentius, London

- Geoffrey Cook, Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman, Luxembourg - Joep H. Ottervanger, Partner, Loyens & Loeff, Amsterdam - Daniel Richards, Partner, Ogier, Jersey & Luxembourg

10.05 – 10.35 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

10.35 – 11.10 CEO interview

Bob Kneip, CEO, KNEIP, Luxembourg

Interviewer: Richard Pelly, CEO, European Investment Fund, Luxembourg

11.10 – 11.50 Distribution: trends, opportunities and threats

Moderator: Mark Evans, Partner, PwC, Luxembourg

Panelists: - Shoquat Bunglawala, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, London

- Torsten Hunke, Director, Head of Legal Asset Management Germany/UK, Credit Suisse AG, Frankfurt am Main

- Marc Romano, CEO, Rothschild HDF Investment Solutions, Paris

11.50 – 12.00 Closing remarks

12.00 – 14.00 Lunch hosted by Societe Generale Securities Services

© UBS 2013. All rights reserved.

We will not rest

It’s not our leading-edge technology platforms that will give you the edge. (Although obviously they’ll help.) Nor is it our fifty years of experience. (Although that too is pretty important.) So is it our extensive expertise in asset servicing? No. It’s none of these things.

It’s one thing. Our commitment to relationships. At UBS, we listen. And we listen hard. You may manage traditional or alternative investments. Your needs may be simple or complex. But no one will work harder, shoulder to shoulder, to find a solution. No one will give you a more competitive edge. Enough of our words. We want to hear yours.

E-mail us at fundservices@ubs.com or go to www.ubs.com/fundservices

Top rated 2009–2013 in Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey

Until your asset servicing provider gives you the

edge you deserve.




14.00 – 14.05 Chairperson’s introduction

Henry Kelly, Independent Director and Chairman ALFI Fund Governance Forum, KellyConsult S.à r.l., Luxembourg

14.05 – 14.40 Obtaining an AIFM license in Luxembourg

Pascal Berchem, Chef de Service, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxembourg

Interviewer: Jérôme Wigny, Partner, Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen, Luxembourg

14.40 – 15.10 AIFMD - a global brand

Pervaiz Panjwani, Head of Securities and Fund Services, Citi, Luxembourg

Peter Salvage, Head of Alternative Investment Services EMEA Securities and Fund Services, Citi, London

15.10 – 15.40 Refreshment break and visit of the exhibition area

15.40 – 16.30 Attractiveness of Real Assets for Family Offices

Moderator: Diana Diels, President, Luxembourg for Family Office, Luxembourg Panelists: - David Arendt, Managing Director, The Luxembourg Free Port, Luxembourg

- Benoit Descourtieux, CFA, President, Oriental Patron Investment Management Ltd., Hong Kong

- Dominique Morisod, Swiss Healthcare Capital, Switzerland

- Lawrence M. Shindell, Chairman, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, New York 16.30 – 16.35 Closing remarks

programme day 2 p.m. - wednesday 20th november 2013

Uncertainty, regulation and consolidation – around

the world, many industries are still operating in a

challenging environment.

But the best businesses find ways to create value,

not only surviving but even thriving in the harshest

of conditions.

At HSBC, we work to connect clients to real growth

opportunities, wherever they emerge next. Connecting

the developed and the developing world, we help

businesses grow – in every macroeconomic climate.

There’s more on the future of finance at


HSBC operates in various jurisdictions through its affiliates, including, but not limited to, HSBC Bank plc who is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, HSBC Securities (USA) Inc., member of NYSE, FINRA and SIPC, and HSBC Bank USA, NA. Issued by HSBC Holdings plc. AC22967

In the future, growth will emerge

from the toughest conditions.


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