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Press Kit 2015



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Press Kit 2015

foodora is a food delivery service for premium restaurants and offers

a healthy alternative to traditional takeaways. Food lovers enjoy a

much broader range in high quality cuisine and can order online from

the office or the comfort of their home. An advanced algorithm, which

determines the optimal route between restaurants and customers, helps

delivery drivers navigate the dense traffic of the urban city. This ensures

that the food maintains its high quality and arrives at the customer’s

doorstep on average within 30 minutes.


Press Kit 2015

To satisfy the refined taste of its customers, foodora works exclusively

with high quality restaurants. Partnering restaurants avoid the costs and

logistics of employing their own drivers while simultaneously gaining

access to a much larger customer base and benefitting from higher



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Press Kit 2015

Customers find nearby high quality restaurants

on and order their favourite


Once the order is submitted, the restaurant prepares the


A driver picks up the order and delivers it as

quickly as possible to the customer.


Press Kit 2015

An advanced algorithm supports all of foodora’s operations by

calculating the fastest restaurant-customer route and converting it into

readily accessible directions for the driver. In dense urban city centres,

the natural home of foodora, it gives the company a strong competitive

advantage compared to established takeaways and helps drivers

navigate the traffic. The technology involved in every delivery ensures

that the food arrives fast and delicious within an average of 30 minutes.





Press Kit 2015

foodora was founded in October 2014 in Munich.

Today, the startup has partnerships with 650

restaurants in 9 countries and 15 cities.

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna

Finland Sweden Norway Netherlands Germany Austria France Spain Italy


Press Kit 2015



Press Kit 2015

Customers of foodora are as diverse as the cuisine on offer: business

professionals, food lovers and families. They are often on the go and

have little time to cook fresh meals every day. Still, none of them want

to give up healthy and high quality food.


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Advantages for foodora customers:

user-friendly platform vast range of choice guaranteed quality fast delivery


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Press Kit 2015

foodora works with a vast number of restaurants offering diverse

cuisine, whose meals meet the highest standards of quality. To ensure

the level of premium food is maintained, foodora works exclusively with

high quality restaurants after carefully selecting them through a rigorous

application process.


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Main advantages of being a partner restaurant

a larger customer base easy integration delivery driver fleet higher revenues


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Press Kit 2015

Konstantin feels at home in the world of startups. Before founding foodora, he worked in startups such as Westwing and Alina Flowers.

During his studies at Columbia University in New York, he realised the takeaway culture in the US was far more advanced and that Germany lacked a delivery service working with high quality restaurants. In 2014 he brought the concept back to Munich and founded foodora.

Konstantin Mehl


Press Kit 2015

Emanuel graduated from the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. He leads on Operations and gained his first startup experience as Director of Business Development at Home 24. In his team, Emanuel is renowned for his pasta dishes.

After completing his Master’s degree at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Julian began his career as a Management Consultant at Bain & Company. At foodora, he is responsible for Marketing & Communications, as well as Corporate Sales. In his spare time he likes to sing and is a huge opera fan. In Berlin, Julian is constantly on the hunt for the best burger.

Emanuel Pallua


Press Kit 2015

Sergei studied Maths, Infomatics and Computer Science in St. Petersburg and

Munich. He manages the backend technologies and is responsible for the development of IT structures. Sergei loves Russian food and is looking forward to the first Russian partner restaurant under the foodora umbrella.

Stefan holds a Business and Computer Science degree from the Technical University of Munich, where he began to develop his first startup ideas with Sergei and Konstantin. Stefan takes care of the frontend of the foodora platform.

Sergei Krauze


Press Kit 2015







Press Kit 2015

“New hip delivery service in town“

Metro (Netherlands)

“Eat like you’re in a luxury restaurant“ (Austria)

“Food delivered in half an hour can now be ordered in Helsinki“

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

“Startup opens the door to high-end restaurants“ (Spain)

“foodora lets you order food online from restaurants that don’t traditionally offer a take-out and delivery service“


Press Kit 2015

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