Spiritual Intelligence Report: June 6, Spiritual Warfare Topic: FREEDOM. Jn 8:32: and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

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Spiritual Intelligence Report: June 6, 2021

Spiritual Warfare Topic:





How to Deal With The System:

You are a man or a woman with unalienable rights.

Refuse to play in their civil statutory system:

Who claimed my property?

Who can administer my property without right?

Produce the obligation (contract) upon which you have

jurisdiction (contracts are between men and women).

Produce the verified trespass. (for cops)

Who is the wronged party (is there a victim due to my



MARXISM ...of Babylon, Egypt, India, Persia, Greece

American and etc. All were forms of

European Secret PANTHEISM

Political Societies

Witchcraft, Sorcery,

International Divination, Spiritism,

Banking Elites most Occult

Practices, Eastern

World Council of Religions (Hinduism,

Churches Buddhism, Shintoism, etc

Theosophical Many cults of

Society the 1800s New Spiritual Technology Flotation Tanks, Self-hypnosis, Tapes, Subliminal

Persuasion, etc.


Source: Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300,


Edom (where they come from):


Their Plan (Unconventional War Strategy) Includes:

Open Borders/Illegal Immigration

IRS 89K+ agents


Prisoners released

Defund Police

Drugs..Drugs..Drugs (Lacing) (Fentynol)

Division/Fighting (Infiltration)

Climate Change- Green New Deal

Food | Oil | Energy scarcity

COVID>>>Experimental shot (depopulation)

--Agenda 21/2030 on steroids (catching up since 9/11)

--Regional Councils of Government (unelected)

Mind Control | Mockingbird | Controlled Narrative

Technocracy: (eliminate constitution/nation-state)



They are solidly set against the concept of nation-state and in particular, the Constitution of the United States. This, national sovereignty must be diminished and then abolished altogether in order to make way for the New International Economic Order that will be governed by an unelected global elite with their self-created legal framework. (think statutory law vs. common law)


the greatest nation in the history of mankind.” - Pg 76, Technocracy Rising, Patrick M. Wood

(Think: satan’s army)

More on the Illuminati…tactical




The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as “enlightenment”. It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism. They have taken what they consider the “best” of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as “El”, “Baal”, and “Ashtarte”, as well as “Isis and Osiris” and “Set”. (think paganism)

There are 12 steps to this, also known as “the 12 steps of discipline’ and they also teach traveling astral planes, time travel, and other metaphysical phenomena. Do people really do this, or is it a drug induced hallucination? I cannot judge. I saw things that I believe cannot be rationally explained when in this group, things that frightened me, but I can only say that it could be a combination of cult mind control, drug inductions, hypnosis, and some true demonic activity (think SRA, trafficking, killing of babies,etc). How much of each, I cannot begin to guess. I do know that these people teach and practice evil.

At the higher levels, the group is no longer people in robes chanting in front of bonfires. Leadership councils have administrators who handle finances (and trust me, this group makes money. That alone would keep it going even if the rest were just religious hog wash).

The leadership levels include businessmen, bankers, and local community leaders. They are intelligent, well educated, and active in their churches. Above local leadership

councils are the regional councils, who give dictates to the groups below them, help form the policies and agendas for each region, and who interact with the local leadership councils.


all means. The first thing a child learns from “family, or the Order” as they are called, is “The first rule of the Order is secrecy”. This is why you don’t hear from more survivors who get out. The lengths that this group goes to, to terrify its members into not

disclosing, is unbelievable.

The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan center in the United States. They have divided the United States up into 7 major regions, and each has a regional council over it, with the heads of the local councils reporting to them. They meet once every two months, and on special occasions.

A metropolitan region may have as many as 10 to 30 groups within it, and rural areas will often have meetings with other local groups, and report to the metro leadership council. They almost NEVER recruit outsiders, although occasionally they will buy children or a family from Asia, for example, and keep them under constant surveillance in return for saving their life from the local Mafia. They are threatened with being returned to this group if they ever disclose.

They are in your county (parish) | Don’t discount their power…

Communism (liberalism, marxism, facism,evolution, etc.)

- Just a means to an end:

Eradicate Christians | depopulation | anti-christ takeover | satan is ruler….

The Way Ahead

Your Resource List:

- Proof of the Illuminati:


- The Naked Communist, by W. Leon Skousen

- The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Leon Skousen

- Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, by

Dr. John Coleman

- The Hypnotic Communist, by W. Calvin Fields III

- Enroute to Global Occupation, by Gary H. Kah

- Technocracy Rising, by Patrick Wood


From Enroute to Global Occupation: pgs 156-163

1. Be an informed and educated Christian

a. Lukewarm Christianity and Bible illiteracy is over

2. Draw near to Christ

a. Put to death the worldly sins

3. Keep life in its proper perspective

a. Love, serve and please God

My additions:


Occupy Ground (Territory)

Ekklesias in local area

- Sharing the Word

- Fellowship

- Education

Activism (no more Romans 13 silence and Rapture expectations)

(We’re in this whether we like it or not….)

Be there for those escaping the denominational church system


Matt 7:20, ESV:


hus you will recognize them by their fruits.

(Be careful who you listen to and/or follow)

Beware of:

Cesspools of trouble: 14 cities (dem strongholds)


Peaceful protests for us...NO VIOLENCE!

- The battle is for your mind and spirit (and soul)...




Eze 21:23, ESV:

But to them it will seem like a false divination. They have

sworn solemn oaths, but he brings their guilt to remembrance, that they

may be taken.


Psa 10:2, ESV:

In arrogance the wicked hotly pursue the poor; let them be

caught in the schemes that they have devised.

- Father, we suffer due to lack of knowledge. Give us the mental capacity to

grasp the works of satan and his minions. We are surrounded by those

who will steal and plunder our possessions, our families, our lives and our

souls. We pray against all their schemes and how they operate in our

towns, states, country and worldwide. Let your will be done in exposing

their evil attempts to steal everything from us. Free us, your saints, and

catch those in rebellion, for Your justice is supreme and it shall reign for

ever and ever.

Rev 11:18, ESV:

The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for

the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and

saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for

destroying the destroyers of the earth.”





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