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therefore vital that an organisation’s email gateway is able to mitigate spam, neutralise viruses and prevent data leaks without hindering the free flow of messages.

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a trusted email gateway security solution that gets the balance right. With the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway installed, your organisation can be confident that it is protected from digital threats and data leaks while employees communicate freely by email.

Inbound Threat Protection

With thousands of new viruses and targeted attacks being created daily, the SECURE Email Gateway provides a number of unique methods to keep your perimeter defences tight. From viruses to malware, in-and-outbound threat protection keeps your inbox free from malicious emails and spam. Offering zero-hour anti-malware protection, IP reputation based filtering and signature based anti-virus, together with deep file inspection to identify hidden malware, you can be confident that your email is safe.

Spam Protection

Spam continues to be an annoyance for everyone, wasting bandwidth, processing time and cluttering inboxes; the current estimate for daily spam volumes is 93 billion messages per day. The SECURE Email Gateway employs a number of different techniques to deliver 99+% spam detection with minimal administration.

Our multi-layer detection conducts initial checks using TRUSTmanager based on real-time repulation filtering, using RBL lists, reputation data and anonymous feedback from our customers’ Gateways, allowing Clearswift to score 60m+ addresses every 15 minutes. If further checks are needed, SpamLogic employs a number of filtering approaches to sort different types of spam, including:

• Greylisting

• Backscatter prevention (NDR) • RBL


• Recipient authentication • Signature based anti-spam • Heuristics

• Bayesian learning engine.

Content Inspection



The MIMEsweeper content engine has the capacity to perform deep content inspection; for email traffic that means visibility of:

• Message headers • Senders and recipients • Subject lines

• Message bodies

• Attachments and their contents • Headers and Footers of documents

• Meta data with documents such as author, title and creation date

The content engine is responsible for the true-file type detection as well as text extraction and scanning. The scanning of messages and attachments allows for the detection of:

• Social security and credit card numbers • Banking codes

• Profanity

• Confidentiality clauses and customer defined expressions

• Pre-defined dictionary expressions including for GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI. Policy Controls

With flexible policy controls, Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway gives you complete, bi-directional control over your organisation’s email. Policy routes and rule-sets can be as complex as the organisation’s AUP requires them to be. Depending on the result of a particular content rule and the context within which it has been detected, flexible application of policies is allowed. Content rules check that the data being sent via any given email route is acceptable for delivery. Examples of content rules include detection for: content, file type, spam, viruses, inappropriate or registered Images, filename or message size amongst others.


Clearswift offers a wide range of encryption options that enable you to automatically encrypt emails, securing any information passed internally and externally in your organisation.

For users who simply require encryption on messages between themselves and other organisations, support for TLS comes as standard on the Email Gateway.

If you need a bit more, we support international standards for OpenPGP and S/MIME message formats, enabling communications between recipients who use standard email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Notes.

Finally, our portal-based encryption is an easy-to-use method requiring no user knowledge of encryption. Encrypted messages sent using the Secure Encryption Portal can be opened on all types of devices, from PCs to phones and tablets.


For day-to-day management, the Gateway supports multiple administrators with different associated privileges. This enables specific tasks to be completed such as message management, reporting or monitoring without the risk of settings being accidentally changed. In addition, the logical user interface means that business managers can be involved in message workflow when violations occur.

Message management is simplified using separate quarantine areas for each violation, coupled with different admin roles, meaning that sensitive messages can only be managed by senior administrators.


Built-in reports for operational aspects of the system, such as message volumes, spam, viruses, latency and policy violations can be tailored on demand. Reports can be generated in HTML, PDF or CSV format, and can also be schedule to run and be emailed to appropriate recipients - saving on operator intervention.

Reporting is consolidated across all members of a peer group to reduce the overhead of having to run the same report on each gateway.

The system also incorporates a message tracking feature that enables administrators to find messages using an advanced search interface. They can find messages that have been received or rejected, and display the exact history of how the message was received, processed and disposed of.

Personal Message Manager (PMM)

Clearswift takes the management of blocked messages to an enhanced level, empowering the right users to manage their own violations.

For example, a senior partner sending a large, urgent message late on a Friday night could find it triggering the ‘Maximum Size Rule.’ Often the partner has no choice but to track down someone in IT to release the message. The PMM eliminates this problem, allowing you to define who can release what violations.



Flexible Deployment Options

The SECURE Email Gateway offers flexible deployment options, including: • Clearswift supplied hardware - 2 models are available with a choice of Next

Business Day or 4hr onsite service levels and different hardware performance profiles.

• Customer’s own hardware - The Linux platform used by the Email Gateway supports multiple hardware suppliers so that customers can continue to use servers from their favourite IT supplier such as Dell, HP, IBM, Hitachi, etc. • VMware and Hyper-V - Customers building a private cloud can deploy for

Production, DR and Test usage on VMware and Hyper-V. Customers can also mix-and-match their deployments between physical and virtual, according to their platform requirements.


Customers who want to archive messages to a 3rd party archiving solutions can use the Gateway to duplicate every message or just certain messages based on policy. The product supports relaying copies of all in or outbound email to an offbox email archiving solution or copying by policy all mail to an designated archiving mailbox. This flexibility permits you to use the solution with in-house or hosted email archiving solutions.

Top 10 Features:Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

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