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from the Faculty Senate



• Faculty Welfare

• The University’s Academic Mission and Academic Standards


• 14 elected members • 3 RSoB members • 3 CSoE members • 4 A&S members • 1 LSHS members • 2 at‐large members • 1 member from combined group (currently  vacant)

• Distribution amongst faculty ranks

• 3 full professors • 5 associate professors • 5 assistant professors • 8 tenured faculty • 2 tenure‐track faculty • 2 teaching‐track faculty • 1 clinical faculty


• Meetings of the senate • Twice‐monthly during the semester‐based academic year • Other meetings as needed • Open to all University faculty and staff • Senate agendas • Agenda set by the senate executive committee • Items come from senate committees, faculty, academic affairs, student affairs, HR, and other  administrative units • Communication mechanisms • Dissemination of agenda packets et al. via faculty email distribution list(s) • Bilateral engagement between faculty and elected senators • Anonymous feedback via Google form accessible to those with CU network credentials


• Fiscal health/well-being of the institution

• Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships

• Affordability of health insurance for our graduate students and their



• Faculty Governance and the

Senate’s Ad Hoc Committee

• Restructuring of senate composition • Formal procedures for non‐curricular 


• Promotions Committee procedures and  composition

• Watchdog over Policies and

Practices Impactful to:

• Faculty 

• Academic Mission

• Role(s) of Faculty in Budget

Matters • Transparency in academic affairs  revenues/expenditures • Formal mechanisms for faculty input to  annual budgetary decisions • Long-Range Planning • Early engagement of faculty in planning • Continued involvement of faculty  throughout planning/decision‐making  processes


Academic Mission Committee



COACHE - Who responded?

120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 111 61 62 75 85 76 34 29 44 52 Tenured Pre-Tenure Teaching/Clinical Track Faculty of Color SA & S CU SB SO E H S O th er 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70


Responding to the COACHE Survey

18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Teaching & Clinical Track Tenure Track

Ye ar s at C la rk so n

Professor of Practice Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor

n=4 n=10 n=28 n=5 n <5 n=72 n=56 n=56

For tenure track faulty, there are no statistically significant differences in time to The majority of teaching and clinical faculty were hired after 2015 ( 44%) as


Responding to the COACHE Survey

Of ce of Faculty Achievement Professional Development and Leadership Training Initiatives

In addition to partnering with EAB and NCFDD, the Office of Faculty Achievement will continue to support the work of the NSF Advance Project STEM-Leaf, to support the research mentoring programs of SRS and ISE among others, and to advance on recommendations from faculty for additional training and support.


Responding to the COACHE Survey

Faculty expressed concerns with

communication and leadership from

the unit level to administration.

While these concerns were variably expressed by different constituencies,


Responding to the Governance Report

RECOMMENDATION - develop clear, crisp, and consistent job descriptions for chairs, deans, etc. - Chair/academic program director description communicated to senate

- Descriptions for deans/directors will be communicated to Senate in February

RECOMMENDATION - create widely understood process for evaluation of deans/directors, chairs etc.

- Chair/academic program director appointment and review process developed by Deans and reviewed by chairs/program directors has been communicated to Senate and is being implemented currently.

- Process for Dean/Director review in review by Deans/Directors for communication to Senate in February and implementation by March 2021

RECOMMENDATION - leadership training for deans, chairs etc. - Membership in NCFDD

- HR-Office of Faculty Achievement training for search committees

- Chairs training started (using data to evaluate course schedules among others) With arrival of Interim CFO, will act on recommendation for establishing a long-range budget and planning conference committee. Continuing to work all levels from faculty to chairs to upper administration on communications.

Workload Equity Policy Update



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