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more reasons to

We give you



You have so many choices.

More benefits, more choice

and more satisfaction.

Did you know that

it takes 26 muscles to smile and

62 muscles to frown.

With CIGNA Dental, satisfaction and

healthy teeth go hand in hand. With

comprehensive networks, innovative

products and dedicated experts all leading

to service excellence and satisfaction.

When you choose CIGNA Dental, you choose one of the most experienced and innovative dental benefits companies in the industry. With more than 125 years of experience in employee health benefits, CIGNA was one of the first insurance companies to offer dental Indemnity – introducing its first plan in 1964. A CIGNA Dental predecessor formed the first Dental HMO in 1974, and in 1984, we became the first national carrier to enter the Dental HMO market. Our philosophy stresses the importance of preventive dentistry and early intervention in the disease process. This process benefits both our members and the dentists who provide care.

We believe that a successfully managed dental care program is built on:

Long-term relationships, mutual rewards and common goals;

A commitment to the practice of good dentistry;Respect for our network providers’ freedom to

exercise sound professional judgment; and ■Quality patient care provided in a supportive


This means you can count on us to continue to attract members and maintain rewarding relationships with our network dental providers.


Broad, Comprehensive Networks

Flexible, Innovative Products

We are one of only two carriers to offer Indemnity,

Dental PPO (DPPO) and Dental HMO (DHMO) plans nationwide. Consider the breadth, depth and quality of our networks:

Our DHMO has more than 23,000 participating dentists nationally – making it the largest in the country. DHMO networks are offered in 39 states and 94% of enrolled members have at least two network general dentist offices within 10 miles. ■ Our DPPO has nearly 70,000 participating dentists

nationally – and is growing fast. Our DPPO product is available in all 50 states and 84% of members have at least two network dentists within 10 miles. ■ Our CIGNAPlus SavingsSM

product is powered by Dental Network Access with nearly 60,000 participating dentists nationally.

On average, dentists in the DHMO and DPPO networks have been in practice 18-to-20 years. And more than 78% of the general dentists who joined the DPPO network upon inception are still with us today. In addition, our DPPO dentists are contracted directly by CIGNA Dental without complicated subcontracting or recontracting arrangements through a third-party.

When you choose CIGNA Dental, you

gain access to some of the largest, most

comprehensive dental provider networks

in the nation. Because of our breadth

and nationwide scope, not only can we

offer our members access to a large

number of dentists and services, we are

able to offer some of the industry’s most

competitive discounts. These savings are

passed along to you and, in turn, your

employees. Our Dental PPO members,

for example, will generally pay 30% less

when DPPO network dentists are used

because network dentists agree not to

bill members for the difference between

plan payments and their usual fees.


There’s a CIGNA network

dentist near you.

When you choose CIGNA Dental, you get more than most competitors offer. We offer

a variety of dental plan products – one is sure to meet your needs. And you can purchase

CIGNA Dental products as stand alone products or integrated with CIGNA medical products.

CIGNA Dental Care – Dental HMO

Size:One of the largest national Dental HMO networks with more than 23,000 dentists in 39 states.

Flexibility:Each family member can choose his or her own network dentist. Second opinions are available at no charge when we arrange them, and there are no claim forms or waiting periods.

Savings:Highest level of coverage available through CIGNA Dental, with significant savings for you and your employees. Premium costs are 30-40% lower than traditional indemnity plans. No copayments are required for most diagnostic and preventive care, and there are no deductibles or dollar maximums.


Size: Nearly 70,000 dentists – and growing – in 50 states.

Flexibility:In- and out-of-network benefits are available. Each time your employees need care, they have a choice, and no referrals are needed to visit specialists.

Savings:Using network dentists, employees pay on average 30% less and are never balance-billed for services.

CIGNA Traditional – Dental Indemnity

Size:Employees can visit any licensed dentist or specialist.

Flexibility:No network restrictions. Employers can choose different levels of deductibles or waiting periods.

Savings:Emphasis is on access versus savings; however, many diagnostic and preventive services are provided at low or no cost. And our review of claims for utilization management saves employers significant money.

CIGNAFlex AdvantageSM– Our Innovative Feature

Size:Maximum choice with access to both DHMO and DPPO networks.

Flexibility:When an employer purchases both CIGNA Dental HMO and CIGNA Dental PPO or Indemnity with the (CIGNAFlex AdvantageSM) feature, members

are allowed to switch between the two products throughout the year, with no penalties.

Savings:Most cost-effective way for employers to offer their employees more options and flexibility.

With its products, CIGNA Dental offers a wide

variety of funding options, including fully insured,

experience rated, ASO and minimum premium.

We also offer employer funded, shared funded

and voluntary benefit cost sharing options.


Dedicated Experts Who Care

When you choose CIGNA Dental, you

choose a company that can offer you

some of the most comprehensive dental

networks and innovative dental plans.

You also choose an experienced account

team dedicated to client service. Our

Dental Account Consultants have an

average of 10 years experience. You can

depend on your CIGNA team for:


Based on the products you select, a wide variety of reports are available to you. Many of these reports are available online through CIGNAaccess.com. Our experts work with our customers to create the reporting package that best meets their needs.

Network Management Resources

CIGNA Dental is an industry leader because we are able to take the strength and expertise we have as a national competitor and give it the local-market focus and attention our customers and members require.

We work to provide specialized network recruiting where you need it most, utilizing the expert resources of nearly 60 network management professionals, including 26 field-based network managers, who focus on retaining and growing our networks, and helping to make sure that our members’ dental office experiences are of the highest quality.

Clinical Resources

A team of 25 licensed dentists, employed by or under contract with CIGNA Dental, conduct professional claim utilization review – an approach that helps ensure a consistent, quality decision-making process. In 2003, our advanced claim systems and professional review process saved our Dental PPO and indemnity clients more than $1.4 billion.


We’re here for you.

Taking advantage of CIGNA Capabilities

Our focus is on early identification of potential medical conditions. For example, research shows us that employees miss 32 million workdays

each year due to dental disease. CIGNA Dental is able to identify dental members who have recently been treated for gum disease. If those

members also have CIGNA medical benefits, we can provide that data to clinical staff for disease management (diabetes and cardiac) and

case management (pregnancy). Why? Because of the known correlation between periodontal disease and medical conditions.

CIGNA products include medical, pharmacy, behavioral health and vision benefits as well as group disability, life and accident

insurance. All CIGNA products can be purchased together or on their own.

Our producers smile too.

A recent producer survey identified CIGNA Dental as

the best carrier for our account management team and

consultative renewal process. Nine out of 10 producers

rank our existing business sales team as good to excellent.

80% state that we are consultative at renewal.


Member Satisfaction Scores

We conduct regular member satisfaction surveys. Here’s what our members are saying:


Convenient appointment – 99% of respondents gave a favorable rating, and 95% strongly agree or agree. ■ Appropriate treatment – 99% of respondents gave

a favorable rating, and 97% strongly agree or agree. ■ Overall satisfaction – 93% of respondents gave

a favorable rating, and 78% strongly agree or agree. ■ And nearly 100% of respondents would

recommend their dental office to a friend or relative.


Convenient appointment – 92% of respondents gave a favorable rating, and 83% strongly agree or agree. ■ Appropriate treatment – 93% of respondents gave

a favorable rating, and 86% strongly agree or agree. ■ Overall satisfaction – 91% of respondents gave

a favorable rating, and 75% strongly agree or agree. ■ And 85% of respondents would recommend their

dental office to a friend or relative.


CIGNA Dental has field-based service, sales and client management teams located across the United States, all focused on meeting the needs of its employer clients. Team members average 10 years of dental client management experience. We are committed to providing our clients with online capabilities that:

Simplify their benefits administration;Optimize expenditures; and

Improve the quality of their employees’ health experiences.

Clients are assigned account management teams to: ■Provide dedicated on-site enrollment support

and customized installation;

Review clinical results, trends and recommendations;Recommend employee education communications;Resolve customer quality and/or service issues; Resolve customer service questions; andOffer a resource to listen to suggestions and

discuss new programs.

The foundation of CIGNA Dental service

excellence is the expertise of our employer

and member service representatives. For

example, many of our PPO and Indemnity

claim processors have been with CIGNA

Dental for more than nine years. The

experience and dedication of our employees

translates into higher satisfaction.

Consider this:


Member Service Capabilities

Our members can reach live service representatives via a toll-free 800-number from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. across time zones. In addition, members can be assisted 24/7days, a week through our:

Toll-free Voice Response Unit; Online or fax capabilities for network

information; and

Secure member Web site, myCIGNA.com, where members can:

Access and review personalized dental information;

Locate participating dentists;

Access dental health news and forms;

Check the status of a claim; and

Order a new I.D. card

Value Added Member Discounts

CIGNA Dental members have access to CIGNA Healthy Rewards®, a program offering discounts on

an array of services, including but not limited to, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser vision and massage therapy services, weight management and smoking cessation programs.

Member Service Metrics

CIGNA Dental service representatives pride themselves on working to meet and exceed their service goals: ■ 98% claims processing accuracy (goal of 95%)99.6% claims financial accuracy (goal of 99%)96.7% of claims processed within 10 days

(goal of 90%)

92.4% of incoming calls resolved within the first call (goal of 90%)

23 seconds average speed of answer (goal of 30)



appointmentsatisfaction Overall Appropriatetreatment appointmentConvenient satisfaction Overall Appropriatetreatment

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 99% 95% 99% 93% 78% 97% 92% 83% 93% 91% 75% 86%

Commitment to Service Excellence


We can help make you happy

and healthier.

Did you know that more than 92% of

adults agree that an attractive smile

is an important social asset, and it also


F O R D E N T I S T S / P R O V I D E R S

Value Added Dentist Discounts

This program is a unique feature of CIGNA Dental. Dentists have access to valuable discounts ranging from 5% to 25% on products and services such as continuing education, dental supplies, travel services, and biological and radiological monitoring.

Integrated Quality Management Program Our Integrated Quality Management Program drives overall quality and better outcomes across our entire network.

Additionally, for our closed panel product (DHMO), we perform on-site reviews of all CIGNA Dental Care network general dentists’ offices at least every three years. These are on-site clinical audits using licensed dentists to perform the reviews.

The world always looks brighter

from behind a smile.

cost products and services than the competition and stresses

breakthrough improvement for enhanced bottom line results.

Nearly 100 of our employees have certified Six Sigma belt

status, ranging from black belt to yellow belt, with significant

training around process improvement. As a result, we’ve seen:

Four completed projects in 2003 achieved $3 million in

annualized savings versus an original target of $2.4 million.

2004 projects are under way with projected savings

of $995 thousand.

Customer metrics with sustained improvements from

baseline metrics in April 2003:

• DHMO average hold time reduced

(from 312 seconds to 281 seconds in May 2004).

• DHMO average call waiting reduced

(from 97 seconds to 63 seconds in May 2004).

• Pended Claims aging volume reduced

(pended volume reduced by 50%).

• Front-end Claims Processing time reduced


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