You can attach accounts to this domain name (eg. or which also increases your corporate branding.

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Your website is placed on the Internet using a domain name (eg. This is your virtual address and it allows people to find your website amongst the millions of websites on the Internet.

You can attach email accounts to this domain name (eg. or which also increases your corporate branding.

It does not attract any extra fees to have your email added to your domain name and it will not negate or interfere with any email addresses you already use (eg.

Up to 10 email accounts are included in your hosting. If you would like to have your own email addresses set up, please contact Web Seven.

Setting Up Outlook Express

If you are setting up more then one email account (eg. in an office with more then one computer), you must be at the computer of the person who will have the new email account. So if you are setting up a new email account for John (eg., you must be using John's computer (or laptop). 1. Open Outlook Express (or Outlook, Eudora, Mail - the step by step instructions will vary according to

each version or email program. The information from each instruction will still be valid, just in a different page layout).




Make sure the MAIL tab is on top by clicking on it. This window displays all the email accounts that are set up on your computer. You will probably have an account already set up from your ISP (eg. which will remain – just leave it as is.

If you are already have email under your domain name, then your email account will just need updating. Go to page 5 and follow the instructions from there, changing your details to match.

2. Click on the MAIL tab then click on ADD > MAIL

3. Type in a display name that people will recognise when you send them email.

eg. Acme Sale eg. Mary Moore




4. Enter your full email address.

5. The incoming mail server is POP3

6. Type in

in the INCOMING MAIL SERVER box. 7. Type in




8. Type in your full email address as the account name

9. Type in your password

Click Next

11. Click Finish, then there are a few more steps to go

10. Tick the




12. Click once on the new email account you have just set up





17. Click on the SERVERS tab and check for typos in your details here 18. Make sure your ACCOUNT NAME is your full email address.

19. These two boxes must be UNTICKED or your email wont send properly 20. Click on the ADVANCED tab 21. Change the SMTP port from 25 to 2525

This will let your email send past sending blocks built by your Internet Service Provider.




Repeat these steps as needed for setting up any other new email accounts.

Your mail will now arrive in your inbox when you click SEND / RECEIVE. If you already have an email account set up, they will all arrive in the same place together. You will be able to tell which email address the message has been sent to when you open it up.

You can select which email address to send from when you make a new message, using the drop down arrow next to the address bar.




Email Problem Solving

1. Email wont download when you click SEND / RECEIVE:

A. Can you see the Internet? If you can’t, then you won’t be able to download email. Call your

ISP to see why you have dropped out or check your hardware to see if it is working properly. B. Check to see if your website is working – If you cannot see your website and you cannot

see then the Web Seven server is re-booting. Wait 10 minutes and try again.

C. Your website is not live but is – Your domain name has probably

expired. If so, then your email will not download and will bounce back to anyone sending you email. Most domain names auto-renew, but if not we can help you fix this quickly and easily, as we usually have your domain registration login details recorded. Call the Web Seven support number for your city for help.

D. Your site is ok but still no mail - Check your email account settings are correct (as

described in this manual) and that there are no errors or typos.

E. Error numbers like 0x800ccc4210A – type the error number into Google and look for the

Microsoft support link, ie: This will tell you a lot about the error and how to fix it. This is usually an Outlook error due to automatic upgrade conflictions with your virus protection software.

F. Error numbers like 0x800ccc78 – This error usually means that the Outgoing SMTP port 25

is blocked by the ISP. Check that your advanced setting have port 2525 not 25. It can also sometimes have a web address after it like: This can mean that you current IP address is blocked by a spam blocker site due to someone having a virus or spamming from that IP address. Call Web Seven for help and we’ll check this for you and help where we can.

2. Can’t send email, but can download it:

A. Click send / receive again – The Web Seven server gives you authorization to download

based on your IP address when your check your mail. If you try to send without having checked recently, then you need to click send / receive again to refresh the approval.

B. 535.7.0 Authentication failed – This means that the authentication required box is ticked




C. Port 25 is blocked – some ISPs block port 25 to other domain servers. Check that your

Outgoing SMTP port 25 in the advanced settings, for EACH account, has been change to 2525. This is the port Web Seven uses to send email around the ISPs. If you have Optus as your ISP, then you may need to log into your Optus account and allow port 2525 access. Once you log in go to: and turn off the mail filter.

3. Email sending fine but people are telling me their messages to me are bouncing back.

A. Mail box is full – you have a lot of space for mail but if you have received a lot of email with

attachments or you are using webmail only and not downloading or deleting your mail, then you can use your full 250 or 500MB quota. Either delete or download your mail properly or else call Web seven and we’ll help sort it out for you. If you have FTP areas, they may cause

this to haven frequently if you are not deleting old files from the FTP area before uploading new ones

B. Reply email address is incorrect – if you made a mistake in your reply address during your




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