Electricity to your property

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Electricity to your property

How an electrical connection is made and what you need to consider

Vattenfall Distribution AB


How electricity reaches your property

1. Please leave plenty of time! Bear in mind that the process will take at least fi ve to eight weeks. In rural areas, often involving long distances, this may take longer. Up-to-date prices can be found at

www.vattenfall.se/elanslutning, where you can also order a quote.

2. Contact a certifi ed electrician to assist you with the work. The electrician will send a preliminary application to us, describing the work to be carried out and including a map showing the property as well as a site plan.

3. We will send you a quote for the connection fee, in response to either your request or the electrician’s preliminary application. The quote sets out what you and Vattenfall each need to do.

4. You order the connection by signing the order form enclosed with the quote and returning this to us.

5. Each connection requires a diff erent amount of work. We may need to reinforce the electricity network, order a new substation or request permission from landowners and authorities. We will confi rm the order once we know what is required for your specifi c connection. You will then be notifi ed of when we plan to have completed the work up to your site and provided with the information you need to choose an electricity supplier.

6. Once we have received your order and the electrician’s preliminary application, we will notify your electrician that work can begin.

7. In addition to wiring the house, the electrician will install a meter box and ensure that the correct cable protection conduit is purchased and laid underground. Once the electrician has completed this work, a notifi cation of completion will be sent to us.

8. You will receive information about your subscription once we have connected the service cable to your meter box. The electrician is responsible for connecting the electricity to your unit. We will backfi ll outside your site and you are responsible for backfi lling on your site.

8 simple steps!


3 2

4 Regional

station Main


400 V 40 - 20 kV

130 – 70 kV 400 – 220 kV

Before the electricity reaches your wall sockets from the power station it has to be ’stepped down’ several times to reach the appropriate voltage.

Substation (1)

Substations often look like small prefabricated houses and are found in every residential area. These receive power from the nearest distribution station, where the voltage is stepped down. The substation further reduces the voltage so it can be supplied to a junction box.

Junction box (2)

and electricity meter box (3) In the junction box, often a small grey box located near the property, electricity is distributed to the property’s separate electricity meter boxes or electrical rooms.

Electricity’s journey from power plants to your wall socket The coloured area shows the part involved in connection work.

A good, reliable electricity supply

We own the electricity network in your area and maintain it to ensure consistent high quality.

When connecting a new unit, we calculate how the electricity network will be affected. We may need to reinforce the network in order to maintain its quality. There is usually a substation that can support the new unit. In some cases we will need to construct a new one, however.

There is a lot to think about when constructing a new build! If you require electricity at your property, it is Vattenfall Eldistribution’s task to connect your property to the electricity network, if it is located within our network area.

Electrical work carried out at your site or at your unit must be performed by a certified electrician. This electrician will act as your agent and assist you during the process. Most of your contact with us will be through your electrician.


Please leave plenty of time!


How long does an electrical connection take?

This depends on for instance the area in which the connection will take place and the time of year. In urban areas, it typically takes five to eight weeks from receipt of a written request from you, the customer, and a preliminary application from your electrician. You should anticipate a longer period in rural areas. We may need to construct a new substation, for example, if the distance from the existing station is too great. The process may take longer if we need permission from landowners and authorities.

Once we have received your order, we will inform you of the date we plan to complete our part of the work.

How much does an electrical connection cost?

The connection fee is based on the distance as the crow flies from our nearest substation to your property, as well as the size of your main fuse. Up-to-date prices can be found on our website. The exact price for your specific connection will be provided in the quote.

Up-to-date prices can be found on the website.

Zone model

The fee is an average price and is the same for each zone, regardless of where in Sweden the connection takes place. The price is based on the Energy Markets Inspectorate’s own model. The connection fee consists of two elements: a fee for access to the electricity network and a fee for the service cable.

Access to electricity network We ensure that the electricity network in your area can support your electricity consumption. We will either already have constructed a substation, which is common in urban areas, or we will need to construct a new one. We will run electrical cables up to the junction box where we will make space for your connection.

Service cable

We will excavate and lay electrical cables from the junction box to your site boundary. We will then lay our service cable on your site and install an electricity meter in your meter box.

How do I place my order?

Your chosen electrician will send us a preliminary application and we will send you a quote.

You order work from us by signing the order form included with the quote.

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation including the delivery date and our contact person. The confirmation will also include the information you need to choose an electricity supplier.

Meanwhile, we will start our work by running electrical cables up to your site boundary and the electrician can then prepare to carry out work.

Tip! Watch our information films at www.vattenfall.se/elanslutning


Work on your site

You are responsible for work carried out on your site. Ensuring that the correct cable protection conduit is purchased and laid underground is an important part of this – bear in mind that laying a cable protection conduit is a requirement. We will run our service cable to your meter box through the cable protection conduit.

If there are already electrical cables at the site, you can contact our Customer Services department to find out where these are located. If you would like to have cables removed, you will need to bear the cost of doing this.

It is best to coordinate excavation for cables with excavation for the water and sewage pipes.

Contact therefore the cable owners for the telephone, broadband and cable TV connections in good time.

Who does what

The electrician will wire the house and install a meter box. Once the work is complete, a notification of completion will be sent to us.The electrician is also responsible for connecting the electricity.

You will receive information about your subscription once we have connected the service cable to the meter box. We will backfill outside your site and you are responsible for backfilling on your site.

Main fuse Electricity meter

Area of responsibility Responsible

Material Work

Excavation on site property owner

Cable protection conduit and a pull wire

in conduit property owner property owner

Backfilling following excavation on site property owner

Service cable in cable protection conduit Vattenfall Eldistribution Vattenfall Eldistribution

Connection of service cable to meter box Vattenfall Eldistribution

Meter panel and meter box property owner property owner

Meter, data collection system Vattenfall Eldistribution Vattenfall Eldistribution

Choose the correct main fuse

Once the subscription has started, you will pay a subscription fee and a variable electricity transfer fee to Vattenfall Eldistribution. The subscription fee is based on the size of the main fuse and also includes authority charges.

The larger the main fuse and the higher the amps, the more electricity you can use at once.

If your main fuse is too low, it will blow and need to be replaced frequently. Read more about the function of the main fuse and how to find out the size of your fuse at www.vattenfall.se

You can check whether your electrician is certified at www.elsaker- hetsverket.se.

Consult an


• •• •• •• ••••

Bend radius min 0,5 m

max 2,2 m


min 0,9 m

min 0,35 m 1,0 m

Backfilled ground

The service cable and outer wall meter box are installed as follows.

Your electrician will supply an outer wall meter box. This can be mounted on the outer wall or fl ush with the outer wall. The electricity meter will be supplied and installed by Vattenfall Eldistribution.

The cable protection conduit for the service pipe must:

• be smooth on the inside and yellow on the outside

• have an outer diameter of at least 50 mm for a normal house and larger if necessary

• Laid from the site boundary to within a metre of the house where there should be a cable pull pit

• have a fi lling height of minimum of 0.35 metres and maximum 1 metre

• contain a pullwire

• be sealed, so that fi lling material or water cannot enter

It is important to use the correct cable protection conduit.

Cable requirements for simultaneous laying of electricity and telecommunications service connections in site ground.

The outer wall box should be installed vertically on a solid surface free from vibration. It may not, for instance, be mounted on the lock side of the front door or on the same horizontal frame member

the waste bin holder is screwed into. Your electrician supplies an outer wall box, which can be mounted on the outer wall or fl ush with the outer wall.

The electricity meter is supplied and installed by the network company.

Installation of the service cable with conduit recessed in foundation wall or outside foundations and outer wall meter box mounted fl ush with wall.

The inner diameter of the conduit should be at least twice the outer diameter of the cable. The outer diameter should be at least 50 mm.

Cable pull pit between building shell and site boundary to facilitate cable pulling.

The conduit is sealed at both ends after the pipe is laid, to prevent water, sand or other materials from entering.

0,05 m

min 0,35 m

orange cable conduit yellow cable conduit Service cable Cable TV Tele



Cable protection conduit Protects the service cable on the customer’s site and is laid underground.

Cable pull pit An open pit in which the conduit is accessible and cables can be pulled through.

Connection point The ownership boundary between Vattenfall’s electricity network and the customer’s unit.

Data collection system Gathers the meter readings for the customer’s electricity consumption. Electricity bills are based on these fi gures.

Electricity meters Placed in the meter box and record how much electricity is consumed. The information is gathered by a data collection system.

Electricity supplier The company from which the customer purchases electricity.

Junction box Where the network operator connects the service cables to the various meter boxes and electrical rooms at the property.

Main fuse The fuse on the incoming service cable in the customer’s meter box. The main fuse determines the subscription fee.

Meter box Located on the customer’s site, usually on the outside of the building. This box contains the electricity meter. The property owner owns and maintains the meter box.

Network operator Owns and maintains the electrical cabling up to the customer’s connection point and is responsible for meters and metering of electricity consumption.

Notifi cation of completion The electrician informs Vattenfall that the customer’s unit is ready to be connected.

Preliminary application The electrician orders a new or modifi ed connection to Vattenfall’s electricity network.

Property designation The legal name given to the property by the land survey authority. This is important for us, so we know where your connection will take place.

Service cable The Vattenfall cable through which the customer’s electrical unit is connected to the network, at the connection point.

Service cable fuse The fuse at the start of the service cable, in Vattenfall’s junction box, pylon or transformer station.

Site plan Drawn up in conjunction with the building permit and shows the placement of buildings as well as the property designation.

Subscription A subscription provides access to the electricity network and the customer pays a fi xed connection fee to the network operator.

Substation Transforms voltage from high voltage to low voltage.

Unit ID A code for the electrical unit, used by all network operators to keep track of which electrical unit belongs to which customer. The last nine fi gures are unique to the unit.










Further information on electrical connections can be found at www.vattenfall.se/elanslutning for private customers or www.vattenfall.se/elanslutning/foretag for business customers.

If you would like help with reducing your energy costs, you can meet our energy experts at

www.vattenfall.se/energismart for private customers or www.vattenfall.se/energieff ektivisering

Further information can be found on our website



Please contact us

The quote includes contact details for your representative, who you can contact with any questions relating to electrical connection work.

Customer Services Private Customers Tel. +46 (0)20 82 00 00 kundservice@vattenfall.com Business Customers

Tel. +46 (0)20 82 10 00



To do!

£ Order quote, attach site plan

£ Contact a certified electrician

£ Sign and return order

£ Vattenfall sends confirmation

£ Choose electricity supplier

£ Electrician sends a preliminary application

£ Coordinated excavation (water and sewage, telephone, TV, broadband)

£ Electrician sends notification of completion

£ Connection scheduled

£ Vattenfall connects unit

£ Pay connection fee

Contact details for a Vattenfall Eldistribution representative for my connection


Telephone number Email

Vattenfall Eldistribution AB


My checklist


Vattenfall Eldistribution AB RU 2560, SE-169 92 Stockholm Customer Services for Private Customers Tel +46 (0)20 82 00 00 (weekdays 9 am–5 pm) kundservice@vattenfall.com

Customer Services for Business Customers Tel +46 (0)20 82 10 00 (weekdays 8 am–4.30 pm) foretagskundservice@vattenfall.com





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