Doing Business in Australia Breakfast Seminar

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Doing Business in Australia Breakfast Seminar

December 4, 2015

George Hoffman Senior Vice President, PNC

International Advisory


Why are the Kangaroo and Emu on the Australian Coat of Arms?

A. Because Dingos have rabies

B. Because although Australia has the largest population of wild camels with one hump, they’re more associated with the Middle East and Africa

C. Because the Kangaroo and Emu are the tallest and proudest animals in Australia

D. Because they are the only Australian animals that cannot walk backwards


 Population (2014):

– 23.6 million

 GDP:

– $1.44 trillion

– GDP per capita (USD): $61,024

 Currency:

– Australian Dollar (AUD)

 Central Bank:

– Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

Overview of Australia


Dominated by top 4 banks in the country, includes another 26 domestic commercial banks, 7 foreign bank subsidiaries, 15 rep offices of foreign

banks, 8 building societies, and 75 credit unions.

Banking Sector Structure; Source:

400,000 425,000 450,000 475,000 500,000 525,000 550,000 575,000 600,000 625,000 650,000 675,000 700,000 725,000 750,000 775,000


Australia ANZ Westpac Commonwealth

Assets (MM USD)

Major Australian Banks


• Multilateral net settlement

• For high-value and urgent electronic payments

• US Equivalent: Fedwire/settlement for USD/AUD international wires

HVCS (High-Value Clearing System)

• Deferred net settlement

• For low-value automated transactions in Australia (debits and credits

• EFT (i.e. ACH)

BECS (Bulk Electronic

Clearing System)

• Deferred net settlement

• Proprietary debit card payments

• ATM and Card transactions

CECS (Consumer Electronic

Clearing System)

• Deferred Net Settlement

• Cheque Payments

• US equivalent: Check

APCS (Australian Paper Clearing


Corporate and Consumer Payment Systems


Treasury Structures

Payments Collections


Controls and Visibility

Regulation Risks

Local Practices

Challenges of International Cash Management


AUD Outlook


Information Reporting PNC’s Multibank Reporting enhances Gateway

Services for SWIFT- enabled banks

Funds Transfer PNC’s Funds Transfer

capabilities for

streamlined approach to moving funds through MT101 messaging

Client Care

PNC Client Care through the process of identifying and establishing a

relationship Gateway Direct banks

Service Overview

PNC’s service to assist our clients navigate the complexity of opening foreign bank accounts through language barriers, documentation and fulfilling local requirements.

Comprised of “Gateway Direct” and

“Gateway Referral” services

Guidance in selecting the best banking partner to meet your global needs

Gateway Direct

Access to global banks spanning 23 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America

Receive “white glove” assistance in account opening documentation

PNC serves as an ongoing liaison between our clients and their Gateway Direct partner(s)

Gateway Referral

Access to a network consisting of greater than 1,200 relationships in 150 countries

Receive PNC’s recommended bank partners in each country where you need local in-country assistance

PNC provides a warm hand-off to initiate the relationship between our clients and correspondents

Gateway Services


Multicurrency Accounts (MCA)

MCA Overview


• Wires/Drafts/Payables Advantage Receivables

• Wires/Checks (International Cash Letter)


Standing Transfer Orders (STO)

Daylight Overdraft Lines (DOD)

Multibank Transfer Requests (SWIFT MT101)

PNC Advantage

No FBAR reporting requirements

Funds are FDIC-insured

Balances receive Earnings Credit (ECR) by default*

Interest available in select

currencies (EUR, MXN, CAD, CHF, JPY, GBP)*

PINACLE Integration

Information Reporting:

Current & Previous Day Reporting

Currency and USD-equivalent balances

Run sensitivity reports through ad-hoc rate analysis tool

Data transmissions available Funds Transfer:

• Initiate disbursements and book transfers

• Domestic and international wires Credit Management:

• Pay down foreign currency loans and commitments through same- currency transactions via

PINACLE Credit Management module


• Manage your foreign exchange hedging strategy


Multicurrency Accounts (MCA) continued

MCA Sample Reports:


Country Profiles and International Information


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