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Some statistics to consider


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Overcoming Debt


Some statistics to consider

 Average credit card debt per household - $15,788 (May 2010)

 College loans alone now total almost $830 billion (said another way,


 Credit card penalties estimated at $20.5 billion in 2009

 National default rate on credit cards almost 28 percent

 Home foreclosure rate worst since Great Depression



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 How did we get here?

 Good debt or bad

 Cost of credit

 Trouble signs

 Managing debt problems

 Managing your spending and savings

 Strategies to reduce or eliminate debt


How Did We Get Here?

 Credit card offers were easy to come by

 Great stock market run during 80’s and 90’s

 Home values appreciated

 Education expenses

 Medical expenses

 Putting off the inevitable



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Good Debt or Bad Debt?

Long-Term Benefits




Secured, lower rates

Short-Term Benefits (but long time to payoff)

Credit Cards

Store Cards

Unsecured, higher rates


The Cost of Credit

The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” – Albert Einstein

Principal: $3000

Rate: 15%

Payments: $100

Total Payments: $3,784

It cost you $3,784 to spend $3,000!



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Trouble Signs?

 You can only make the minimum payment each month

 You have late payment penalties

 You are using your credit card to pay regular expenses (groceries, gas, etc.)

 Your total debt payments exceeds 35% of your take home pay (not including your home mortgage)


Managing Debt Problems

 Contact your creditors first

 Try to work out a repayment plan you can handle

 Follow up in writing

 Consider a qualified Credit Counseling Agency (www.nfcc.org) - Debt Management Plan (“DMP”)



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Managing Spending – Create a Spending Plan

Fixed Expenses

 Housing

 Utilities

 Car payment

 Insurance

 Groceries

Discretionary Expenses

 Travel

 Dining Out

 Entertainment

 Shopping

 Sports/hobbies

 Club fees

 Cable/phone services


Manage Your Savings

 Pay yourself first

 Create Emergency fund

- determine appropriate size of fund - set aside as savings, not investment

 Set aside money to reduce debt



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Get Out of Debt!

 Freeze credit card spending

 Reduce discretionary spending

 Re-direct that spending to increase monthly payments

 Payoff one card

 Parlay increased payments to next card


Can You Reduce Spending by $50?

 Credit card #1 - $1000 balance, 10%

$50 payment

 Credit card #2 - $3000 balance, 15%

$100 payment

 Credit card #3 - $5000 balance, 18%

$100 payment

Cutting back on discretionary spending allows us to save an additional $50 a month that will be used to pay credit card #2



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Impact on Credit Card #1

Original $50 monthly payment on $1000 balance

 22 months, $98 interest

Add additional $50 from reduced discretionary spending ($100)

 11 months, $48 interest

Payoff time cut in half!


Parlay Your Payments!

Credit Card #2 - $3000 balance was lowered to $2269 over 11 months it took to repay Card #1

Add the amount of Card #1 payment to this monthly payment ($100 +

$100 = $200)

Payoff in 13 months, interest expense reduced to by $220!



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Finish it up!

 Roll $200 from previous payments towards card #3, total of $300

 Current balance - $4284

Card paid off 17 months later

In 3 ½ years, you have eliminated $9000 of credit card debt!


And the winner is . . . You!

 Reduced interest payments by $2,327

 Cut payoff period in more than half (from 94 months to 41 months)

 And, most importantly, you are now debt free!

What if you could save more than $50?!



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Getting Out of Debt Review

 The economy will change for better and for worse – adopt good habit for any season

 Credit costs money – minimize your interest expenses

 Don’t wait too long before getting help if you are experiencing problems dealing with your debt payments (www.NFCC.org)

 Take time to understand your spending and savings habits and goals.

Are they in sync?

 Find a strategy to get out of debt!


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Overcoming Debt


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