We focus on retirement planning, so you can focus on your business. Retirement Planning Services

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We focus on retirement planning,

so you can focus on your business.


About Smith Anglin

• We’re experts in compensation and retirement programs. • We serve clients across the nation from our Dallas headquarters. • Founded in 1967 as a traditional accounting firm, we’re a leader in wealth and retirement plan management.

Smith Anglin provides retirement plan management and

consulting services for businesses with plan assets valued

between $500,000 and $20 million.

We apply our broad expertise to help companies achieve tax and funding efficiency, select and monitor investments, communicate with employees and fulfill their many regulatory obligations. We unburden business owners and executives by assuming fiduciary liability associated with plan management, letting them devote more time and energy to what they do best—running their businesses.


As a business leader, you know a retirement plan is a powerful way to attract and retain employees, cut your tax bill and lay the foundation for a secure future. Unfortunately, with legal duties, personal liability exposure and ongoing communication, sponsoring a qualified plan is no simple matter. That’s where Smith Anglin Retirement Planning Services comes in.

We can make your job a whole lot easier.

Ensure you have the right plan for

your situation.

There are many types of retirement plans, and even more ways to configure them. Smith Anglin will optimize your plan by recommending specific moves that tailor it to your goals, your business and your unique set of employees.

Limit your fiduciary liability.

Under federal law, retirement plan fiduciaries have many responsibilities—from diversifying plan investments to only paying reasonable plan expenses. Breaches of these duties can result in personal liability. You can sharply reduce that exposure by delegating key responsibilities to the professionals at Smith Anglin.

Have confidence in your

investment selection.

To give yourself and your employees the best chance for a secure retirement, it’s critical that your plan’s investments are chosen carefully, monitored over time and replaced as needed. Smith Anglin applies its deep knowledge of investing and wealth management to help you make the best decisions.

Help employees see the value of your plan.

A retirement plan can attract and retain employees and position them for success after their working days are over—but only if they fully understand it and take the steps they need to get the most from it. Smith Anglin’s communication program boosts employee participation—and appreciation.

Cut through the complexity.

Year-end reporting, compliance requirements, top-heavy testing, changes in retirement plan law—it’s a lot to keep up with. Smith Anglin relieves these burdens, sorting through the red tape so you and your team can focus on moving your business forward.

With retirement plan know-how, a sharp command of investing and proven communications techniques, Smith Anglin helps business owners maximize the return on their retirement plan investment—while minimizing administrative headaches and fiduciary liability.


With so many legal and administrative obligations, an employer retirement plan demands a great deal of its sponsor. There’s a lot on the line—your personal financial security, your employees’ well-being and the reputation of your business, just to name a few. Smith Anglin’s broad capabilities address every aspect of plan management.

With Smith Anglin, you’ve got all the bases covered.

Our complete suite of Retirement Plan Management services.

A Smith Anglin relationship starts with a review of your current plan to ensure it matches your specific goals, your type of business entity, unique characteristics of your organization and the current tax environment. We also assess the vendors who support the plan with an eye on improving cost-effectiveness, service and performance.

Each year, Smith Anglin performs a careful, two-part review of existing plans. First, we ensure the selected plan, its supporting vendors and its investments are still the best choices for your company. Next, we help owners optimize their individual plan contributions in light of changes in their life, the markets and the tax code.

We perform due diligence on plan investments, create asset allocation models that reflect your goals and risk profiles, and continuously monitor investment performance.

Smith Anglin assumes fiduciary, investment, administrative and other responsibilities. Sleep easier knowing you’ve limited your personal liability exposure by putting your plan in our hands.

From filing annual Department of Labor reports to enforcing new IRS contribution limits to honoring the terms of your plan document, Smith Anglin keeps your plan on track and out of trouble.

When employees don’t fully participate in your retirement plan, it doesn’t just jeopardize their future—it can also limit your own participation if your plan fails “top-heavy” tests. Smith Anglin’s education program shows employees why participation is in their best interest and motivates them to take action.

Smith Anglin helps you fulfill this legal and practical responsibility, keeping your employees up to date on new investment options, contribution limits and other aspects of your plan.

Plan Diagnostics, Design

and Optimization

Annual Review

Investment Management

Fiduciary Duty Fulfillment

Plan Maintenance

Employee Education


One good decision will lead to many more.

With so much riding on your retirement plan, the choice of a plan manager can’t be taken lightly. Take a good look at Smith Anglin and you’ll find we have exactly what it takes to give you, your business and your employees the retirement edge you deserve.


Smith Anglin’s recommendations are backed by broad knowledge of retirement planning and over 20 years of experience helping businesses and individuals reach their goals. While we offer advice across the wealth management spectrum, our firm’s accountancy roots give us clear insights into the tax complexities that surround retirement planning.

Industry relationships

To make the most of your retirement plan, it’s critical that every member of the team does their job well. From leading investment managers to record-keepers to third party administrators, Smith Anglin has relationships with firms you can count on.


We place a big emphasis on promptly responding to your requests. And if you’re accustomed to a retirement plan relationship that takes place largely through the mail, you’ll find Smith Anglin is a breath of fresh air. From face-to-face meetings with employees to periodic plan reviews with company leaders, Smith Anglin understands the value of being there in person.

When you tap the retirement planning experts at Smith Anglin, retirement plan anxiety and uncertainty are soon replaced with confidence and clarity—because we have all the qualities you need in a retirement planning partner.

Competitive pricing

With Smith Anglin, you’ll likely find superior service and deeper support at a lower price than you’re currently paying. We apply a competitive, fixed fee based on the assets in the plan. There are no buried charges, hidden fees or commissions.

Dedication to our clients’ best interests

When Smith Anglin recommends a solution, you don’t have to worry about our motives—after all, as fiduciaries, we’re required to put your interests first. Avoiding conflicts of interest is a cornerstone of our firm and a big reason why we don’t offer proprietary investment products.

Fiduciary confidence

Many retirement plan providers shy away from accepting fiduciary duties, preferring that plan sponsors and their executives retain the potential liability that comes with them. Smith Anglin is different—given our extensive knowledge of the business, keen understanding of the rules and disciplined processes, we’re happy to relieve you of that exposure.


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With retirement planning expertise, broad knowledge of investments and exceptional communication skills, Smith Anglin minimizes the liability, confusion and expense associated with plan management.

The path to a stronger retirement plan starts here.

Talk to a Smith Anglin Retirement

Plan Services advisor today.

Toll Free: 1.800.301.8486

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Email: retirement@smithanglin.com

Online: www.retirement.smithanglin.com

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