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Lifecycle Marketing Planner


Academic year: 2021

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Lifecycle Marketing Planner

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This PLANNER bELoNgs To:




Lifecycle Marketing


You know what they say—the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Well, today you’ll learn a unique approach to your sales and marketing processes will unleash more successful outcomes for your business. We’ll share proven ideas and innovative strategies designed to help you get more customers, grow your sales and save time.

This planner contains everything you need to capture what you’ll learn today, so you can carry these ideas and strategies with you and stay on track for the next week, month and year.

Use this planner to record ideas and insights about the biggest opportunities you see in your marketing and sales.

Yes, it will be hard work. Yes, Infusionsoft will be right here with you as you do it. And yes, Infusionsoft believes in you and your dreams. Now, let’s get started!

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Lifecycle Marketing

m e T r Ic s To W A Tch


How are you doing in each of the

7 phases of the customer lifecycle?


Target Customer Definition

Describe your target customer characteristics.

What are the pains, problems and challenges you help them overcome?

What are the key benefits they seek?

Why should they buy from you (and not your competitor)?


What are their most common objections to doing business with you?


Attract interest in your business with powerful lead generation magnets.



Attract Traffic

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

What magnets are you using to attract traffic now?



New magnet ideas (product)

New magnet ideas (educational)

The TopIc BrAINsTormer

What are some common mistakes that you help people avoid?

· 3 mistakes most people make When [Buying Their First home, cleaning Their pool]

· Do You make These 3 mistakes In [raising Your children]?

· 3 common [Investing] mistakes You Don’t Know You’re making

What are the frustrations people have when they buy from your competitors?

· 3 Questions To Ask Your [pool repair Guy] Before You hire him

· 3 mistakes That rookie [Lawyers] make When [Writing Wills]

· 3 Things To consider When [choosing Your pest control company]

· The 3 Biggest problems With [some public school Districts]

What are the underlying goals that your customers have?

· 3 Tips for successfully [publishing] Your [First Book] · 3 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About

[Lawn care]

· 3 proven Techniques To [Increase Your energy] · 3 New Tricks To [Get on The First page of Google] · 3 Keys To Fixing Your [scorpion] problem

What are your customers curious about or trying to learn?

· 3 Questions I Always Get Asked About [Investing] · 3 Things They should have Taught In [college]

about [Investing]

· 3 Tips for Dealing With [Bratty Kids, Nosy Neighbors]


how many more visitors could I attract with

the right magnets?


Value of new visitors $




Capture Leads

capture the names and contact information of your visitors so that you

can follow up and nurture.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

how many visitors are you attracting each month? Website: Walk-ins: Telephone: Networking: Tradeshow: other:


how can you capture information from prospects who aren’t ready to buy today?



Number of visitors we should be capturing

each month, but we are not.





Nurture Prospects

create a consistent, valuable nurture campaign with automated,

personalized follow-up messages.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

how do you follow up with prospects? » Number of touches

» method(s)

» Length of time

What is your follow-up goal?

how do you identify hot leads?




Number of prospects we “drop” because they

aren’t ready to buy today.





Convert sales

Turn prospects into customers by following up with strong offers and

overcoming objections.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

how do you know when a prospect is “hot”?

how many times do you follow up with interested prospects?

What are the key objections you need to overcome?




Number of prospects each month who may

have bought with the right follow-up and offer.


Value of lost sales: $




Deliver & satisfy

Deliver on what was promised. Then go above and beyond to really wow

your customers.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

What do you do to WoW your new customers?

What do new customers need?

What issues create unhappy customers?


exercise: Brainstorm creative things you could do for $5 or less to WoW new customers:



how many customers decide to stop doing

business with you each month because you

failed to WoW them?


Value of lost customers: $




upsell Customers

Develop a long-term upsell strategy to help grow the value of each

customer over time.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

What percentage of your customers buy more than once?

how much does an average customer spend?

What do you do to encourage existing customers to buy more from you?




Number of past customers who should be

buying again this month, but who are not

because of poor follow-up?


Value of lost repeat customers: $




get Referrals

encourage referrals with a great customer and partner referral program.

KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

What percentage of your business comes from referrals?

What do you do to systematically ask for referrals?

Why do they send you referrals?




Number of lost referrals each month.


Value of lost referrals: $


opportunity Analyzer

MonthLy VaLue

annuaL VaLue (x12)

Write the total value that exists in phase of your customer lifecycle:

Attract Traffic $ $

capture Leads $ $

Nurture prospects $ $

convert sales $ $

Deliver & satisfy $ $

Upsell customers $ $

Get referrals $ $


KEy ACTioNs iN ThE NExT 7 DAys

iN ThE NExT 30 DAys

iN ThE NExT 60 DAys


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