Voluntary Programs. Offering Additional Benefits at No Additional Cost. For AIC Members






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Voluntary Programs

Offering Additional Benefits at No Additional Cost

For AIC Members

Indiana Hospice & Palliative Care Organization Indiana Association of Home and Hospice Care Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Indiana Assisted Living Association LeadingAge - Indiana

LeadingAge - Ohio

Ohio Council for Home Health and Hospice

Pan-American Life Insurance Company, A rating (Excellent) with AM Best. Pan-American Life Insurance Company is the Dental and

Vision Carrier

Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company®, is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company. Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company is the Life and Disability Carrier


Why Choose Healthy Choices Benefit Plans?

“Our Voluntary Programs are built with flexibility in plan design, employees have

freedom of choice on all offered coverage's, and all plans are offered on a

voluntary or employer basis”

Offer Multiple Dental Options to groups 10+ EE’S

Careington Maximum Care PPO Dental Network

Vision Plans with Private and Retail Chain Network

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

Customized Dental and Vision ID Cards


AIC Voluntary Benefits

Employees select which plan(s) they would like to enroll in and have

payroll deducted

Ken Lee - employee

Dental - Employee Only Coverage

Vision- Employee & Children

Life- Employee & Family Coverage

Disability- waiving coverage



“Customizing Your Benefit Plan”

Customize Your Benefits

Deductible Customized

$0 or $25 or $50 single- calendar year $0 or $75 or $150 family- calendar year $100 lifetime deductible, per person, applied to all services

Coinsurance Customized Preventive

100% or 90% or 80%


80% or 70% or 60% or 50%


60% or 50% or 40% or 30%

Annual Maximums Customized

$500 or $750 or $1,000 or $1,250 or $1,500 or $2,000

Orthodontia Lifetime

50% Customized

$1,000 or $1,250 or $1,500 or $2,000

Groups with 5 or more Employees can elect Orthodontia Groups with 10 or more enrolled can offer 3 dental plans to their employees


Dental Contract and Network Differences

Medical premiums are rising and dental dollars are being squeezed

Dental Checklist


Does your dental plan offer 2 cleaning a year?

2. Does your dental plan offer an extensive PPO Provider Network for Employees to

Access Providers for in network benefits?

3. Does your dental plan offer additional discounts if a member reaches their annual

calendar year maximum?

4. Does your dental plan offer coverage to employees working 20+ weekly?

5. Does your dental plan for 5 employees or more offer Orthodontia coverage?

6. Does your dental plan for 10 + employees require 25% participation?


Dental Plan: 100% Preventive,

Basic Services 80% , Major Services 50%, Annual Maximum $1,500

A. Preventive Service

B. Basic Services

C. Major Services

Preventive Services A. $300.00 (2) cleanings Basic Services Charged B.$550.00 Major Services Charged C. $1000.00 Total Charges $1850.00

In Network Charges 100% no

balance billing $50 DED/ 80% $100 EE Pays DED. Met 50% $500 EE Pays EE pays $650.00 includes DED

Out of Network Charges* based on Dentemax Fee Schedule, plan does not reflect a 90% schedule.

Employee pays.

$44.00 x (2)

$50 DED/ $175 EE Pays DED. Met $700.00 EE Pays EE pays $969.00 Includes DED

No Dental Coverage Employee

pays $300.00 (2) Employee Pays $550.00 Employee Pays $1000

EE pays 100% $1,850.00




• Routine eye exams provide early detection of disease such as Diabetes, Hypertension and


• Early detection means reduced medical costs and less time off from work


• Extensive national provider networks including independent practitioners and retail chains such as

Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Ossip and More

• Freedom of choice - Members may select any eye doctor or receive discounts from our extensive

national network of participating providers



The Advantages of Work Site Programs to the Employee

A. Annual Eye Exam B. Lenses- Standard Plastic

C. Frames (once per 12 months) OR D. Contacts (once per 12 months)

Annual Eye Exam Approx. Cost A. $100.00 Lenses Approx. Cost B $120.00. Frames Approx. Cost C. $150.00 Contacts Approx. Cost D.$175.00

In Network Benefits- How benefits pay in network

$10.00 Copay $10.00 Copay $120.00 Frame Allowance/ EE pays $30.00 $120.00 Contact Allowance/ EE pays balance

Out of Network Benefits- Can take material prescription in network and access in network material benefits for contacts or glasses

Reimbursed up to $35.00

Up to $25.00 or can go in network w/ RX

Up to $50.00 or can go in network w/ RX

Up to $100.00 Or can go in network w/ RX

No Benefits- Employee pays full cost and discount Employee pays $100.00 Employee Pays $120.00 Employee Pays $150.00 EE pays $175.00



• Life insurance provides the security of knowing our families will be financially protected when we are not there, yet many of us remain uninsured. According to LIMRA International, over 68 million Americans have no life insurance.

• A disabling injury occurs every two seconds, resulting in an employee’s inability to earn a living. Bills and everyday needs do not stop when a disability occurs and savings can be quickly depleted. Unfortunately, one fourth of U.S. households have net assets under $10,000 and two-thirds live from paycheck to paycheck.

• Benefit Resources for Employees help families cope with sorrow and change with professional legal support, online funeral planning, and grief and financial counseling.





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