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Benefits Of Membership


Academic year: 2021

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A quick

reference guide

Since 1947, the Safety Employees’ Benefit Association (SEBA) has proudly served the men and

women of law enforcement within San Bernardino County.

SEBA’s mission is to protect and promote the well-being and image of its members in the areas of:

Collective bargaining

Protection of member rights

Political action to promote the goals of the Association

Services of benefit to the member




Representation  2  Field Representatives _____________________________________________________________________________ 2  Attorneys _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2  Legislative Power  3  Federal _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3  State ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3  Local ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3  Insurance  3  Term Life Insurance _______________________________________________________________________________ 4  Long Term Care __________________________________________________________________________________ 4  AD&D __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4  AFLAC __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4  Auto & Homeowners Insurance _____________________________________________________________________ 4  Financial Services  5  Widow and Orphan Fund __________________________________________________________________________ 5  Scholarships _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5  Credit Unions ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5  Notary Service ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5  Military Members ________________________________________________________________________________ 5  Peace Officer’s Relief Fund  6  Emergency Financial Assistance _____________________________________________________________________ 6  LASIK Vision Correction ___________________________________________________________________________ 6  Long Term Disability Coverage ______________________________________________________________________ 6  Chiropractic Care _________________________________________________________________________________ 6  $100,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance ________________________________________________ 6  Special Discounts  6  Amusement Parks & Theatres ______________________________________________________________________ 6  Enterprise Rent‐A‐Car _____________________________________________________________________________ 7  Dell Employee Purchase Program ___________________________________________________________________ 7  Verizon Wireless _________________________________________________________________________________ 7  Publications  7  Star & Shield ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7  PORAC News ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7  Contact Numbers  8 


Collective Bargaining

SEBA represents over 3,200 active, associate, reserve, and retired members. Approximately seventy-five percent of our membership is represented at the bargaining table. Our primary mission to our membership is collective

bargaining. Negotiating to protect and improve the wages, benefits, and working conditions of our members is of paramount importance and overrides all other priorities.

SEBA is currently comprised of five bargaining units:

 Safety Unit

 Safety Management & Supervisory Unit

 Specialized Peace Officer Unit

 Specialized Peace Officer Supervisory Unit

 Specialized Fire Services Unit

Contracts, otherwise known as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), for our bargaining units cover overlapping periods that require SEBA to expend extensive periods at the bargaining table.


Field Representatives

Safeguarding the jobs and rights of SEBA members has the highest priority, that’s why SEBA has a full-time team of professional Field Representatives available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are here to assist members with critical incidents, grievances, Internal Affairs interviews, administrative appeals hearings, contract dispute resolution, and much more. All conversations are kept in the strictest of confidence.


Members have the benefit of representation through the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund for job-related civil, criminal, and administrative actions. SEBA retains the legal expertise of the following law firms for issues ranging from member representation to contract negotiations:

 Law Office of Raines, Lucia and Stern;

 Law Office of Gaspard, Castillo, Winter & Harper

 Law Office of Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine;

 Law Office of Stone Busailah;

 Law Office of Dawson & Riley

For Worker’s Compensation, contact Steve Scardino at 213-739-7000.

For Real Estate matters, Probate, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, or Business Law, call attorney Diana Carloniat 760-955-7222.

For Family Law and Guardianships, call attorney James L. Heywood at 760-243-5678.

From real estate to divorce advice, identity theft and beyond, we have your rights covered. Welcome to total peace of mind. Welcome to LegalShield. www.seekfirstbenefits.com, or call 909-234-2289. NOTE: LegalShield is NOT the provider if you have a WORK RELATED incident. Call the SEBA office 24/7 for work related coverage (909)885-6074 or (800)655-7322.



Legislative Power

One of the most important areas that affect you, the member, is politics. Our members are employed by

governmental jurisdictions that are political in nature, therefore, one key facet of SEBA is to represent you in the political arena.

Through the financial support of our members, SEBA has significantly expanded its political action activities. SEBA supports those candidates and issues that better government as a whole and protect our community.


SEBA, through our affiliation with the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), has the benefit of being represented in Washington, D.C. by the law firm of Patton Boggs.

Patton Boggs is recognized as a nationally renowned leader in legislative advocacy at the federal level.

In 2004, SEBA established its first ever Federal Political Action Committee. The purpose of this committee is to allow SEBA to participate in a limited role in supporting candidates for federal office.


SEBA has become very active in state politics. We employ the Sacramento based Legislative Advocacyfirm of Aaron Read and Associates to represent us on issues critical to the livelihood of our members.

SEBA has a well-funded Political Action Committee dedicated for use at the state level.


Our Local Political Action Committee is pivotal in ensuring our access to local elected officials who are supportive of law enforcement issues and concerns.



Term Life Insurance

All members initially are provided with $2,500 Basic Life Coverage as part of your SEBA membership. Spouse and dependents are covered for $1,000 each. Additional member coverage up to $500,000, spouse coverage up to $250,000, and dependent child coverage up to $10,000 is available through MetLife Insurance Company.

Long Term Care

The California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) offers this excellent voluntary program for all members and their spouse to protect them from the potentially devastating costs of long term care. Included is lifetime coverage, inflation protection, death benefit, return of premium option, and is a fully paid-up plan in 20 years.


Automatically receive a free$1,000 (off the job) and $5,000 (on the job) Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance policy through PORAC. Get up to $750,000 additional Voluntary AD&D coverage through SEBA.


Special law enforcement rates are available for Accident, Intensive Care, Heart, Disability, and Cancer insurance through AFLAC.

Auto & Homeowners Insurance

Preferred rates are available for auto, home, renters and mortgage insurances through A-Plus California Casualty Insurance Company, and Central City Insurance Agency, Inc., which is a representative for The Hartford, Safeco, Progressive, and Mercury Insurance Companies. Automatic payroll deduction is available.

Discounts are also available through MetLife Auto & Home for members, with additional discounts if the member participates in the MetLife Group Life Insurance Program through SEBA.



Financial Services

Widow and Orphan Fund

A cash payment of $6,000 is paid to the surviving spouse or children of active sworn members. Payment is usually made within 24 hours.


Eligible dependents of an active member may apply for the $5,000 Richard E. Scovel Scholarship and the $2,500 SEBA Scholarship. Dependents of Reserve members may apply for the $1,000 Reserve Scholarship.

Credit Unions

All members are eligible to join the CAHP Credit Union which specializes in serving law enforcement officials, offers electronic payroll deposits, discounted VISA cards, and other services. Members may also join the Alta Vista Credit Union that offers discounted rates to SEBA members.

Notary Service

Free notary service is available to all members.

Military Members

For our military members actively serving in the fight on terrorism, basic SEBA dues is waived during the time of their deployment. As a special thank you, care packages are sent to all deployed members on a quarterly basis. The Star & Shield Magazine, our monthly publication, also honors family members who are serving our great country in the fight against terrorism.


Peace Officer’s Relief Fund

The Peace Officer’s Relief Fund (PORF) was established in 1993 to assist SEBA members during their time of financial difficulties. The following benefits are available through the PORF:

Emergency Financial Assistance

The Peace Officer’s Relief Fund provides financial aid to participating members in case of sickness, accident, or financial distress. Up to 6 months disability payments are available when all other sources of income have been exhausted. Some restrictions apply.

LASIK Vision Correction

Qualified members can receive up to a $500 rebate for LASIK vision correction. Area vision centers also offer discounts to SEBA members. Some restrictions apply.

Long Term Disability Coverage

Long Term Disability covers on and off duty illness or injury up to 66-2/3% of member’s salary prior to disability. This benefit is County-paid, and is administered through the PORAC Insurance & Benefits Trust. Claims are filed through the third party administrators, Myers-Stevens, & Toohey, Co., Inc.

Chiropractic Care

Receive up to 40 visits per year with Landmark Healthcare. Choose from a vast network of participating

chiropractors throughout the entire country. This PORF-paid benefit is available to all Active members. Enroll your spouse for only $0.53 per pay period!

$100,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

This PORF-paid benefit is automatic for all Active members and covered through MetLife Insurance Company (effective date 8/1/13).

Special Discounts

Amusement Parks & Theatres

Discount tickets are available at the SEBA office for:

 Aquarium of the Pacific

 California Adventure

 Disneyland

 K1 Speed

 Knott’s Berry Farm

 Knott’s Halloween Haunt*

 Knott’s Soak City*


 Los Angeles County Fair*

 San Diego Zoo

 San Diego Wild Animal Park

 Scandia Amusement Park

 Sea World

 Six Flags Magic Mountain

 Six Flags Hurricane Harbor*

 Universal Studios

 Universal Studios Horror Nights*

 AMC Theatres

 Cinemark Theatres

 Edwards & United Artist Theatres

 Krikorian Luxury Theatres

 Regal Cinemas

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Call the SEBA office or click here for current rates.



Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Through affiliation with the California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA), members are entitled to discounted rates from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Use the CLEA Corporate ID#32C0416, and pin #CLE.

Dell Employee Purchase Program

Being a San Bernardino County employee entitles you to a 2-12% discount on Dell computers. Visit

www.dell.com/eppbuy. Use ID #GS41670811.

Verizon Wireless

Receive a 15% discount on qualified calling plans. Contact Annette Ohlgren at Verizon Wireless, 951.201.1897 and ask for the Government plan discount. Discount is available only to those members actively employed by San

Bernardino County.


Star & Shield

Official publication of SEBA is mailed directly to all members on a monthly basis. Keep up to date on issues affecting law enforcement with this informative magazine.


The PORAC News is the official monthly publication of the Peace Officers Research Association of California. Active, sworn SEBA members are automatically PORAC members and will receive this publication. Retired members may still receive the PORAC News by joining the Retired Peace Officers Association of California (RPOAC).


Contact Numbers

AFLAC – Debbie Sumpter ... 800.462.3522 or 909.213.7452

Alta Vista Credit Union ... 888.382.7999 or 909.809.3838

CAHP Credit Union ... 800.451.2247

California Casualty – Jeff Myers ... 800.964.3903 ext. 5965

California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA). ... 800.832.7333

Central City Insurance ... 909.307.6076

Diana Carloni, Attorney ... 760-955-7222

James L. Heywood, Attorney ... 760-243-5678

Landmark Healthplan ... 800.298.4875

Legal Shield – Randy Beasley ... 909.234.2289

MetLife Auto Home ... 800.GET.MET8

MetLife Group Life Insurance ... 800.ASK.4MET

Myers-Stevens, & Toohey, Co., Inc. ... 800.827.5695

PORAC ... 800.937.6722

PORAC Legal Defense Fund ... 800.255.5610

PORAC Retired ... 800.743.7622

Steve Scardino, Attorney ... 213.739.7000

Verizon Wireless Government Plan – Annette Ohlgren ... 951.201.1897

San Bernardino County Safety Employees’ Benefit Association

735 E. Carnegie Dr., Ste. 125

San Bernardino, CA 92408

909.885.6074 or 800.655.SEBA

Fax 909.383.6600




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