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University of Jordan/Aqaba Branch

Faculty of Information Systems and Technology

5402475 E-Business

APMware Software Company

Business Plan



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Executive Summary____________________________________________________ 1

The Business _________________________________________________________ 2

The market _________________________________________________________ 7

Market analysis ___________________________________________________ 7

Market Segmentation_______________________________________________ 8

Target market segment strategy_______________________________________ 8

Market Trends_______________________________________________________ 8

Market Growth _____________________________________________________ 8

Market Needs ______________________________________________________ 8

Strategies ___________________________________________________________ 10

Marketing Strategies_______________________________________________ 10

Sales Strategies ___________________________________________________ 11

Strategic Alliances __________________________________________________ 12

The Management Structure _____________________________________________ 13

Key Players______________________________________________________ 13

Organization Chart_________________________________________________ 14

The Financial Plan _____________________________________________________ 16

Needs Summary ___________________________________________________ 16


Executive Summary

Development of antivirus Project Management Software began in July of 2011,and the first version was released in January 2012, internationally renowned for its protection against viruses, malware, spam, network and hacker attacks, and other threats.With the rapid growth of APM (Antivirus Project Management) use, the product offers tremendous advantages to professional project managers, The company employs more than 2000 qualified specialists.

APMware will be positioned as a high-end software package that enables projectmanagers to review, maintain and synchronize their project data via internet . There is currently other company that produces this type of softwarewith the management features we’ve


It will be packaged and sold in retail markets where APMs are sold, sold through traditional online software vendors, sold via the APMware company website, and also sold through APM manufacturers.

The Business

Business Concept

APMware produced to protect corporate devices from threats work where there is a knowledge base contains information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. Using data from the APMware ensures a faster response time for APM Lab

applications when new types of threats are encountered, improves the performance of some protection components, and reduces the risk of false positives with respect to threats.

Our software will allow the user to install , update and track progress via internet.

APM Lab’s products provide protection for all systems—from home computers to large corporate networks.

The personal product range includes anti-virus applications for desktop, laptop, and pocket computers, and for smart phones and other mobile devices.

industry analysis:

APM Lab delivers applications and services to protect workstations, file and web servers, mail gateways, and firewalls. Used in conjunction with APM Lab’s centralized management system, these solutions ensure effective automated protection for companies and

organizations against computer threats. APM Lab's products are certified by the major test laboratories, are compatible with the software of many suppliers of computer applications, and are optimized to run on many hardware platforms.

APM Lab’s virus analysts work around the clock. Every day they uncover hundreds of new computer threats, create tools to detect and disinfect them, and include them in the

databases used by APM Lab applications. APM Lab's Anti-Virus database is updated hourly; and the Anti-Spam database every five minutes.


Will be offering the product free of charge to the customer for a month, when downloaded from the site on the Internet,then if the customer enjoy using it can buy the product through the Internet or from the manufacturer or from the product sellers.

And if the customer has purchased three of the product gets the fourth for free.

Business goals :

The goal is to buy the largest possible number of the product to make a high profit and fame among global markets; through providing special offers and distinctive to buy the product which including buy 3 and get the fourth for free and buy five or more to get competitive prices in wholesale price.

Technology :

The software package runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows NT, and Macintosh platforms.

product and services :

Allow the user to install , update and track progress via internet, providing special offers and distinctive to buy the product which including buy 3 and get the fourth for free and buy five or more to get competitive prices in wholesale price.

The company have qualified specialists that can help users if any problem occur or needs any help via our website ,Mobile phone ,phone, or face to face.

The Market :

Market Analysis :

We operate in the business-to-business , B2C segments of e-commerce which recent

research estimates transactions in excess of $160 million . Our market is further segmented into companies with sales forces greater than 100 people and companies with branches, divisions or franchises in excess of 100 units.

Market segmentation :


Target Market Segment Strategy


Our strategy is designed to target:

Companies that sell franchise rights and take an active role in the success of their franchises.

Larger clients that will provide greater revenues through a larger volume of software licensing sales and greater chance of selling client interface solution.

Market Trends :

The most significant trend affecting our company is the growth of B2B and B2C

e-commerce. More and more firms recognize the need to take advantage of the exchange of information over the Internet and our products and services rely on this.

Market Growth :

The fastest growing segment of the e-commerce industry is the B2B & B2C sector. This segment has gone from less than $50 Million to more than $160 Million in three years.

Market Needs :

Customization-products that strengthen their brand and address their differences:

We will "Private Label" the solution so as to further strengthen the clients' brand.



Marketing Strategies:


APMware will initially be positioned as the premier product for any customer in Jordan . Our strategy is to build a strong loyalty within this key market

before moving on to the phase two and three markets. The product will be promoted as the most technologically advanced on the market.


The product will be priced in line with the other leading products. A pricing chart listing leading competitors' products along with APMware is below

Product Unit Price

Antivirus for home computer 100$/yr Internet Security 110$/yr

Free Antivirus free



We will begin promoting APMware to the IT market through several avenues. These include:

· Special IT and Project Management Conference sponsorships and demonstrations

· Direct mail campaigns · Print advertising campaigns

· Email and web promotional campaigns

Supplemental to these efforts will be development of the company web site, development of supporting print and electronic literature and multi-media presentations.

A special open invitation session and cocktail reception will be held at the end of day two of the conference to introduce and demonstrate the product.

A direct mail campaign will begin immediately following the IT conference with special time-limited pricing discounts for those on the mailing list who also attended the special demo sessions.


Email and web campaigns will also begin in January,The site will not limit its audience to the IT market.


The product will be initially sold through our direct sales force and company web site then gradually introduced into retail chains

Sales Strategies:

Our sales strategy is oriented toward the idea of arming the sales force with information so they completely understand both the product and the market. We will also be using the project management software within our own company, so the sales staff will have first hand knowledge of the product.

Sales Forecasts

We are forecasting the following sales for the first twelve months.

Source of sale Units Sold Revenue from Unit Sales

1st Quarter 200 20000$

2nd Quarter 400 40000$

3rd Quarter 10000 1000000$

4th Quarter 20000 2000000$

TOTALs 30600 3060000$

Strategic Alliances:


The Management Structure

The management team for APMware is a diverse group with strong skills in technology, marketing and sales, finance and operations. Our primary criteria when filling these executive positions was extraordinary past achievement.

Key Players

Anas Ahmad

Mr. Anas brings more than 20 years of marketing and executive management expertise in growing businesses at leading companies. he is General President of company ,

He holds both a Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Management from university of Jordan .

Ahmad Mohammad

Mr. Ahmad is President of the Asia Branch

He holds an MBA from the university of Jordan.

Ali Ahmad

Mr. Ali is president of the

Africa Branch

He holds an

MBA from the Stanford University

Mia William

Mia is president of the

Europe Branch

she holds an

MBA from Oxford University

Alexander Edward

Mr. Alexander is president of the

Australia Branch, He holds an

MBA from the Australian


Marcos Daniel

Mr. Marcos is president of the

South America Branch, he holds an

MBA from the University of

São Paulo

Andrew Jack

Mr. Andrew is president of the

North America

Branch ,he holds an MBA from the

California Institute of Technology university .

Org Chart



Mr. Ali



Mr. Anas


Mr. Alexander Mr.


The Financial Plan

Financial Needs Summary:

Investment funding is needed for capital expenses and operating expenses for the first year of operation.

Computer/Electronic Equipment 4000$

Marketing Materials 10000$

Office Lease (for first year) 10000$