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With our new series of tables

and storage components we

wanted to make furniture that

combined what we like about

home life with the intelligence

we expect from our work place.



O en the fi rst thing we respond

to in a home is how it makes

us feel. While the fi rst thing

about a job is whether it can be

done be er. We think this new

collec on addresses both.



A communal work table perfect to share ideas, play a game, develop a project or eat a meal. Inspired by the building cuts of Gordon Ma a Clark, the bold shape will ac vate any space. Whether it is offi cework or homework the Clark table has a place to store all the essen als right where you want them - at the table. The rounded triangular shape enables easy conversa on while the oversized top gives everyone space to do their thing.

The central storage with rota ng hatch door is ideal for shared items and electronic gear with cable slots distributed around table.

White oak veneer top with base in choice colors / other woods available.


Collect or Cabine t Collect or Desk Collect or Shelf


Live close to the things that ma er most and hide the things that are be er off hidden. As your collec on grows, add another sec on. Inspired by modular wall units of the past. The Collector Series has op ons for open shelving, closed storage and work surfaces that can be combined or purchased separately to create an elegant func onal piece for the home or offi ce.

Collector Shelf:

A tall narrow bookshelf with a closed cabinet at the base to hide those old year books or annual reports.

Collector Cabinet:

A deeper version of the shelf, the cabinet comes with a closed box for hiding stuff and a couple open shelves for showing off .

Collector Desk:

Designed to be proudly displayed in your living room at home but with the func onal u lity of your offi ce worksta on. The Collector Desk has plenty of places to hide your supplies and display your .


Worksta ons for the offi ce. The back trench and overhead recessed light help create a sense of personal space at each desk without closing off from open collabora on with co-workers. Pair with Collector Cabinets to hide equipment and supplies.


The Collector Cabinet comes with a double height cabinet with a bo om door that opens down for easy access to printers or stereo equipment.

The Collector Desk comes with op onal built in power, USB charging and recessed LED fi xture.



Our Box Table is a dining table built like a desk. A dining table is never just a place to eat dinner with guests. It is where homework happens, bills are paid, business plans are wri en and yes where wine is drank late into the night with friends. Dining tables are mul -purpose surfaces in most homes. The Box takes this one step further by off ering a space for everyone to stash their stuff at the table. A communal work and play surface perfect to share ideas, play a game, cra a project or eat a meal.

Available in 4 sizes to accommodate a range of uses from dining table to execu ve desk or group work sta on.


Use it as a desk. Use it as a table. Use it as BOTH. The two level surface makes switching between ac vi es easy. The center of the Box Table has deep storage accessible from all sides and can be used for supplies, laptops, tablets, cords, games, condiments, whatever is used or shared at a table. A mul -purpose live-work-play dining table.



A li le brother to the Clark Table, this low table is ideal for lounge spaces. Gather around the Clark Coff ee with your laptops or magazines, there is a place for it all. Storage in the center is ideal for shared items and electronic gear while the lower level is perfect for books and periodicals.

White oak veneer top with base in choice colors



Recycled newsprint transformed into benches and tables for reading.

Available as coff ee tables, side tables and benches the layered paperboards can be stacked and extended to create a table to suit your needs. Storage slots are laser cut into the naturally gray paperboard carbonizing the surface for a rich black edge sealed with linseed oil.

coff ee table or bench depth from 12” up to 36”

gray or black with black interior slots

side table or coff ee table gray with colored highlights depth can be 13” up to 32”



Ames Hotel, Boston Beggars Group, Los Angeles Crystal Cruises


Famous Footwear Four Seasons Hotel Sea le Gensler

Hya , Orlando La Maison Simons

Leo A. Daly, Architects

Los Angeles Fire Department M&C Saatchi

Ogilvy & Mather Richard Golub Ritz Carlton, Toronto Roka Akor Restaurants Rockwell Group RS Barcelona Stuart Parr Sydell Group

Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills Tishman Speyer

W Resort, Maldives Wes n Resort, Aruba


We are a full service design and making studio providing concept development through project management in product, architecture and installa on design. An obsession with materials as well as old cra and new technology, forms a basis for

the studio’s goal to build though ul objects and spaces. We collaborate with ar sts, corpora ons, real estate developers, home owners, hotels, city agencies, crea ve agencies and manufacturers on projects around the world.

Having studied architecture at Cornell University, Ma Gagnon established his mul -disciplinary studio in 2002 a er working for Frank Gehry and Gaetano Pesce. Ma ’s work has appeared extensively in publica ons such as the New York Times,

Metropolis, Interior Design, and Dwell and has been in numerous design exhibi ons interna onally. Over the years Ma has taught design at O s College of Art, Parsons School of Constructed Environments and has been a visi ng cri c at Savannah College of Art and Design, Woodbury School of Architecture, City College of New York and University of Central Oklahoma.


Los Angeles California

Support for

the lifestyle

you are living.

photos ©Jus n Francis




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