Choose the Partner Record Tab

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Welcome to the NEW!

The default page upon logging in to the system is the Partner Bulletins page.

This is where you will find announcements, instructions, and other communications.

If your organization has other related Durham businesses or features that appear separately in the website (e.g. a restaurant within a hotel), you may have one set of credentials that allows you to toggle between them.

If you have related organizations and do not have this functionality, please email and indicate which business is the primary or “parent” and the “child” related organization and we will reconfigure your settings.

Choose the Partner Record Tab

Updating Your Partner Record:

You can update items under various tabs in your partner record based on the permissions assigned to your account in the system. 1. Contacts 2. Listings 3. Web 4. Amenities 5. Social Media 6. Security Settings*

*Note: Tabs and editing capabilities are governed by security levels. You may not see all tabs or an edit button if you don’t have appropriate permissions. Please contact in regard to security settings.



The contacts tab will include all contacts that will interact with DCVB for communications, information updates, and leads.

If your account offers you the rights to modify contacts, you can add, edit or clone (copy) contact records. (Some

login credentials allow read access only.) It is important to keep this information updated so that you will not miss out on any communications or leads.

To delete a contact, please email your request to

Contact Security Settings:

By default the primary contact at each organization has permissions in their account to modify the security levels of other contacts to control separately. With appropriate permissions, by scrolling to the bottom of a contact page, you may view and change users’ access settings:

 General access to

 The ability to view various tabs within the portal

 The ability to edit information


Media Lead relates to leads issued for media/journalist


Media Access permissions control a contact’s ability to upload

images and video.



Choose the Listing tab to edit your

organization’s description that appears on

Listing Guidelines:

Provide a short description of your organization or business to appear on all relevant listings pages at Keep the following guidelines in mind:

 Website visitors can browse many listings at once, so descriptions should be short (around 100 words) and highlight your most compelling features.

 Amenities will be included on the listings detail page, so you do not need to cover those in your description.

 Descriptions should be objective and should avoid superlatives (e.g., best, greatest, perfect etc.) unless you are citing a review or award given to your organization or business by a credible, outside source (e.g., you won Indy Week’sbest in the Triangle award).

The description you submit is subject to approval before it will appear on the website. It will also be edited for grammar, accuracy, and to ensure it complies with DCVB’s style guidelines. Once you click submit, you will



Choose the MEDIA tab to add logos, Images IPIX or YouTube videos to your listings on the website.

Before loading any media, please note the guidelines for uploading graphics:

Upload Specifications:

Images should be in a .jpg or .png format to display properly on the web.

Only horizontal images/graphics should be uploaded; square or vertical images will be automatically cropped by the system and may not display correctly.

Images should be 520 x 335 pixels, or approximately 5” x 3.5” inches in size or larger. Images should be approximately the same size and proportion as the box below. If not, they may not display correctly.


Legal Guidelines:

 The images must represent your business/organization located in Durham, NC.

 Appropriate usage rights and permissions to take and redistribute the images must have been granted to you or your organization by both the photographer of the image and persons or organizations responsible for the subjects in the images (including people, artwork, business premises, or other recognizable property); and you must have the authority to grant these rights and permissions to DCVB. Submitted images will only be used to display with listings.


Select the New Logo/Image


Select a TYPE:


Graphics loaded



as the type

will appear on your detail

listing page as a

click-through slide show.


: designate ONE

image as your primary

graphic. The image loaded



will appear on the

initial search results screen.

(Loading more than one as LOGO type will cause the last one added to appear on the search page.)

To add an image/IPIX or YouTube clip :

Select the purple button corresponding to the type of media being uploaded.

For an image,

choose if the uploaded image will be a logo or image/photo.


Logo is not necessary your brand or marquis.

Whatever is marked as ‘logo’ will be the

image displayed on the search results page. Other graphics of type ‘image’ will be visible as

slideshow images when a visitor opens your listing to view more details.


Add a unique title for each image.

Click the


button to search for the file on your PC.

Click the


button or

Save & New Media

to add another item.

For a YouTube link,

“YouTube” will be the default type.

Add the title and the URL to the YouTube video.




Save & New Media


When uploading a video, make

sure to use the ‘Share’ URL,

not the URL in the top browser

bar. (See link in box in image to

the right).

Click here for a demo of

obtaining a YouTube "Share"




Amenities are the most specific details about your organization, organized into tabs that correspond to the type of business or organization.

All partners will default to the General tab

(shown left)where you may provide basic information such as hours, payment types accepted, etc.

From there, click on the other tab(s) corresponding to the type of product or service you offer. This information will be visible on the DCVB website, sometimes serving as search criteria and may be included in print materials.

Social Media

By adding your social media information on this tab, when DCVB launches its social media integration, your social media links will become part of your listing on




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