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art. 1. Object of competition


Academic year: 2021

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0000679-BD-12 del 05/03/2012

Registrazione n° I-000412 per il seguente campo applicativo:

Gestione di Area Marina Protetta - Codice NACE dell’attività: 75.1 – 92.5 Sede amministrativa: Via S. Anna 6

72012 Carovigno (Brindisi) Centro Visite: Borgata Serranova Unione Europea PO GRECIA – ITALIA 2007/2013 C O M P E T I T I O N O F I D E A S F O R T H E R E A L I Z A T I O N O F A M A R K F O R T H E P R O . A C T . N A T U R A 2 0 0 0 P R O J E C T “ P R O T E C T I O N A C T I O N S F O R C R O S S - B O R D E R A N D J O I N T M A N A G E M E N T O F M A R I N E S I T E S O F C O M M U N I T Y I N T E R E S T ( N A T U R A 2 0 0 0 ) ”

art. 1.

Object of competition

The Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto announces a competition of ideas for the creation of a logo capable of synthesizing the contents of the project “PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000 – Protection Actions for Cross-Border and Joint Management of Marine Sites of Community Interest (Natura 2000)” – financed on the field of the Operational Programme EUROPEAN TERRITORIAL COOPERATION PROGRAMME GREECE - ITALY 2007-2013, Priority Axis 3, Specific Objective 3.2. The Mediterranean Sea, one of the widest eco-region of the planet, by its biodiversity richness, is among the most important ecosystems in the world. The main threats that are putting at risk species, habitats and entire ecosystems of Mediterranean biodiversity, are caused by the impact of human activities. One of the policies is proving more effective is the establishment of Marine Protected Areas. The complexity of the marine ecosystem makes the task of managing bodies more difficult. Furthermore, it has not yet established an effective management model for Marine Protected Areas and marine Sites of Community Importance.

The common area between Puglia and western Greece, with some of the most important marine areas, treasures of biodiversity, is also concerned by the presence of a priority species under the Habitats Directive 92/43, with ecology still little known and sensitive to human threats: the sea Loggerhead Turtle Caretta Caretta. The sea turtle is seriously threatened by the difficulty to nest and the phenomenon of by-catch. Recent studies have shown that the western region of Greece is the nesting one of population of loggerhead turtles, who prefer to use the Salento coast to feed. This project, developed by management bodies of MPAs and Marine SCIs, aims to develop a joint cross-border strategy to face the threats described above, to ensure improved governance, maintenance of a biodiversity and conservation of a population of Caretta caretta, with high ecological value. The basic belief is that to tackle these problems, complex and spatially extensive, the only possible strategy is to develop joint actions.

The project is organized in 3 WP; one is dedicated to the development of a management model for marine areas, which will be applied to the project areas, a specific WP aims to create a cross-border network for the protection and conservation of marine turtle Caretta caretta, and the last WP contains the follow-up actions, necessary for the keeping of the results achieved during the project, creating a cross-border association for exchange of expertise and the identification of common strategies for the integrated management of the coastal system.


The Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto is the leader partner of the project, while the Italians partners in the project are the Area Marina Protetta of Porto Cesareo and the Regione Puglia – Ufficio Parchi. The Greek partner are the Management Body of Amvrakikos, the Management Body of Laguna of Messolonghi and ETANAM (Development Agency for South Epirus and Amvrakikos).

art. 2.

Objectives of Competition

The competition of ideas has as object the selection of a mark formed by a logo or by a logo and a slogan that explain the characteristics and the peculiarity of the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000, putting in evidence as possible as, a level of the graphic representation, the content of the project. The mark, in fact, will be used to distinguish all the paper and informatics documentation connected with the activities expected from the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000.

art. 3.

Admission to the Competition

The competition is open to everybody who has an interest to participate. Are not admitted to the competition:

- the members of the jury, still less their consorts and their relatives until the third grade

of relationship;

- the employees of all administrations and of all the other body (both Greek and Italian)

partners of the project.

The participation could happen in single form or in job groups.

Every participant or group of participants could send only a mark, punishment the exclusion from the competition.

art. 4.

Characteristics of mark

Is given free hand to the participants to characterise in the way retained more opportune the subject of the logo.

The eventual slogan (logotype) must be composed from a maximum of four words.

The mark, anyhow composed (logo or logo and slogan) must have the characteristics of the originality. The colours of the mark,understood like inseparable union between graphical logo and logotype, must be realized in four–colour process and in black and white, keeping in consideration that the previous application will happen principally on a clear background .

The mark must be also susceptible of reduction or of enlargement, but without missing of communicative force. It must be easily memorized realizing the maximum cohesion possible between the graphical part and the words used.

The mark, so, must therefore be used in variable dimension from a minimum of 4 cm squares to a maximum of 1 metre square. To this aim is allowed to create alternative form of fusion between the graphical logo and the logotype.

art. 5.

Elaborates required

The candidates must present the following elaborates:

• a descriptive relation of the projected idea in Italian or English language;

• no. 1 graphical elaborate of the mark in colours on a format A4 on a white background;

• no. 1 graphical elaborate of the mark in black and white on a format A4 on a white background.


• The mark must be presented also on magnetic support (CD Rom, DVD or USB) in the formats jpeg, png e tiff.

art. 6.

Composition of the Jury

The works will be examined from an apposite jury composed from a representative of each project partner.

The jury will meet during the kick off meeting to be held in Carovigno 4 and 5 April 2012. In particular, during the afternoon of the day on April 5, the project partners will meet to choose the brand selected and classified on the 2nd and 3rd place

The majority voting would take place. In the event of a tie, the vote of the lead partner will have a double value.

art. 7.

Selection of the mark

The commission will select the elaborates keeping in consideration, as well as everything already indicated in the paragraph of statute no. 4, of the following rules:

• originality, clarity and efficacy of the computer graphics;

• connection to the contents of the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000;

• efficacy of the communicative aspects;

• reproducibility on all types of media (television, print, internet, etc.).

The judgement of the jury will be unappealable.

art. 8.

Utilization of the mark

The author of the first three marks selected from the jury, at the moment of the adjudication of the prize, will cede all rights of property and of utilization, also economic, to the Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto. No ulterior right, apart from the prizes referred to in article no. 9, will be recognized to the authors of the marks prizewinner.

The mark that will be classified at the first place, in any way, will become the logo for all the activities realized within the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000, along with, where necessary, the logos of the partners, of the European Union and of the Operational Programme Greece – Italy 2007-2013.

The jury, apart from the first three marks, could select other marks as long as retained significant. In this case the compensation will have exclusively moral character and will consist in the eventual exposition of the elaborates during the public manifestations (included that of the prizegiving), on the publications inherent to the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000 (included the web site of the project) and on the web site of the partners.

art. 9.


• 1st prize : euro 3.000,00

• 2nd prize : euro 1.500,00

• - 3rd prize : euro 500,00

The prizes are intended to the gross of eventual VAT and of every fiscal retention and/or social security foreseen from the law.

For the other selected proposals the prize will consist in the exposition during the eventual public manifestations, on publications inherent to the project PRO.ACT. NATURA 2000 (included the web site of the project) and on the web site of the partners, as results in Article 8.


art. 10.

Terms of presentation of the elaborates

The elaborates must be sent (applications must be postmarked by the 30th of March) in sealed envelope, by hand or by postal service or by post, by 30th March of 2012 at the following address:

Consorzio di Gestione di Torre Guaceto

Via Sant’Anna 6 – 72012 Carovigno (BR) - ITALY

Proposals sent after this date will not be considered.

Furthermore, will not be considered the applications received after the deadline of 6 (six) days from the date of expiration, which means within the 5th April 2012, 13,00 o’ clock.

art. 11.


In order to guarantee the anonymity, the elaborates could arrive, under penalty of nullity, in an sealed envelope, without any indication of the sender, bringing outside (apart from, clearly, the address of the receiver) the bearing words: “CONCORSO DI IDEE PER LA REALIZZAZIONE DI UN MARCHIO PER IL PROGETTO PRO.ACT. NATURA2000”.

The envelope, always to penalty of nullity, will contain at its inside other two sealed envelopes: 1. the first will contain the elaborates referred to in Article 5 and could report on the

envelope a countermark constituted from eight numbers (numbers and/or words) apart from the bearing words “CONTIENE ELABORATI”; even more, the countermark of eight numbers must be reported in pencil on the back of every papery elaborate referred to in Article 4 contained in the envelope in question (for this aim must be evidenced the fact that the descript relation referred to in Article 4, under penalty of exclusion, doesn’t have to report any reference to the proposing subject to prevent the individuation of the same);

2. the second envelope must report at the outside the same countermark reported on the

first envelope and on the elaborates, instead at the inside will be inserted the personal dates of the authors, complete address, e-mail e telephone number .

art. 12.

Diffusion of the announcement

The present announcement will be published by the web site of the Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto (www.riservaditorreguaceto.it), on web sites of the Greek and Italian partners of the project and will be publicized on local television broadcasting stations.

art. 13.

Publication of the result of the competition

The result of the competition will be published by the web site of the Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto (www.riservaditorreguaceto.it), on web sites of Greek and Italian partners of the project and, and more, will be published, through a press release, on dailies and local television broadcasting stations. The participants prizewinner or selected will be informed in writing of the result of the competition.

art. 14.

Proposals not winner

All the proposals not prizewinner or selected could be retired personally near the office of Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto, within two following months after the publication of the result of the competition by the web site of the Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto (www.riservaditorreguaceto.it).

Over this term the Consorzio di Gestione of Torre Guaceto will not be any more obliged to answer for the restitution and/or the conservation of the arrived proposals.


art. 15.

Final dispositions

The participation to this competition presupposes the integral acceptance of all disposed in the present announcement.

For information apply to :

Consorzio di Gestione di Torre Guaceto

Via Sant’Anna 6 – 72012 Carovigno (BR) - ITALY Telefono +39/0831990882 – Fax +39/0831994916 e-mail : segreteria@riservaditorreguaceto.it

Carovigno, (Br) March 05th 2012 The Directing responsible Alessandro CICCOLELLA


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