2015 Cookie Program Sage Mobile Credit Card Swipe Reader Guide

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2015 Cookie Program

Sage Mobile Credit Card


Hello Troop Cookie Chairs!

We are pleased to offer the free use of a credit card swipe reader to all troops participating in the 2015 Cookie Program at Girl Scouts of Central California South! Through Sage Mobile Payments, each troop can convert a smart phone or tablet into a highly secure and convenient “use anywhere” credit card terminal. Available for use on more than 40 smart devices, Sage Mobile Payments is a leading secure payment solution that uses end-to-end encryption and meets all PCI requirements. The application works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Android, just to name a few. Read on for information on this program and to learn how your troop can take part!

Why should my troop accept credit cards?

Last year nationwide, participating troops accepting credit cards as a payment option reported a 13% increase in their total number of boxes of cookies sold. On average, troops that accepted credit cards reported an increase of 18 boxes of cookies sold over the previous year’s sale, versus non credit card accepting troops reporting a 2 box increase on average.

In addition, with Sage Mobile payments, you can:

Get authorization in seconds - no need to write down payment information.

View the customer receipt for verification and capture the customer’s signature on touch screen devices.

Email Receipts – Send email receipts directly from your phone to your customer.

Secure Credit Card Reader supports more smart phone types than all of the competition including iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad, iPod touch, Droid and BlackBerry.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant device: The Sage Mobile Payments card reader is an industry leading, end-to-end encrypted device which eliminates electronic card skimming devices from stealing credit card data.

Ultra Secure means you can trust that all of your transaction data is encrypted before it leaves your smart device. Absolutely no personal data is retained on your device.

Requirements to use Sage Mobile Payments:

Compatible device – Smart phone or tablet must be compatible with both the Sage Payments mobile application (free) AND swipe reader (G3X).

o Confirm compatibility of application AND swipe supported device list at: http://devices.roamdata.com/device-center/index2.php.

o Our swipers are G3X.

A Sage Mobile Account – a welcome email with link to register at the Sage branded portal www.mysagemobile.com will be sent once Council uploads your information to Sage Mobile. We anticipate these welcome emails to come to troops the week of February 19, 2015.

A data plan on the device – you must have a way to connect to the internet from the phone or tablet.


Requirements to get a free Sage Mobile Payment swipe reader:

 Troop must meet all requirements to participate in the GSCCS 2015 Cookie Program. o Troop Cookie Chair Agreement and ACH/EFT form on file.

o Troop members must be registered.

 Troop Cookie Chair must complete and submit Sage Mobile Payment Swipe Reader Agreement to Council by Friday, January 23, 2015. We must adhere to this deadline in order for Sage to process the troops’ accounts.

 Swipe reader can be picked up at either Council office by appointment, or shipped to Troop Cookie Chair as indicated on your Sage Mobile Payment Swipe Reader Agreement.

Step-by-step User Setup Process:

 Troop submits Agreement to Council by January 23, 2015.

 Council uploads Troop information to Sage Mobile system.

 Troop Cookie Chair receives a mobile welcome email that includes a “launch” link, click or copy/paste URL into Internet Browser.

 Register the smart device and user info, click send. When you are prompted for last 4 digits of social security or tax id, input 9999.


 Blackberry and feature phone setup is done via a text message after your online registration.

If text not received within 5 minutes, contact SPS Mobile support (888) 477-8570 or

mobilesupport@sagepayments.com and request to have the text resent manually - many

Blackberry devices have premium/automated messaging blocked.

 Click/select the Sage Payments app icon on the smart device, then enter user id/password for Sage Payments.

 Plug swiper device into audio jack, turn audio jack volume to maximum, and start accepting credit cards.

 SPS Mobile Support is available 8am-12am EST Mon-Fri; 8am-8pm EST Sat/Sun at (888) 477-8570 or email mobilesupport@sagepayments.com.

To Process a transaction


To Add Users to your account

Additional Users can be added through www.mysagemobile.com for use of the swipe reader with multiple smart phones or tablets. Each troop is allowed one free swipe reader (with the option for multiple users), and additional swipe readers for your troop are available at a cost of $10 each. Directions for adding a user follow.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sage Mobile work?

Sage Payments mobile works the same way any credit card processing system would; your customer gives you a credit card number, you key it in or swipe the card. If the sale is authorized, the funds are transmitted electronically from your customer’s bank to the Council bank and you email a receipt to your customer. Council will post payments to your Troop Snap account biweekly.

What credit cards can I accept with Sage Mobile?

You can take all major card brands; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Can I accept debit cards?

If your customer has what is called a “signature debit card” (with a Visa or MasterCard logo), you have everything you need to process. PIN based debit cards/transactions are not supported.


Can more than one person use a single Sage Mobile User ID at the same time?

No, but you will be able to add additional users through your online portal as necessary. Each user has separate access to payment processing. Troops can get additional units at a cost of $10 each.

How much data does a credit card transaction use?

Less than one email size. Check with your data plan carrier for information on how your data use will be affected.

Can the merchant access the original receipt from a transaction already processed on-line?

Yes. Complete history is available both in the Sage Payments application on the smart device and from the online portal www.mysagemobile.com.

How does the customer “sign” the receipt for the card Transaction?

On a smart phone/tablet with a touch screen, the customer simply signs their name on screen with their finger. If the device uses a stylus pen, this can be used as well. Units without touch screens or styli process without a signature.

How do we set up an iPod Touch or iPad?

If you have devices without phone numbers such as an iPod Touch or iPad, please fill in phone number with all 9s (or any number such as home phone, etc.), during setup.

How will Girl Scouts of Central California South process these payments?

All payments collected through the Sage Mobile terminals will be deposited into the Council Product Sales bank account. Troop is responsible for posting their daily sales in Snap as a deposit. A printout of each email recap of sales is due with final paperwork.

Additional Resources

 Online via www.mysagemobile.com.

o This site allows users to add additional lines, view reports and data about their transactions and change information regarding their account. It is the administration piece to the Sage Mobile puzzle.

 Sage Mobile Swipe supported device list – http://devices.roamdata.com/device-center/index2.php.

o Demo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzd748fAtQs.

 Customer Support

o Phone SPS Mobile Support – 8am-12am EST Mon-Fri; 8am-8pm EST Sat-Sun at (888) 477-8570.


Sage Mobile Payment Swipe Reader Agreement

Due to Council January 23, 2015.

Troop Number: SU Number:

Contact Name:

Mobile Phone Number:

Smart Phone/Tablet Model-Hardware: Mobile Carrier:

Contact Email for Mobile Payments Activation:

I will pick up my Card Please mail my Card Swipe Reader to: Swipe Reader at Council

 I accept responsibility for my Troop’s Sage Mobile Payment Card Swipe Reader and will pay a replacement fee of $10 if lost.

 I understand that this Card Swipe Reader must only be used for Girl Scout Cookie Payments, and understand that all monies will be deposited into the Council bank account for disbursement back to my troop.

 I will return my Card Swipe Reader to Council by March 27, 2015. I understand a replacement fee of $10 will be charged if my Card Swipe Reader is not returned by that date.

Signature: Date:

Return form to: Girl Scouts of Central California South In person or by Mail: 1377 W. Shaw, Fresno, CA 93711

1831 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93304

By Fax: (559) 291-5079

By email: dpoulson@girlscoutsccs.org




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