Fixed Asset Management 6.0. xassets Fixed Asset Management Software

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Centralised browser based asset


Barcoding and Asset Tracking with full history tracking enabled Full asset life cycle management from Procurement through to Obsolescence and Disposal Get notified when asset changes occur

Powerful financials and depreciation engine

Recognise incoming data to improve data quality Integrate with Anything Customise and Extend to meet requirements

Configurable to meet the needs of large organisations

Discover Windows, SNMP, Unix and Linux

Hosted or Installed on your Network

Based on Microsoft .NET 4.0 technology

xAssets Fixed Asset Management Software

xAssets Fixed Asset Management Software is a complete solution to centralise management and reporting on the corporate Fixed Asset infrastructure. The full asset lifecycle is covered from procurement, through deployment, operational service, RMA, compliance, historical reporting, and obsolescence and disposal.

The solution is browser based and designed to meet the complex / unusual requirements and scalability needs of very large organisations, while also meeting the needs of all other organisations “out of the box”. This has been achieved without introducing unnecessary complexity to the end user.

Business Processes

Through easy configuration, xAssets Fixed Asset Management supports your corporate business processes and cuts data entry and maintenance times to allow effective asset management without requiring significant manpower overhead. The processes include

 Procurement with approval chains  Receiving and Deployment  Barcoding and Asset Inventory

 Month end Depreciation and TCO reporting

 Change Management and Service Management options  Asset Register with search, query and automated notifications  Email alerts

 Obsolescence and disposal


xAssets Fixed Asset Management can pull data from accounting systems and virtually any other database application or office document, enabling structured feeds from multiple disparate data sources into a centralised asset data warehouse.

This flexibility allows the solution to fit organisations exact requirements and provide a truly holistic view of the organisations Asset Infrastructure.

As well as importing data from these applications, xAssets can also connect in to the applications in real time to provide federated queries from a single source. This cuts database volume and there is no latency.


Asset Management Made Easy

Our solutions are easy to use and quick to configure. This enables xAssets to deliver out of the box solutions to Medium size enterprises with minimal configuration needed, and we can scale to meet the configuration needs and scalability requirements of large organisations.

Often asset management implementation projects impact on many employees. IT and accountants have different requirements, and operations and manufacturing often need specific functionality. xAssets is able to meet the needs of all these groups,

For ease of use, the system is structured into configurable dashboards for Asset Portfolio, Financials and Depreciation, History, Asset Life Cycle, Procurement and Service Management. Each user can decide which dashboard is their home page. Each dashboard is completely configurable and contains menu links, charts and tables.

Powerful management reporting is enabled through charts and tables, which allow progressive drilldown either “in place“ or into a mainscreen report. Each chart and table also has a predefined report format for easy printing. All dashboard functions are also available from the dropdown and right click menus. The integration engine is used to keep data feeds from other systems such as SMS and Active Directory in sync.

Historical reporting and build comparison

xAssets Fixed Asset Management doesn’t just store the current state of an

organisations assets. The software stores differences at every point in the past, and reports show changes in asset specification either from a baseline date or in

comparison to a standard build sheet.

 Maintain standard build template assets

 Report on differences from baseline date to profile date  Report on differences between standard build and profile date








Get notified when changes occur

Notifications can be by email and / or via Inbox entries into the systems inbuilt help desk

 Receive notifications when asset specifications change

 Receive notifications when monitors and sensors hit predefined limits  Receive notifications of planned maintenance work orders

 Workflows can raise customised notifications at each step

Customise and Extend to meet requirements

All menus, discovery schedules, discovery methods, views, integrations,

classifications, queries, forms, reports and dashboards can be configured to exact requirements, mostly without programming. Customers can introduce new recognition scenarios and code them into the discovery data loader.

Create new business functions and shape the system to requirements without programming. For example, cross charging for IT server usage, or scheduled maintenance plans for servers, can be easily built in using the configuration engine.

Existing installations can be extended with other xAssets products without costly migration or integration fees, since each xAssets product uses the same database and software.

Hosted or Installed on your Network

Customers can choose whether to install on your own servers or have xAssets host the software.

Hosted allows customers to use the software as a service, so all server management, server licensing, backups and maintenance tasks are done by xAssets and the software is accessed through a web browser. Onsite installations are often used where corporate policy requires all data within the company firewall, or where spare server capacity already exists.

Medium sized enterprises choose this software because it gets the job done quickly, is reliable and affordable.

Easy to use

Rapid deployment with minimal training needed

Browser based interface enables access from any PC

Install on your network or we can host the software for you

Get up and running in hours, not weeks

Meet your complete requirements in days, not months

Accessible pricing model Integrate with Any Other Applications


Enterprises choose xAssets Fixed Asset Management because it can meet their requirements for security, scalability, low impact discovery, no client installation, and the ability to be customised to meet virtually any requirement including unusual and complex requirements specific to their business.

Browser based interface with Windows Authentication enables worldwide access without deployment onto desktops Scalability options enable you to support up to 1,000,000 assets Multi company, multi currency with full unicode support for Asian and other languages

Configurable to your exact requirements

Integrate with SMS, Active Directory, Belarc, EMC,

Commvault, Help Desks and other systems with minimal development effort

Lowest possible TCO


Frictionless Asset Management

The ease of use is underpinned by a product structure developed over 8 years yet based on the lateset technology which enables users to operate and navigate through the application quickly and easily. Features normally absent from browser based applications such as customised clipboard, drag and drop, bulk update, table based editing, asset class specific forms and customised tree structured heirarchies are all available in the xAssets Framework which is the underlying platform upon which xAssets Fixed Asset Management is based.

In addition, customised workflows and email integration, combined with integration to all relevant customer applications, ensures that the asset management processes required to operate your business are completed properly and in a timely manner.

Financials and Depreciation

Month end depreciation is supported through a deeply configurable depreciation calculation engine. The engine supports every depreciation scenarion in use today and it can evaluate standard formulae, USA MACRS depreciation rules, and complex formulae.

The month end process is just a few clicks in an easy to use wizard to calculate depreciation, check the reports, produce the journals, check the journals in accounts and then close the period. A library of deprecation reports options is included in the product and the financial engine reports can also support and report on total cost of ownership, valuations, revaluations, insurance coverage and indexation.

Technology based on Microsoft .NET 4.0

Browser based products can be used from a web browser without any client installation. xAssets version 6 products are browser based and run on Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft Sql Server (2000, 2005 or 2008/R2). Our products are deeply configurable and allow the construction of new functionality with or without programming.

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