Comisión Nación de Bolos de Panamá. AND Pan American Bowling Confederation (PABCON)

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Pan American Bowling Confederation (PABCON)

Invites all the Countries of the región to the


To be held in the city of Panamá, Republic of Panamá.

From Friday June 26th until Saturday July 04 2015.



Issued: March 07th , 2015


Comisión Nacional de Bolos de Panamá

Email: Sitio Web: PABCON YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 U-16 AND U-21 PANAMA 2015

It is with great pleasure and honor that the Comisión Nacional de Bolos de Panamá welcomes all the member federations of the Pan American Bowling Confederation PABCON to the 2015 PABCON YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP U-16 AND U-21, a tournament featuring the top U-21 (Under 21 years old as of January 1st 2015) teams integrated by 4 male bowlers and 4 female bowlers; and the top U-16 (under 16 as of January 1st 2015) teams integrated by 2 male bowlers an 2 female bowlers.

This tournament will be held at Albrook bowling center, in Panama City, Panama.

It is crucial for the Organization Committee that every federation follows the deadline dates given in this bulletin.

Included in this bulletin you will find:

1. City host information: Panama City, Panama. 2. Tentative schedule of events.

3. Official Host Hotel 4. Bowling center. 5. Committees

6. Facilities and services 7. Fees

8. Forms & deadlines

It is a pleasure for the Comision Nacional de Bolos de Panama (CNB) to host this magnificent event and welcome you all to our county!


1. Information of the host city: Panamá

Panamá, República de Panamá

Panama is the capital of the Republic of Panama, in the province of Panama and head of the homonymous district. It is the largest and most populated in the country, officially reaching 880.691 inhabitants within its municipality and 1.206.792 inhabitants in its metropolitan area, which includes several jurisdictions such as the city-district of San Miguelito. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Panama, on the Pacific Ocean, East of the entrance of the Panama Canal.

Founded 15 August 1519 by Pedrarias Dávila near a rancheria cave they called Panama, currently occupies an area of 2245 km2. As the capital of the Republic, it houses the headquarters of the national Government, together with other government institutions and a large number of embassies and consulates duly accredited. It is served by the port of Balboa, the international airport of Tocumen, the Pan-American Highway and transístmica Highway (Panama - Colon Highway), which links the city with the coast of the Caribbean Sea at 78.9 km.

The city is the main cultural and economic center of the country, has an intense financial activity and an international banking Center, and currently occupies the second position in the 2012 version of the classification of cities more competitive in Latin America. The Panama Canal and tourism are also significant sources of income for the economy of the city, which has a tropical climate, along with parks and other attractive places of interest. Its wide range of cultural and gastronomic made that it was chosen as the American Capital of culture in the year 2003 (jointly, with Curitiba, Brazil). Ranks no. 93 world and 3rd in the region, in the cities with the best quality of life in 2010.

Tocumen International Airport

All the delegations will arrive through International Airport Tocumen (PTY) which is located around 25 minutes of the city, 23 km approximately from the Hotel, Tryp Panama and Albrook Bowling Center.


The local currency is the Balboa; the American Dollar (U.S.A) circulates legally. Currencies of Panama are equivalent in size and value to the U.S.



2. Tentative Program of the Championship

Friday June 26th

Team arrival

Saturday, June 27

Last day team arrivals Technical Meeting Official Practices l Opening Ceremonies

Sunday June 28

U-16 Single Event U-21 Single Event

Monday June 29

U-16 Double Event U-21 Double Event

Tuesday June 30

U-16 Mixed Double Event U-21 Trios Event

Wednesday July 01

U-16 Mixed Team Event (Serie 1) U-21 Team Event (Serie 1)

Thursday July 02


3. Official Host Hotel

Tryp by Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall

 Tryp by Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall Situated in the largest shopping complex in Central America (Albrook Mall), less than 5 minutes from the city of knowledge, of the Panama Canal and 10 minutes from the U.S. Embassy and the business district, this exclusive hotel Tryp is located 35 minutes from the international airport of Tocumen (PTY). Hotel Tryp offers 331 rooms, 3 restaurants and lounges, latest technology, more than 139 m² of meeting space with natural light, a solarium on the roof with an infinity pool as well as direct access to over 600 establishments and shops of major brands of fashion shopping complex in Albrook Mall.

Cost US$ 119.00 + 10% Tourist Tax, for a single room per night, includes internet WIFI and buffet breakfast.

Cost US$ 119.00 + 10% Tourist Tax, for a double room per night, includes internet WIFI and buffet breakfast

Cost US$ 145.00 + 10% Tourist Tax, for a triple room per night, includes internet WIFI and buffet breakfast. (THE HOTEL DOES NOT GUARANTEE EXTRA BED)-

 website: www.tryphotels/es/hotel-panama-city-tryp-by-wyndham-panama-albrook-mall.html


 All the reservation process must be made through the Comision Nacional de Bolos de Panama. You must submit the Hotel form located in this bulletin, to the email address email:

 Staying at the official host hotel is a must for the federations willing to use the transportation services Airport/hotel/Airport. Countries not staying at the official host hotel will have to make their own transportation arrangements.


4. Bolera Sede

Albrook Bowling

Number of Lanes 24

Bowling Center Age 36 months

Certifications Brunswick

Approach Pro Lanes Brunswick Synthetic

Lane Material Pro Lanes Brunswick Synthetic

Pin decks Pro Lanes Brunswick Synthetic

Pin setters Brunswick serie GS 98

Pins USBC Approved B-Max

Score system (model) Vector Plus 5.1 Temperature and humidity control Air condition Temperature and humidity outside the

bowling center Temperatura: 25° C – 30° C

Temperature and humidity outside the

bowling center Temperatura: 21° C


5. Committees

Host Organization


6. Facilities and Services

Página Web Oficial de la Comisión Nacional de Bolos de Panamá – It is now under construction and will be available soon. It will be official website for the tournament featuring the latest information and updated news from the tournament, including:

 News

 Latest Results  Official host hotel information

 Events Schedule  Transportation Schedule

 Players Roster  Contact information

 Bulletins


The results will be handed a copy of the results to each country delegate and press after every event is finished. As well we will be handing out the results every two games. Scores will be shown in the scoring monitors and will be located in a designated area. When the event is finished, scores will be posted in the official websites. As well it will be posted in Facebook profile Apabol.

Transportation Service Airport – Hotel – Airport

Upon arrival at the International Airport Tocumen, the tournament Committee will arrange transportation services according to your delegation needs. In our second bulletin we will be asking for the arrival date, time, airline, delegation size, etc. in order for us to review your flight status and arrange transportation accordingly. This service is included for all players, coach; delegates, and supporters staying at the official host hotel.

Hotel – Bowling Alley – Hotel

The Hotel is beside the Albrook Mall and the Bowling Center is in the Mall and very near to the Hotel, you can walk from your Hotel to the bowling center, around 100 mts. For this reason you will not need transportation.

Restaurants, commercial centers, banks, y others

The bowling alley and the hotel are located in an area surrounded by large number of choices of restaurants and the shopping centres, one of the largest in Latin America, there are all kinds of shops and stores for all tastes and prices. There are also facilities Bank with major local banks and international. In Albrook Mall not anything you will need, all will have at their fingertips.


7. Costos (“Fees”)

Entry Fee

The cost per athlete, coach and delegates is US$125.00 per person. Supporters will have an entry fee of US$100.00 US per person.

* All teams must pay their entry fee at the Technical Meeting. The payment should be in cash (See note Credit Card) ** Entry fee includes all transportation services (airport-hotel-airport), access to the bowling center, closing banquet Ceremony. Does not include accommodation

*** Credit Card: Countries willing to pay their entry fee by credit card will charge a 4% extra, according to the Bank fees.

Pre Paid Costs

To guarantee the reservations of the rooms will be necessary to provide a valid credit card or payment. In addition you can anticipate payments.

8. Forms and Important dates

Attached to this bulletin you will find the two (2) first forms:  Form A: Entry Form (due on or prior to April 30th 2015) Formulario B: Hotel Form (due on or prior to April 30th 2015) Additional forms which will be sent in future bulletin:

 Form C: Rooming list

 Form D: Arrival and Departure  Form E: Official Delegación  Form F: Guests and supporters  Form G: Ball Registration  Form H: Bowlers Informatión

Enforcement of the deadline ensures the best posible championship for all participants, officials and people involved with the event.


FORM A: Formulario de inscripción

Federation / Country Code ______________________________

Will Participate in PABCON YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP U-16 y U-21 YES



Place an X in the corresponding line as your decisión. Please send form even if declining

Number of Athletes U-21 __________ U-16 __________

Number of Officials Coaches _________ Delegate _________ Supporters _______ Press _______

Persona in charge of delegation: __________________________________________________ Contact Persons/Federación: _____________________________________________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________________________

Telephone Númber: Area Code: _______ No. __________________________________

FPlease send this form on or prior to April 30th 2015 to: Dito Fung


Form B: Hotel Form

Federation / Country Code: _____________________________________________

Delegate: _____________________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________________________

Movil Phone Number: _______________________________________________

Credit Card Number to confirm reservation: _________________________________________

Expiration date Credit Card: __________________________________________________

Number of Rooms Type of Room Arrival Date Departure Date 1. Single 2. Double 3. Triple




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